Now Hiring (More info inside)

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Dear KHInsider forum readers,

I ,Timothy Halstead, am now in great need of a staff to help me on my new website, "©".I will hire just about anyone if you can meet just one of these needs:

1.Someone to find a good web domain (Free)
2.Someone who is good at writing and could answer stuff in the editorial
3.Someone to create new pets and characters
4.Someone to create new places
5.Someone to create new items
6.Someone good with HTML
7.Perhaps there is something you are good at thats not listed email me and I might be able to let you join!

Ziropets is a virtual pet website like neopets,marapets,subeta,etc. that will have many exciting features exploring,games,pets,items, you name it, its there!There are a few problems though- I need 2 people for sure- one who can find us a web host or domain to put our site on and someone good at HTML...the other ones I can do if we can't find anyone because I am an artist and love to write!So would you like to ask any questions or apply?Just email me at for more info!

With all due respect,

Timmy Halstead
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