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Fanfiction ► Not So Heartless Anymore: Codenamed Danger Penguin XD

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Jun 23, 2005
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Ketso looked around, trying to gather his wits. He saw the blur, felt the weird sensation...

"Cue the white space!" Ketso said, impatiently. He closed his eyes and opened them again. He was in Gerard's living room.

"Cue the white space..." Ketso looked around, confused. "CUE THE GOSH DARN WHITE-Oh. HI PIKU!"

Ketso waved enthusiastically as Piku came into vision, pacing the floor. The others were there, too. They were sitting at a long table. Piku kept pacing. Ketso kept waving. Sora stared at Ketso and mouthed "What are you doing here?" to him.

Piku stared at Sora. "You feelin' alright?"

"I..was... I was being a fishie," Sora said lamely. Piku turned around, staring right through Ketso. Unlike Sora, however, Piku didn't seem to be able to see him.

"Sora, this is serious. I want you guys to stop saying Ketso's alive."

Ketso looked around, shocked. He jumped up and down, trying to get Piku's attention. The others stared at him like he was crazy.

"What're you doing?!" Kaze said, slamming his hands on the table. Myra started laughing hysterically, and a tiny hamster on her head seemed to be laughing, too.

Piku whipped around, looking at Kaze like he was crazy. "What?"

"I was...uh.. Sora was picking his nose. So, I... ya know. Got... grossed out." Kaze gave a blank stare. Piku shook her head at Sora.


Sora instinctively threw his hands over his head. Ketso laughed. Sora glared at him.

Piku suddenly slammed her weapon through the table. "Just stop the stupid... whatever."

"But Ketso's ALIVE!" Everyone at the table said. Ketso looked surprised. Gerard and Rikku hadn't said anything. But then, Ketso hadn't visited them. Yet. Piku looked angry. Ketso slid over to Sora.

"Why can't she see me?" He murmered to Sora.

Sora stared at Ketso. "How should I know?! And why are you whispering?!"

Ketso didn't get to invent a lie about whispers to Sora, however, because he was tackled.

"KETSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Myra said, happily. Ketso couldn't breathe, but he did smile. Kaze broke the fork that was in his hand; apparently, everyone was eating fish sticks.

The fork squealed in pain, but this was ignored. Most of the attention was focused on the fact that Myra was floating in mid air, wrapped around some invisible... pole.

Ketso glared in Kaze's direction, but he pushed Myra away. "SORRAY!"

He stared at Piku. "Why can't you see me?!"

Sora said, "Why can't you see him?!"

Piku glared. "Maybe I don't WANT to see him. Or you're all just... stupid."

Ketso paced, trying to figure out what would prove that he was sort of alive.

He reached out to poke Sora. But he forgot that he didn't have a right arm. Sora's eyes widened. Ketso poked him with his left arm.

"Tell her Amme says hi!" Ketso said, hurriedly. Piku was heading towards her room.

Sora just stared at Ketso. "ARMLESS GHOST!"

Kaze groaned. "He's not gonna wet himself, is he?"

Sora babbled some more. Myra stared at ketso's stump of a shoulder.


"Van!" Ketso said, angrily. He turned to Aozora. "Tell her Amme says hi!"

Myra grabbed Ketso's shoulder. "Let's go! Van has to pay. He must die. A lot. A ton. HE MUST SHOVE MUFFINS UP HIS-"

"I GET IT! JUST TELL HER, AOZORA!" Ketso said, angrily. The room was beginning to fade. Rikku and Gerard suddenly seemed to see Ketso, and they both dropped their forks to the ground. Again, a squeal of pain emitted from both forks, but this was ignored.

As Ketso and Myra watched the room fade, they saw Aozora dash over to Piku and tell her. Piku turned completely white. Ketso looked at her for the first time. She was human. She wasn't a lilty! She had the same clothes, but she was human! What the heck?!

Piku slammed the door to her room, Aozora shrugging and eating a bagel. Ketso slammed his left fist onto his right knee. Which was really hard to do, as he was standing ((I bet ALL Y'ALL's are trying to do that right now, eh?)).

"Why is she so thick?!" Ketso asked Myra as they were zapped (!) to Amme's forest. Myra looked around nervously.

"I can't say anything bad. She would hear. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR ARM, BISHIE?!"

"Van, remember?"


"Oh. That's okay. Well, Van chopped it off with his evil spikey floor of doom." Ketso explained.

"Bishie!" Myra said, suddenly. Her eyes widened. She looked at Ketso's shoulder. "Auto-mail!"

Ketso looked confused. Amme appeared at Myra's side. "That's not a bad idea..."

"What?! WHAT?!" Ketso asked, confused. Myra and Amme grinned at each other.

"Before we go kill Van, we have to make a quick stop. To... a themepark."

"Which one?!" Ketso said, excitedly ((Bright, eh?)).

"You'll see!" The girls said. Ketso felt a sharp pain in the temples, and he fell to the ground.
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Mar 19, 2005
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Aug 13, 2005
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