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Fanfiction ► Not Once

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Destiny's Call

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Feb 20, 2005
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Not Once

Summary: Her life changed. That was inevitable. What she didn’t expect is that her changes would transform her life forever.

Pairing: Sora/Kairi

AN: Here’s a chappy story from me! Its pairing is Sora/Kairi (see above) and maybe later on some Leon/Yuffie. It’s Kairi’s POV. Anyhoo, review once done reading please!

I don’t own KH


Rain. Don’t you just love it? The bittersweet drops of liquid that fall from the dark heavens are somehow comforting, and somehow terrifying. Just like life and its changes.

Change can be such a pacific thing, or, if you’re the glass-half-empty type, it’s simply pure horror. You make change whatever it is. You can make it calming, or you can make it simply scary, you decide. Your decision, your choice….and that’s just what my problem is; I cannot decide a single thing.

I used to be the glass-half-full type…back when life was wonderful…back when they were here. Now, everything’s so gloomy and dark…so...so pathetic and weary. And somehow…no matter how hard I try…I cannot make in wonderful again. I don’t think it ever will be. For the only thing that would make it wonderful is if my love and best friend will return, and now…well, let me just say, I’m wishing the impossible.

Everyone left. Well, the truth is they never left physically, but mentally, they are all gone. The bright, beaming, energetic faces of Tidus, Selphie and Wakka have been replaced with ones that are filled with sorrow and seriousness created by the years. Just like myself and all the others back on the main island. Sora and Riku…no matter how much we attempted to deny it, no matter how small and unimportant they seemed at one time, were everything to us. And now that they are gone…no one is the same. Everyone tries to hide they sadness by still holding the annual festivals and having parties, but each time, it is all in vain. Unless the two come back, we will never be the same. The happiness and innocence of everyone has faded away…far away…so I might as well say that they are all gone.

Crystal tears of grief from over the years slip down my face elegantly, just like so many other times…times all wasted. As usual, I sit here grieving the most at sunset, for this was my special time with him. We’d sit here, talking of innocent, naïve things, and laughing occasionally as a funny conversation arose. We were always in our own little world here, him and I…and no one, nothing, could come and spoil our little world.

Goodness…he meant nothing more than a friend to me back then…when I was young and in my youth. I now know though…that he felt something more for me and I didn’t return his feelings at that time. I was so oblivious to the fact that he cared for me such that I’m afraid that I hurt him. If I did, then it did not show at all. He was so fun-loving and energetic that it seemed that nothing in the world could bring the young boy down. A small smile curves at the corner of my lips as a few more droplets slither down my now tanner cheek and out of my bluish-lilac eyes. Memories from the “good ol’ days” continue to haunt me….and they never stop.

And alas, I don’t think they ever will.

As the magnificent shining orange sun slowly creeps downward, shining its last light upon the world, I feel him. I feel his presence that was always inside me. The one that always will be. Tears come more rapidly now, I bring one delicate hand up slowly to wipe them away, but despite my conscious efforts, they do not stop. I was such a fool. I was missing him, saying that he was never coming back, and here he was, always with me. He always will be too. For Sora….you and I are one.

My bare feet make light imprints in the cool evening sand as I stroll along Destiny Island’s shore in the early darkness of the night. Holding my sandals with one hand, I free the other to gracefully tuck a silky, burgundy strand of my hair behind my ear. Taking a deep breath, I notice Wakka, lying against a barrel, taking a early night snooze. I smiled slightly; I would have to wake him up….again. Slowly I approached the sleeping 17 year-old and bent down gently whispering,

“Wakka…wake up…c’mon, we have to go home.”

A grunt was my reply. I rolled my eyes.

“Wakka, get up!” My I snapped, my voice rising.

I really wanted to go home and get some sleep, I was exhausted…everyone is nowadays.

“Oh my gosh! WAKKA, GET UP!” I suddenly shouted, my voice rising higher than it’d been in a while, which startled the young man.

He flew up, shouting. Looking at me, his eyes widened and his stare softened.

“Hey Kairi….why are you here?” He asked sleepily.

I smiled as I replied,

“It’s 7 o’clock Wakka, time to go back to the main island. Everyone else has already left.”

He smiled and stared towards the dark ocean.

“That late huh? I fell asleep again, didn’t I?” He asked and grinned at me.

Giggling slightly, I nodded. Slowly, he stood up, as did I. Starting towards the two boats tied to the docks, he looked back.

“Thank you for waiting for me Kairi, you’re a good friend.”

I smiled. However, I too wished I could feel the same. I don’t believe I’m a good friend at all. I couldn’t save Sora or Riku from their fates…

As I headed towards my own boat, I stared at the marvelous deep azul sky. That’s when I knew. I would find them…somehow, someway. Soon.


AN: End of first chappy! Please, do tell you thoughts.

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