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Nomura Interview - Everything so far

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Sep 28, 2007
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Rpg master posted the first half, and various other members posted the second half, I thought I'd post the whole thing in one thread. (Or at least all that we've seen so far)

Interviewer: (About the 14th Member) Does this character fight? What kind of weapon does she use?

Nomura: What about it? We’ve already decided, but we can’t tell you right now.

Interviewer: Is the battle system the same in this game as it was in other games? I’m curious because there is no command menu there.

Nomura: The actions of the characters and the controls are a different from the past games. This is because of the screen size, however there is no need to worry because for now there is no command menu, but we may add one.

Interviwer: If there is no command, would it be because each action is added to a different button for the DS?

Nomura: Yes, however the feeling of combat in this game will be different from that of other KH Series, the method is still being thought on.

Interviewer Will there be a function where you can use the touch pen, with the lower screen?

Nomura: For now, there is no fuction where you can use the DS Touchscreen. Because if we do that, the entire feeling of Kingdom Hearts may be ruined. Also the top screen will mostly be used for the story telling, when the lower screen will be erased. However there will be somepoints where both screens will be used. Who knows, maybe later on we'll have a surprise for ourselves, and for our audience!

About Multiplayer Mode

Nomura: I find it an interesting feature, for whenever you complete a mission, the Organization member's chair will rise. Also the lowest ranking member's chair will lower more. *Laughs*. I wonder what will happen if you lose with Xemnas. *Laughs* (I'd find it funny too seeing Xemnas' chair lowering, but this highly confirms Xemnas being playable) As for the strength, and gameplay of characters, they have been altered depending on what type of member they were. Such as Xigbar's attacks have high range, but Xigbar has slow reloading time, as Lexaeus has slow movement, but very high attack power. There is still one mysterious character though.

InterviewerIs it Zexion?

Nomura: Yes, because he uses the book as a weapon. Although what we are aiming to do, is allow him to absorb other enemies attacks, and use their attacks against them.

Kingdom Hearts Coded
You can only go into Debug mode, in the data world, when meeting a certain standard. This system is one of the main viewpoints of Kingdom Hearts Coded.

Interviewer We are curious as to how will this continue after the KH2 Story.

Nomura: What are Sora and the others doing now in the real world, while the story continues in the Data world. This will not be shown. However there are many mysteries that will be answered in this game, and there will possibly be key points that will be important to the future of the series. The Phone this game will be put on has not been released yet, but that also means when it is released, there will be many possibilities with this game in the future.

Seems like Coded won't be as non-canon as we thought it would.

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