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Noel is finally learning to draw



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Nov 26, 2013
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So, i figured I need to learn how to draw being a graphic designer an all. And well learning all these things about smudging, cross hatching, blending, gesture drawing is just boring to me. So, i decided I'd take up a drawing pad and trace on images that interest me and are something I wish to draw.

As much as tracing isn't really learning how to draw, it did teach me how I want to create my drawing style.

I noticed that I hate creating curvy lines that are flowing and all but i instinctively started drawing with semi-straight lines and angling them to create curves. After that I outlined the image again and layering them over again like tracing paper actually provided the texture and value needed.

I'll probably trace draw for 5 pictures at most a day for this whole year, and maybe soon. I'll just need a reference image and no longer need to trace



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Sep 25, 2010
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Oh my. <3 I'm in love with your foxes and Ninetails the most. <3 Absolutely gorgeous for a trace drawing. It's neat to hear how you know your own style by using such a method too. :D Foxes for the Win! <3