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Sep 14, 2006
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Disclaimer: Do I have to say it! I don't want to, 'cause that means that I can't keep Riku, Roxas, Demyx and Axel! I don't own Kingdom Hearts or any of it's characters. *whimpers* Guys, remember later to hold your Riku plusies, I don't know why I'm telling you this eailer but yes I'm going to be mean to my poor Riku-kun. The poem will be at the end of the last part for Party Time!

Party Time part 1​

Illya watched as Riku got up and held his hand out to her, taking it she stood up and looked at him unsure what she should do she whispered, "Riku, you sure you don't know anyone by that name?" Riku nodded saying that he was sure that he didn't know anyone by that name and then the two moved onto the next hallway which was the hallway in between nine and eight.

Looking at Riku she thought about a few things, why does she knew someone by that name and Riku doesn't? She shook it off and contiuned to follow Riku, shaking her head Illya looked at him she knew that Riku knows best. "Riku, I..." She broke off she looked at Riku who had turned around to look at her, she turned her gaze to the floor and walked right past Riku. It seemed as if they have been drifting apart since this started, lifting her head she stared through the blindfold. "Why did this happen Riku?"

~- Castle That Never Was -~

Nia giggled as Demyx began singing she always did enjoy listening to him sing, just then the other members showed up. She looked to see the grin on Xemnas' face which was a surprise 'cause he never showed emotion, she then listened along with Demyx to hear what would be said. "Umm, Xemnas why are you grinning?" She asked timidly, smirking at her Xemnas turned to face Axel.

"Axel, it's your job to get the firewood for our bombfire tonight." Xemnas said, Axel looked over to Marluxia with a evil glint to his emerald-green eyes. "No problem Xemnas, I can get the firewood in no time." Axel then summoned his chakrams and went after Marluxia, who quickly dashed off not wanting to get turned into firewood himself. "Axel, don't you dare!" Marluxia shouted.

Nia and Roxas were rolling on the floor laughing their butts off, looking up through emerald-green pools she choked, "Man oh man, Axel what the heck are you planning?" Axel then came back with some pieces of a tree that he had cut up with his chakrams, smiling still with that glint to his eyes he said, "I got the firewood!" Marluxia then shouted from his room, "Axel, you are so dead when I get my hands on you! How dare you hurt my friends?!"

The next thing that Nia knew was that Marluxia came running past with his scythe rised and ready to hurt Axel, Axel who was in his room by then and super-heated the doorknop stoping anyone from trying to get into his room. "Axel, open this door right now!" She choked again from this order looking at Marluxia she tossed, "Axel won't do it!" Standing up she and Roxas looked at each other, they then watched as first Marluxia and then Vexen tried to get into Axel's room. But the same thing happened: they both got burnt 'cause of the heat.

Summoning her keyblade along with Roxas who summoned Oathkeeper, the two walked over to the door and unlocked it. Pushing it open with their keyblades she glanced over her shoulder and tossed, "And that's how you open his door when he 'superheats' it." She then watched as Axel walked out the firewood no longer in his arms, smiling she looked back at the others.

~- Basment eight -~

Illya smiled at Riku things were deadly quiet, not really caring she noticed that it suddenly got really cold. She then felt Riku put his arms around her to keep her warm, her eyes then glazed over surprised by this she whispered, "Riku, what's the matter?" Riku smiled a little knowing that Illya was only half a head shorter then him, he then replied softly in her ear, "Nothing's the matter Illya." Not beliving him she watched as he walked away from her, frowning she ran to catch up to him looking at him.

A smirk then played it's way across her lips, she then asked, "Did I tell you that you could let me go?" Smirking as well Riku shook his silver head, wrapping his arms around her to keep her warm he looked passed the blindfold and murmured, "No, but you didn't say that we shouldn't get closer to the exit, we can rest there for the night." Nodding in reply she followed Riku to see that sure enough they had reached the last room, looking at him she murmured, "Riku, are you sure you are okay?"


Part two will contiune from here, and I will try to make it longer...hehe gonna get something good in that chapter. *looks at Saix*

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Sep 14, 2006
Sending out my soul to worlds more beautiful
Disclaimer: I don't need to say it do I? You guys should know it by now! I don't own Kingdom Hearts or any of it's characters, all I own is the plot, the poems at the end, and the ocs *continues to whimper* Wait! Kadji-kun, I will hold you if you want! :)

Kadji: ...Okay, I guess this can't be to bad. *holds Kadji* Me: Get lost you crazy Kadji fan-girls, and I think this chapter might get a bit creepy. Man, I have got to stop being mean to Illya. And this isn't as mean as I can get trust me. And hands off the lyrcis they're MINE! Man, bad dreams much for Nia and Illya, a scary side to some down right hotties of Kingdom Hearts!

Party Time part two​

Illya got closer to Riku looking up at him through the blindfold, she then sat down and chimed in, "Riku, I.." Growing because she couldn't get the words out she snarled, "Dang it, why can't I get the words out?!" She then rested her head on Riku's shoulder she didn't know what to say or think. She knew that something wasn't right on the top floor, she soon fell asleep on his shoulder.

Dream: Illya looked around something wasn't right, she spun around to see that she was covered in Darkness. Panicked she looked around for Riku or anyone that would help her, she saw Sora taking a step closer it turned into a heartless. "What?!" She snarled, something wasn't right and she knew it big time. "Illya, this is were you will stay." A voice from behind said, turning around to see Sora and Riku her heart was pounding faster.

"Guys, what's the matter?!" Just then she noticed that their eyes were yellow like the heartless, snarling she summoned her keyblades looking down at the second one she whispered, "What? Two keyblades?" Getting ready in case one of them attacked, and sure enough Riku did the last person she wanted to attack. Rising her blade to block his attack, Sora came around from behind and got her in the back she saw that the color around them was red.

Her own color being that of orange out of fear, she blocked again and not meaning to she spun around and hit Sora in the chest. He fell to the ground spinning around to do the same thing, she did it to Riku fear shinning in her eyes and across her face. She watched as Riku's eyes went back to normal, he looked at her with confusion and whispered, "Why Illya? I thought you loved me."

He then disappeared she looked around to see the heartless coming closer, rising her blade she screamed, "Stay back! Leave me alone!" She then began to fighting the heartless, falling to the ground she lifted her head up to see that the heartless had stopped. Looking at Ansem to see the grin on his face, she then noticed that she didn't have her keyblades anymore. She couldn't block his attack, so she watched as he brought the sword down to finish her off.

Dream ends: "Sora! Riku!" She screamed, looking around she saw the concerned look on Riku's face. She got up and began to walk away, glancing over her shoulder she whispered, "I'm going out for a walk, I will be back a little later." Riku only nodded not wanting to let her see the fear, concern and worry that was troubling him. "Be carful Illya." Riku said, she nodded and walked away she couldn't let anyone see that she was afraid 'cause of the dream.

She was now two rooms away from Riku, she just didn't want him to see the concern and fear that she might do what she did in the dream. "Riku, I can't stay near you, what happens if I hurt you to bad?" She whispered to no one, she then lend aganist the wall and slid down to the floor. Breathing heavily she looked through the dark room, deciding it would be safe to take off the blindfold she lifted her hand up and pulled it off.

~- The World That Never Was -~

The order where just enjoying, well at least trying to when Nia glanced around and saw the look on Axel's face. "Oh no, Axel don't you dare steal Demyx's sitar." She whispered, and sure enough Axel swiped Demyx's sitar 'causing the whole order other then Nia to laugh as Demyx tried to get it back. "Axel give me that back this mintue!" Losing her temper she barked, "Axel! Enough, give Demyx back his sitar this mintue!"

Lifting her gloved hand into the air, she formed her own sitar which wasn't that much different then Demyx. Her's is that of a dark blue and a white heart on it, walking up to the stage. She took her seat and started out softly, "You will learn to fly one day, but until then you will learn that life isn't fair my dear child. But I shall always be with you no matter what. I know what must happen, the prophecy can't be stopped young child. But that doesn't mean that you can't have fun, we'll always protect you I promise. I know that you can take anything."

Stopping she saw that Larxene had put some thunder around the sitar, Demyx who took it back got shocked falling to his knees. The others laughed losing her temper once more she snarled, "It's not funny, how would you like it if it was done to you!" She then shook her head as the laughing died down Saix was even laughing, she then looked down and began playing once more.

"I know that I can't help you, but I will try. Trapped in a world of confusion and anger, trying to find the truth and love. You know the light will always be there to guide you, but rain and other things will try to get in your way. Why is the world so cold? Reaching for a guiding star, one that will lead you forever and ever." She stopped, she couldn't contiune with the song.

"Why mom? Why did you leave me and my bro?" Her element was that of emotions, so she could feel more then most nobodies. She saw that Demyx was now going after Axel trying to hurt him, smiling she knew her mom would be proud of her for the fact that she just was singing in front of the order and she was afraid. Just then she felt light headed, falling to the floor everything around her began to fade. She barely heard Axel asked, "Nia, are you okay? What's the matter?"

Dream: She looked around the dark room, her eyes then landed on Roxas' door walking over to it. She knocked on the door, she then heard from the other side, "Who is it?! I'm really busy!" Timidly she opened the door, she then stepped in to see Roxas was covered in the Darkness. He spun around and had yellow eyes, taken back by this she asked, "Roxas? What's happened in here?"

A smirk came to his lips and he took a step closer, taking a few more steps back she bumped into the door. Glancing over to see that it was locked, she looked back at Roxas he still had those yellow eyes like the heartless. "Roxas, what's going on?!" He was now standing in front of her, grabbing her chain he pulled it up so that way they were looking eye-to-eye.

He then lend in and whispered, "You know what Nia? You really shouldn't be here in the order, let me help with that." He then lend in even closer so that way their noses were touching, trying to push him away she couldn't fear was clearly in her eyes. "Nia, why are you being so stuborrn? You use too do as I told you." Pushing him away from her she spat, "That was before you became like this!"

Rising one of his keyblades Roxas snarled, "Is that true? Then let's end this right here you brat!" The two clashed blades summoning Oathkeeper, he went for her side summoning her second one she whispered, "No you don't Roxas, I won't let you do that." She then use the blade to stop his second, rising her foot she kicked him and sent him flying out of the window.

Knowing what she did was going to get her in trouble, she panicked looking around for something, anything that would help her. Spinning around she saw Axel standing there he had a look on his face that meant: wait until Xemnas finds out about what you did. There was a glow to his eyes that meant that he couldn't wait to see what would happen to her, she grabbed his wrist and pleaded, "Please, don't tell Xemnas. I didn't mean too, he was aimming to hurt me."

Dream ends: Opening her eyes she let out a sigh, it was just another bad dream she then pushed herself up and murmured, "Just another bad dream, that's all that was." She then walked over to Demyx and Roxas, tossing her arms around Roxas she whispered, "Don't go crazy on us please, promise me that Roxas." Roxas smiled and returned the hug, stroking her hair he whispered, "Don't worry Nia, I promise I won't go crazy on you guys."

Demyx was tapping his foot, she smiled and pushed Roxas and taunted, "Aww, what's the matter little Demyx? Afraid that I like someone else?" She smiled as she thought about the sea-salt ice cream he bought her, she then whispered loud enough for only him to hear, "Can we do that again some time?" Demyx smiled and nodded, the other members all looked at them confused.

Demyx then went running after Axel to try and hurt him, feeling anger towards Xemnas she went chasing after Demyx. "Demyx, let's get him together!" She tossed, Demyx nodded and then tossed back to her, "Sure, and that song you were singing. Was that the one you wanted to show me?" Nia caught up to him, smiling she knew that yes that was the one. "Yes, a little bit of it anyway."

~- Floor Nine, Riku's point of view -~

His ocean blue-green eyes looked through the dark, turning his gaze up to the starlit sky thinking about what Illya had told him. "I wonder why she screamed, I will ask her later." He thought, he closed his eyes but didn't fall asleep he was too worried and concerned about Illya. He knew that she could take of herself but he couldn't help but remember the promise he made himself.

"I won't let anything or anyone hurt you Illya, I promise." He whispered to himself, that was why he broke his promises to her. It was to keep her safe, but would she understand this? Probaly not why would she want to understand him? He didn't know it, but she was afraid that she might hurt him. Getting up he heared someone open the door, he then saw the grey-violet eyes of hers.

"Come on Illya, it's bed time." Illya walked over and fell asleep he then sat back down and watched her, hoping that she wouldn't wake up again if she did he would ask her why. "I promise, I won't hurt you ever Illya. I don't like seeing you upset." He then gave her a kiss on the cheek and fell asleep himself, he knew that first thing when they woke up they would be heading up to the next floor.


Dreams seem to come and go,
Having a bad dream once and a while,
I don't get it when did this happen?
Hurting you and others, afraid that it might happen.

I know that I can't be afraid,
but what happens if it does?
Afraid and concerned for you,
I don't get it why can't I say it?

I tried to tell you how I feel,
But once again the words,
Didn't want to come out,
What's the matter with me?

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Sep 14, 2006
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Disclaimer: I don't own kingdom hearts or any of it's characters! And sorry, short chapter! *runs away before I can get hit with anything* Anyway, here is the next chapter!

The First to Fall​

Illya opened her eyes to see Riku laying there calmly, still afraid of what might happen she stood up and walked away. She glanced around the empty white hall, something caught her attention at the end of the hall. She then noticed that it was another order member, but something they did caught her off guard. "Nia?! What are you doing up at this hour and down here?!" Surprised by this she tossed at the cloaked figure, "What do you mean by that? My name's not Nia, it's Illya. Who are you anyway?"

Shaking his head the cloaked figure tossed back at her, "Why are you saying your name's Illya? What how could you forget Nia, it's me Roxas." The person then pulled down their hood and their stood...Sora! No, they had spiky blond hair, and bright electric blue eyes. She shook her head thinking about this statement, looking at the teen she walked up a little closer. Stopping she summoned her keyblade looking at Roxas, she then watched as Roxas began to walk away.

Chasing after him she was trying to figure out what he meant by that, she chased him up to the next floor looking at him she asked, "What do you mean by that?!" Roxas shook his head and summoned his duet, snarling at the other keybearer Roxas then calmed down. Walking over to her Roxas looked her up and down, looking her in the eye he said, "You do know you're a pretty thing, or has Riku never told you this?"

~- Upper Level -~

Nia looked around at the members she saw that it was time to 'test' Sora again, one of the members was about to go looking at him. "May I test Sora?" Vexen nodded tossing her a card, she shook her head and said, "Now don't tell me that I don't listen to my elders, I may not look like I am but I am." She summoned a portal and walked through it, looking around her eyes landed on Sora.

"Hello Sora," she said, looking around for the one who had said this he saw Nia. "Illya?! What are you doing here?! How's Riku, how did you two get out of the Realm of Darkness?!" Confused she shook her head, looking at him with those haunting emerald green pools. "Who's Illya and Riku? The name's Nia, you idiot!" She barked, looking at the stunned keybearer.

Sora shook it off looking at the young nobody Sora blurted, "What do you mean by that?!" She then looked up and then back at Sora, she was a really nice girl but she did slap any guy that had made a comment it and that said they would love to get to know her better. She then looked at Sora's keyblade he had in his hand, summoning it to her Nia looked at the keyblade.

"A very nice keyblade you have here, but I can't allow you to win." She then tossed the keyblade back to Sora, who caught it and fell backwards looking at her. "Why do you wear that outfit?" He questioned, shaking her head she glared at Sora. "You do not need to know why I wear this!" She snarled, hardly anything could match how she felt towards Sora.

~- Lower Level, Riku's point of view -~

Riku woke up to see that Illya wasn't anywhere to be seen, shocked he quickly jumped to his feet. Racing for the exit he found yet another white hall, looking around to see if maybe Illya was anywhere near by. His ocean-blue eyes landed on a teen with long silver hair and the same ocean-blue eyes. "What the?! What are you suppose to be?!" The teen smirked at him it was the same cold smirk he had given Sora.

The replica shook his head in distast and disgust, looking up at Riku he taunted, "What would you say, if you found out that Sora had kissed Illya? Come on, you know you love that dang chit! Why can't you just flat out tell her?!" Riku was shocked to hear this, looking at the replica with anger in his eyes. "Don't you dare ever call Illya a chit! She's not one!"

The replica smiled looking at him, the replica taunted once again, "Fine, but what about that piece on Sora kissing her? Surprise? I guess you would be." Riku remained quiet glaring at the replica, the replica shook his head and contiuned, "I bet it's not every day you meet your twin! Too shocked to speak? This should come as a relief, then: I'm a replica of you that Vexen made."

Riku was able to find his voice, looking at the replica he whispered, "You mean a fake me?" The replica was taken back by this, looking at the real Riku he snapped, "I didn't say 'fake!' Just because your real doesn't mean that you're better then me, we share the same body and talents. But there is one way to tell us apart, though. Know what that is? Unlike you, I'm not afraid of anything!"

Snarling at the repilca Riku snarled, "Are you calling me a coward?!" The replica chuckled at this little snarl, he then looked up and then back at the real Riku. "You ARE a coward! You're afraid of the dark! The darkness inside of you scares you witless!" Riku snarled once again and began to reply but the replica cut him off, "But I'M different. I embrace the darkness do what ever I want! In other words..." The replica pulled out a sword exactly like Riku's, taken back by this Riku saw the smirk. "I'm can wipe the floor with you!"

~- Up a floor -~

Looking at Roxas she snarled, "Shut up! I don't want to hear you talk!" Just then a portal showed up behind Roxas, walking through it she blinked confused how he was able to do that. "Hello Illya, do you know why you had that dream?" A voice asked from behind, spinning around her eyes landed on a girl with a grey dress on. "Who the heck are you?!" She spat.

She then found herself being pinned up against the door, she then heard Riku's voice on the other side of the door. "Yes you little wench, you pitful boyfriend is on the other side." The replica hissed, struggling to get lose from her grasp. "Little me go you witch!" She sneered, the replica let out a screech. She was then sent flying through the door, crashing into the hall she slid back a few more feet she then hit the wall.

Snarling she got back up to her feet, she then turned her cold fire eyes to the repilcas. "Let's kick their butts!" The replica of her chuckled at this statement, she then got to her feet and tossed the replica a glare that meant she was so done for! She then smirked as Riku just tossed her a smiled that was saying sure, it was a few mintues after that they defeated their replicas.

"Hey FAKE, I thought you were gonna wipe the floor with me!" Riku tossed, the replicas told them that this wasn't the end. And that they would get rid of them later, she let a laugh out and at the same time as Riku tossed, "Sorry, you missed your chance! I'm finishing you first, right here!" They went to do it but was soon tossed back by the power of their replicas.

They watched as their replicas fled from them, chasing after them they came across Ansem. Ansem gave him new cards and the two of them headed off to the next floor, Illya couldn't forget what was said to her from that kid named Roxas. Why did he seem familier to her? Had she seen him before? Why did he look like Sora? And why did he call her Nia?


We listened to the talk,
But something wasn't right,
Looking around trying to find the answer,
I don't get it why can't you hear that voice?

You had a concerned look,
In your eyes yesterday,
Only if you knew why I screamed,
But you wouldn't understand it.

Hiding the fear from you,
I don't want you to worry,
But you seem to be able,
To see through the act.

Hiding the truth from you,
You want to know the truth,
I can see it in your eyes,
But you can't handle the dream.


Mar 27, 2007
I really liked this chapter everything seems to be falling in place right where they need to.

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Sep 14, 2006
Sending out my soul to worlds more beautiful
Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts or any of it's characters. And this is going to be a short chapter. Okay, please let me know if you like it this size or if you think it should be returned to the way it was.

Hearts of Twilight

Illya glanced around trying to think if she should tell Riku or not about the dream she had, she didn't know why but she had a feeling that there was something bothering Riku. "Riku, are you okay?" She noticed that he stopped in his tracks, they were at Alantica now. "Yes, I'm just fine Illya." But she knew he was lying. "You're lying to me Riku!"

Riku stopped dead in his tracks, looking at her to see that sad look in her eyes. "I'm fine I swear it." Seeing the look of anger flashing across her face, he pulled her close to him. Looking up at Riku to see those ocean blue eyes, she murmured, "You're still lying to me." She smiled as Riku let out a chuckle, she was a little disappointed when he let her go.

"You're right, I just want to know what's troubling you." Riku replied, she flushed at these words. "Riku, do you love me?" She asked weakly. She watched him give a nod in approval, she tensed up at that reply. "I can't stay near you then." She murmured to herself, she ran off knowing that she couldn't hurt him now! "I can't hurt you, I just can't do it!"

~- Upper Level -~

Nia glanced around the room, she then noticed Vexen was coming over. "So, Nia, how did you like your battle with Sora?" She just remembered Axel had asked her this, looking at him she replied angrily, "Why was he calling me Illya?! I need my questions answered! Other then the unanswered questions, I enjoyed it!" She then stormed out of the room, stopping when she saw the Riku replica.

She spun around to look at Vexen and spat, "What's this Vexen?!" Vexen looked at the young nobody, he enjoyed seeing her enraged. "Temper, temper young keybearer." She then noticed the feminine one in a shadowy corner. "Who's this Vexen?" The girl asked. She sounded so much...like herself!

"Vexen!" Larxene snarled, she agreed with Larxene by her body language. Vexen was not to be trusted, she waited a reply from Vexen. "Humbled by someone of such limit significance. You shame yourself and the oraganzation."

She was about to leave when the Riku replica grabbed her wrist. "Hello, name's Riku." She made a noise in between a snarl and a laugh. "Yeah right! I've met up with the real Riku!" She listened as the older three nobodies began fighting with each other, she finally lost her temper and snapped, "Shut up already! Can't you three not try to kill each other for one day?!"

~- Floor seven, Riku's point of view -~

Riku stared at Illya he was beginning to wonder if she was okay, something seemed to be bothering her. "Why has she suddenly grown distant with me? Did I do something wrong to make her mad?" He thought, Illya did seem very distant with him. It was as if she was afraid he might do something to her, or the other way around. "I don't get it, why is she acting this way?" He asked himself.


Hearts that are different,
They can use light and dark,
Hearts of twilight is one of the keys,
But why must he be one of them?

Hearts joining together as one,
I wish I knew what this meant,
How are two hearts suppose,
To join as one?

I know that we have to,
Get through this thing,
But what's going on with us?
Drifting apart we are now,

I know that you are wondering,
Why have I become so distant,
But your my weakness I need you,
Hiding the tears in the rain.

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Sep 14, 2006
Sending out my soul to worlds more beautiful
Illya: Man, Kari I'm going to hurt you after this chapter!
Me: Meep! Come on Illya chill out!
Illya: Shut up!
Riku: Just shut up, and get a move on with the chapter!


Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts or any of it's characters, hehe and man feel sorry for Illya, and there might be a little bit of langauage don't know.

Facing the truth​

Illya took in a breath, looking over to Riku she knew that she had to tell him now. She grabbed his wrist stopping him in his tracks, looking at her with confused eyes. "What is it Illya?" She frowned a little, she then let out a sigh and murmured, "I need to tell you something." Following her as they headed for the exit of this floor, she stopped when they reached the exit.

"What is it then Illya?" She spun around and gave Riku a hug, pulling away from him she murmured, "I really need to tell you about that dream." Looking at the stunned look on Riku's face, she shrugged her shoulders. "Riku, I had this one dream, you and Sora were crazy...you guys attacked me." She broke off there, she couldn't bring herself to tell Riku that she had killed them in the dream.

But as if guessing the last piece, he smiled at her in a brotherly fashion. "It's okay Illya, I know you would never do anything like that." She smiled feeling the safety of Riku being near, she buried her face in his chest. "Riku, I..." There was a reason to her major mood swings, Riku who caught on to what she was saying laughed.

"I brought some dark clothes," he whispered, pulling the dark garment out of a bag. Smiling at Riku she murmured her thanks, grabbing it she fled from him to change her clothes. Coming back she now wore black jeans with a chain that was on her right hip, she wore a dark blue tank-top that was off the shoulder on one side. "Thanks, you always did carry these." She murmured.

Smiling at the timid keybearer, Riku pulled her into a soft but yet firm embrace. "Illya, is there something else you wished to tell me?" She shook her head no, lying to him she thought, "I want to tell you that I love you, but I just can't do it." She smiled sweetly at him, the two then headed through to the next hall way.

They headed straight for the next floor remaining quiet, she longed to tell him that she loved him. But another wave of sadness hit hard, she brushed it away following him not saying anything. "Illya, I understand why you were having those mood swings. Is there anything you want to tell me?" Not meaning to she lost her temper, walking up to Riku she slapped him on the cheek.

~- Upper Level -~

Nia gazed around the room staring at the Riku replica, she didn't know why but she had the sudden urge to slap him. He was to cocky for her taste, shaking her head in a nagitive fashion at the replica she murmured, "We must wait." She looked up at Axel, she noticed that his gaze has been watching her, she waited for him to say something that would give her some sort of clue. "Music of the night." She murmured to herself.

She shook her head walking away from the group, she glanced around feeling someone watching her. "Who's there?!" She asked angrily, looking around she saw that it was only Demyx who now had a confused look on his face. "Easy there Nia," he whispered. She smiled at him, waiting for him to say something else to her. "Yeah, Meyx, what would you like?" She asked happily.

She felt Demyx pick her up once more, not even fighting him this time like the first time. They walked through the portal, glancing around to see where they were now. "Meyx, thanks." She whispered, looking around she saw that they were at Halloween Town. Humming the tone she danced around, looking at Demyx or as she called him Meyx.

~- Lower Floor of Castle Oblivion! -~

Illya fled from Riku she couldn't understand why she did it, she stopped after she reached the room outside of the story room. "What's up with you?" She asked herself, not understanding why she had slapped Riku. Glancing around she hoped Riku would understand, she felt a wave of anger hit her. "Man, what is it with me damnit?!" She screamed, Riku walked quietly into the room.

Looking at him, she whispered, "Riku, I didn't mean to slap you, I just lost my temper..." Riku smiled at her, walking over he whispered gently, "It's okay to get mad." She smiled for him understanding, he pulled her into a hug looking down into those grey tinted violet pools. "I love you, Riku," she whispered.


Remembering the past,
I don't understand this,
How did we fall apart so fast?
I remember before, we were so close.

But now we have fallen apart,
I don't understand this,
Why in the world are we fighting?
We use to be closer then anyone else.

Tears of pain falling tonight,
I can't slow them down,
I won't even try to slow them,
You use to be mine, but you found another.

We use to laugh, cry and talk,
But now it's just a friendly smile,
We don't even try touching,
The other one's hand, what happened?

Being in this current state,
I don't know if my heart can mend,
Tears falling that is true, where did we go wrong?
You use to be mine, but now you are another girl's man.


Me: Man, what have I've done?
Riku: Easy, you're making our friendship fall apart!
Me: But I fixed it!
Riku and Illya: Just a little bit!
*gets hit in the head*
Me: Oww, the next chapter might take a little while!
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You write!!!!!!!! You didn't tell me!!!!! Anyway, you're great. I love Illya. I am just waiting for the Riku x Illya moment.....There...is going...to be one....right?
Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

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Disclaimer: I don't own kingdom hearts or any of it's characters! I don't know why much Nia and Demyx are going to show up in this chapter.

Dream On

Illya smiled a little as she listened to Riku, she felt safe in his arms. She closed her eyes listening to Riku talk, he was trying to run some ideas past her. She felt happier then she had in a long time, seeing the color around Riku go back to dark blue showing that he was relaxed. Riku, sorry that I slapped you. She thought sorrowfully, looking up to see if he took it or not, seeing the comferting smile on his face. "I understand Illya." She smiled that was just like Riku, he was able to understand this problem.

She shook her head though: why was he able to understand so easily? Confusion clearly gripping her heart, the color changed to that of grey. "Hey Illya, do you only just have change of heart?" She looked up at him, she didn't dare speak to him. Walking away she needed some time to relax, she swore beneath her breath. "I don't get it! I'm tired of pretending I don't love him!" She snarled to herself.

Walking away she murmured softly, "I guess I need to run, to see if he'll follow me." She didn't know why but it felt as if their friendship was drifting apart. She looked over to him and smiled softly, she felt as if she needed to leave his side. She heard one of Tim McGraw's songs on her mp3 player, frowning she looked at Riku she wanted to tell him that she didn't know what to do.

"So, you have a crush on me huh?" She smiled at him weakly spinning around she walked over to him, she was so hard headed as Riku told her smiling a little she pushed Riku's shoulder. Looking up at him she remained silent, she didn't know what she should say it felt as if they were drifting farther apart. She then began to wonder if their relastionship was meant to be, shaking her head no she walked away from him feeling a wave of loniness hit her harder then ever.

I can't take this pain, why must I play this masquerade? I don't understand it, why am I always feeling empty around them? She railed silently, walking away from Riku she galnced over her shoulder, looking at him she asked, "You coming?"

~- Halloween Town -~

Nia looked at Demyx happiness shinning in her eyes, she danced around but stopped when she heard Demyx laugh. She watched as he walked up to her, confusion in her eyes she stared up at him wondering why he had that smirk on his face. "Meyx, what's up with that smirk on your face?" She asked. Looking at him as he moved a stray strand of hair out of her eyes, he smiled at her but that smirk soon returned to his lips.

"Come on Nia, you and me both know that you can't catch me." He whispered, growling she snapped, "Is that so? Let's find out shall we!" The two then broke into a run not wanting to lose this race, she smiled thinking about her first day in the order. Looking at Demyx quickly she thanked him silently, he told the other members to back off and stop being mean to her, he got hurt for it but he was okay.

~- Lower Level, Riku's point of view -~

Riku watched as Illya seemed really up tight confused on why, he watched as she walked around the room walking up behind her. "Illya, what's the matter?" He whispered gently, they walked out into the next hallway. He noticed that Illya wasn't talking to him, he looked at her with worried eyes wondering why she was acting like this.

What's happened to you Illya? You've changed from after we left the islands, you're not that same sweet girl I use to know. What's changed in you? Maybe it's just me, but you seem so different. I wish I knew what has changed you. You're not that soft spoken, timid teen I use to know. Sure, you still don't talk but you're fighting more now.

But then again, I don't know why you've changed all so suddenly. You never when tried smacking me before now, but I guess you would have grown up sooner or later.
A smirk came to his lips as those thoughts ran over and over again in his head, it was true she wasn't at all like how she was on the islands. Riku walked with her trying to clear his head, the two of them were this close yet so apart.

Riku smiled at her causing a confused look to come to her eyes, shaking his head he continued walking he couldn't let her know anything right now. "I'll tell her later about those promises," he whispered to himself. He watched as Illya caught up with him looking at her, a soft smile came to his lips but he couldn't help but wonder about her past.

At first I saw her and Kairi as pains, but now they're two of my best friends. Illya, she's more then just a friend, she's something like a sister to me...no, she's more then that. He looked at her worried about how she was feeling, they hadn't spoken to each other since before they left the last floor. They were now on the next floor, something didn't feel right in between the two of them.

"Illya, what's the matter?" He got the same reply as eailier she didn't say anything, walking over to Illya he grabbed her wrist. "Let me go," she whispered weakly. Riku was confused: why was she acting this way? He knew that one time wasn't helping, he didn't want to lose his temper with her but something didn't seem to be right.

Come on girl, talk to me please. I don't get it, why are you acting so distant? I don't get it, why are we drifting apart as fast as we are. He wasn't going to lose her, pulling her into his embrace he looked into her eyes. "Illya, I don't want to lose your friendship." He whispered, not giving her time to reply he gave her a kiss.

Stunning her, looking up at him with those grey tinted violet pools she was shocked. Pushing him away Illya whispered, "Riku, what are you saying?" He smiled at her looking past the blindfold into the soft eyes of her's, he shook his head looking up at the ceiling and then back at her. "I love you," taken back by this Illya looked up at him.

Though a thousand words, have never been spoken,
They'll fly to you,
Crossing over the time and distance holding you,
Suspended on silver wings.

And a thousand words,
One thousand confessions,
Will cradle you,
Making all of the pain you feel seem far away,
They'll hold you forever.
She sang softly, looking at Riku she smiled sweetly at him. He smiled at her he didn't like it when they weren't talking. "Are you feeling better?" He asked softly, she nodded her head. Smiling the two began heading to the story room, when they were outside of it he murmured, "Soon Illya."

He watched as Illya danced a little around the room, he heard a soft melody going around the room. "Dream on, I'll be here to light you're way. Dream on, I protect you Illya...I promise." He noticed that Illya stopped and was staring at him, confused he looked at her. "What is it Illya?" Smiling softly he had to listen hard to what she muttered, "Riku, do you ever think about the future?" Confused on why she asked this, he thought for a moment. "Why do you ask?"


Holding back the pain,
Scars of the past reopening,
The fights don't truly help,
Leading yourself and others to believe.

Hiding the hurt inside,
Wanting to scream out,
Wanting to just fall apart,
Hiding inside as the world moves on.

Falling apart in the shadows,
Away from the eyes of you,
I don't know what to do,
Falling apart in front of you.

Is that to much to ask?
I don't want to be cold,
I just want you to see,
That I can feel just like you.

Leading you guys into a masquerade,
Making you think that I'm just fine,
Sometimes I wonder if my emotions,
Have been stolen from me.

Wanting a different life,
I don't know where to turn,
Hurting badly now after bitter words,
I want to break out of this masquerade.

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Very good chapter.

There were a couple of grammar mistakes, but overall, WOW. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Riku confessed. (O.K. breath) I can sense fluff coming on!!!!!!!!! Update soon, but at your own convenience ( I so spelled that wrong!)
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