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Fanfiction ► Nobody's Feelings

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Sep 14, 2006
Sending out my soul to worlds more beautiful

Illya walked around spinning around to see Riku standing there, she smiled weakly but she has lost that glow to her eyes. Her heart was sharttered into a thousand pieces, Riku had began to lose himself to the darkness. She turned away form Riku and then began walking away form him, after she put some space between them she looked back at him, she then began walking away form him whispering softly, "I can't believe you just broke your promise Riku...you promised that you wouldn't join up with the darkness, and look at what you just did. Please please, don't lose yourself to it what ever you do just don't lose yourself to her grip."

Flashback: She looked at Riku after she had told him about her dream, Riku let out a sigh looking at the floor looking back up at her he whispered, "I promise I won't let that happen, I will do what ever I have to." Riku then left her room she stared up at her ceiling, wondering if Riku could ever do that shaking her head she whispered to herself, "No, you will be needing help with that Riku...but I think that you might want to keep and full fill that promise by yourself." She closed her eyes and fell asleep it was the next day and those two were on the island, looking at him she mumered, "Riku, you remember the promise you made me yesterday?"

Riku nodded and looked into her grey-violet eyes, wondering what she wanted to tell him. "Well, I don't know if you would like help keeping the promise or what...but if you would like any I won't mind helping you." She waited for Riku to reply to what she had said, looking over to him she saw that confused look. "I don't want you to get hurt, I made you that promise...I can keep it myself."

She watched as Riku walked away she let out a soft sigh, looking out at the water she muttered to herself, "I'm a foul to think that me and Riku have a chance together, HE LOVES KAIRI!" She got up and followed Riku back home, once when they reached home she lead down in her bed her thoughts running free.

It was the next day before Riku came to get her, so that way they could go to the island. "He loves Kairi, I know it...but he also knows that Sora loves Kairi. Why can't I tell him that I love him? Why do I keep it hidden, maybe if I chose a song that would tell him that I love him...I was never good if words." She thought, she got up and walked over to her desk.

Sitting down she began writing some words down, she heard Riku calling for her and put the piece of paper in her bag. She and Riku then headed for the docks to get to the island, her thoughts were racing around trying to figure out the next piece to the song.

Flashback ends: She looked at Riku and then let out a sigh, she waited for him to bring up the next world. "So, now where are you going?" She muttered, Riku shook his head and walked up to her smiling he wrapped his arms around her. "You mean where are we going next, and that is Agrabah little kitty."

Smiling the two walked through a portal she had made, reaching the world she took off her shoes. "Ilyla, put your shoes back on right now!" Riku knew the reply he would get form the hot tempered teen. "No, you know me Riku! Unless I have to wear shoes I don't!" She raced through the streets but stopped when she saw Sora and his gang.


I know that destiny is a chose,
but you seem to not care anymore.
What happened to you,
what has changed?
I don't know anymore,
you seem to be willing to go to any length to get something.
I don't want to let you go,
so please don't make me.
I can't find your heart,
it's being taken over.
I don't want to set you free,
you know that you don't want this.
Why are you doing this if you don't want to?
I can tell by the look in your eyes,
you don't want to do this.
So why are you doing it then?
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Sep 14, 2006
Sending out my soul to worlds more beautiful
Disclaimer: You guys know the disclaimer by now! And this chappy has a bit of language at the end...and that is one of the reasons it's RATED T FOR TEEN! Okay, I hope you like this; the peom at the end is pretty much form Riku's and Illya's pov if they didn't have each other.


They watched as Sora and his gang walk into a cave, following them they waited until Sora and his group went into a hole. Walking up behind Jasmine she placed her hand on Jasmine's shoulder, she looked back at Riku and her Jasmine had a look of fear on her face. Illya glanced back at Riku smiling, she stepped aside as Riku took Jasmine through a portal; following him through the portal she muttered, "Riku, why must we do this?"

After they reached Hallow Bastion she watched as Riku walked away form her, she didn't understand why did Riku have to lose himself? She followed Riku as he walked back to the gummi ship, she knew this would happen looking around the castle she began to wonder what Ansem meant by Princess; she watched as Riku was about to get in she walked up to him.

"Riku, no way are you leaving me behind again. I don't like that! So, we now need Belle and Snow White; and then the last two Princess of Heart that we don't know 'bout." Riku smiled and held out his hand for her to take it, knowing that she wasn't one to give up easily; smiling he helped her into the ship.

Riku had her in his arms, looking up at him she muttered, "It doesn't matter what we go through, as long as we stand together we can do anything." Riku looked at her in the eye and gave her a nod in reply, he put her down in the driver's seat; he then took his seat and looked at her.

"Beast's Castle, is our next stop...but how would you feel 'bout going to Halloween Town little kitty?" Smiling she started up the gummi ship and drove off, landing on Halloween Town they looked at their outfits; Riku's outfit was that of a dark blue T-shirt and blue pants, he had sharp teeth with black wings on his back.

While Illya's was that of a soft grown, a gold upper arm bracelet was on her left arm; while her right arm didn't have anything. Her shoes weren't there anymore, looking over to Riku she then looked around and saw Sora, muttering softly, "Great, Sora's here...can't he stay out our way for once damn it."

Riku right then started to figure out, that this is more then just a big brother little sister thing; that he is falling in love with her Riku saw the smile that was on her lips, smiling as well he pulled her close to him.


You think you know her,
But you don't know her.
She cries at night and day in her heart,
And you don't know it.
She dream's of other worlds,
You don't know it but soon.
She will soon leave earth,
And you don't know it.
To another world she will go,
And you won't know it.
She loves you with all her heart,
And you don't know it.
She wants to tell you how she feels,
But you won't find out until it's to late.
She wanted to tell him that her heart was broken,
But he won't know it.
All she said is that you don't know me,
And then she said goodbye.
And then he said you are right I don't,
But I need you.
He read the letter she left behind,
At the bottom it said I love you goodbye.
Why did you have to leave me behind?
Is it because I don't know her?
Yes it is because I don't know her,
I don't know if I can go on with out her.
No I can't go on with out her,
He know that for sure but she is gone now.
Why didn't I tell her how I feel about her?
That he needs her he wants her to come back,
But she's gone forever;
He guess he can rest now.
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Sep 14, 2006
Sending out my soul to worlds more beautiful
Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts or any of it's characters nor the song "Travelin' Soul" that song belongs to Terri Clark. The lyrics that are used in here, those belongs to me; unless someone else wrote this...and please forgive me for the lyrics, it's the piece to the song Illya's working on; I need to figure out the rest of it myself. So hands off the lyrics, and the poems at the bottom; if you would like to use Illya ask me first and I will think 'bout it. And man, this is going to be a short chapter, anyway here is the next chapter. There's are some parts that I decided not to put up for this poem.

Travelin' Soul​

Illya and Riku followed Sora for a while, but soon headed back to the gummi ship; heading off to Beast's Castle. "I can't believe Sora! How can he forget 'bout his childhood friends?! I just don't understand!" She was really angry with Sora, looking back at Riku for a moment she muttered, "Why do you think Sora did pick up new friends and leave us in the past?"

Riku only shrugged looking into those grey-violet eyes, frowning when he was this he muttered softly, "I don't know Illya." Shaking her head she looked back out of the window, she currently had the ship on auto pilot; Riku knowing that as soon as you got her mad she wasn't one to calm down easily.

Looking at the young teen, Riku smirked she was a cute little kitty as he called her; looking at him in the rear view mirror she asked, "What is it now Riku?" Riku shook his head, she smiled at him and he returned the smile. "Nothing much little kitty, just that we are almost to Beast's Castle." She then found herself humming to a song, Riku smiled knowing that soon she would begin singing soon.

"I know that destiny is a choose, but what happens if we don't want to follow the path that is meant for us? We know that the heart can lead us home, but what happens if we lose are way; I know that I can't hide who I truly am and how I truly feel for all of my life. I know that I can love you in secret, but that will never answer my question if you love me to? I don't know how I should feel, but I know that if I listen to my heart I'll find the answer.

I know that my heart want you, but does your heart want me? It doesn't matter as long as I have you, nothing can change how I feel for you. I wish you know how I felt, but you will never know the truth 'bout how I feel towards you. You will never know the truth 'bout how I feel towards you, maybe one day you might; but until then you will never know the truth 'bout how I feel towards you.

Riku looked at her confusion was in his eyes, where did she hear that song? "Illya, where did you hear that song?" Smiling weakly she looked at him, they then landed on the world they needed. "I wrote it myself, why Riku?" Riku shook his head and the two headed into the castle, the song was lovely but you was the other person she was singing about? Who did she love? Or was the song for Kairi and Sora? No, it was in between her and her love one, but who is the one she loves?

She followed Riku, seeing that worried look in his eyes. "What's the..." She was cut off to the sound of a roar, looking around the area her eyes landed on a man; he wasn't really a man more like a beast, a woman then showed up behind him. "Who are you two?! Answer me right now!" Her eyes landed on the woman behind him, she looked over to Riku and then at the lady.

"Her, she is the reason we are here; so if you would be just kind enough to hand her over. And as for are names, you don't need to know them." The man attacked, Riku sent himself flying towards him; leaving her to get Belle walking up to her she smirked. Opening a portal she pushed the girl through, glancing over her shoulder she tossed to Riku. "Now, time for the last two. I wonder who they are?"


They say things that hurt her.
She doesn't show it,
She's hurt on the inside.
She is calling out to them,
But they won't answer her calls.
They fight like every day,
She is hurt from the fights.
She wish that for one day they could go with out fighting,
But she knows that's nothing but a dream.
Why can't she tell them how she feels?
She thinks they won't listen,
There is one she could tell but she doesn't do it.
Because she is afraid that one person in her family would push her away.
So she just stays quiet thinking about other things like where she belongs?
She sometimes wonders what is out there but she knows that she has to wait.
Why can't they understand her pain?
If they would look in to her eyes they would see how she feels.
Why don't they ask if anything is wrong with her?
Don't they see that she's afraid of being hurt?
Why can't they see what hurts her the most?
Why can't they understand her?

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Sep 14, 2006
Sending out my soul to worlds more beautiful
Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts or any of it's characters, nor the song "1000 Words" the song belongs to Jade Sweetbox, if I did own Kingdom Hearts Riku and Roxas would be MINE! No Riku doesn't know yet Nami, but in this chapter he finds out! And time is coming closer for Illya to lose her sight, man I hate doing this to pour Riku-kun. And please play "1000 Words" Here is a link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=sqWXSKa79ok and this chapter isn't only form Illya's point of view, but form another girl's point of view...but thing is who is this girl? And also might be form Riku's point of veiw, and here is Illya in her dark mode: , remember her eyes are grey-violet and her hair is raven-black.

A Thousand Words​

Illya and Riku reached the castle once more, she smiled as Riku walked up and down; he was extermely cute when he did that. "Riku, what are you thinking about?" She murmured, she waited for Riku's reply; looking at the young keybearer he replied, "I just can't figure out who the last two we need are, be right back promise."

Riku then dashed away form her, frowning she looked around; Riku came back to long after that. They already went to Neverland and met Sora and his group there, and now they waited to hear what Maleficent would say next; she knew that something wasn't right.

She turned her head to the entarnce, getting up form the railing in which she was sitting on; she jumped down and looked at Riku. "Come on Riku, someone's here!" She and Riku then dashed out the door, the two saw Beast smirking Riku looked over to her.

Riku dogged Beast's attack and then countered, striking him she and Riku looked at Sora, who just arrived and his gang; Illya looked at Riku and then back to Sora and snarled, "So, Sora, you think you are the only one who can use the keyblade? Guess what, your wrong!" Summoning her keyblade, which was soft grey, the handle was blue; while the keychain was a heart that was half light and half dark.

Sora had a shocked look on his face, glaring at him she snapped, "Who are your friends Sora?! Have you forgotten all about Riku, Kairi and me?!" Her anger growing she waited for Sora's reply, it took him a minute to reply but sure enough he murmured, "You, Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy and everyone else who has help me are my friends Illya.

~Another World~

A cloaked figure stood in a battle field, you could tell by the people laying on the ground; spinning around to the sound of foot steps. She saw another hooded figure, she watched as they walked up to her; not having any memories of her true home world.

She was taken in by a man with flaming-red hair, the hooded person pulled their hood down; they had emerald green eyes, and flaming-red hair releaxing she waited to hear what he would say.

"What's up little lady? You have been having your hood up for some time now." The hooded girl shook her head, looking at the man she murmured, "Nothing Axel, I've just been doing what is need be to remember my home world; Xemnas said that if I did as he told me I'll get my memories back."

Axel looked away form the young teen, he then looked back at her; frowning he muttered, "I wish I could, if I could I would tell you in a heartbeat; but I can tell you one thing, there is more to you then meets the eye. You are with the 13th Order remember? I can't tell you the truth, those are my orders all that I can do is make sure that you are okay."

Frowning at this the hooded girl asked, "Why can't you tell me Axel? Why won't Xemnas let you tell me? Axel, please tell me the truth! I'm tried of these secrets that you members know and not me! What's so different about me?! Why can I use the keyblade?! Answer me please Axel!"

Axel pulled the girl into a hug, looking into his emerald green eyes she whispered, "Please, can't you at least tell me one thing other then 'There is more to you then meets the eye' please Axel," she waited for the flaming-red haired nobody to reply to her question.

~The Waterfalls~

Illya and Riku looked at Sora, holding out his hand Riku summoned the keyblade to him; smiling Riku looked at the keyblade. "Riku, we need to talk alone; it's about the last two princess of heart." Looking at her the two began to walk away, Donald and Goofy not to far behind them; Riku looked at her they were far enough ahead of Donald and Goofy it would be okay to talk about this.

"So, who are they?" She let out a sigh and looked ahead of her and murmured, "Kairi and..." Her voice trailed off afraid of what Riku would say, Riku looked at her for a moment confused on why she stopped; she took in breath and then let it out and contiued, "Me, Kairi and me are the last two Princess of Heart."

Riku stopped dead in his tracks looking at her, he murmured, "Really, I'm not taking you to that room then; but Kairi doesn't have her heart....do you know where it's at?" Shaking her head, the two walked into the enternce hall with Donald and Goofy not to far behind them; Riku was confused.

It didn't take long for Sora to enter, after he did he saw Illya and Riku in their dark modes; her outfit changed to a grey dress, a red ribbon was in her raven hair; her grey-violet eyes still had that glow to them. Her wings went to a pure white, she looked at Riku and then Sora; she was holding her keyblade which is called "Change of Heart"

Sora got his keyblade back, and then they began their battle; after it Riku and her were in their normal outfits. The two then dashed off, reaching a hall way Riku stopped and looked back at her; her keyblade had disappeared looking at the young teen he muttered, "You okay?"

~The World that Never Was~

The hooded girl and Axel walked around Dark City for some time now, looking at Axel who had just brought her back to here; seemed to be lost in thought reaching the castle. She looked at Axel again and whispered, "Please Axel, just tell me one thing 'bout my past; you were the one you found me after all."

Axel looked at the girl, she wouldn't take her hood off; smiling he lead her to his room. Shutting the door he began to tell her a few things, when Xigbar knocked on the door growling she snapped, "Xigbar, leave us alone!"

Axel opened the door and looked at her, and then back at Xigbar seeing the look on his face; he looked at the girl and muttered, "Go back to your room," he then added more quietly so that way only she could hear, "I'll talk to you later, promise."

~The Castle Hall, Riku's point of view~

He looked at Illya she had a cut on her left cheek, a few nicks on her arms looking in front of him; he stopped as a cloak figure came into view. The figure then began talking, giving in he whispered, "What do I have to do," not looking at Illya knowing that tears were in her eyes, he whispered softly, "I'm sorry Illya."

He then began to glow a green color, he knew that he just broke his promise to Illya. After that was done, Riku had lost himself to Ansem he looked around him; there was nothing but pitch black. "Illya, I'm sorry...I don't know if you can hear me; but I love you." He heard Illya fighting Ansem looking around, he saw that he was alone but then how could he be hearing what is going on?

~The Great Hall~

Illya looked up at Ansem, and cried, "I don't care what you have to say Ansem! I know Riku is in there!" Just then Sora and his gang showed up, a portal showed up not to far form her; looking at Ansem again he sent a ball of dark fire towards her. Sending her flying into the portal, landing on the other side she looked around; getting up on her feet she shouted, "Riku! Where are you?!"

Stumbling around for a little while, she soon heard Sora's voice again; she then looked around seeing Ansem. Knowing what was about to happen she looked around and began singing a song that she was hoping would reach Rku.

"I know that you're hiding things, using gentle words to shelter me. Your words were like a dream, but dreams could never fool me, not that easily. I acted so distant then, didn't say goodbye before you left. But I was listening, you'll fight your battles far from me, far too easily.

"Save your tears cause I'll come back" I could hear that you whispered as you walked through that door, but still I swore; to hide the pain when I turn back the pages.

Shouting might have been the answer, what if I'd cried my eyes out and begged you not to depart? But now I'm not afraid to say what's in my heart, though a thousand words; have never been spoken. They'll fly to you, crossing over the time and distance holding you.

Suspended on silver wings, and a thousand words; one thousand confessions. Will cradle you, making all of the pain you feel seem far away. They'll hold you forever, the dream isn't over yet, though I often say I can't forget. I still relive that day, "You've been there with me all the way" I still hear you say.

"Wait for me I'll write you letters" I could see how you stammered with your eyes to the floor, but still I swore to hide the doubt. When I turn back the pages, anger might have been the answer. What if I'd hung my head and said that I couldn't wait, but now I'm strong enough to know it's not too late.

Cause a thousand words, call out through the ages; they'll fly to you. Even though we can't see I know they're reaching you, suspended on silver wings, oh a thousand words. One thousand embraces, will cradle you.
" She sang, hoping that someone would hear her.

"Tell me princess, how does it feel to have the Darkness around you? How does it feel not to have your friends around you? To know that this is all you are? Your a teen age girl that well always be alone! No one can talk to you without you feeling empty! Let's see how you feel about seeing your friends in the Light now!" A spell was sent flying towards her, she was pinned against a wall struggling she glared at Ansem.

"Leave me and my friends alone!" Ansem chuckled at this, lifting his hand up a person in a dark cloak showed up. "You may be Xemnas's other side but you can't order me around!" The hooded person snapped, another showed up looking at Asnem the was a smirk on his face.

"What do you want him to do?" The man asked, Ansem looked at the person and then at Illa still with that smirk on his face. "I want it where Illya can't stand to look at the light, where she needs a blindfold to keep her eyes form being hurt."

The hooded person smirked a little, she could barely see the smirk form under his hood. "She won't be able to get away? Then yes I shall do it." The hooded person looked at her, seeing that look that if looks could kill he would be dead. She could now see the smirk clearly, growling she snapped, "No! Get away form me! Leave me alone!"

The hooded person chuckled at this, Illya could barely hear a melody floating through the realm of Darkness. "But child, I can't let that happen...I have to do this I'm sorry." She struggled a little more, glaring at the three men, she snarled, "No, leave me alone." The hooded one pulled his hood down, his violet hair reminded Illya of someone some of his hair was covering one of his eyes.

"A spell upon you, that you will not be able to look upon the light without great pain and agony. You must shun the beauty of the sun lest you lose your sight; you must only see in the darkness of night and never see the faces of your loved ones in the light of day." The spell hit her she was then in a caslte, looking up to see the bright walls she quickly looked down at the ground and let out a scream of pain.

"It hurts so much, what am I suppose to do? Return to the Darkness, no if I do go back in I want someone to kill me." She whispered, she felt a hand on her shoulder looking to her left to see who it was. "Riku...I can't..." She whispered, she threw her arms around Riku crying softly. "I can't..."

Riku stroked her hair softly, looking at her through sad ocean blue-green eyes. "What can't you?" Frowning she looked at Riku and muttered, "I lost my sight, so do you by chance have a blindfold like cloth?" Riku handed her a piece of cloth and watched as she put it on, standing up she murmured, "Come on, let's get going."


She hides in the twilight,
never showing her true emotions.
She has lost her temper a few times,
but then again everyone does once in a while.
Never getting the answers she seeks,
she knows that sooner or later she'll get them.
But the question is,
when will she get the answers?
He trys to help her through,
but he knows that there is so much he can do.
She knows that she has to find the answers,
but will she like what she finds out?

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Sep 14, 2006
Sending out my soul to worlds more beautiful
Disclaimer: Do I have to say it? Anyway, I don't own Kingdom Hearts or any of it's characters...dang it! Okay, long chapter...and this is going to be fun, the poem at the end seems to be true about life. It's one long road, so let's just see where are life leads and not end it to soon. And might as well share it with your friends, 'cause it's a long trip alone.

Castle Oblivion​

Illya watched as Riku held up a world card, the two then walked into the room looking around to see it was the world they had only been at a few moments ago. Riku then snapped, "This is Maleficent’s castle! How’d I end up HERE? Someone must have brought us here while I was sleeping. But who?" A voice then replied after it was done talking same thing with Riku, she then looked around and then looked over to see the color around Riku was dark red, she reached her hand out to touch his arm. Placing her hand gently on his arm, causing him to look down into her covered grey-violet eyes. "What's the matter Illya?"

Frowning a little she whispered softly, "You're mad, I can tell by the color around you; it's dark red. I know, that even if I wasn't able to see like this, I would still be able to tell; 'cause I don't know why but my heart's screaming that you are mad."

Riku was surprised by how much she had didn't let the problem bother her, smiling he pulled her into a hug and whispered, "So, who was the other person in the song you were singing earlier today was?" Looking up at him, the cloth hid the sparkle in her eyes; she let out a sigh and said, "You really want to know...."

Her voice trailed off, pushing Riku away form her she dashed off and tossed, "You have to catch me to find out!" Riku then shouted one more thing to the voice, "Hey, I'm asking you a question! ....Fine. But it'd better be you we run across next, Voice. I'm sick of talking to thin air!" The two raced to Riku's bedroom reaching it, Riku had his hands on her wrists spinning her around he looked deep into her grey-violet eyes; he lend in and whispered in her ear, "So, who was the other person?"

The voice then showed up again after Riku made it be quiet for a little while, "So, she did. And you two lived in the castle, tempted by the darkness she offered. You cast away your home, your friends, everything.....But at least they gave you two some nice rooms."

The two then both shouted together, "Shut up!" Blushing a deep scarlet she looked into his ocean blue-green eyes, the two then walked out of the room not knowing about the fact a shaded figure watched as Riku whispered in her ear; she looked at Riku and murmured to herself, "You Riku, but what am I thinking it will never work."

She then looked at Riku and then in front of her and whispered, "I don't know, for that one person who will love me no matter what." She just didn't know if Riku ever notice that she is really happy when it is just them together, she let out a sigh she then heard Riku ask, "So, shall we get out of here?"

~Upper Level~

She paced up and down looking over to Namine, she began walking over looking over to see a portal showing up; she summoned her blade but then dismissed it when she saw Roxas. "Hello Roxas, the key of destiny." Roxas looked at the young girl, who still had her hood up looking at her; he stormed over to her and pulled down her hood. Revealing, flaming-red hair and emerald green eyes tinted with blue; growling she was about to snap at him.

When both of them were tossed against a wall, looking around their eyes landed on Marluxia; growling she snapped, "Let us go Marluxia!" Marluxia smirked at her, walking over to her; he held up his scythe to her throat. "You son of a...." He pressed it against her neck, wincing she glared at Marluxia the doors flew open. The one who had caused this to happen, was a extremely ticked off Axel, storming over he pulled Marluxia away and warned, "I don't want to ever hear or see that you are trying to bring her and Roxas harm!"

Axel then quickly added, "Or that you have brought them harm." Marluxia dropped the both of them, Roxas was on the other side of the room; breathing heavily you could tell that if you left those two in a room with Marluxia it's a very high chance that you would come back to see him dead.

Walking out of the room, she looked around trying to figure out why she was with the order; looking over her shoulder to see Roxas she murmured, "Roxas, have you ever wonder what's beyond the order?" Roxas smiled at her, placing his hands on her shoulders he replied, "No, I just became part of the order." She thought about why she was walking up and down guarding Namine while Axel was fighting Sora.

~Basement Twelve, Riku's point of view~

Riku looked over to Illya, she was thinking about something but he wasn't sure what; placing his hand on her shoulder he asked, "What's the matter Illya? What is troubling you? Is it something I did? Tell me please."

Pushing his hand away she looked at him, and replied, "You broke your promises Riku, how can I forgive you? Tell me Riku, how do you want me to forgive you?!" Riku knew that he had did it big time, looking at Illya he whispered, "I'm sorry Illya, I didn't mean to." He looked at her with sad eyes, tears starting to form in his eyes.

Illya pulled him into a hug seeing that he was sad, she murmured, "Riku, I'm sorry. I lost my temper for a moment, I was just heard a voice that sounds so much like Sora's" Looking around for the person who was speaking, she saw that they were the only ones in the room. The two then headed to the last story room that was needed, which was the Key of Truth reaching it he didn't like what he saw.

Grabbing Illya's wrist, he pulled Illya closer to him looking at Maleficent. He snarled, "Leave us alone us alone Maleficent." The two then began their battle with Maleficent, after the fight was done he and Illya head to the hall in between Basement Twelve and Eleven; reaching it they heard a voice once again. The two looked at each other, knowing that it was Ansem he let out a sigh and murmured to Illya. "Great, captain crazy is back,"

Nodding her head Illya looked at him and murmured, "Yeah, anyway, let's just hope he doesn't think about trying to take control over you again." Ansem showed up not to long after that, growling the two got ready for their battle. Holding their weapons tightly, looking at him Illya questioned, beating him Ansem tossed Riku five cards, and a green aura shows up and him and Illya.

He glared at Ansem and snapped, "What did you do?!" Ansem smirked and replied, "I tempered with the darkness that remains in your hearts." Growling the both of them snapped back, "What, you think that we'd rely on the Darkness?" Ansem smirked and replied, "That is your chose if you use it or not," floating away form them and disappearing Ansem whispered, "I'll be waiting, Riku and Illya for you two come to your senses and yield to the darkness."

Growling, the two murmured, "Forget it Ansem, we are not joining up with you again." Walking onto basement eleven, he stopped and murmured, "Something...tastes kind funny..." Looking at him with worried eyes, Illya whispered softly, "Riku? What is it?" Looking around Riku replied, "It's so familiar...darkness. The taste of darkness, what's happened to me? It even seeps into my senses."

Looking around to see a orb of light, as soon as they saw Mickey Illya smiled. "Your Majesty?" They murmured together, Mickey smiled at them he and Mickey began talking for a little while. "Fight your darkness, it won't be easy. Even in the darkest of darkness, there is always a do to the light." Confused he asked Mickey, "Light within it?"

Mickey smiled at Riku and replied, "You, Illya and I have seen it, the far off welcoming light inside the door to darkness. The light of Kingdom Hearts...Riku, Illya it'll show you the way. Please don't give up, believe in the light. That's all I ask." After a few more words Mickey disappeared, looking over to Illya he murmured, "Come on, let's get going."

Walking this long road known as life,
we go through bad times and good times.
We all have to walk this road alone once,
but it's what's at the end of the road.
Nothing can stop us when we find,
the path we are meant to be on.
But the only ones who can,
change who we are is us.
So, let's walk this long road known as life.
And see what is at the end,
when it's becomes our time to leave.
It can be a long trip alone,
so let's walk this road together.


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I've only gotten to the third chap but you are an amazing writer, really here's hoping Riku gets the girl, you know the important one.

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I've only gotten to the third chap but you are an amazing writer, really here's hoping Riku gets the girl, you know the important one.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts or any of it's characters, and you are going to be finding out the hooded girl's name in this chapter! And don't worry Chosen, Riku get's Illya!

All I Ask of You​

Illya and Riku looked around the world, it seemed as if the voice was telling the truth; because they were in another world of their memories. Looking over to Riku, not saying a single word she waited for Riku to say something; and it seemed as if Riku didn't have anything to say to her. Shrugging it off, she followed Riku a strange silnce had filled the room; Riku stopped and looked at her. "Illya, I was wondering why did you do that back there?"

Stopping as well she looked at Riku, confused she murmured, "I don't understand your question." Riku shook his head, what didn't she understand? Why did it seem that since the problem in the castle started she was drifting away from him? "What I meant is that where you so quiet back there?" Shaking her head she murmured, "I was thinking Riku, about what we did back there that is all."

Knowing what was troubling her, he stopped walking and grabbed her wrist looking into her eyes; he murmured, "Illya, listen to me. I don't want you to ge hurt at all, if anything happened...." She pushed herself away form Riku, looking at him she murmured, "Come on, let us get a move on."

They got past the floor walking out into the hall, they looked around the white hall looking around; their eyes landed on a man growling the aura around her switched to red. Looking over to Riku to see the same color around him, looking back at the man who had walked past Riku; he looked at her and shoved her aside turning around to Riku the man asked, "Riku I presume?"

Snarling she and Riku snapped at the same time, "Who are you?! Are you with Ansem?!" Chuckling the man replied calmly, "You are half correct, let us say that it's not the Ansem you know. He is Ansem and he is not, which is to say he is nobody." Illya remained quiet listening as Riku said coolly, "Nobody huh? Sorry, riddles aren't my thing. Try making some sense." The man shook his head and replied, "He belongs to neither the light nor the dark, but walks the twilight in between. As do I, and for that matter..."

~The Upper Level~

The hooded girl watched as Larxene and Axel were talking about Sora, suddenly she fell to her knees breathing heavily she felt Axel's hand on her shoulder. "Nia? Are you okay? Answer me." Getting up, she looked at Axel with sad eyes and nodded; looking over to Larxene she snarled, "Stay out of my way Larxene."

Larxene smirked at the young mage, spinning her wrist the nobody replied, "No can do Nia, how were you even brought into the order? You don't even have a X in your name. I forgot, that's why your title is "The Forgotten One" number fourteen." Snarling, she looked away form Larxene not wanting to get yelled at by Xemnas again.

Nia looked around the room, tears in her emerald green eyes walking out of the room she murmured, "Why does Sora have the keyblade? I can understand Roxas, 'cause he is Sora's nobody. But why me? Why do I have the keyblade? I just don't understand, how come we were the ones that lost our hearts? Why? How come? Why was Sora able to hold onto his emotions? Was it because of Kairi? So many questions, so little answers that I can get here."

Walking out of the room she began to think about a few things, she stopped as she heard someone whispered, "So, what's the matter Nia? Did Larxene bother you again?" Spinning around, her emerald green eyes landed on a nobody with spiky dirty blond hair, clear sapphire blue eyes smirking she shook her head and replied. "No Demyx, but may I ask why you even asked me that question?"

Smiling at the younger nobody who was the same age as their newest member Roxas, but he just couldn't understand why Nia was number fourteen when she was in the order longer then Roxas; she arrivied at the same time Axel did so why was she number fourteen and her title "The Forgotten One?"

None of this made any sense, walking over to the young nobody Demxy was sixteen while she was fourteen; knowing that Axel would flip if he ever found out what Demyx was planning. She watched as a smirk came to number nine's lips, suddenly she found her feet off the ground and being carried through a portal. "Demyx! What the in world are you planning?!" She murmured.

Looking around to see that they were at Twilight Town, looking over to Demyx she murmured, "Why did you bring me here?" Smiling Demyx grabbed her hand and lead her over to a ice-cream shop, looking at her Demyx asked, "What kind of ice-cream would you like miss?" Laughing she replied, "Sea-salt please." Demyx got his and her's ice-creams, they were at sunset hill all of a sudden she began humming a tune; and then shortly after that she began singing a song that she heard one time.

"I know that destiny is a choose, but what happens if we don't want to follow the path that is meant for us? We know that the heart can lead us home, but what happens if we lose are way; I know that I can't hide who I truly am and how I truly feel for all of my life. I know that I can love you in secret, but that will never answer my question if you love me to? I don't know how I should feel, but I know that if I listen to my heart I'll find the answer.

I know that my heart want you, but does your heart want me? It doesn't matter as long as I have you, nothing can change how I feel for you. I wish you know how I felt, but you will never know the truth 'bout how I feel towards you. You will never know the truth 'bout how I feel towards you, maybe one day you might; but until then you will never know the truth 'bout how I feel towards you.

Demyx looked at her, shocked to hear her singing that song; where did she learn it? Where did she hear it? "Nia, where did you hear that song?" Demyx whispered softly, smiling she shook her head and murmured softly, "It doesn't matter at the moment Demyx, let's just releax please."

~Hall between Basmeant tweavle and eleven~

Illya looked over to Riku shortly after the battle had ended, she was laying against one of the walls she looked up as Riku walked over; smiling she saw that the color around Riku was a blue color showing that he was releaxed. "Riku, I see you are a lot calmer."

She shook her head confused, why was Riku actting that way the color around him quickly switched to a dark blue; Riku held out a hand for her to take it smiling she took his hand. Helping Illya up onto her feet, the two headed for the next floor looking over to her to see that she was lost deep in thought.


We walk this road together,
hand in hand I wish that it wasn't a dream.
I know that we don't have a future together,
but what hurts the most I don't know.
I some times I wish that everything,
could go back to the way it use to be.
I know that I have to hold onto my dreams,
but how I'm I suppose to do it?
Nothing makes sense right now,
I wish I had some answers that I'm looking for.
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Disclaimer: You people should know it by now! Okay, I know that you guys are use to me starting off my chapters from Illya's point of view...but this time it's being started off from Nia's point of view! I know that the end is a bit strange, but oh well. I have finelly updated! Yes, I know took forever! At least I know what I'm pretty much going to be doing in the next chapter!

Axel: If you don't listen to me, I'll turn you into firewood!
Me: Good going Axel! You just gave them a hint on what's going to be happening in the next chapter!
Nia and Illya: Shut up before you guys give away more of what's going to happen!
Me: Alright! Anyway on with the chapter!

Training Time​

Nia looked at the setting sun looking over to Demyx she asked, "Isn't it about time for one of our training matches?" Smiling Demyx nodded, the two stood up from where they were sitting on the clock tower; summoning a portal Demyx lead Nia through the portal looking at him. It didn't take to long for them to get to the training room, they looked around to see that the only one that was there was Vexen; who looked at them and grinned.

"Demyx, you know that you have to ask Axel if it's okay if you can go through and take Nia out on a date." Growling at Vexen, she looked at Demyx who had a worried look in his sapphire blue eyes she glared at Vexen and snarled, "Leave us alone Vexen, unless you want me reporting you to Xemnas." She looked at Demyx and murmured, "Don't worry if Axel try hurting you, he'll find himself pinned against the wall by my nobodies."

Just then a white cat showed up, it had the nobody symbol on it's forehead she then dismissed the nobody; looking at Demyx she whispered, "See, I told you...I won't let Axel hurt you." She and Demyx both summoned their weapons, they then went at it one after the other they attacked each other; sliding back she looked at Demyx just then Xemnas showed up and barked, "So, you two are training without even telling me!"

Lowering her head, Nia shook her head and summoned a portal she and Demyx then walked through it; looking at Axel to see the ticked off look on his face. "Nia, get to your room right now...while me and Demyx have a talk." Shaking her head she snarled, "Stop acting like your my brother Axel!" She summoned some nobodies and had them pin Axel, the two then walked away making it where she couldn't hear Axel whispered, "But that's the thing Nia, I am."

~- Basment nine! -~

Illya looked at her silver-headed warrior that was travailing with her, she then looked ahead of her trying to figure out the next stop for them; she watched as Riku held up the next world they would visit looking around the small room she tried to focus hard on the fact that it was just a memory. But it was so real, that it hurted to remember that they attacked Sora. She closed her eyes the color around her was still that icy-blue color, she looked at Riku hiding the pain that was in her eyes she and Riku made their way to key of beginning.

They soon finished and then headed to the last story room fighting the boss there she looked around the area with Riku standing next to her. "Riku..." Her voice trailed off, she didn't know what to say to him. Just then she fell to the floor, she never reached it do to Riku catching her Illya blacked out; she heard Riku whispered, "Illya, what's the matter tell me?" She was going back to when she was four years old, before she arrived on the islands.

Flashback: She looked around the orphanage that she and her brother were left at, looking up at him she closed her eyes and hid her face in his shirt; she looked up at him to see the comforting smile on his face she smiled back at him. Her bright grey-violet eyes shining slightly in the room, her brother headed off to his room 'cause he was six while she was four; she frowned softly as she watched her brother leave her behind.

"Hello, you must be the new girl named Illya, right?" A voice from behind whispered, spinning around her eyes landed on a girl with strawberry-blond hair and blue eyes staring into her grey-violet ones; she looked at the girl and nodded in reply. The girl smiled and held out her hand and whispered, "Come on Illya, I want to show you around."

She placed her gloved hand in the girl's hand, she then followed her looking around the orphanage she looked at her and whispered, "So, what is your name?" The girl stopped dead in her tracks, looking at Illya that's when she saw that the strawberry-blond haired girl couldn't see. "Name's Lilly, may I ask how you got here?" She shook her head she didn't want to speak about it, Lilly wasn't much older then herself she was only four.

She looked at the girl and whispered, "Why are you here? You must only be either four or five, I heard that adults usual only go for the younger kids never the older ones." Lilly laughed at this, it was true looking at her Lilly replied softly, "I can't see, people don't want me...I'm nobody's child; I will stay here until I become an adult I know it. No one wants me, I have such a sweet personality but no one wants me."

She looked at Lilly she didn't know what she was suppose to do, she tried to say something that would help, closing her eyes she found some strength and whispered, "Don't worry, I'm sure someone will want you...I'm not going to be leaving without my brother if I can help it." Lilly nodded and the two then headed outside to look at the stars, surprisingly the sky was always these way she and her brother weren't from Traverse Town but there was a heartless rid on her home planet.

She looked at her strawberry-blond headed friend, she really did enjoy star gazing Illya quickly turned her head back to the orphanage, she then looked back at Lilly if there was one thing that bothered her more then anything it was this; she wanted to know if there were other worlds out there. "Hey Lilly, do you think there's other worlds out there?!" She blurted out, she looked at Lilly she knew that the young girl wasn't expecting this.

Flashback ends: She looked at Riku and murmured, "Lilly? Do you know anyone by that name Riku?" Riku shook his head worried about Illya, it seemed as if all these fighting was getting to the young warrior he sat down and told Illya that they were taking a break. "What do you mean by we're taking a break?!" Riku looked at her and replied calmly, "You are tired, I don't want to push you."

She looked at Riku knowing that he was only trying to do what was best for her, she sat down right next to Riku looking at him she lied, "I am fine Riku really." She knew that Riku would be able to see straight through this act, shaking his silver hair Riku said clearly and firmly, "We are taking a break and no buts." She knew that it was a losing battle, sitting down on the floor she whispered, "Riku, I guess you are right."

~- Upper Floor -~

Nia looked at Demyx she knew right away what was troubling him, looking out at the sunset which was happening 'cause it was nearly nine o cloak she then looked at Demyx and whispered, "I remember a song my mom use to singing to me, would you like to hear it?" Demyx looked at her smiling he nodded, she smiled to and then looked out at the sunset then something struck her.

She shook her head and replied, "I will tell you it later okay?" Looking over to Demyx to see a nod in reply, the two then headed inside. Demyx grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer to him, smiling a little he whispered, "Nia, I know that we are nobodies and that we can't feel. But I love you." Then the spiky dirty-blond haired nobody gave her a kiss on the cheek, her face turning a light shade of pink she looked at him and whispered stunted, "Demyx, did you just do what I think you did?"

Nodding Demyx held his hand out for her and bowed, he then asked her sweetly, "May I please take you to your room miss?" She smiled and placed her gloved hand into his, she then bent down and looked into his bright blue eyes. "Yes you may, but only to my room. You aren't allowed to come in, 'cause I would like to have some time to myself." The two nobodies then began to walk down the hall their hands still in the other ones.


You asked me if I wanted some ice-cream today,
I agreed to the date but what I never said was that I couldn't.
I knew I should have told you no,
but I didn't listen to my heart.
Now 'cause of this you have stepped into my world,
I'm worried about how I would feel when we take our different paths.
I know that next time you ask I will say yes,
you took me by surprise by saying that you love me.
Is this a trick or is it truth?
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