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Jun 4, 2010
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Premium Award Showcase! (11/13)

Hey guys! I made some new awards for our new Marks of Mastery Catagory. These premium awards are made specifically as a challenge, and help show off only some of the most elite traits a KH fan can have. Here are our new awards!

Red Travels the Farthest
You've traveled to one of the conventions or events where KH had a presence! Whether you played a demo, or stood in line for a poster - this premium award is for you!
How do I get it?
Submit a picture as proof. It can be an event ticket stub, or a picture of event swag, or video/photos of you playing a demo.

Nothing's Like Before
You've been on KHI for at least five years!
How do I get it? Request it, and we'll check your registry date.

Advanced Chain of Memories
You own the original 2004 GBA release of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. Remake-shm'emake.
How do I get it?
When requesting, send a picture of the box/ cartridge with a note saying your username.

You rode the wind to the outside world and circumvented the Keyblade War! This premium award is only for those who can prove they made the exodus from X to Unchained X.
How do I get it?
Prove you made the migration.

This rare award is for anyone who's played the original Kingdom Hearts coded for the NTT docomo.
How do I get it?
Good luck.

Just Short of the Mark
You've 100%'d at least one of the KH games with trophies, and submitted the proof here! You're on your way to mastery.
How do I get it?
Send a picture of one of the completed trophy lists from one of the games.

You've gotten every single KH in-game trophy. Show us proof, and this premium award is yours.
How do I get it?
Send pictures of completed trophy lists for ALL the games.
Note, you don't have to double dip but all titles must be represented. You don't have to have the trophies for BBS AND BBS FM AND BBS FM from 2.5, just one will do. HD Cinematics can also count in the stead of their respective games.

Have fun with these awards, little masters.​