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**NEW interview with UTADA HIKARU and the making of PASSION**

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Jan 2, 2005
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Passion really started about a year and a half ago. It's because it was the theme song to a game that it was made so early. From this time onwards I was getting info (in the way of subject matter). Like, say, just simple pictures or video clips from Kingdom Hearts II. These things said to me that the ending theme will build on all this from here onwards. It was a really hard thing to do.

It was like when I was making Hikari (the Kingdom Hearts theme song). I said, "At the moment, the things for the game feel a little...soulless". But last time, when I was making the song, the whole outlook for the game and it's entry onto the world was so crucial that I got a lot more info on the characters (so that Hikari would mirror the image that they wanted).

Passion is like, . It has a feeling that connects together the end of the last game and the sequel. Like, how it showed the characters and how they met and so forth. It was pretty easy to think up an image. It's like...as if Hikari was the dawn, and Passion has a concluding or 'dusk' feeling to it.

From here after, I wanted this song to communicate so many various ideas. While you can see some very ordinary imagery in the song, when you listen the imagery can become very dramatic.

The lyrics of Passion show how phases of the past, present and future of the character in my song relate to each other, and the arrangement builds a peculiar, almost floating feeling. People who have listened to Passion have wanted to daydream; to really see the places and times that I wanted to portray to them. While they listened to Passion. They're like, "What? How old is this person in the song? What day and month is this set? What? Where is this taking place!?".

It was made clear to me that the game needed another version of Passion, so the B-side on the single, Passion ~after the battle~, was recorded. It is the same song as the A-side, but with a different arrangement. This new arrangement couples the song as if it were to cure the problems seen on the A-side.

Well, there are two versions of the single (the CD+DVD and the CD Only). The music video is a combination of film shot by Kiriya Kazuaki in Beijing, and also a sequence of anime made by Morimoto Koji.

(On the filming in China) Some dancers and drummers that were in the music video really gave it their all. I thought I'd made so many mistakes, and I had to apologise so much!! I also kept on trying. Despite that I kept saying, "Taihen da nee (How awful!)" and like, "Ganbarou nee (I'll keep trying)" in Japanese!

When it was all was taking place, I kept making gags like saying, "This so isn't China!" Oh, it seemed like I was just saying, "xìe xìe! Xìe xìe! (thank you in Mandarin)" all the time! Everyone was really trying hard! This song is really important to me. I see it as "everyone's song", as if it's a reflection from everyone. It has everyone's feelings instilled in it.

The anime character that Moromoto Koji made for the music video is of a girl that he made to really look like me. When I first looked at it, Mr. Morimoto kept drawing girl's faces that I thought looked different from my own, but on the way he must have changed it. I got an explanation out of him, and he said that he only noticed it that moment. I mean, I don't think I'm cute, but I thought he made my image into a really cute one! He must have added a boy's face instead of mine. I thought the animaton had more of a boy's facial complexion. I was really happy about it though!

The people who were doing the on-the-spot filming seemed to have my sort of make. Like, not very adult-like and not very feminine. We all seemed to have wild feelings, much like as if we were all Princess Mononoke (film character who was raised by wolves in the wilderness). Uggh, it looks like I'll be getting more female fans now!

Right the recording for my next album (untitled as present) is steadily getting done. 2006 seems like it'll be a very active year for Utada Hikaru.

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Aug 30, 2005
reading this made my hairs on my arm stand...
the descriptions are spot on...



SO OLD NEWS. I saw a thread that reported this like yesterday afternoon. sorry. no offense


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Aug 21, 2005
soraandkairi4eva said:
they said there's a anime version. is it in the internet yet?
i didn't know she was married. cool.
Yah, I also think the anime version you're talking about is the beginning of the PV. She's been married for 3 years, since 2002 when she was only 19.
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