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New Begginings

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BHK (Unknown)

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Dec 15, 2004
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Infinite Origins

^ Sorry about title. I didn't notice the other thread. ^

It has been 50 years since the infinite crisis. The universe was plunged into darkness. Every superhero known and loved by man was gone. Spiderman and Superman had both dissapeared from history. The Green Lantern corps had left with their planet. Villains as big as the Joker or Brainiac had dissapeared. The events of the Crisis opened wormholes to other universes and opened up new pathways allowing travel through the expanse of the Multiverse. Earth, the one we knew, was changed into a fascist dictatorship forbidding the stories of Superheros and villains. One major fact stood out from the rest in the Multiverse. There were no more superpowers. But for some reason a new rise of humans had begun. There had been accidents and mutations. Incidents had arisen where several people were killed for unexplained reasons. Government testing facilities had been shut from the public eye. The universal government tried to hide these "mishaps" with conspiracy and stories of their own fabrication. Stories of the old heroes arose as rumors and were whispered from ear to ear,

"There's no way they're back."

"They were all destroyed."

But with the rise of heroes come villains. Screams are heard through the streets of the universe's cities. Cries for a hero are heard. They must be answered.

This is where you come in. Will you stand for good, or evil? Truth and Justice, or deceit and lies. The world needs a hero... So, are you ready?


No powerplaying/godmodding
Romance is allowed, PG 13 please.
Don't leave anyone out
Be literate
Respect the other role-players around you
After reading the rules post "Look up in the sky..." with your profile.
The most important rule of all Have fun


Hero Name:
Secret Identity:


Hero Name: Sparkplug
Secret Identity: Roy Johnson
Age: 18
Hero/Villain: Hero
Gender: Male
Power(s): Able to shoot electricity from his finger tips. Has the power of three electrical power plants. He can control any type of electricity. He can fly through the air using the electrical particles surrounding him. He must recharge every 24 hours by touching an electrical wire.


Secret Identity:


Personality: Roy has an electric personality. At parties he's basically the crazy guy who didn't have to drink. He's a very honest kid. When he opens up to people he does it with gusto. Then he will give the other person a chance to do so. His charms for the ladies are almost as good as his wit. He has the keenest sence for picking up others in distress, and he'll help in any way possible. One major peeve he has is that people won't get off his back if he does something wrong or stupid.

Roy was nothing but a mild-mannered kid in High school. He had been going around school as normal hanging around with his friends, doing homework, and getting ready for graduation. He was always bored with life in the norm and the conformist community they lived in. He needed to get out. He wanted to be like Superman from the old stories. Traversing the airways and being basically free.

One day while sitting at home Roy was being lazy and watching TV. His family had just upgraded their satellite package to include some multiverse channels. They now had over 2000. And yet, Roy could find almost nothing interesting. Almost. One of the news channels had caught his eye. It was the Metropolis, Daily Planet, Earth One special report. There was some sort of man on the rampage. Roy flipped on the channel and turned up the volume. The creature was huge and was like no humanoid they had ever seen. It snarled and grabbed at the law enforcement around it. They had shock-sticks but those only seemed to make it angry. The thing managed to get a hold of one of the cops and smash his head into the ground. It started running for the camera man. He turned began to run when suddenly the creature hopped in front of him. The camera man screamed and the feed went dead. "We seem to be having technical difficulties." The woman said.

A few days later when he was in Chemistry class another broadcast was made on TV. Roy watched as there was coverage of another superpowered assailant, this time robbing a bank. Roy couldn't believe it. As he watched the screen he hadn't realised he was sitting over an open electrical wire. His seat was in contact with it. One of his friends, distracted by the news story, knocked over a beaker of silvery liquid. It made contact with the chair and wire. Before he knew what happened Roy was almost electricuted. (sp?)

Roy woke up later in the hospital. He had been asleep for hours. His parents were around the bed. When he had awoken he had looked around a bit. When he noticed his parents asleep he snapped his fingers next to his dad's ear. Electricity shot out of them and shorted out the TV. His parents didn't stir. Afraid his parents would be scared of his new abilities Roy ran out of the hospital and back home. As he left and at his home the power was fluxuating. The lights were flashing on and off erratically. Roy grabbed a change of clothes and some cash from his dad's stash and left for Metropolis on Earth One.
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