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Neo Daraku Gekitotsu (~Sign-Up/OOC~)

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Oct 14, 2007
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The Rip​

No one knows how it got there, but somewhere. Somehow. It did. A rip in the anime worlds. Different characters were thrown into unfamiliar places. Seeing unfamiliar faces. Some worlds were even consumed and destroyed during the rip. Some people say that the vortex or rip was created by a battle of massive proportions. Some say it was created by a powerful sorcerer. Some say that it was created by God them self. Now battles are occurring that should never have been even thought of. Naruto vs. Kenshin. Ichigo vs. Cloud. Luffy vs. Avatar Aang. This vortex has brought out nothing but complete chaos. Some characters just don’t belong in some worlds. But there are some who disagree. Some who’ve been constantly defeated by their rival. Or some who just weren’t good enough.

First Encounter​

Sephiroth: ”Why do you oppose me Cloud? ..You’re just like me. We are one.”

Cloud: “I’ll never be like you!”

*Cloud stumbles to the ground, quickly greeted by Sephiroth’s sword pressing against his neck.*

Sephiroth: “Now everyone will fall to my sword”

*The sky starts to darken immensely, causing swallowing darkness. The sky starts to slowly open up, as if it were being ripped apart by a giant monstrosity. Everything starts to swirl together like tie-dye and the atmosphere gets stuffy. It feels like all of the oxygen is being sucked from the world. Sephiroth starts to sway back and forth like he’s dizzy, then falls on one knee. He looks at Cloud who has passed out already. His vision is blurry, but still as he looks off into the distance, it looks as if the Earth is being torn apart and deteriorating. The “One Winged Angel’s” body starts to deteriorate as well. He watches as his body is being torn into pieces, causing him great pain and suffering. His body explodes into tiny particles that ascend towards the rip and are sucked into it…*

The Kakumei

"Another world has just been destroyed by the Rip"
"Everything is in complete chaos"​
"Soon... we will act"
Everyone shall fall to us"​
"We'll hold the world in our grasp"​
"And anyone who opposes us?"
"Awaits eradication..."​

*A clear cube stood in the middle of the room, surrounded by a small cage. Inside of the cube was the Orb of Distortion, the Hogyoku. It illuminated as it shook violently, producing a humming noise. After a second the light went out momentarily*

"It's going just as you planned.... Light"
"...Call me Kira"​

*Suddenly the Hogyoku illuminated once again, lighting up the whole room. Behind the Hogyoku stood a group of people*

Naraku (Inuyasha)
Kariya Kagetoki (Samurai Champloo)​
Akuma (Street Fighter)​
Sephiroth (Final Fantasy)
Light (Death Note)​
Aizen (Bleach)​

Worlds: (So Far. More to come)
Soul Society
Fuschia Town
Hollow Bastion

Kay. So here's the deal. You can be any character from any anime/video game. Even a video game or anime that hasn't be released yet. Just make sure it's logical. Hell, you can even create your own.

The basics.



World: (The world you're currently in)
Weapon: (If any. No Death Notes!)
Unique Ability: (If any)(I.E. Demon Fruit. Kekkei Genkai)
Techniques: (Most anime characters have patented techniques/moves. Your techniques can widely vary. From summons, to basic melee attacks)

Read: None of the antagonists that I've chosen can be picked. And I know Naruto's popular, so I don't think I'm going to allow Bijuu right now. Unless enough people say it's okay.

I'm highly open to criticism and ideas/suggestions.
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Rikken Omnious

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Oct 20, 2007
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In my mind, Exploring my Self-awareness
Guess i'll have a go... Hope this bio is okay.

Name: Rikken Omnious
Title: "The Glyphmaster"
Gender: Male
Race: Human
World: Spira
Origin: Full metal Alchemist
Occupation: Alchemist/Glyphogist

Height: 6" 7'
Weight: 160 lbs.
Complexion: Olive Tanned
Mental Age: 50
Physical Age:23
Build: Muscle-Bound



Personality: His personality has not changed really..other than the fact that he has now become very egotistic and prefers to play with his foe.. before uttterly destroying them.

- Cigarettes
- Women
- Anything else that's bad for your health.

- Music
- Bad Taste in Clothes
- People who don't Smoke
- Anything else that's good for you health.

Unique Abilities:
Rune Translations: Able to translate Runes into english

There are numerous glyphs that Rikken has at his disposal..These are just a few of them...

Kinetic Glyphs: These absorb and contain energy gained from matter being changed into energy..

Inactive Glyphs: As you could probably guess these Glyphs are inactive.. these ones appear when he uses Second Impact..

Gravity Glyphs: Distribute and control the amount of gravity in a certain area.

Crushing Force: Using gravity and the Glyphs that he creates around his target. He focuses that into a small space on his opponents body Crushing vital organs enough that they burst out though their mouths..

Foley of Man: Making an cube array with glyphs. they slowly advance on the foe.. Allowing them to touch you or each results in quite a large explosion

Second Impact: When in melee, His attacks can suddenly become two fold...Because when a punch/kick is landed on that opponent it creates a Glyph where that punch/kick landed.. then by that marking he can cause that same damage to recur on his opponents body whenever he chooses by clicking his fingers.

Observant Eyes: By watching how his opponent's attack he can gauge and apply new moves during battle. Often his most well used trait

Phasing: by Electromagnetically pushing apart the atoms in his body.. he can move though objects and attacks.

Spirit Shift: he can shift himself between the Material and Spiritual Planes in an instant.

Periodic Knowledge: Rikken is able to modify any element that appears on the periodic table and with his extensive knowledge is able make/and/or change any object he sees fit..

Deletion Of Life: A series of glyphs that encompass exsistance itself. If allowed to complete the circle he can modify a persons very exsistance causing them to never exsist in the first place. But this takes time and the gylphs can be destroyed.


~Early Life~
He attended church, played with the other kids and helped his father create weapons as the blacksmith's son when he was a young boy his family lived on the small income that the father gained from repairing weapons and the like his parents, were quite happy together even though they were stuggling to make ends meet. as a young child he started to help his father out with his business, his parents were to poor for him to be able to receive an education. he had few friends because he kept to himself mostly, and viewed other children as a waste of his time and effort.

~Teen Years~
he followed in his father's footsteps and took over his father's business when he was 14 because his father passed away. while working with his father his father seemed to be drawing strange markings on the weapons he was forging, "what are you doing father?" he asked,
"Strengthing the weapon son," he replied "here," he placed his sons hands over the markings, the sword glowed bright green and stopped as suddenly as it had started. before his father passed away he started to understand the compositions of metals and thier properties, this of course helped him emesely when his father died and soon he became the talk of the small village in which he lived, he wondered around handing out swords to the townsfolk for them to be able to defend themselves. Shortly after this a bandit Clan came to raid the village and thanks to him they were able to drive them off, and celebrations occurred.

~The Old Man Cometh~
While working in the workshop, he noticed a man in his late 40's seeming to be in a bit of trouble breathing, he left his work to help the man to a seat inside his workplace that was cluttered with numerous tools for making swords and other items to be made with metal, it was particularly cold day and the fernus was burning nice and warm he loved his job here working in the blacksmith, the people where always so kind to him. . While he was working the man seemed to have taken a keen interest to what he was doing, the man's eyes widened he smiled and said, "I see your using Alchemy there," Rikken looked at the man as though he was crazy
"What are you talking about old man, i've been making swords like this for years and i've never heard that word mentioned before,"

"That's because you've seen an alchemist before, i think you have potential my young friend," said the man standing up,

As the blacksmith opened his mouth to answer, the elder man suddenly fell to the floor, coughing forth a fit of blood. Helping him to a bed, our hero lay down to await his awakening...and an explanation.

~Several years later~

The elder man, an alchemist of great repute, it would seem, had a terminal illness. He could not heal himself, and was scared to go to the temple for healing, because of what he was. Seeking a way to pass on his legacy, the alchemist trained our enigmantic hero in his ways, building on his already natural understanding of it's relationship with metal and smithing.

"And now that i have taught you all i know, it is time for me to pass to on to the next world,i hope that what i have taught you will help if you meet someone named Wyn Xed tell him your my stand in --," The old man's hand fell limb onto his now lifeless body.

~The Old Man's Story~

Dertronomis Jiden used to be one of the Philosophers Alchemists trained by one of the alchemists in the faction that he belonged to because he showed potential, but when he was found out by the Judges, he had to flee to another city, and there he lay in hiding, for twenty years.

~The Musician~
During his many travels he once arrived in a city that consisted of a single person.... a guitarist. This person bothered Rikken, not for who he was but for the music he played. He engauged the man in a battle mearly to stop him from playing the music. When he battled him however... the sinister side of this musican was revealed when he attacked... He used the music from his guitar to act on the world. Rikken with help from the flow was able to defeat him... by using alchemy to disperse the oxygen content around them.. making it all most impossible for him to attack using sound... the musician came up with a brilliant plan to attack Rikken by making a box with some sort of flame inside it.... what he didn't realise or forget is that fire doesn't burn in a low oxygen environment. The only damage he sustained was a cut to a cheek.. the effect of the box grazing his face as it whizzed by.... Realising that the man contained great potential... he decided to allow him to live for now.

Quote: "Is that the best you can think of....? Please... Don't insult me...."


New member
Oct 14, 2007
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Crushing Force is a bit of an auto-hit, ne?
Put a limit on Second Impact and Phasing.
Also, Periodic Knowledge is also a bit overpowered. You can like change the atmosphere into water and drown someone, or even metal and crush them



New member
Oct 14, 2007
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It's too powerful. Once he hits you, all he has to do is click his fingers numerously, and you're ****ed...

Dead Ascension

A Hero's Countdown
May 5, 2005
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In my little box of imagination
<_< >_>
You've piqued my interest. I be putting up my template soon.

Name: Shouten Nai

Age: 17


World: Hollow Bastion

Origin: Final Fantasy

Personality: Quiet and Distant. He doesn't really care much of the world around him. Obsessed with his music and always stares at a person laced with killing intent when he is annoyed.

Appearance: http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b27/Soulex/Persona 3/Minato.jpg

Bio: Shouten has a past which he would rather not indulge others with.

Haigara : Haigara seems to look like a normal katana but it instead of a silvery sheen, it has a dark red blade with no handgurard. It's hilt is a dark blue covered in black leather. When pumped magic into it, it's blade will grow and let out a flame of intense heat. However, Shouten is still inexperienced so he has yet to manifest the ability.

Unique Ability: Shouten has the ability to enter a state of calm known as the Death Pulse. When in this state, his stats rise to high levels and his body practically reekd of Death.


Ashes to Ashes : A fire spell. Shouten charges fire energy onto a single area. A rune will appear above and below the enemy and at that moment, a storm of flames will burn the enemy.
DP(Death Pulse attack) : Magma Storm - Instead of normal fire, Shouten will summon purple flames which can only be found in the deepest level of Hell.

Dust to Dust : Earth Spell. Shouten uses the same principles as Ashes to Ashes but the enemy is insteas buried under an avalanche of rocks.
DP : Spiked Nature - The enemy is first impaled before being crushed by rocks from every angle.

Black Lightning : Shouten will summon a bolt of lightning which will blind the enemy.
DP : Black Storm : Instead of one bolt, Shouten will summon a thunderstrom which will cause the enemy to not only be paralyzed but blinded as well.

Haigararyuu(Ashes Dragon) : By charging Haigara with magic more than needed, it's blade will slowly melt off and turn into a dragon completely made out of lava. It will enter a rampage and devour anything in it's path until a jutsu of equal or more powerful strentgh destroys it.
DP : Grand Nova - The ashes dragon will fly upwards and absorb the heat from every source of it. Once it has absorbed enough heat, it will explode which will cause a rain meteors and such.

Soudai Shippuu(Grand hurricane) : By sticking to the floor with his toes(like a ballerina), Shouten spins at an insane speed which causes a typhoon/hurricane/tornado depending on the spin speed to take in anything and once he stops, they are blown away.
DP : Supreme Hurricane : Once the hurrican is created, Shouten will continue charging more enrgy to the point it becomes masive and destroys everything in sight.

Shippuu Haji(Hurricane Hold) : Shouten runs around an enemy while creating friction with his feet, causing the wind around an enemy to pick up. The wind eventually turns into a hurricane which slashes the enemy with wind blades , slicing the enemy and restricting his/her movements.

Limit Break :

Climhazzard X : A single swipe which releases a torrent of energy, once it connects, Shouten will not stop until he has finished every last strike. Fire and Dark.

Reaper's Ascension : Shouten will enter the third level of the Death Pulse state and create a scythe of shadows. With every strike made, the enemy's health is used to create a shade which will unleash a barrage of dark spells.

<.< >.> Will edit more soon. Inspiration is dwindling now..
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I breathe music.
May 27, 2006
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New York, NY

Name:Gau Ban(Nick name:Black Howling)



World: Spira

Origin:Kuruda(Shadow Skill)

Personality:Gau is a person who only keeps to himself and looks out for only himself.He can be very compassionate at times when his friends are in trouble and when they are hurt.Gau is very serious and doesn't like to fool around alot but when he does he can be very funny at times.Gau also is the type of person to be independant and doesn't like asking people for things he can do by himself.Gau's fears are death.


Bio:When Gau was 10 years old,bandits came and attacked his village and killed everyone including his parents.Gau looses all control and attacks the bandits.He manages to kill most of them but Elle manages to save him when he is almost killed himself.He wanted to be strong so he followed Elle to become stronger.As a child Gau learned the art of self defense and pushed himself to the limit everyday to become a strong enough fighter.He learned the art of Jiu-Jitsu and has yet to master the powerful moves and techniques.He is currently traveling with Elle to be the strongest and become the next Sevalle.When fighting Darkness, Gau has a near death experience when he is slashed on the neck causing him to lose the fight.

Weapon:2 Daggers

Unique Ability:Rage(Gau goes into a berserk state and slashes everything in sight.He goes out of this state when the sunlight hits the scar on his neck.)

Shadow Gate Genesis:Gau is overwhelmed by the darkness in his heart.Gau uses this technique only as a last resort.Gau sacrifices his soul to become dead and fight in a zombie like state.He can recover from this state since the Angels are holding his soul until the end of the fight, but As he fights he will only have 30 minutes to end the fight or else he himself will die completly and never come back to life.

Shadow Skill technique:Gau will force himself into a half-like coma state,Appealing dead to all but really he is trying to perform his Shadow Gate Genesis technique.

Melee Attacks:Gau uses random Melee attacks.(punches grabs throws and kicks).

Fimbulvetr:Gau uses his Jiu-Jitsu skills he has honed to paralyze his enemy's left arm and right leg.

Aureola:Gau will use the light and blind his enemies.
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Oct 14, 2007
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Fimbulvetr. What kind of "skills"?

Also, for Shadow Gate Genesis. You can't like get godly powerful...
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