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Need tips on killing Xemnas

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Feb 8, 2009
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Note: THIS IS IN THE RIGHT SECTION. I'm talking about the bonus KH: FM boss in Hollow Bastion, by going through the dark circle at the chapel just like you did to fight Dragon Maleficent.

Ok, well, normally I can easily whack off 1.5 bars of Xemnas by getting Tinker Bell to support me. The problem is that Donald and Goofy die was too fast, and he really has really big arcs of attack (whether with his lightsaber or with his shield things). The problem is the pace of the battle keeps increasing, and guard doesn't do nuts against his either his square or circle shield things (Ok, this explanation sucks, so think of it like this: Those that play KH2, it's when he's riding on the dragon thing, then occasionally he'll form that square shield made up on squares that will hit you off). Tinker Bell usually goes around that time because his circular shields will hit me twice, once triggering Second Chance and the other "killing" me.

The difficult thing is that no matter how much I spam Curaga, my mana is depleted just to get him to that hp. It's just insanely difficult to put a combo into him. Not to mention that he has his cool lightsabers and you're lacking the reversal command you had in KH2. I can figure out his pattern, but the problem is that the attacks are so huge they're hard to dodge.

Oh yes, I'm trying to kill him at a low level of 54, so, go figure. At level 80+ on my last game I remember that he was way easier and I don't want the fight to be easy, so I don't want to power level. What I want is just some tips on how to stave off his attacks so that I can slowly whittle off his health.

Thanks, and once more, I'M POSTING IN THE RIGHT FORUM.
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