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need explanation please Something been bothering me about birth by sleep lore



Aug 1, 2016
hello i played birth by sleep a lot and despite there are 3 main characters i always assumed there's one character that is more important then the other 2 just like sora riku and kairi etc so anyhow, one interview of nomura i just found out that really confused me, in that interview nomura said Aqua is the main character of birth by sleep but that's not what i remember at all, the center focus of birth by sleep is Terra, in kh2 we meet him first and the secret ending focuses around him the most and in birth by sleep opening you'll notice it focuses on terra the most, then there's the story of birth by sleep and the story revolve around terra yet again, the story of birth by sleep is that master eraqus sends terra to investigate the problem of the unversed and it's also a second chance for him to become a master,

1) ventus story is just chasing after terra to bring him back

2) Aqua story is to bring ventus back but also to follow eraqus order to keep a close eye on terra in case he fails to control his darkness

3) master xehanorts wants terra as a vessel and keeps tricking and lures him away from home to have his way

4) vanitas is after ventus but it's also part of xehanort plan to lure terra away from home

5) master eraqus thinks of terra the most cause of the darkness in him

6) Braig tricks terra to unleash his darkness and even buy some time till xehanort have his way with terra in the final battle

the story of terra revolve around him meanwhile story of ventus and aqua revolve around finding or saving terra, the story of terra is the most important in birth by sleep cause it teaches us the story on how it all started, like who is xehanort who is ansem and xemnas and why apprentice xehanort look like terra, the story of bbs clears that but i still don't get how is aqua the main character just cause she have importance at the end of a game all of a sudden, she only have length of one extra world in her story but how does that make her the main character? im confused tbh can someone clarify and please explain this? thank you in advance if you do.