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Fanfiction ► Naruto made by (RKO_412 or as Son Of Sepheroth)

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Son of Sepheroth

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Jun 2, 2006
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Ok Im staying on this forever.And this is fake...

Where it started
Once upon a time a monster was unlashed on a small little village.This monster almost destroied the village.With it's big paws and and it's anger to this village.And this monster was named the "Nine-Tailed-Fox".This fox killed half of the village it was angered for some reason and it couldn't be stoped.Untill...

One of there most respectfull people in the village gave his on life aways to beat this fox.And which he did it successfully,he is now none there hero and there Fourth Hokage.Right after that the fox was gone and then a little boy was born out of that monster.And his name is "Naruto Uzumaki".

But right before that a man named "Orochimaru" or which they call a monster.
He walked out of the village right before the fox came to attack.People who where in the village were happy because Orochimaru had left.He can take over the whole world if he wanted to.But not in the good way but evil...

It's been a couple of years sence that has happen.And Naruto is still alive,but when he was little he was hated out of the whole village because he was the fox.And they treated him like trash,so he didn't have any parents,so the Thrid Hokage took care of him till he got older...

Naruto,has freinds now and they are the main part of his lifes and they are.Kakashi Hatake,Sasuke Uchiha,Sakura Haruno,Rock Lee, Hinata Hyuga and much more.
And he also has bad enimes and they are.Gaara Of The Desert,Neji Hyuga,Kankuro and much more.He is now in a mission for the fight for his country!

Chapter 1

Ring!Ring!Ring!The alarm clock went off and Naruto has just woken up.(Yawned).
"O man it's 9:00!"said Naruto with a superised face."Yes!Today is the day for my mission to prove to all those people that don't believe me.And I will be the new Hokage!"Naruto get's out his bed and makes it,and then he picks out his shirt and pants.And which he wears the same thing everyday,after that he goes into the kitchen and grabs some cereal and put's it in a boul and poor's milk in it.After that when he get's done eating he locks all the doors while he leaves.

He's walking on the side walk going to the school and ready to prove he's the best ninja there ever was and he's going to be the next Hokage.When he get's there he meets his two best freinds Susuke and Sakura at the entrance."Hey!Susuke Sakura!How are you guy's?"While runing down."Hi,Naruto we where just about to leave ya."Said Sakura."O so you watied for your love?"Said Naruto with a smark on his face."No!Sasuke wanted us to wait for you some more.And besides Sasuke's my soul mate."Said Sakura with an angry face but with an confident voice."Come on you idiots.We have to go before we be late."Said Sasuke with an angry voice."Do you want us to be kicked out or won't let us in?"
Said Sasuke."Sorry,Susuke.."Said Saukra with an sad voice."Whatever"Said Naruto."Then let's go."Said Sasuke.They went in.....


End of chapter 1....
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