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Naruto: A Breath of Hatred [Sign-Ups+OOC]

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Naruto: A Breath of Hatred
[A next gen naruto roleplay]

[Completed August 9, 2010]
[Post Date: August 9, 2010]
Start Date: August 16, 2010



In the ninja world power has always domineered and set others apart. Whom ever possessed the most power was deemed the superior. To the victor went the spoils, and the spoils fed their lust and only strengthened their reluctance to seek it out. Many a man have been corrupted by what they once thought was attainable. When all was thought to be lost, it was foresaw, that one day, the sage of the six paths would return and strip the rivals of their greatest means of strength.

The tailed beast.

In loo of this, it went at the back of the elder’s thoughts for a time. Not bothering with old legends, ghost from the past like Madara Uchiha, or exaggerated folklore. It was then on the day that invoked the return of the ten-tailed beast from a hidden the gathering of the nine-tailed beast that brought forth resurrection. With all that seemed to fall into the seeds of Peril, from the shadows of what seemed to be a dimensional type technique did the cameos of two silhouettes appear, alongside them. The most famous deviant of the ninja world, the sage of the six paths and founder of the ninja world.

Something out of a blind effect as the three worked in union to box off and suppress the beast as opposed to locking it away. The only problem with this technique being it would wear off as time progressed, the sage wouldn’t be around for very long so he had a vow to let his successors resume his work. Unfortunately he could only choose one. These two figures were closer observed to be his two children, the older son possessing the power of unyielding perception, the earliest doujutsu, and the younger son possessing the body necessary to interpret and understand chakra and its many forms. With hidden intent sensed within his first born son, his mind was made up, and the second son became the heir to his ominous ways.

Thus the breath of hatred was born.

As breath is drawn that hatred has become something of permanent stain in history. Those with eyes burning with hate, particularly with dojutsu were revered and feared namely for their capabilities. In the villages that they resided, always confined to an isolated spot, watched by the anbu. Necessary for the village protection, the clans were left with peace until the great issue was then laid into place.


It was a secret order enacted by the Kages at an early time, events that foresaw a scheme of these clans weeding out and taking over the villages by plotting and schemes of attaining control. The Uchiha’s were eradicated and in a simultaneous manner so were the Hyuuga’s. Eyes that weren’t damaged, were salvaged and incorporated into the men and/or women who felt bold enough to mock the dead. This was a bloody time in history as clans other than two of the more famous were seized. Hatred’s breath was drawn.

Its been twelve years since these incidents. What survivors were little, and monitored to this current day and age. The stories and rumors about those that died seemed to forever haunt the bloodied past of each of the great nations. Times are a bit more slow paced and humble, with great dedication to their new generation of upcoming shinobi and kunoichi.

Hatred however lingers, the phantoms that seem to cling to a small syndicate of assassins with little to no attention could possibly become a threat later on. For now, their just small fry that no major village has shown its interest in. Their focus, the youth’s focus is primarily to expand better relations with other villages as the academy classes have all ended, and the occupation to resume the role as shinobi begins again.

Some Info

  • This is a completely different time altogether.
  • The idea is that this has no relation to the naruverse we're familiar with in the manga.
  • Concerning remnant Uchiha and Hyuuga's, its 3 for 3, first come first serve.
  • The New Syndicate (when I can find my translator) will be given a name and I will add the details to the OP asap
Rules: Please read.
  • No Godmodding or Power-playing
  • No spamming or one-lining
  • No Machine gun posting, double posting etc.
  • No whining or complaining
  • Do not spam this thread like its idle chit-chat, this isn't Irrelavent Out Of Character discussion.
  • Yo Veterans that remember these rps, lets all make new brand new characters.
  • All academy jutsu like cloning, body switch, and rope escape techniques are all pre-taught.
  • Sharingan and Byakugan is 3 for each, first come first serve, no rinnegan, I really appreciate this.
  • No editing your template after the RP has started, if you do give a reason for doing so.
  • If you wish to join, please be active, giving me a notice would be nice as we all have lives to live.
  • "This hate can only be filled with___"
  • Post the above statement atop your template and insert a response without copying another person's. Lets me know you've read.
  • Lastly have fun, be like Nike and "Just Do It" aw yeah.
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Just a question but are you looking for certain ppl to be ANBU cause if not then I would like to be one?

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As far as ROOTS and being assigned to teams, they doubles as "Special Jounin" like Yamato in that sense. Its pretty straight forward, ANBU up for anyone willing to assume the role as.

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I'm in, I'll either be a vet genin or a Chunin, but I'm in, and I'm a Hyuuga, for reasons I'll explain in my template

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I'll make this clear for people who don't yet get it.

There are no Hyuuga, or Uchiha characters. Anyone whom has the Byakugan or Sharingan stole it from a dead body or elsewhere and managed to get the eyes implanted inside them. What happened after that is up to you as a role player.

Just Dari

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Dec 15, 2005
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So ready to rock baby;

"This hate can only be filled with the love generated by the future which is the key to reaching true understanding."

: Raymen Kunokai
Nickname(s): Ray, Ramen "Rah-men"
Age: Twelve
Gender: Male

Light-hearted and hard headed, overflowing with what anyone would presume as an air about them thats got the mask of an urban youth. Raymen is the beacon that sits in the dark, warming, and resonating with the others. Roughly he's very mellowed out, chill, and incredibly on rush worthy when he get an adrenaline high going.

His skill level isn't quite basic, he's proficient in whatever he sets his mind and body towards. He's learned to care and respect those around him, in a sense that he's been raised the right way by his parents. For a twin, he's always wanted to prove there was more to him than the sharing of a similar face, but him as an individual mattering just like anyone else.

Whats noted is that Raymen is the charismatic speaker that his brother really isn't. His chain of words splits into his techniques and he produces a really epic effect rend free ignorance. Raymen love indulging in writing nice and yet well strung free verse poetry, powerful words, and a message in which he voices his opinion.

Sharing the same face, but not the same hair style as his twin brother, Erebos, he's an abrupt height of around four feet and ten inches, quite the midget they both are. In cases of Raymen's stalks, his eyes are two silvery pools in representation of his clear chakra's influence. His body is slim, slightly toned, and his skin is a light caramel toned if not more close to peanut butter.

His hair is pretty crazy, but looks in the best depiction to that of his father's. Its a really solid white, with strands of pink seen if you look hard enough, his mother's genes. Raymen has so insanely spikey hair, its styled and brushed in the exact same fashion as the that of his father's.

His attire is pretty boss, he wears a fishnet undershirt which is covered by a skinny navy blue shirt. Raymen wears black shorts, ninja greaves in that as a complete set. Over his left arm is a contraption that functions as a guard, which covers his left shoulder completely and takes the form of something of a plating of Armor. This is actually Ethernal morphed into his immediate guard, and a conduit for his chakra's potency. he wears a black short sleeved shirt, with a wide collar. Under his shirt tucks his arms, the left is braced by the armored side, the the right wearing white arm warmers.

Home Village

Chakra Element
: Pure, Clear

: Kunokai/Raito

Ninja Rank
: Genin

: 17

Weapon(s): He has a variety of oddly powered weapons serving as conduits of some sort of power.

Ceruleaus ~
A blade with a hallowed inside, single edged and broad in horizontally in size. About the size of another arm if he extends his all the way. Its lightweight, and sheathed in a fitting space. This weapon possesses specific traits when it comes to combusting something from the hollow space. Specifically water. Ceruleaus is a weapon acting as a conduit for water natured chakra, and can manipulate present chakra into water nature as long as chakra goes through it water can be formed, kneaded, and unleashed by the user acting as an extension to the blade itself. Greatly depending upon the strength and resilience of alien chakra to his own can it administer control over foreign techniques by overpowering the other jutsu's manipulator's chakra.
Ethernal ~
A butter knife? No, its a chakra blade no longer than the grip that holds it. It looks like a dagger with a guard installed. The properties of this weapons are simple, it can extend and manipulate its form. Its only real trick is just extending itself forward, it can be launched from the tip like nothing and keep going for about thirty meters last time he checked how long he could hold it. Ethernal is now known as "The Ethereal Blade" Able to turn into and take the form of various weapons.

Reverb. Given to its ability to turn into a twin pair of chained scythes. Undergoing twin techniques, the first is only explained as "Chakratic Reverb; Caution Zone". Where the chains jettison about the area and form whats a labyrinth of chains locking himself and one opponent int a steel jungle of chains. The second is "Chakratic Reverb; Star Shield". Where the chains fly foward and form a massive star with chakra laced to channel through them and repel a jutsu even larger than the user. Its infused with raw chakra and deteriorates jutsu more predominantly than the polarity wall.

Zetsuei. The chakra blade groes ever shorter and forms itself into a kunai knife wielded by his finger. The chakra runs through the blade and then himself and he uses it to attack at high-speeds and create the eye's physical illusion of dopplegangers moving all at the same time. His signature move is, "Black Zetsuei; Dark Rain" sending his body to shift so fast he expunges himself in several angles all moving in on an enemy. The second part of this physical move is, "Black Zetsui; Complete Shadow" the body then uses one actual clone to fill in the spots of the projected path to distort where the next image is bound to appear. And in the blind spot where the eye can't follow the original or clone will attack and deal a very much physical blow.

Tsamae. The chakra blade then enters the form of a demon wind shuriken, yet this one is laced with seals. This is the second type of DWS, and proposes an epic flux with it. His abilities with the weapon work as one and he forms some tricky maneuvers. The first being, "Kaze Tsame; Tsukiyoha." it is where he whips the chakra blade's form Tsame to fly then seperate into two identical ninja stars. Their flight path is determined by the user's conscious chakra manipulation. Able to tear straight through earth when infused with pure chakra it breaks it down as it slices right through it. His second technique would follow this, leaving them to hover directly in front of an enemy to follow his attack. "Kaze Tsame; Tsukiame." The first flies through the type two's open hole to grasp, then pushes a burst of pure and wind chakra into a concussive force that tears away at lightning based defense.

Etharvus ~
A very oddly shaped blade that looks pretty futuristic on its part. The katana extends about arm length and would qualify as another on. It relinquishes one seal, the best example being the Aura Bellum Seal tying itself to the spiritual world. It forms seals and gateways in which nothing physical leaves it but the embodiments of the meta-physical leave and tie themselves to the one holding the blade. It intakes the abilities of the astral that bonds to the steel. At his disposal, the four Saidan, and even late shinobi.
Death Scythe Shuriken ~
A basic and yet more advanced shuriken that has four blades, curved to spin like a windmill. It's trajectory isn't as easy to alter or distort like a regular shuriken, it does much more damage than a normal shuriken at the sametime.
Soldier Pills ~
A shinobi tool utilized to give a ninja the strength to fight for three days and nights straight when it comes to just fighting with chakra in taijutsu. It gives them ample chakra to use for ninjutsu and is quite resilient in the long run.

: Limit to 12, Divide how you see fit

Thrusting Break Taijutsu (C-rank, Taijutsu)
A style of taijutsu in which the user can move and usher in their body's movement to hit higher speeds than normal and yet slow ninja. Though the motions of this taijutsu leave them victim to the tunnel effect where it appears everything around them is blurring out because they are moving just that fast. Its used on stationary enemies that can't keep up. Because Raymen has great battle rhythm and is a dancer is awareness and perception buffers the tunnel effect a bit so he can make out who or what he's approaching when running. The style delivers powerful direct blows to the opponent using not only strength and muscle but the momentum of how fast the jab, hook, uppercut, or thrust is.

Rushing Drill Kick (C-rank, Taijutsu)
While running, Raymen first leaps and lands on both left and right palm. He then pushes of them while pivoting his body into somewhat of a spiral and turns into a clockwise spin. Chakra channeled to his greaves he can break almost any direct defense made by the guarding of their hands.

Rolling Thunder (C-rank, Taijutsu)
A physical move in which Raymen, sweep kicks an opponent, rolls under them in that same instant and juts a kick into the back to send them airborn.

Dropping Thunder (C-rank, Taijutsu)
Continuing from Rolling Thunder, Raymen pivots and pushes his body upward. Making a massive leap from the ground up, he hovers over. Then into a falcon dive, he spins delivering a swift and powerful leg drop with every bit of momentum from the spin kicking the chest or abdomen to send them flying down with the pull of gravity into the surface.


Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu (B-rank, Fire)
After initiating the seals for the katon release, the user then releases a massive fireball that spews from the mouth. It can turn into a continuous technique if launched directly at someone so long as the resilient chakras.

Fire Style: Red Lion Jutsu (C-rank, Fire, Taijutsu/Ninjutsu)

The fist are ignited once the katon release is activated, flames dance about the right palm, left, palm and both feet. The user then charges in for a melee assault, getting in position to pounce, then skids and flies like a rocket across the floor using the feet as thrusters, a second before targeting the skid stops then releases the flames into a massive lion pouncing which incinerates an ten meter radius with the sheer force of the fire released.

Lightning Style: Shock Thrusters (C-rank, Lightning, Supplementary)
A style utilizing the raw force of lighting acting as a way to fly more so the practicality of maneuverability. The user's hands are infused with a light and continuous flow of lighting allowing for them to hover, both ascending and descending while feeding a steady amount of chakra into the hands.

Lightning Style: Shockwave Jutsu (C-rank, Lightning)
A jutsu in which the user channels lightning nature between both palms can launch more than one wave of lightning acting like a pulse rather than direct lightning. It electrifies the enemy with a weak field, lifting them off the ground and blowing them at least 15 meters backwards. Its jolts are weak good for just taking someone out.

Lightning Style: Lightning Strike Jutsu (C-rank, Lightning)
This technique is continuous, it charges both palms with lightning flowing out of the chakra ports on the body externally. They channel into the hands and can literally launch concussive blast of lightning from the palms to the fingertips. The speed of the blast are immaculate but precision is whats hard because the user has to concentrate and hold it in their hand, then blast. If hit, there is a moderate amount of disorientation thats non lethal or disruptive to the chakra network. Being hit more than three times, back to back, to back could cause paralysis, a fourth time is a clear punishing blow to brink knock out. And fifth spells death.

Lightning Style: Polarity Wall Jutsu (B-rank, Lightning)
A small yet continuous jutsu that creates a clear wall of lightning in between the hands about the size of the head and upper torso. Its strength deflects incoming weapons such as shuriken, kunai, and senbon. It cannot stave off water or wind based techniques which should be a no brainier. Fire and Earth releases in a projectile form it can easily block

Senhappa (No-rank, Ninjutsu, Pure)
A basic technique that focuses on pure chakra all around. Taking the ambient chakra that lies around them and pulling it into their palm. The palm is cupped and absorbs the chakra already there, then bringing it behind the back as the blast builds up in chakra. Then bringing the cupped hands forward to relinquish chakra from the palms and keep it flowing with a constant and consciously manipulated blast.


Displacement (B-rank, Genjutsu)
A simple genjutsu yet complex and much more resilient than a C-rank. It directly effects the user's sense of time and suspends them from movement for at least ten seconds. Used mainly in close range combat, Soji while convince them that he is still talking or hasn't move and within half the time, cancel the genjutsu or place them in a position where he is the one with a kunai to their back and neck. Because it's so short and happens so fast unless a ninja had the awareness of a jonin they wouldn't catch it in time. It can be performed in the absence of multiple hand signs, just one.

: Senjutsu, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu

Forbidden Jutsu:

Jitkyùndou (S-rank, Universal)
A universal style of taijutsu that takes and literally learns from others around it with one conventional art always intact. To put it bluntly, the archaic arts subscribe to the notion that the best defense is a strong offense, hence the principle of "Intercepting". Hasan believed that in order for an opponent to attack someone they had to move towards them. This provided an opportunity to "intercept" that attack or movement. The principle of interception covers more than just intercepting physical attacks. The Sempai believed that many non-verbals and telegraphs (subtle movements that an opponent is unaware of) could be perceived or "intercepted" and thus be used to one's advantage. The "5 Ways of Attack" are attacking categories that help Jitkyùndou practitioners organize their fighting repertoire and comprise the offensive portion of Jitkyùndou.

-Water's Flexibility ~ Become one with it's rippled motion

A fundamental element, one of many Rayex came to understand was that he had to be like water in terms of flexibility as which is present in all taijutsu, water is a perfect example as it is indefinitely flexible. It can be seen through, and yet at other times it can obscure things from sight. It can split and go around things, rejoining on the other side, or it can crash through things. It can erode the hardest rocks by gently lapping away at them or it can flow past the tiniest pebble. The sensei of old believed that a martial system should have these attributes.

-Allocated Motion ~ Waste no time or movement

A. Stop hits & stop kicks

This means intercepting an opponent's attack with an attack of your own instead of a simple block. Jitkyùndou practitioners such as Rayex believe that this is the most difficult defensive skill to develop. This strategy can be a feature of some traditional old era style of taijutsu.

B. Simultaneous parrying & punching

When confronting an incoming attack; the attack is parried or deflected and a counter attack is delivered at the same time. Not as advanced as a stop hit but more effective than blocking and counter attacking in sequence. This is also practiced by rare taijutsu specialist that thrive in the old ways.

C. No high kicks

Jitkyùndou practitioners believe they should target their kicks to their opponent's shins, knees, thighs, and mid section. These targets are the closest to the foot, provide more stability and are more difficult to defend against. However, as with all other Jitkyùndou principles nothing is "written in stone". If a target of opportunity presents itself, even a target above the waist, one could take advantage of the situation without feeling hampered by this principle.

-The 4 ranges of combat ~ Attack Types

* Kicking
* Punching
* Trapping
* Grappling

Jitkyùndou students train in each of these ranges equally. According to Hasan, this range of training serves to differentiate Jitkyùndou from other taijutsu styles. Hasan stated that most but not all traditional martial systems specialize in training at one or two ranges. Hasan's theories have been especially influential and substantiated in the field of Mixed Taijutsu Styles, as the MTS Phases of Combat are essentially the same concept as the Jitkyùndou combat ranges. As a historical note, the ranges in Jitkyùndou have evolved over time. Initial the ranges were categorized as short or close, medium, and long range. These terms proved ambiguous and eventually evolved into their more descriptive forms although there may still be others who prefer the three categories.

IV. Five Ways Of Attack

A. Single Angular Attack (SAA) and its converse Single Direct Attack (SDA).

B. Hand Immobilization Attack (HIA) and its counterpart Foot Immobilization attack, which make use of trapping to limit the opponent's function with that appendage.

C. Progressive Indirect Attack (PIA). Attacking one part of the opponent's body followed by attacking another part as a means of creating an opening.

D. Attack By Combinations (ABC). This is using multiple rapid attacks, with volume of attack as a means of overcoming the opponent.

E. Attack By Drawing (ABD). This is creating an opening with positioning as a means of counter attacking.

-Three Aspects of Jitkyùndou ~ General Breakdown

Jitkyùndou practitioners believe that techniques should contain the following properties:

* Efficiency - An attack that reaches its mark
* Directness - Doing what comes naturally in a learned way.
* Simplicity - Thinking in an uncomplicated manner; without ornamentation.

-Centerline ~ Body Division

The centerline refers to an imaginary line running down the center of one's body. The theory is to exploit, control and dominate your opponent's centerline. All attacks, defenses and footwork are designed to preserve your own centerline and open your opponent's. Hasan's imported this theory into Jitkyùndou from Shouku. This notion is closely related to maintaining control of the center squares in the strategic game shougi.

The three guidelines for centerline are:

* The one who controls the centerline will control the fight.
* Protect and maintain your own centerline while you control and exploit your opponent's.
* Control the centerline by occupying it.

Kinton: Nain Buyou Doragon Kinton Jutsu: Forbidden Art: Nine Dancing Dragon Flames Jutsu (S-rank, Offensive) The mighty twin dragon jutsu residing in purple flame first developed by Misha Kunokai, Raymen's grandmother. This explosive technique is used when completely overwhelmed and can blow back a mass number of enemy shinobi. Chakra is stored and built up in the chest and released all at once unleashing twin dragons of purple flame that wrap around an enemy. When wrapped around by the actually double dragons, the oxygen supply is being depleted rapidly leaving an influx of space less atmosphere suffocating them in addition to being consumed in the flaming maelstrom of the jutsu. However, what makes it forbidden is that it too takes a massive amount of break and knocks the wind out of Raymen each time it's used. Later in the course of his life Raymen was able to spew nine dragons from his mouth covering an even greater distance as such so increased damage.

Limit Break Jutsu:

Albatross ~ Whats known as a summoning technique bring in with the use of Etharvus. Raymen acts a the mid-point between both the summoning world and the astral notions. He summons most of his chakra to align himself with the aspects of a different spirtual entity of different parallels so this limit breaking technique is never the same. Able to use chakras from different entities, some noted are of his deceased relatives and utilizing some of their most potent abilities to manifest upon the physical. In some cases he's possessed the sharingan, burakkuai, and even saikurugan and strung ridiculously strong genjutsu. That is why its been named Albatross, for sin, the ultimate sin of Raymen.

Kekkei Genkai (bloodline trait)
: Ketsueki Nettowaku ~ Blood Network

Something thats slowly been manifesting itself within Raymen over the course of the years. Though not to surface immediately, its the use and combination of different affinities through an exertion of blood. Similar to enacting a summoning contract, to yield and manifest mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles, the user uses their blood as a sacrifice to connect and stem between various nature of chakra. Effectively creating whats known as varied kekkei genkai, at the sametime the applications can also be applied to summoning.

To the extents this goes tested, it was coined upon initially performing nature of in between such as fire and wind chakras to create the blue flames. Its effectiveness is really put to work when its user can muster and yield the results of several combined elements, of which isn't rightly limited to two combination's, splitting off into sets of threes, etc. Raymen's current awareness lingers around the Vulcan Luster, the use of blue flames by the scarred star clan (Kunokai). He makes his body the midpoint between chakra natures and with training, he'll be able to yield and wield several kekkei genkai of fused elements, even those left undiscovered. While this does nothing to increase his reserves of chakra, he can form within himself multiple chambers to pull out and use the fused natures (using one seal as opposed to several, namely the Ram) and continue to forge seals for a formula to guide his jutsus' path.

While on the topic of chakra fusion, there in lies a bit of an extension in the development of Anti-form and its contrast to chakra natures. Likely to be estimated by Raymen's ability to invert pure chakra to yield this as a result. Hypothetically, he could probably invert fused elements and yield alternative forms as a result of his endeavors, stemming into a myriad of other forms.

Kekkai Genkai Jutsu: N/A

-Early Childhood
Naturally, he was born at the same time as his twin brother, Erebos Kunokai. Son to both Ayumi Raito-Kunokai and Rayex Kunokai. An overzealous and joyous offspring to be a twin baby and older brother in a simultaneous manner. Raymen wasn't easy to mold given he was never really home growing up and always spending his time 'out'.

As a child he was arduous, outgoing, and hardworking. Always enjoying what he really did to the fullest extent, making humble yet quite funny jokes about some of the most random things. He did however, train intensely hard.

-Academy Student background
Upon entering the Academy he had a moderate and very advanced grasp on things. He was attentive, sometimes a little coaxed by boredom and dozed off. Yet did enticingly well, at least average with paperwork. It wasn't exactly his style per say, but his brother was just dummy smart for like no reason. It didn't urk him as much as he thought, he was actually proud in place of jealousy.

Raymen became quite the exceptional weapon user. In his study of how to perfect the overall transfer of his overall chakra to shape and form, he became in tuned quickly. These were wonderful gifts from his mother and father that he embraced and would utilize in his defense the day he became a ninja. With an acute smile, he braced for the worst as prowess only seemed to extend, mature, and grow.

Nearing the actual end of their academy days, or more so as the days grew shorter, he'd conversed with many. He had become something of a people person and social eye-candy, which isn't to say the ladies didn't fanboy Erebos either. His perplexion matching that of the white shift was uncanny and how he'd further evolve his technique one day.



Family ~
Rayex Kunokai - Father
Ayumi Raito-Kunokai - Mother
Erebos Kunokai - Brother
Voltaro Kunokai - Uncle {Deceased}
Mizuki Kunokai - Uncle {Deceased}
Junsei Uchiha - Grandfather {Deceased}
Misha Uchiha - Grandmother {Deceased}
Daaku Raito - Grandfather
Sanosuke Uchiha ~ Grandfather/Great Uncle (In Law)
Tomie Raito - Great-Aunt
Ceon Namikaze-Raito - Cousin

Theme Song: Wind ~ Akeboshi
Battle Theme One; Shindoukaku ~ Asian Kung Fu Generation
Battle Theme Two; Flashback ~ Asian Kung Fu Generation
Dramatic Theme: Carnival ~ The Pillows
Content 'Smile' Theme: 24 ji ~ Asian Kung Fu Generation
Discouraged Theme: Rashiban ~ Asian Kung Fu Generation
Climax Theme: Last Dinosaur ~ The Pillows

Learned Jutsu ~

Anti-form (Rank-???, Anti)
Antiform, as explained and ushered in my Kamin is basically an inversion of the chakra network. From the signals along the spinal column, transmitting anti-signals essentially depleting the present chakra and replacing it with anti-chakra as a result. By that point the entire chakra network siphons off and produces anti-chakra. Anti-chakra as a result gives the user the ability to morph into anti-form. They assume the form of an opaque, charcoal blue and yellow eyes with stars in between. Written as 'madness' their sanity is low given the signals emitting from the brain are completely spontaneous and foreign much like a genjutsu to brainwash ninja.

This form when mastered, gives shinobi the ability to connect and perform jutsu in between mixed elements. Arguable able to formulate sand, ice, blue flames, and several other miscellaneous mixtures, even outside of the form and would explain Raymen's learning of Vulcan Luster techniques.
Kamin's Explanation said:
"Bingo. Anti-form is switching the polarity if your chakra affinity, now, you can't JUST up and do that with any affinity, it has to be pure. Its focused along the spinal column which discharges and sends signals throught the entire body, originating from the brain naturally. Those signals are inverted, and since every individual bodily signature is pure chakra, those signals invert and become anti-signals. They relay, and reset the body's chakra network to a complete turn-over."

"Once in Anti-form the user is able to completely ignore all extensions of both touch senses and rationality. Their body becomes like a dense charcoal blue-like color. The skin is flowing with a thick wave of anti-chakra. This chakra fights alien chakra, and for the time maintaining the form, impervious to chakra as it leeches off drains pure chakra. Its dangerous because the user becomes essentially super human, but cant think for him or herself, unable to be hurt by chakra but can still sustain substantial physical damage of which can't be healed until the anti-residue has completely faded which is mere moments after reverting back."
The technique has further explained of requiring a neutral chakra affinity. For instance, checking ones chakra nature at birth, some naturally posses wind, lightning, earth, water, or fire affinities. The requirements to fill would likely cause one to posses the pure or clear affinity. They house the nature manipulation within themselves at the heart of one's chakra network, and push it out to influence other jutsu with nature manipulation. Anti-particles spawn from pure particles being spawned, then converted, hence why a person with the right chakra such as Kamin, is able to still move even with his body full of anti-particles and rely on that new format of chakra. For another person with a different affinity, this is impossible to achieve, its like trying to start a car with an incompatible engine so it really boils down to being compatible for even learning the technique. Its not a kekkei genkai, but birthing plays favorably to making it a very scarce and obscure technique.

Anti-Cataclysm Wail (Rank-???, Anti, All Ranges)
Raymen pitches anti-particles into a voluntary jutsu while either maintaining the full-fledged form or alternative, storing the chakra within his eyes. Essentially he screams, pitching a wail to distort and lacerate all ambiant chakra found within close-to-long range. It effectively impales jutsu on the molecular level to the macro-scale, breaking them apart, and leaving residue to hover in the atmosphere for a minute, impaling bringing jutsu in for a full sixty seconds, of which isn't limited to just Ninjutsu, but it corrodes genjutsu, negates summoning, and cripples fuinjutsu for that full minute of time.

Anti-Vacuum Prison (Rank-???, Anti, Close Range)
Raymen cradles anti-chakra in his palms, and is actually able to spawn a technique using the particles of the form. Similar to his wail, this is more direct and limited to close quarters. He moves in with bootless speed, and cups his hands momentarily. Generating a sphere in his palm, he moves forward, and washes some of his chakra off his form to circle his opponent and catch them with a solid dome of thick black swirling nothing. Actually, its not visible in the slightest, if chakra has a color, than anti-chakra is only visible when its fleshed as an external appearance augmentation to its user. The sensation felt comes from the chakra surrounding them quickly slipping form there immediate senses, even found within air. Chakra is quickly coagulated, slown, and broken down, and instills a paralysis which obstructs movement when captured. Even the slightest of hand or muscle. The drawback comes from the user having to stand in one place, or if the anti-form itself fades. The technique can be done with a partial transformation, but still comes with the disadvantage of being stationary.

Howaitonoizu: White Noise (A-rank, Offensive, Lightning)
This jutsu channels a large amount of chakra into the user's arm. The amount of chakra is so great that it becomes visible to the naked eye. The technique actually alters the nature of the user's chakra, effectively converting it into electricity. As a side effect of the conversion process, the large amount of chakra, and the speed at which the user moves, this technique makes a loud noise similar to the rattling white noise thats incredibly loud, hence the name (if the user is not in motion, it merely makes a electric crackling sound). Once the technique is completed, the user charges forward and stabs their enemy with it. The amount of thrust combined with the large concentration of chakra allows the user to stab through almost anything; as such it is usually fatal to the enemy. This technique is classified as an assassination technique because of the speed at which it is performed, despite the loud noise it produces.

This jutsu has a major drawback, however. The speed at which the attack must be done, combined with the fact that the user must run in a straight line, causes a tunnel vision-like effect for the user. This allows their enemy to easily counter the attack, making it a potentially lethal move for the user. Though this drawback would seem to make learning the technique fairly pointless, however this drawback can be avoided by using the Sharingan, or another kind of kekkei genkai that takes in each and every detail regardless how fast the user is moving.

Kon Chuukaibutsu; Blue Channel (A-S-rank, Offensive, Lightning-Fire)
One of Kamin's more powerful jutsu, a fierce superfluous concentration of katon and raiton releases channeled into the hand, easily seen as a blood limit combination. They siphon off into an orb, independent of the use of hand seals and for into a transfixed fusion of the elements. Given this is so unnatural, it is completely unstable and increasingly hard to control without long hours of training. The soul power behind it lies within the user's ability to compress and contain it into a charged state. This principle is as follows; when chakra is channeled towards it, a positive chakratic charge is produced, when chakra is channeled towards it with a secondary chakratic charge, it augments and becomes violently unstable and begins to split or diffuse making for an ample warhead if thrown. Raymen acquired this through Kamin's teaching.

Senji no Reiji (Rank-???, Senjutsu)

Classed as Raymen's refined manner of thinking and his mind amplifies and interprets things nigh immediately and his responsiveness is as swift as a pin drop. Raymen views things in what he assesses and sees it as 'hollow'-morphing, to where the dimensions surrounding someone, friend or foe possess a sleight of a multitude of aspects hidden in what give clues to where he then has to guess and estimate their next move. Because his intelligence is exponentially high he blows them out of the water with configuring a series of probable patterns to where he can pre-transposition himself and counter only if it calls for it.
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"This hate can only be filled by embracing the blue dream, one that knows no sorrow, only that of the eternal flow."

Name: Erebos Kunokai

Nickname(s): Bo, Spitter

Age: 12 years 4 months

Gender: Let’s not get too carried away eh?? He’s a boy.

Personality: Stoic. passive and if angered aggressive to the point where he could cause quite a bit of terror. Its amusing since unlike his brother, Erebos takes after his mother quit a bit and if anything she was always striving to become better. Not in the mainstream sense however, because when you are a ninja in this day and age, most people DO want to become better and surpass those before and next to them. Its like Erebos is a listener, shy to a point where you might forget he’s there after a while.

From a more psychological standpoint, Erebos as a ninja believes that to get to the path to the top, you have to fall down a lot to get there first, and being so young, he’s just starting, so nothing is going to hamper his progress, no man, no woman, and certainly no child running their mouth. When it comes down to it, Erebos is just a normal acting kid, with a stemming superiority complex.

Appearance: A facial frame not too hardened, nor soft, but refined with just the right amount of masculinity for a boy, Erebos has fair skin and a fair face, chiseled cheek bones and cute dimples, but not ones that stick out more than they need to. His lips aren’t overly large either, but not thin an shapeless, mediocre at best and a prominent nose to match a chin that gives much depth to Erebos’ face.

Erebos doesn’t look that much older than his 12 years, yet his eyes always seem to have the look of wisdom, even for a child so young. One would be amazed what a single stare into those bright silver eyes can do to them, more so the small black star around the iris that apparently is not there for anything more than show as Erebos like his twin brother Raymen, has no kekkei genkai to speak of.

One of the more amazing features on Erebos would have to be his pale pink hair, which at times gets him made fun of, by the enjoys his heritage and wouldn’t choose to change it for anything. Its medium length, yet not long as it is cut specifically to crop itself upward and he tames it atop his head, leaving two bangs draping over his right eye, but just so that his eye is still visible.

Too go into great depth about the rest of Erebos’ body would be a bit much, but due to circumstance, one can say that he is well fit and has a bit more muscles on his frame than other children his age; including ninja, he stands no taller than 4 feet 10 inches tall Nothing too ridiculous but a nice stomach that Erebos is proud of, which he is also working into a rigid six-pack, but isn’t quite there yet. On the reverse side right at the crest of his spine there is a jagged birthmark that looks like a distorted ‘X’.

Erebos’ attire is pretty simple and that is the way he likes it. A crisp pair of dark grey breeches that stop short at the knee and on his legs and down to his feet, dull grey ninja greaves that have plated bands on them for extra support, and do to a thing with dirt, Erebos doesn’t have them open toed. His shirt is a brighter color of maroon than the norm and that he wears tucked into his breeches. On his right arm there are tightly wound bandages of black and on the left a finger-less glow that runs up his arm and attaches to a bracer which extends beyond the forearm and shoulder and across a harness on his chest. Both gloves are covered by his gauntlets which he adores dearly...

There isn’t really anything more to his clothing other than the scarf riddled with purposeful tears and holes that is tied around his neck and hangs down. Its sentiment priceless as it was a gift from his mother Ayumi when he was only 4 years old. He loves the feel of the silver scarf.

Home Village: Konoha

Chakra Element: Light, Liminal

Clan: Kunokai/Raito

Ninja Rank: Genin

Team: 11

Kokorogake II(Dedication)- These are plated arm bracers with gloves attached to the ends that Erebos adorns over both hands that ncrease the potency of his hand to hand combat exploits. The defense mechanism that goes up each arm to the elbow emits chakra that adds defense to the arms and buffers contact from body parts or weapons that touch the arms and also uses the same chakra to cause more blunt damage.

Each glove has a kanji symbol that reads "Summoner" which in excess allows Erebos to focus chakra through a rite located on the each hand plate that summons items he has previously added to another storage location inside Alnaphar, which at this point is an arrya of weapons, scrolls, and differnt kinds of ninja tools he might choose to use in battle. His ingenious mind also allows him on the spot of work with chakra and cause other things to be summoned via the glows, but this of course costs more chakra and isn't as easy as what is already stored inside his Alaphar base.

Chigiri(Promise)- Such a weapon can embody the hopes and dreams of others, or embody the nightmares and dream-scape patterns of those trying to harm Erebos. This is none other than the scarf that he wears around his neck, and upfront it has no amazing properties, but it is highly resilient to chakratic damage and also infused with a property to keep Erebos' mind surreal. As for against foes, it adds to the effect of visual distortion and also sound distotion, meaning that if looked at or touched, it can cause a genjutsu like effect and hamper those around Erebos.

Keiro Tame Junsei Seizui: A taijutsu style that can be feral and raw, or just as poised and calm. Its built on the notion that chakra is essence and essence is control and in a fight perfect control will net you victory. By using such a powerful force in a trained and developed format one can use chakra to interrupt attacks and movement patterns, by exerting prominent force around oneself, the body can be pushed to greater heights allowing much more speed, flexibility and overall concentration for stylized attacks, and also sound defenses.

DariProd Joukai~ The act of chakra manipulation to enforce attacks in a way that others cannot

Hand/Arm Attacks- Movement that may be started or shifted from any other given movement can be mixed with chakra as a fist is thrown or a hand is moved to attack. Punches from this method are very blunt and even the slightest touch of a fist, or hand can cause abnormal amounts of pain to an opponent from chakra being used to disrupt muscle tissue and also cause blood vessels to rupture. Gathering more chakra during an assault process can be even more devastating as it can thus be used to propel bursts of pressure into enemies that cause imbalance and room for follow up attacks after that.

Leg/Feet Attacks- Kicks in DariProd Joukai are more than a force to be reckoned with because even from a distance it is still possible to bet hit with one of them. The extension of the legs and feet enable one to lash out at opponents with series of kicks that shatter defenses. From a spinning motion one can kick outwards and use chakra to stabilize themself but offset an enemy, which leads to latch in attacks and aerial assaults. Some of the more damaging attacks are those that start from a roll, or a flip in a given direction.

Pulse Attacks- Chakra consumption is minimal to the Erebos with this style, and in inverse the control of it is at a level so he can form numerous different kinds of projectile attacks to use in battle that are made out of chakra, and thus came about the pulse formation. Pulse is basically a pressurized form of chakra that one can emit from the fingers, palms and toes when attacking. Doing so gives hits an extra power to impact compared to other techniques. It is also possible to use pulse to paralyze opponents, but only for a short period of time.

SenpaiCor~ This is the act of using chakra to enhance the body’s maneuverability and balance, also stabilizing the body and increasing defenses.

Stability- Using the body's central stand point of gravity and locking in this effect with a chakra based continuum, Erebos can alter personal mono-directional gravity fields under himself and use chakra to make his body virtually immovable as long as they are in contact with the ground or solid matter, although a strong force can move them with effort. This is the basic stability that one uses to not fall in battle.

Defense- A simple thought really, one controls chakra and can encase the outer skin with it to buffer impact and slashing damage. This makes one more resilient to being attacked, but by no means is it saying they don’t take damage and can't be hit.

Elemental Defense- As each chakra type expands and releases a certain type of chakratic energy, Erebos learned while training with Daaku to uttilize his pull on chakra to subject himself to a much more chakra flexibible being and as such he takes less damage from fire, ligtning and the rare light chakra nature. He is working to add other natures in the future.

Flexibility- Centralizing chakra output around the body as a whole, one is able to flux chakra through the nerves and add extra control to the their own limbs through an extension of the muscles. By also using chakra to enhance the malleability in the body, one can twist and turn, flip and curl and roll the body in ridiculous feats of chakratic muscle control, that can seem just nasty at times.

Shad Tyrosi~ The implication of gathering chakra and stemming it through the body and cells for desired effects, this is unlike SenpaiCor as it has a much more open directive in battle.

Healing- By grafting chakra from a reserved perspective, Erebos is able to draw upon chakra that others can not, the core of chakra that can be linked to and also viewed as the 8 gates, though not unlocking them. A simple flux of chakra to a damaged area allows the amplification of the healing process and as such it is harder to wound Erebos in battle. This isn't to say he is invulnerable, as the more damage he takes the slower the draw, and the slower it begins to heal.

Chakrakinesis- An all around mental disipline that Erebos gained access to after first using Hyper Soul. Like the other techniques that revolve around Shad Tyrosi; this one subjugates chakra and allows Erebos to mainpulate objects using chakra that he brandishes from his mind. Currently chakra is included but the amount is vast, nor can he influence large amounts of physical weight.

Acceleration- Shooting chakra from the body and using it to bond with objects around him, and also using chakra to keep his own frame inside of chakra, Erebos has acquired immense speed and as such can move so fast that he lives residual chakra in areas as an affect, going back to the notion of the bond, he is able to move himself through this link to these areas, but only within 5, or so feet. To explain further his speed would be to say that he has yet to find a genin and even some chuunin and jounin faster than he. Its is Erebos' most treasured accomplishment. *No-rank, Supplementary-Taijutsu*

Gouzen Shishi Rendan(Roaring Lion Combination)- Erebos starts the attack by leaping into the air and flipping backwards, slamming both legs into the opponents body and spinning around making a drill pattern and zooming off into the opponent from a chosen direction, he stops and thrusts both hands into the midsection of the opponent and emits a pressured chakra that upsets balance and then leads to another twist to use a knee and slam it into the chest, then arcing the leg up over the head to kick the opponent in the face a quick maneuver launches a punch to the throat. A leaping somersault kick angles the opponent up into the air. A simple body flicker and the left hand is drove into the opponent’s midsection again and the right hand fires a vicious Senhappa punch into the opponent’s abdoment and they hit the ground with a painful crash. To make sure the combo is complete, chakra spirals around the right fist and fires a lion's head shaped chakra mass down at the enemy. The rushing air around the chakra gives the sound of a roaring lion before it hits.*C-B Rank, Taijutsu)

Vorpal Fist- This is a useful technique Erebos can use to powerful up his physical assaults on enemies by buildig the incomplete energy of the Vorpal Orb around his fists. The chakra expands around his hhands and wrists as the blue ripple of chakra makes for a vibration on the outside of each direct punch Erebos uses. Only a limited amount of strikes can be delivered before this energy fades out though. *C-rank, Supplementary Taijutsu*

Senhppa(Beam Blast)- A technique passed down over time in the Raito clan so to speak, this is a focused rush of chakra mainly through a funnel effect that contains chakra and keeps it in a malleable shape. Early on hand signs are needed to form the funnel for the chakra to remain stable, but afterward this is not needed. a one-handed seal sequence ignites a flux of chakra to develop and both hands are drawn back near the side and cupped in an allowed array of positions as a stable mass of chakra continues to charge there. This mass gains substance and a lump of chakra swells inside the cupped hands where it is then fired with a thrust of the arms, or wrist. A condensed beam of energy is released from one’s grasp and barrels down at a target at vicious particle shifting velocity that harbors impact and both physical and chakra network damage upon contact. *No-rank, Pure*

~Senkatsu(Beam Rip)- Another version of the Senhappa where chakra is funneled along the arm instead of inside the cupped hands. Chakra is manipulated to graft along the arm and wrap around it, sustaining a dense format that extends and passes down the arm and seeps from the hand it is used on. By igniting the chakra stored along the arm, it can be used as a chakratic weapon to both cut through other chakra, and attack foes with. The edges are potent enough to even cut through stone with enough force. *No-rank, Pure*

~Senyosai Hirogari(Beam Fortress Spread)- using the same technique that builds and sustains the Senhappa, upon firing the ninjutsu of pure chakratic force; instead shotting an emission beam, Erebos spreads both arms and spirals the schakra around himself in a field of chakra which can defend against incoming ninjutsu and other attacks. Like the original Senhappa, the directives of this jutsu can be altered and the more chakra that is used to fuel it the more stable and sturdy the defense born of the Senhappa becomes. *No-rank, Pure*

~Hakkou Senhappa(White Light Beam Blast)- This is a just that Erebos learned from his mother. He flies into the air, and makes a rapid motioned hand sign collection, before stopping and using what the seals unlocked; Chakra rite ink. Erebos moves his arms rapidly, and draws a six-pointed star in the air. Light forms in each area that is a point of the star, and in the middle, the colors of course being; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. All seven of these blasts fire one by one from the star, gliding down and twisting around the enemy to trap them in a blinding energy blast that can blind, burn, and buffet them. The star crumbles and while the opponent deals with the attack, an large Senhappa of shining white light follows to send an enemy into a state of crippled confusion. *No-rank, Light*

Vorpal Orb- A legendary technique from the Kunokai clan, that originally was a construct that Erebos did not grasp. This B-rank jutsu stems the notion of compacting chakra alarmingly fast into a white sphere that has a slight ripple of blue around it. The basics of the jutsu are simple. It can be smashed into a target to cause potent damage with spinning chakra from the orb or hurled to seek targets via chakratic signature. It was taught to him by his father, but is unknown why there was a color change to the technique. *No-rank, Pure*

~Vorpal Orb Flash- A much more concentrated version of the Vorpal Orb that Erebos is developing because he wasn’t able to graft a lot of force into the previous one. By stemming chakra on the outside of the sphere or chakra, the ripples are filled with particles of light chakra, that expand and vibrate on the attacks frame. This adds a repulsive force to subdue chakra used against the attack, and a flash of chakra that should explode around the target upon impact. *No-rank, Light*

Kibaku Bara(Exploding Rose)- A technique in which Erebos conjures up a stream of chakra and forms a small white rose and then breaks it apart. The spaces between the rose petals flow with ebbed chakratic particles and at this point Erebos infuses each petal and the peeking bulb of light matter with a high concentrated chakra cohesive that sets the petals spinning away; targeting the nearest enemies. Each petal is razor sharp and also expels chakra that rushes toward it in defense. The petals circle around the enemy who is the main target and the completed rose explodes from underneath them while emitting a pulse of chakra that amplifies the rose petals and blows them up as well. This can blind the ninja to the area they are hit in. *C-rank. Light*

~Kibaku Fureabara (Exploding Flare Rose)- Erebos forms a potent blade made of condensed chakratic matter shaped like rose petals covered and controlled by chakra. Using a thrusting attack or a sweeping slash, the opponent can choose to block, dodge, parry, or counter but regardless they will end up in a trap. Immediately after the first attack, the blade separates into a broken down form, and numerous blade attachments covered in chakra, and controlled by will, circle the opponent and fly in from every direction, other than down, in a spiraling pattern that starts from the bottom up, made to dice the opponent. Once the blades have reached the top, Erebos jumps and the blade reforms, and he slashes directly downward making the blade break apart during the cut. Each petal explodes separately, sapping back chakra and building up into a massive blast of razor sharp chakra as he reaches the ground and a 6-foot rose of light bursts from the ground under the opponent. *B-rank, Light*

Baindo no jutsu(Bind Technique)- A coating of chakra wisps of out Erebos’ fingers on his left hand and thumb, then connects with four pieces of chakra that are circular yet remain unclosed and float in the air. On command they all are propelled at an enemy and latch onto the arms, legs and neck on the enemy where they snap shut and are capable of tightening to cause major discomfort to the enemy bound by them and ripping the skin. *D-rank, Pure*

~Ketsugo-ko no jutsu(Binding Light Technique)- Erebos sends forth a wave of chakratic tentacles made of light chakra that he is able to extend several yards via his chakra. These tentaces can be used to wrap a target up so they can't move, or to snatch projecticles out of the air or for moore offense purposes; to bash and whip foes with with an overwhelming clight nature. *B-rank, Light*

Atsuryokuha no jutsu(Pressure Wave Technique)- Erebos channels chakra from inside his body and flies towards an opponent. During flight the chakra continues to be channeled, until it reaches the arm, where it is then quickly forced into his hand. Now at close proximity to an enemy, he releases this chakra as a pure wave of concussive chakra, which slams into their face, knocking them away. The chakra is damaging, but can be avoided if precaution by the opponent is taken. By using more, or less chakra the pulse can be used for more potent attacks, or just to knock away an enemy, or to stun them for even a split second.*C-rank, Pure*

Photon Wave Jutsu- This jutsu causes light chakra to dim out, so it is not visible and collect as ambience around a single enemy. A few hand seals open up the stream of light to the eyes again and now ribbons of light swirl around an opponent ninja, and continue to dance in a gyrating pattern, glowing brighter and changing color from yellow, to white to azure blue. The light stops swirling, and finish their conversion to the photon, exploding around, and at times seeping through the skin to cause internal damage to a ninja who has been attacked. *C-rank, Light*

Alnaphar Sphere jutsu- Erebos channels the light around a foe and controls it with chakra, surrounding them in an invisible sphere, that is complete attuned to Erebos’ chakra. This means that it is impossible to break out of it, unless the enemy inside has either identical chakra to him, which is highly unlikely, or by touching him, which is even more unlikely, because the enemy is already trapped inside the ball of chakra. While a ninja is inside this sphere, it slowly gets smaller, crushing whoever is inside, along with searing their flesh. Erebos can manipulate and move this jutsu as much as he wants, but it will detonate and cause a chaotic explosion if it hits any surface, or person, other than Erebos or a clone of the latter.*B-rank, Light*

Uchuuheki no Jutsu(Space Tear Technique)- Something that can surely amount to terror for anybody unlucky enough to witness it. By gathering chakra that is seeping off foes in a linear aspect, Erebos gains the ability to expand a field of chakra from his body and amplify the ambient chakra housed around to cause a distortion to chakra and organic tissue. In most cases this not only slows down chakratic movement other than Erebos' to a crawl, it also draws from ninja to cause their own body to drip with weighted chakra, slowing them down and bringing ninja to their knees as well. Such a technique should be forbidden, but Erebos' father helped him develop an even more potent form... *B-rank, Pure*

Zankou Bunshin no Jutsu(Afterglow Replication Technique)- Simple and clean, these clones are built up with chakra that is based upon photon reactions. A shadow clone in construct, these babies are light incarnate in a shell an as such can look like anything Erebos wants them to including himself. They think and act on their own just like Kage Bunshin, yet when attacked they can both blind and burn who hit them. Beyond these aspects rather than dispersing after taking too much damage, they go boom. *B-rank, Light*

Bukujutsu(Sky Art)- A technique comparable to walking on water, or running up walls and other objects using chakra; this ebbs chakra outside of the body on a constant and enables Erebos to control it respectively and attain the notion of flight. By exerting chakra around and under his body for support, Erebos can fly just as fast as his speed allows movement on the ground, though chakra disruption while in the air could prove quite dangerous for him. *No-rank, Supplementary.*

Specialty: Intelligence, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu

Forbidden Jutsu:
Uchuuheki Senkai(Space Tear Revolution)- A dangerous aspect of chakratic emission sends out a large localized field of distortion that shuts down opponents' senses, and causes chakra to become so dense in the area that it halts all outside movement of their bodies and chakra. Not only does it invert chakra properties, it invokes chakra upon Erebos to amplify his speed over 100 times and in this broken time frame he can deliver any number of blows to any number of foes, increasing his striking power exponentially. Upon the end of this chakra clause in space, a ripple of chakra sucks into a single point and tears chakra away from enemy ninja, which causes horrible pain and physical harm to the flesh. *No-Rank, Supplementary*

Shin Odori Jiten(Heat Dance Spin)- One could assume that a taijutsu prodigy such as Erebos Kunokai would have at least one forbidden technique that as a whole involves the use of his body in the physical to cause massive harm and he does; a series of strikes he named the Shin Odori Jiten. From the start, this taijutsu combination direct perfect strikes that invert the aspect of the body's natural ability to regulate chakra, which unleashes a torrent of power similar to accessing the gates to fuel each strike separately. He strikes using reverse roundhouse kick, delivered with ferocious speed that makes Erebos appear as if he is spinning out of control, entering into a barrage of strikes that erase the notion of balance for the target, this signals another release of force that he used to sweep kick the foe, and remain in the same state of speed to allow the opponent not to fall and be thrust into the the air by his knees rising into their chest cavity.

From there, chakra surrounds Erebos as he amplifies the force each blow he uses can cause and quickly drives his fist first into the opponents stomach, breaking them right there and continuing to deliver another uppercut that targets the sternum, and then another blow to the chin from the same punch. A staggering kick to their forehead sends the foe falling toward the ground, where Erebos doesn't allow them to reach, instead his right shoulder collides with their body and afterward he grabs and pivots around releasing more chakra, exerting a strain on his body so great that his muscles can tear as he flips back and slams his legs into their chest and they smash defeated to the ground. *A-Rank, Taijutsu*

Vorpal Expulsion- The technique that Erebos is developing in secret, using his innate chakra to format the construct of the Vorpal Orb and Senhappa as one. The hands are placed out in front of Erebos and he amplifies the charge of chakra into a space that forms the Vorpal Orb., yet as chakra radiates around the technique quicker, chakra keeps charging into it and the sphere gets bigger and denser, a glow radiates from the sphere and the blue ripple breaks apart, expelling a massive stream of chakra that fans out causing very high damage and the notion of the impact, focus and energies flowing beyond, behind, and around Erebos disregard normal chakratic defense. An explosion occurs at this point, which leaves a mushroom cloud in its wake. *S-Rank, Pure*

Limit Break Jutsu:
Taisaku Taigen(Epic Embodiment)- Using a charge through what he developed through his taijutsu style and an item from his mother, Erebos would use a spell to form a pact with an entity from the world of summons, a place that he's come to know as Alanaphar. The logics of this place don't matter, only the pact that drives the bond between the deity he summons into his being from such a place.

A being that has had many faces and names, but on a constant, is in control of the flow of essence, the ethereal energy of the heavens and places ill visited and indescribable in scrolls or doctrines of the physical world. For now, not much is known about what happens when Erebos does this.

Kekkei Genkai
Tasogare Idenshi

This is the blood trait that Erebos Kunokai possesses that in actuality is merely the release of the body’s natural functioning on a level that by far surpasses that of any regulated form of manipulation that one can muster on their own.

The basic idea would be that of an inverted Curse Mark; whereas it takes chakra and brims it to the highest physical manipulation and increase, the Liminality Gene uses the mind to unleash chakra and energy to the highest outlet within the body. In a sense chakra on surplus sis inside the body even on a subatomic level but the body never gains access to such chakra or a way to use it.

By targeting the release of a flux in the body through an alternate source on a synaptic level; Erebos’ body accesses this chakra and it brims through his body and hypes up his entire existing properties, stemming from one focal point to another until it gets to the point that his chakra becomes simply liminal and he can maintain a sense of control and manipulation with his chakra, its awareness and the function of his chakra inside and outside his body with precise control and flow.

In other words, any skill that Erebos has will be increased to a point where its effects can easily become hampering on targets and possess residual properties that affect things in a chain reaction and with purposeful control of thirstier chakra and the force that chains it through his cells and that which can release it as a conversion; Erebos can actively change his structure to that of a chakra-physical state. It’s a simple logic that the use of this gene unto himself must be drawn upon first and the more complex the nature of an action Erebos uses, the more strain he puts on himself and eventually will have to stop.

Sight- Simply the sight that brims chakra from any nature and makes that nature residual, forming and breaking chakra patterns into and out of the future and coveting spatial occurrences to access and draw information outward to parallel what could happen and what couldn’t happen and then continue on the residual to stitch together actual occurrence.

Touch- A granted notion into the physical through the chakrtaic as residual chakra on any given thing that allows Erebos to read and trance occurrence with an object and objects and people or substances that have come into some kind of contact with these objects. Chakra left over even in partial ambience can be used in this nature to readily obtain a desired idea.

Shadowing- Probably the simplest of things Erebos can use his change of chakratic function for, this is the use of chakra to attach to other objects and shadow them, whether it be a buildup or just a small amount of energy for later or use seconds after.

Rending- N/A

Portal- N/A

Early Childhood- Well, Erebos was born to Ayumi Raito-Kunokai and Rayex Kunokai on December 22nd, a mere 2 minutes and 34 seconds after his brother Rayman was and as such, his childhood in its early years were never dull as he always had a playmate and was never alone, their family having so much love for one another that the only thing on Erebos' mind was to become a cool ninja like his parents and that if he ever needed anything, his brother would be there. They could do it together and be the best ninjas in the world. It was something along those lines that got Erebos to start training a lot right after the age of four, working himself up to a point where every chance he got, he trained if he wasn't asking questions or reading a book.

One can figure out that being so young and going crazy with training isn't directly good for the mind of a child, so Rayex stopped his son from working so hard and taught him to enjoy his childhood more while it was still available and from his mothers ideals, he also learned to do what seems right to you and never give in to anyone completely. These ideas stuck to his heart and when he was finally able to understand more about chakra, he asked to be taught jutsu by his parents.

Academy Years- Going to the ninja academy wasn't too boring, but Erebos was certainly a bright child and he didn't like being told what to do by the sensei, nor was he pleased with the pace that they were being taught, so on his own and with help from his mother, he ascended to another aspect of learning and at this point in time jealousy. Jealousy of his brother that is.

Raymen wasn't really into the kind of training that Erebos was so instead of ridiculous and absurd body development, he began to excel at weaponry, which wasn't a problem until he ended up getting all of these mystical weapons from Ayumi and their father. he saw it as unfair and so whined and trained more, eventually seeing that when you were a ninja you couldn't have it all and with that lesson learned he was awarded with both the knowledge of Promise; which was the scarf his mother had given him years before and Dedication a set of gauntlets that Rayec handed over after a conversation involving a new way to focus chakra, and a sparring match to go along with it.

School didn't change much, but Erebos made sure to try and make friends and develop a connection with people even though there were many times when his heart felt that he was simply better than them and that he deserved to be. By the time everyone had graduated from the academy and become genin, Erebos realized that he was still quite young and that now that he had more freedom, it was time to embrace his feelings and look at life in a new way; meely a road ahead to be traveled on.

Current- Not too much has been happening lately, but he isn't too fond of his teammates, Its not that they aren't appropriately trained or something of that nature, just that he feels empty being away from Rayman so much. People don't really understand how close he is to his brother, and now that they are on rival teams, his heart feels strained each and every time they do a mission and Team 17 gets a better one and vice versa.

Excitement and a mixture of calm and bad omens is what Erebos sees in his future...

Mother-Ayumi Raito-Kunokai
Father-Rayex Kunokai
Brother- Rayman Kunokai
Grandfather- Daaku Raito
Girlfriend- Reina Hyuuga

Likes- Reina Hyuuga, Fried onions, peaches, yoga, writing, Raizo Tamotsu and intellectual discussion.
Dislikes- Ignorance, laziness, and obesity

Erebos doesn't really care about other ninja as much as he cares about being on par with his twin brother and as such their bond is like no other, simply love outstanding.

Theme Song: Surreal - Ayumi Hamasaki(Male Version)
Battle Theme: Right Way - Evil Zone OST

Shaman Transcendence - Erebos dubbed this form of his liminal being due to the way he describes his soul as being on fire when activated ans also the principles behind the from while in use, as compared to the legendary "Sage Mode" The basic pricinciples of this form are rather simple but the simplicity gives Erebos dangerous force to use on foes or to protect others with.

By becoming an aperture unto Alnaphar, Erebos shifts his state of existence from human to that of a being not bound to the material plane and gains access to the essence of his own soul, spirit and the very energy that is used to draw summons forth unto the world. Inside of this state Erebos can perform any jutsu at no chaka cost as his oul or another soul merely heralds Alnaphar to make up for it and the elicited nature of his chakra becomes expanded to the extreme.

The push and pull of his chakra are unbound and he is enabled to form disturbances in the overall force of the essence of chakra itself. Currently the drain on Erebos after using this for is very high and he can only stay in it for a few moments at the most.

Physical changes to Erebos body include a thin coating of pressured chakra around his form that encases his body with a simple shin, and an increased saturation of his hair, including the eyebrows. Also during Shaman mode Erebos normally has a shadow or apparition of Alnaphar with him.

~Shaman.Transcendence Jutsu~

Saidai Senhappa(Maximum Beam Blast)- The magnitude of the Senhappa is amplified to pressured levels that unlike the previous version of the jutsu; are able to attack on muliple planes at once to wipe out jutsu and foes on a whole rather than just cause a single type of damage. The explsoive force behind the attack is much more damagerous that before and with the added chakratic matter and wider separated beam format, this jutsu can eat up other jutsu that clash with it near instantaneously and simply curve and follow the target it has been fired at. Erebos can also very easily branch off the Senhappa to attack more than one target at the same time.

Jigoku Kyuutai(Hell Orb)- A quick charge Vorpal Orb technique that can be used with the power of Shaman Mode by forming multiple extensions of a single vorpal Orn and then compressing them all down into one jutsu mass that is up to 20 times denser than the normal jutsu. The technique is basically the same, but Erebos doesn't hold this version of the technique in hand and rather fires it off like a cannon from his palm. The rushing chakra sheds off a field of chakra unseen to the eye which can disable chakra and also the sight of dojutsu as it moves, but the real danger lies in the impact and relative increased tracking the jutsu has developed. When it hits the jutsu breaks down and causes a horrible explosion of separating chakra that can both blst and shred targets caught in the large diameter of its blast radius.
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I left room for more jutsu to be learned during the RP. I'll start my 2nd character after you tell me if I need to change anything and it's ok.

"This hate can only be filled with hope and dreams of a better future."

Name: Reiko Isomae

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Personality: Reiko is the quite type. She rather show how she feels or demonstrate instead of talking but will speak her mind at the right time.Some say that she comes off as sarcastic when really she's not. She shows compassion for other and demonstrates no fear or sympothy when it comes to battle. She cares alot about her looks as she takes much pride in her beauty. She is very intellegent and cunning and will use her beauty to sometimes get her way.

Reiko give credit when credit is due and shows respect to those she thinks deserve it or have earned it.

Reiko Isomae

Village: Kumo

Chakra Element: Lightning, Water

Clan: Isomae Clan

Ninja Rank: Jounin

Team: ?

Weapon(s): 2 Katanas carried on her back



Thunder God: Swift as Light (A-Rank)- Kumo's version of the Body Flicker technique but with enhancements. The user moves at a high speed almost the speed of light and launches a birrage of combos of kicks and punches onto the enemy. Each time contact is made Reiko releases a bit of lightning chakra to stun the enemy so they wont be able to move.

Roaring Thunder Kick (B-Rank)- Reiko jumps in the air and rapidly and repeatedly kicks the enemy in the chest to where it sounds as if thunder is roaring from their chest.


Clap of Lightning: Electric Hunter (C-Rank, Lightning)- Filling her hands with electric chakra she holds them together and a stream of lightning releases from them in the shape of a wolf that she can control to attack enemies from afar.

Lightning Stream: Pack of Hunters (A-Rank, Lightning)- She streams Lightning from her fingers creating 10 lightning wolfs that she can control to attack or defend her.

Lightning Release: Rai Dragon Technique (B-Rank, Lightning)- Reiko creates a dragon head made from lightning chakra that attacks the enemy.

Burst of Lightning: Flock of Birds (B-Rank, Lightning)- Reiko releases her chakra in the form of a flock of electric birds. Whatever the birds come in contact with becomes paralyzed for a couple of seconds.

Lightning Stream: Numb Toes (B-Rank, Lightning)- Reiko thrusts her katana into the ground and streams her chakra through it sending electricity from her throught the katana and into the ground where whoever is in the path of the electricity will be immobile as to the lightning numbing their legs. Reiko can control the streams while its in the ground to where it wont effect allies.

Water Release: Hydrated Pond (A-Rank, Water)- Reiko thrusts her katana into the ground and send her chakra through it, by doin this she connects her water sensitive chakra to the surrounding area pulling water from the trees, ground, or whatever plants and even the air and raises it above to the ground to create a small pond of water to be used for water techniques. The downfall is that anyone can use the water for water techniques, even the enemy.

Water Style: Aquatic Blade of the Water Goddess (B-Rank, Water)- Reiko puts her hand into the water and forms it into the shape of a sword coming from her arm. THe water sword can stretch out to far away enemies and peirce them and even cut down trees and deflect metal objects such as kunai.

Water Style: Healing Hands (C-Rank, Water)- Reiko uses the water to make woulds heal faster.

Pressure Dome Technique (A-Rank, Water)- Reiko surrounds the enemy with water and incloses them in it. While they are inside she makes the water dome get smaller and smaller which raises the pressure and when the pressure gets to a certain point the enemy inside will either be crushed or explode due to the pressure.


Lightning Sword Stream (C-Rank, Lightning)- Reiko streams her lightning chakra into her katanas.

Isomae Clan Style: Whirling Sword Dance (C-Rank)- Reiko uses footwork to dash towards the enemy while swinging and slashes her katana. She spins around while moving to where it looks like a beautiful dance and attacks the enemy with full force of her blade. This technique can be used with 1 or 2 katanas.

Isomae Clan Style: Lightning Disk Sword Bullet (B-Rank, Lightning)- Reiko carries both swords in her hands. SHe thrusts one into the ground and stands ontop of it as the other sword is in her hand. Both swords are charged with lightning chakra. In the blink of an eye Reiko crouches in the fetile position while doing a flip, grabbing the katana in the ground between her two feet and rapidly spins towards the enemy. The intensity of the swords, the lightning, and the speed she's moving makes it hard to dodge her attack. A powerful earth technique could slow her down or possibly stop her movements. If contact is made then the enemy gets sliced.

Isomae Clan Style: Strike of Deciet (C-Rank)- Reiko uses a source of light to hide herself in (sun during day, moon at night) and appears as if she is about to strike from the front but she moves away fast enough to where it leaves an illusion of her in that spot and she strikes from the back with her blade.

Specialty: Intelligence, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu

Forbidden Jutsu: (same as limit break)

Limit Break Jutsu:

Isomae Clan Secret Technique: Summoning of the Raidon Kensei (S-Rank, Lightning)- Reiko's body becomes surrounded in a Raiton Armor as she becomes a medium for the Raidon Kensei(Thunder God Sword Master). THe Raiton Armor takes the shape of a swordmen with a mask wearing samurai uniform. The Kensei then attacks everyone with great speed for a couple seconds then when the chakra is almost up the chakra releases sending an explosion of electricity in all direction. Afterwards Reiko is left unconscious and will require days in the hospital to recover.


Reiko is a part of Kumo's Isomae Clan. A clan known for their skills in Kenjutsu and Lightning Techniques. She is the oldest daughter of Makoto and Asami Isomae and the older sister of twins Hana and Kei Isomae.

Reiko graduated the Academy at 12 and became a Genin. She was always seen as smart but otherwise was just as normal as any genin coming from the academy. At 14 she took the Chunin exam the first time and was the first among her year to become a Chunin. Through training with her sensei and her father she became a better kunoichi gained fame for her skills over the years. At 18 she became a Jounin and just recently she became a part of Kumo's ANBU team.
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Name: Makoto
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Personality: Simply put, Makoto is a very serious, calm person. She handles situations with a sense of maturity not often seen in kids her age. However when it comes to her pride she tends to forget her manners and becomes unstable. She has a passive attitude towards her fellow ninja, only seeing them as comrades and nothing more. To her growing close to someone is only a hindrance.

Spoiler Spoiler Show

Home Village: Konoha
Chakra Element: Water/Earth
Clan: She's half Uchiha and Hyuuga. But it's not as if she belongs to one...
Ninja Rank: Genin
Team: 11
Weapon(s): Aside from her short blade she keeps all her weapons in hidden summon scrolls. This way she is able to call forth large amounts of kunai, paper bombs, ect...

Makoto can augment her blows using her chakra, increasing the damage done.

Feral fu': A fighting style that Makoto can use when in Feral Sage mode. Due to her body becoming more flexible and strong, she can move in quick and odd ways that dumbfound most opponents.

Earth Release: Destructive Rising Rock Pillars- This jutsu causes gigantic pillars of rock to forcefully emerge from the ground, causing shockwaves in the process that flatten the ground around them and cause devastating damage to the enemy. Because it goes in all directions and causes such large shockwaves, this jutsu is perfect against a large number of foes, though there is the possibility of hurting one's own allies. C-rank.

Earth Release: Pyramid of Death. A large pyramid of chakra infused rock forms around the target enclosing them inside. Makoto can then alter the shape and behavior of the rock, creating traps. A-rank

Water Release: Violent Water Wave- Water gushes out from the mouth like a waterfall and washes away the enemy. One can freely control the power of this technique with the amount chakra one releases. Having many variations. C-rank.

Water Release: Gunshot- The user kneads chakra, and converts it into water, and then spits it out in the form of condensed balls. The high-speed waterball attack possesses just as much power to kill as an actual gunshot. While this is a water release technique, it can still be employed someplace where no water is available, which is a great advantage. It's also possible to increase the power of destruction of the balls themselves by building up the chakra inside of them. The number of bullets is determined while kneading chakra. By taking advantage of gravity, the bullets can brutally increase in power. C-rank.

Water Release: Aqua guard- The user kneads chakra, and converts it into water, and then uses the water to form barriers around them self. B-rank.

Earth/Water Release: Terraform Dragon: Combining earth and water elements Makoto creates a dragon made of reinforced rock, it can be made to spit out water in a dangerous torrent and can also charge the enemy. B-rank

Earth Release: Barren Earth: For this jutsu Makoto must have her Kekkei Genkai active. She causes the ground around her target to split open, and then explode upwards, she then molds the rubble into a ball of unstable rock infused with her nature element. She can then optional add in sharp ninja tools to create more shrapnel. She then forces the 'bomb' down to her opponent, causing a massive explosion.

*Sub Jutsu: none
-Genjutsu: none
Specialty: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Weaponry.
Forbidden Jutsu: none
Limit Break Jutsu: Zansatsu ame - A ninjutsu using both water and earth elements. After forming ten hand signs the ground begins to rumble and break apart. Large boulders form and crash into her opponent, after wards a vortex of water forms, taking the boulders and the victim into the air, the boulders doing extra damage as they spiral around. This lasts for about ten seconds, and then it all comes crashing to the ground. If she has her Kekkei Genkai active, she can infuse chakra into the boulders causing them to explode after the ten seconds are up.

Kekkei Genkai: Honshitsu - A Kekkei Genkai that somehow manifested when Makoto was born. The basics of Honshitsu is that it allows the user to connect to chakra energy in ways that would be impossible for a normal ninja to do. With the KG active Makoto can sense, understand, and draw in the essence of any chakra. This enables her to learn new jutsu at an accelerated pace, as well as gives her the ability to manipulate the chakra flow of certain objects and living things, such as plants. Using this KG, Makoto can become a natural user of Senjutsu

Feral Sage Mode: Gathering the sufficient amount of nature chakra Makoto is able to enter a powerful state. He body takes on feline features, the extent of which depending on the amount of concentration she has. While in this state she gains a great increase in speed, endurance, and strength, with a focus on speed. Her Ninjutsu and Taijutsu are also enhanced greatly. Sage mode usually requires that the user stay still to gather nature chakra, however because of her Keikkei Genkai she is able to enter Sage Mode at will, as well as stay in the form for longer periods of time.

Bio: Makoto was only two years old when her parents were killed in the genocide. Even though she was a half blood she was spared, although that may have been the reason it's self. She was taken in by a common family, watched over by the ANBU, the idea being that if she showed any sign of possessing a Dojutsu. Years passed, and she began studying in the Academy. She advanced regularly, not really showing any excitement in her studies. However whenever it came to proving herself she did so and more, surprising classmates and teachers alike. Even now she is still watched by the ANBU, unnoticed by Makoto.
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Name: Mashiro Watsuki

Age: 20

Personality: Mashiro depends more on his swords than people. He's willing to make friends within The Syndicate, but that's only so the missions will go smoother. He only thinks about what's good for the Syndicate. If someone can't to go on, he won't hesitate to kill them even if s/he's his teammate. In battle, he's cold and ruthless. He hates fighting women. He can be seen cleaning his swords and enjoying a cup of tea on his downtime.

Appearance: Mashiro is 6'2", has blue eyes, and has black, swept back hair. He has a scar under his left eye from a training session gone wrong. Under it, he's usually wearing a grey kimono with a black, sleeveless haori with the kanji for "iron" on the middle of its back. Despite being a ronin, he still wears the chest plate and boots (both of which are colored white). Lastly, he carries his kodachi and wakizashi on a maroon sash on the right side of his hip.

Former Village: Land of Iron

Chakra Element: Lightning

Clan: N/A

Missing Rank: S-rank

Partner: Anyone willing to come along

Weapon(s): A kodachi and wakizashi with nothing special about them that he always carries with him. The kodachi has a shirasaya-like hilt while the wakizashi has a the usual katana-like hilt. The sheathes however have summoning sigils on their sides that allow him to summon (possibly exploding) kunai, tantos, and demon wind shurikens.

Specialty: Weaponry, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Chakra Control


Samurai Saber Technique:
Mashiro will channel his chakra through his swords. This extends the reach and the cutting edge of the blade, and also allows the user to fire crescents of energy whenever the blade is swung. This released chakra is capable of slashing through stone. He can also use this with his lightning nature.

Attacking while unsheathing the sword.

Blue Jet
Using his lightning nature, Mashiro will enhance his body's speed with the power of electricity. It doesn't protect him at all. Although not at the Raikage's level, it's still a formidable technique. This increases his speed from Initial Speed to Semi Warp Particle Shifts.

Blue Jet: Re-strike
By firing a small burst of lightning from under his feet, Mashiro will gain a quick burst of speed. If used mid-air, he can perform a sort of double jump.

Blue Jet: Astraphobia
A barrage of lightning fast punches empowered by electricity.

Blue Jet: Mjöllnir
A vast amount of lightning will be stored in his fist and will be fired out of his shoulder blade, which will either send him spiraling forward or send him in a straight line (depends on his mood). He can even stop suddenly and change direction. But, stopping suddenly puts a lot of stress on his knee.

[D Rank] Lightning Release: Thunderstorm
A shotgun-esque burst of electricity coming from his fist. This technique will fire 20 darts of electricity and cover the distance of a real shotgun.

*Sub Jutsu
[C Rank] Lightning Release: Thunderstruck
A shotgun-esque burst of electricity coming from his fist. This technique will fire 20 senbon of and cover the distance of a real shotgun. They are capable of piercing flesh.

[C Rank] Lightning Release: Discharge
Mashiro will block a lightning or earth type attack with his hands covered with chakra to neutralize said attack. If it's a lightning-type jutsu, the amount of chakra consumed will depend on the strength of the attack.

[B Rank] Lightning Release: Raijin's Fist
Mashiro will charge lightning chakra into his fist. When he throws a punch, a colossal fist of chakra will fly forward and crush its target.

[B Rank] Lightning Release: Ball Lightning
Mashiro will create a baseball-sized orb of electricity and chuck it. Then the ball will explode with a meter wide blast radius.

[A Rank] Lightning Release: Zeus's Wrath
Mashiro will charge a large amount of chakra in his palm and fire a bolt of lightning from it. He likes to grab his victim's face then use this technique.

[A Rank] Lightning Release: Rudra's Blade
This technique uses lightning chakra and Shape Transformation to form a chokuto blade whose maximum length is 2 meters. This blade is capable of piercing flesh and numb the area it stabs. Also happens to be his favorite technique and the first that he created.

Limit Break Jutsu:
[S Rank] Raikiri (Lightning Cutter)
This technique channels a large amount of lightning chakra to the user's hand. The amount of chakra is so great that it becomes visible. Once the technique is completed, the user charges forward and thrusts the lightning covered hand into the target. This produces heavy amounts of damage that is usually fatal. The speed that this technique can be executed is between Initial Speed and Semi Warp Particle Shifts. He can also use this technique with his swords. He can only use this attack effectively once a day.

Originally born in the Land of Iron, Mashiro was a seasoned samurai and a genius when it came to their techniques. He discovered his affinity for the lightning nature when he was nine years old. After finding this out, he went through vast amounts of scrolls to find out how to use his lightning nature. At age 18, he found scrolls about the infamous Raikiri. Though they were based on rumors, he mastered the technique. He left the Land of Iron a year after that to learn and create more techniques and joined the Shinjike-to Arata during this time.

Extra: His father is a Land of Iron native while his mother comes from Kumo. Like him, his father was one of the best samurai in the country, while his mother was an expert in Lightning-type jutsu. They were killed in battle when he was young.
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Name: Daiki Himura
Nickname(s): Dai
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Personality: Calm and likes to keep his cool, but secretly very passionate and idealistic. Likes to be a (backseat) leader and inspire others. Humble, due to his harsh past he likes to show kindness to others. Very respectful to others and has traditional ideas of honor and bravery, but not afraid to use the ends to justify the means. Sometimes shy, usually awkward, eternally misunderstood (communication issues)

Appearance: a bit short for his age at 5’5, his skin is a bit tanned and rough. You can't say he's pale or white yet you can't say he's not coloured either. He dons a silvery flak jacket in the style of chunin and jonin over a black tee-shirt. Dons a long, ragged red scarf which is wrapped thickly yet loosely around his neck without obscuring his features, it runs down his back thinly, widening at its end. His nose is small, pointed, defined yet soft. Those words could sum up his facial features in a whole, defined yet soft. He dons long dark-yet-not-quite blue shorts with swirl patterns on them, his legs almost entirely covered by his long brown sandles.

Home Village: Konoha
Chakra Element: Darkness, Air
Clan: (Adopted) Himura, Uchia
Ninja Rank: Genin
Team: 17

Aniborous Stars:

The Himura Clan is primarily made up of diggers, miners and blacksmiths, they’re most important discovery is the rock they named Aniborous. This emerald Chakra sensitive rock recognizes the Chakra of it’s users when the user first makes contact with it. Since it has no Chakra of it’s own, it can be imbued and store it’s users Chakra. This is handy if the user is low on Chakra or needs a little more oomph to their attack and would not waste their own Chakra. The emerald stars on the back of Daiki’s gloves are his Aniborous Stars, which expand an inch in every direction when used. They stone is unnaturally hard an can only be destroyed by it’s brethren. Its user can manipulate the stone into different shapes but only up to five inches when not in star shape.

Tempest, Tai-Fu, "The Mirror Weapon":

A clear hollow looking rod as long as Daiki’s arm which appears to be made of stone. This is Daiki’s prized position and these type of weapons are the soul of the Himura clan. Whereas the shape bending abilities and capacity to hold Chakra of the Aniborous Stars is limited, Tempest excels. Tempest Can extend two metres and be used as a sword-like and staff weapon. Whatever Chakra flows into it, it fills the entire weapon up. When first pouring your chakra in any form of Aniborous, your chakra becomes fused with the chemicals inside the weapon. This combonation of chakra and chemicals is can be moved around to manipulate the shape of the weapon but cannot be taken out, so even when empty of chakra it can still move,


Daiki’s main blade. Constructed of pure Aniborous and black metal, a dagger whose blade is no longer than his own hand. It's handle is brown leather and the curved blade is black, save around its edges.

Jinki: Daiki's personal scroll already imbued with ink. Reacting to a certain ninjutsu, it copies down techniques he has memorised with his sharingans. Scroll is quite small, black, with red kanjii on it.
Sharingan: both eyes, two tomoe in the left and three in the right


The Drill of the Abyss: utilizing his sharigan, a claw made of burning dark Chakra attacks Daiki’s opponent in a spiral motion on and on again. When the apex of the dark spiral is reached, the drill twists and attacks its enemy with all it’s might (A Rank)

Firestyle: Defensive Phoenix Justu: Daiki unleashes a torrent of flames in circular motion the spreads out and shields him or his comrades with flames. Though primarily defensive, he can attack with it and the Justu forms the shape of a great fiery Phoenix. (C Rank)

Daisengan: Daiki forces the wind Chakra he has to form into a spherical shape, which becomes self-sustaining. He does this by concentrating a singularity within the area around his hand. This singularity is a highly concentrated point of wind Chakra that moves the other wind Chakra to move in a spiral motion around it.( Like the way the solar systems move around the center of a galaxy). This creates the basic spiral shape if the attack, then Daiki adds wind Chakra from within himself to cause an influx of Chakra that latches itself onto the already forming sphere and completes the shape. Due to the powerful singularity within the center of the sphere, the attack does a good deal of damage as opposed to just a regular ball of condensed Air Chakra. These Daisengans consume more energy depending on their size and how far away he creates them from, it is easiest to fashion one in your hand. (B Rank)

Note: there are proportions to the release of this wind, though. The smaller the Daisengan, the closer you are to a 1:1 ratio of release. Meaning a Daisengan around the size of a large marble or small ball could be released and recreated with the same wind over and over again whilst a regular sized one would release something akin to 1:2, it could release enough energy for one half its size and so forth. The larger the Daisengan, the less usable wind left over (most of it explodes away and dissolves into the air)

Claws of the Wind: attacks with wind Chakra in claw motion which give deep gashes to opponent, then slams palms into injured are to overload with wind Chakra causing serious internal damage ( C Rank)
Futon: a simple wave of wind chakra that forms a defensive sphere that encases the user. Blocks and throws back physical attacks but impairs the user since you can't see outside of it with your regular eyes. Can be extended to larger parameters but the smaller it is, the more powerful.

Jinki-ra: a smaller sharingan technique, users of the sharingan can memorise many techniques which they see and copy them, though there are many exceptions. This technique simply transfers those techniques to Daiki's scroll to review and/or edit later (No Rank)

Baikeh: the air pressure that surrounds our bodies that prevents us from being crushed by air can be manipulated. Daiki leechs off the chakra that is within the air pressure that surrounds his body, since that air pressure is infinite he uses it to constantly reimburse himself when using the sharingan.

~Wind Bending~

Not a technique in itself really but Daiki's specialty. The chakra affinity within Daiki's blood is Wind, making him more sensitive and in-tune to the air around the world as well as making it easier for him to manipulate. To him, he's almost wading through a world of tiny oxygen atoms that he can feel. Obviously he can't break it down to a molecular level or microscopic but the changes he notices and observes go far beyond the normal five senses. All he does is reach out and use it. There is wind in nature and all Daiki does is emit very little amounts of his transformed wind chakra into said air, almost like throwing a signal out to the world of air as a hook and compatibility test. It is how he gets a preciser feel for the wind, then he simply distributes that signal which "infects" the wind and manipulates the area or amount of wind he has chosen

Wind Style: Daisengan Variant Spiral Armor
The jutsu utilizes multiple altered Daisengans to increase speed, strength, and allow some other functions. To cover the entire external body so it is more efficient to do so in sections, which are:

Spiral Hands
Spiral Arms
Spiral Chest
Spiral Legs
Spiral Feet

These gyrating balls seamlessly adjust to the movements of this body, causing quite a dizzying affect to those who gaze upon him. Their purpose is to maximize speed while reducing air-caused friction and use that friction to continue to maximize this speed. They also


Morpheus: using his sharigans, Daiki creates illusion within opponent’s mind. This illusion shows them their dreams fulfilled and gives them such an innate sense of europhia that they would not leave without hurt. If he senses his opponent leaving said dream, he abruptly twists the dream into a traumatizing nightmare. (B rank)

The Abyss: utilizing his sharingan, Daiki creates an illusion within opponent’s mind. The illusion gives the sensation of drowning and simultaneously falling in pitch-black darkness. (B Rank)


Aero Attacks: Daiki will incorporate air Chakra manipulation in his attacks to make them faster and stronger, as well as to better reduce and use air resistance to his advantage.

Aero Punch:

This move is classified as Taijutsu though using Chakra a bit. Daiki twists his hands while moving into a punch while manipulating the wind Chakra around his hand. The friction gives his punch much more strength and creates a small-condensed ball of wind in front of his fist. (C Rank)

Aerial Avenger:

Sweeps opponents’ legs with one leg while using other legs knee’s to launch opponent upwards a bit. Then flips backward while giving full kick to fully launch opponent upwards. Does handstand from his flip to launch himself backwards in aerial somersault, manipulating the air around him to go way past his opponent. When his far above his opponent, he spreads himself far to slow down. Then knocks opponent back to ground with Aero Punch.
(C Rank)

Specialty: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Intelligence

Forbidden Jutsu: This jutsu was accidentally developed by Daiki while looking through rather archaic scrolls and is a theoritc jutsu more than anything as he's never used it before. It is his Daisengan but with an altered twist; the initial singularity that begins the jutsu is not made through wind chakra, but rather the dark chakra Daiki harbours within. Multiple times stronger then a regular Dasiengan and one with dangerous properties, Daiki dares not to test this.

Limit Break Jutsu:

Cosmic Giga Drill Breaker:
Starts off with using sharigan to envelop opponent with burning darkness. As this darkness holds his opponent, Dai launches a multitide of Aero punches until slamming his opponent with a Daisengan. Uses sharigan to open points of wind chakra within the opponent's body or defenses. These singularities spin with utmost speed and violence, acting like minature black holes that consume anything physical and sends it scattering. Uses his shining drill with small Daisengan at tip and pierces his opponent through.

Bio: The Konoha village secretly experimented with implanting the last of the sharingans to young children to make them the ultimate soldiers. Daiki was one of those children and the youngest. Due to a multitude of reasons, the training failed with Daiki mostly due to his own tender age. With no parents, the government put him into the orphanage while keeping in eye on him. The kind leader of the Himura clan adopted him as his only son since his late wife left him no offspring. The father was kind and indulgent towards the child, causing resentment among the other clan members. His "cousins" treated him quite badly and often reminded him he was adopted. This only intensified when he was called "The pride and joy" of the Himura clan. Due to his experimentation, Daiki entered the academy at an older age then most. Shy and quiet, he kept to himself most of the time. After a few incidents, Daiki proved himself an able ninja and leader, which caused many of the students to call him "Onii-Chan" which means "Big Brother". His current ambition is to become a Chunin, he has no memories of his very early childhood or original parents.

Prior to the chunin exams he developed relations, positive, negative and a mix of both with otehr students as well as meeting another Sharingan user who became his defacto sensei. He also learned the secret of his parentage and lineage from The Hokage. Through unfortunate luck, his father did not inherit the Sharingan gentetically. It always placed him a notch below his fellow clan members but he stroved his own way, however he knew they always considered him a failure. So when he married outside of his clan, he didn't have much regrets. Unfortunately, both clans disowned the couple so when Daiki's father was killed in action and his mother was dying, no one was left to take care of him. Worst was how his genes were reacting within the new-born meant his Sharingan was dominant enough to be controlled but it would never manifest itself. The combination of these things made him nearly blind at birth and he would only get worse. The Hokage honoured Daiki's mother's last wishes and personally performed the necessary operation to transplant a set of Sharingan eyes to the infant.

Extra: Loves Ramen and Milk, likes cats and digging. Can become very dramatic
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The realm of Sleep
This hate can only be filled with destruction to those that bring hate upon us.

Name: Kishain Shinji

Nickname(s): Shane,” Wind Assassin”

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Personality: Cocky and goofy yet intelligent Kishain boasts about how he shall become one of the greatest ninja who ever lived in the village. In his academy days he would burst into the classroom and yell “Have no fear for the wind assassin is here!” and always got in trouble for it. Even though he’s cocky his attitude changes when he either: in battle or training.

Appearance: Around 5’7 brown skin with dark brown eyes and spiky green hair. He wears a green shirt with a small yin yang symbol on the back around the neck area of the shirt and wears a yin yang necklace, also wears black wristbands and black pants with white shoes. Kishain almost always has his hands either in his pockets or on his head. He also carriers a one strapped black backpack on his back where he stores most of his items.

Home Village: Konoha

Chakra Element: Wind

Clan: none

Ninja Rank: Genin

Team: 11

Weapon(s): Blade- sharpened blade that looks similar to a katana but is slightly larger than a kunai with a small chain and a circular ring on the end that he uses to twirl his blade.

Mini shuriken

Smoke bomb

Flash bomb

Jutsu: Limit to 12, Divide how you please


Wind Style: Tornado Armor- Kishain manipulates the wind around him and uses it as a thin armor, he is also capable of using offensive attacks in this form, as he uses Taijutsu the wind around him cuts whatever it comes into contact with. B-rank

Wind Style: Hurricane fist- By pushing chakra into hs palms and absorbing the air around him Kishain focuses his chakra in his palms and utilizes wind like gloves and pulverizes the enemy with it, he is also capable of throwing it. C-rank

Wind style: Wind Drill- The user focuses their chakra into the blade as wind wraps itself around the user’s blade and causes Minor injury upon contact. C-rank

Wind Style: Wind Clone- The user creates a clone that is made of wind. C-rank

Water Style: Twin Water Dragon- The user uses water nearby to make large water dragons.

Wind style: Current Rider- By combining his chakra with the air currents around them the user can manipulate the currents to do what the user needs (for ex. pushing a massive amount of air at the opponent, riding the current to dodge attacks etc.) but by using this technique it depletes their chakra at a fast rate. A-rank

Chakra push- The user builds chakra into their legs to jump around in mid-air to dodge attacks or to reach higher places; can only be used twice while in mid-air. C-rank

Kenjutsu Style: Sharp Fang- This jutsu causes the user to push chakra into their blade which makes the blade turn into a silver shine and sharpens the blade itself to a point where it could cut through steal with ease. B-rank


Silent Whisper- By focusing his chakra around his feet Kishain is capable of moving at an extreme speed where the target is unaware of his presence (used for assassinations or sneak attacks on the
opponent). A-rank

Shadow Kick- The user does a barrage of high speed kicks. C-rank

Spinning Lion fist- When a punch lands contact unto the opponent it twists the chakra inside of them which causes paralysis and internal bleeding. B-rank

First Sword Dance- The opponent’s senses goes down to point where time appears to move slower and swords appear to pierce them. C-rank

Specialty: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Weaponry

Limit Break Jutsu: Wind style: Double Kamikaze Spear- Two spear’s made of pure wind which is thrown at the enemy and explodes upon contact tearing anything it comes into contact with, when contact is made sends powerful waves of air at them tearing anything and everything around it( for ex. If the user uses close combat with it every time the spear hits them a powerful force pushes them back) Side effects- the user’s hands are damaged from holding it and drains a large amount of chakra from the user leaving them weak.

Bio: Academy Student background- When a student at the academy Kishain was one of the laughing stocks of the class. Kids laughed at his dream of becoming one of the greatest ninja in the village since he failed his academy graduation exam and constantly got detention for bursting in the classroom late saying “Have no fear the Wind assassin is here”. The kids would laugh at him and say with his kind of talent he would be lucky just to make it to his second mission if he ever had one. After passing the exam the next year he vowed to work hard and achieve his goals by training hard and eating right.

Extra: Theme song- YouTube - ‪Linkin Park - Somewhere i belong + Lyrics‬‎

Battle Theme song- YouTube - ‪Skillet - Awake and Alive (Lyrics)‬‎
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This hate can only be filled with the beginning of a singular eternity;
Omniscient and seeing all that goes on in grief."

Name: Sojiro

Nickname(s): Soji/The Pink Scream

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Personality: Optimistic, or maybe strangely happy?? It’s a hard notion to pick up on, he used to be happy and full of joy all the time, but after an event when he was a teen there was nothing left for him to care for. His friends gone or dead, and his missions bound only to what he could top, his mind began to deteriorate emotionally until all he acts on is what might be in front of him. Sojiro is loud and might as well be nutty in intentions. There are certain aspects that one an be sure of with him; his students, his pride, and his passion for life. At any given time, Sojiro would give it all up if he had to for kids, he loves them more than his own life...

Appearance: Sojiro used to be a total punk and might as well looked like one as he was growing up, but after awhile he DID grow up, and now is a looker, cleaned up and dressed casually, with a cute calm face, Sojiro looks a bit younger because he is completely clean shaved and apparently has his eyebrows done because even at the age of 23, he looks like a teenager. Physically his body is quite attractive. His skin tone is fairly creamy, but pale in the light where he could be a vampire or something like that. Soji stands at 5'10 and the body is just great for somebody whom appears his age and he stands upright in grace.

Sojiro has a more classic look for himself which is dark and adorned with splashes of pink and purple which seem to be his favorite color, he is covered in a robe and wears an arm warmer of banadages and a large handkerchief with select colors of purple and pink, like his shinobi sandals and robe have the same color scheme.
Home Village: Konoha

Chakra Element: Ruin, Light, Pure

Clan: ????

Ninja Rank: Jounin...

Team: Jounin Leader Squad 17

Katana Kichigai (Blade Madness) - An enormous sword that Sojiro fights with as if it were a stick or something much smaller. Nobody sees him carrying it around because he just randomly pulls it out of his body and wields it directly from there. The sword has a sharp edge that gleams with a pink aura though small, which makes sense since Sojiro's jutsu even have that same color scheme. Not only is the blade dense and holds chakra inside it, it can stand against other blades quite easily and is prone to be used defensively as well. Other than basic enhanced durability and the chakratic enhancement of easy movement, this blade isn't a super weapon or anything of the sort, at least as long as Sojiro doesn't activate its chakra purge ability; explained in that word alone.

Katana Nagusami (Blade Comfort) - A normal sized katana that Sojiro uses to battle with. Its a weapon that is infused with an alarming capacity for chakra and rather than make the blade denser, or powerful, it allows the blade to vibrate on an atomic level as to cause deeper and more painful wounds from the slightest of slashes. Beyond that ability, Blade Comfort can ignite its blade with an aura of fire to burn enemies, an aura of wind to counter enemy blows easier, or an aura of displaced chakra to generate weight against the opposite blade.

Chiyu Uindo (Healing Wind) - An armament that Sojiro regularly is encased inside his being, in a pocket space close to the surface that infuses the body with a cycle of ruin and ambient chakra to restore wounds inflicted with a quicker pace as to give extra stamina in battle. It isn't exactly automatic however, as Sojiro must activate it via hand sings to heal greater wounds as these cost quite a bit of chakra to do so, and is dangerous if attempted with too little chakra.

Specialty: Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu, Senjutsu, Weaponry


Kyuujou Kichigai no Jutsu (Spherical Madness Technique)- A jutsu that conjures chakra into two small spheres that are held inside the hands while charged with chakra. Pinkish in color, both of these chakra objects are made to track chakra sources as targets and so Sojiro can launches these two attacks and have them crash into enemies causing quite a bit of damage from chakra extortion from the emission of chakra on contact in an omni-direction field. Sojiro can hold these jutsu and bash them into objects for the same cause with even greater effect. It is noted that the more chakra is used during the charge, the more damage and larger the orbs become. ~B-Rank, Pure~

Rinneru Kichigai no Jutsu (Linear Madness Technique)- A distorted chakra field is built rapidly around Sojiro's body and laced with ambient chakra particles that blanket him from damage for a short time before he throws his palm forward and it explodes forth with a pink beam of chakra that on the inside is lined with spaced out particles that explode consecutively upon impact with the ground or targets. ~B-Rank, Pure~

~Rinneru Toraumanami (Linear Trauma Wave)- A bold revamp of the Linear Madness Technique, this jutsu adds the effects of concentration and chakra density to open up the chakra inside the technique to higher levels of raw pure chakra damage, and also ebb the chakra into a state of increased , malleability to sequence the jutsu into elemental categories. When the beam is charged and shot forth, it is thicker and less spaced out on the inside, filled with water chakra that holds the jutsu together more efficiently and also combines the effects of drilling, crushing, and pulsing concussive force all into one. ~A-Rank, Water/Pure~

Bakuhatsu Kichigai no Jutsu (Detonation Madness Technique)- Sojiro makes a small space and fills it with chakra on the ground, pretty much anywhere he can see directly and uses chakra distortion to warp the chakra in on itself and build up an array of bubbling particles that with a short hand sign sequence, ignite and detonate in a blast of chakra that spreads out for several yards, catching anybody in the way in quite a lot of pain. ~Pure~

~Kibaku Shingai no Jutsu (Exploding Terror Technique)- A rift in the ground is made and filled with many different kinds of chakra and while they fuel each other in a smash up of conflicting energies, Sojiro aligns the chakra used with the chakra he is building up inside his palm and mouth. Before long the amount of energy inside both places must be released, but by generating a self sustaining field of chakra underground; Sojiro fires the beam of particles from his hands and they mow down and explode around foes in a dense blast that sets off the chakra held underground which ignites the area with burning chakratic explosions that might has well have involved a bunch of C4. It always involves lots of destruction and an even larger pink mushroom cloud of smoke. ~A-Rank, Pure/Fire~

Nejimawashi Raikiri(Screwdriver Lightning Cutter)- Instead of merely charging ambient lightning chakra through the body to his hands, Sojiro increases the voltage of electricity, and manipulates his chakra to that of lightning, leaving only a small amount of his chakra untouched. The entire body surges with lightning, and he jumps, spinning the body around rapidly. During the spin, his chakra heats up and causes a mutation in particles, that turns the lightning chakra magenta. Sojiro tears off at high speed, the power and force of the spin increasing with every rotation. Now shaped like a giant screw of sorts, he smashes himself into an opponent multiple times, shocking, ripping, and searing their flesh. The last pass always knocks the opponent into a collapse, and without the proper chakra defenses causes’ major damage. There is also an extra explosion of lightning that laces the air with electricity and lying pulses of chakra all at random. ~A-Rank, Lightning~

Akarui Tekidan no Jutsu (Bright Grenade Technique)- After three basic hand signs, Sojiro draws his hands to his chest and a small orb of chakra infused with light is formed. He pushes it forward and then releases a pulse of blinding light that also instantly adds mass to the jutsu and fires it off as a lump of force that has a nice amount of material in it. The flash can render eye dojutsu nearby useless and upon impact there is a nice sized blast. After this like a grenade there is a small wait and then the entire jutsu blows up again. ~B-Rank, Light~

~Tekateka Tekidan no Jutsu(Gleaming Grenade Technique)- A larger amount of chakra is used to make an even larger orb and it glows with fierce light, the chakra inside the orb generates a massive flash that moves outward from Sojiro and also throws with it a wave of damaging chakra with the previous effects. As the chakra is fired from the chest a lump of light chakra crashes into the enemy or near them and blows up, but as this happens, Soji throws an even larger lump of chakra from his hand that can cause a chain reaction of exploding light chakra. ~A-Rank, Light/Pure~

Kekkai Genkai: Hametsugan (Ruin Eye)- A dojutsu that actually spawns from the rapid cellular combination of DNA from an Uchiha and another powerful kekkei genkai. The chakra splices and regulatory effects inside the system basically ruin the chakra that would form the Sharingan and instead expose this kekkei genkai into existence. The eyes both have a retrospect appearance to the preceeding dojutsu that being the eye has tomoe and bands connecting them. There are four black tomoe inside a deep pink eye that are slanted and connected with a thin band of purple. The basic concept of this kekkei genkai is the viewing in perfect clarity what is going on, not in angles or degrees, but with displacement of the flow of ruined chakra to and from another existence. This grants sight inside and out of an opponent’s mind as a link with them, the view of chakra, and bodily functioning, though Sojiro can only do this to 2 people at any given time in proximity to his person

Chakratic function involves the calculation of chakra and the surroundings as to disband the sight from the body directly if chosen and focus it out of chakra exhausting itself to view other areas not in direct sight of the body. The eyes themselves drain chakratic force in two directions, basically ruining its anchor point and breaking down chakra so it can't be used properly after released. Sojiro's prowess for governing and manifesting chakra in its purity but also its corruption as to can stitch together chakratic force and just as easily corrupt it or break it apart and use backwards effects of the force that are focused near or around his being as to format chakra or mimic said principles based upon the ruin factor, which also allow Sojiro to embody objects within himself with no harm done as they are literally held within a pocket dimension of ruin chakra that he can access at any given time.

The embodying chakra that stems from the Hametsugan as a factor to serve and mix chakra with a flux that breaks other chakra down and overwrites chakra stability as it is used. using said chakra, Sojiro can easily stimulate chakra to copy witnessed chakra and go as far as to change the format of chakra inside any given attack of his to hold ruin chakra which eats away at chakratic defenses before it. Awash with unexplainable chakra and essence that can emit from this ruined chakra rite pretty much means the sealing of outside forces and the release of extremely dangerous chakra that can eradicate even layered forms of chakra and brandish DNA essences.

Hakyoku Hametsugan (Cataclysm Ruin Eye)- This is the heightened stage of the Hametsugan that is a direct embodiment of ruin chakra being emitted from the body, expanding outwards in a large radius to affect the area unto a ruined state with rampant chakratic control. The eyes change drastically, losing the 4th tomoe and having the purple bands thicken and expand across the eye while the remaining tomoe slowly rotate and divvy chakra. Sojiro at this point gains a dangerous connection to chakra and can embody it to affect both time and space through streams of chakra and as such move extremely fast, or cause others to move at a snail’s pace. The chakra generated upon activation of this stage of the dojutsu is alarming and causes harsh damage to Sojiro when used, though the forces stemming from his body nullify the pain as such. Physical strength is multiplied by at least ten times and so is the output of ruin chakra to control and use as Sojiro seems fit. He can string time-lines with the uses of chakra and control what, where, when and how of just about any object as long as it isn’t completely conscious of its own existence and is allowed the same things with spacial interference.

Each time Sojiro uses this advanced trait, his body is prone to overexposure to ruin chakra and his skin around the eyes hardens and grows stone like more and more which eventually results in a chakratic sensory of blindness. However, with time divvied, the less Sojiro stays in this form, the less damage he takes overall which is why predominantly this stage is only used to perform two devastating jutsu that stem from this harsh manipulation.

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:
Kyuujou Kichigai Hametsu (Spherical Madness Ruin)- By manipulating chakra outside of its limits, Sojiro breaks apart chakra stability and forms two distorted orbs of chakra that glisten with a fading pink hue. They lock onto enemies instantly because they will target living matter not imbued with ruin chakra and as they moved, rip up the ground and air with a shower of particles that damage incoming attacks of chakratic formations. Upon impact the pulse of chakra that emits from each sphere is immense, using blunt force to shatter bones or even impale enemies and cause extra damage that way. If Sojiro were to bash this into you from his hand, the ruin chakra causes an imploding effect on chakra and the flesh. ~No Rank, Ruin~

Rinneru Kichigai Daraku (Linear Madness Corruption)- Sojiro summons a shield of chakra around his body that extends out to damage foes with a breakdown of chakra while chakra builds up inside his palms and fingers. The chakra extends into a ruined zone of chakra right outside the shield Sojiro is inside and then he unleashes the stored chakra from his palms and fingers in a thick beam of concussive pink chakra, that is hollowed on the inside to contain chakra particles that when hit together in the release of the blast, front a collision with enemies that bypasses all defenses and does unhampered damage. ~No Rank, Ruin~

Shurajou Bakuhatsu no Jutsu (Carnage Scene Detonation Technique)- Wells of chakra are generated under the ground and filled with enough chakra to causes a localized tremor. Instead of that the chakra is manipulated until it is broken down all at once and used to format a chain reaction of horrifically dangerous explosions of corroding chakra that are unable to be blocked by any normal means. The blasts can easily knock out opponents and leave opportunities for greater destruction prior to the gigantic pink fog that is summoned. ~No Rank, Ruin~

Hametsu Bunshin (Ruin Replications)- Duplications of oneself that are made of condensed, and perfectly molded ruin chakra, either light or dark in nature. Each clone can easily act on its own and continue to function after taking damage, but just like a normal shadow clone after too many hits, the clone will completely expire. Compared to normal clones, these will not disperse, but let off a bright flash to distract an enemy, and then explode when hit too many times in battle. Each clone has a more translucent appearance then a solid one. By manipulating extra chakra, a clone can look identical to A user and these clones also have the same other effects as shadow clones. The clan can cause the clones to blow up at any given time and also make hordes of the clones at once. ~No Rank, Ruin~

Kagirinai Hikari Juutai no Jutsu(Endless Light Zodiac Technique)- After Sojiro achieved the Hakyoku Hametsugan, he created a jutsu that involves wielding light in ways that should be physically impossible. Light is visible only to humans because of what the brain can see it as, so if light is on a higher plane than what the brain can define as visible, it becomes invisible to the eye, and that is where the danger lies. Using advanced ability, and charging particles of ruin chakra encased with light until they are brimming with enough chakra to radiate and cause a spectral eclipse, Sojiro fires a pulse of light up into the air that is visible for only the split second it moves before it becomes misaligned with the eyes, and becomes invisible behind, and also around Sojiro; The Guide To Divinity settles down, and these blades of pure ruined light become the harbingers of death. If one has a powerful eye trait, then it might be possible to distinguish the disturbance in light moving to the eyes, if they are looking at a spot where one of the blades is. sojiro can control these blades with his mind, and slash enemies with blades of light that can incinerate sections on their body instantly if enough power is used in the slash. The blades can be split apart into millions of blades to attack, and in this state they are visible as a pulse of pink light, but move so fast, that Sojiro can tear apart a ninja with the blades before they can react, and because of their size, a single blade can cause large damage to most defenses that it goes up against. The time it takes for all of this to happen can be incomprehensible. "Mirror on the wall.", he laughs ~No Rank, Light/Ruin~ (Hakyoku Hametsugan Required)

Rittai Hakyoku no Jutsu (Spatial Cataclysm Technique)- This can be defined, as both a genjutsu, or ninjutsu, and in reality it is both, because that is exactly what it is, a reality made out of chakra. Using the massive power of ruin chakra, and essence made pure chakra; One can manipulate reality itself by bending spatial matter in the area with corrosive chakra. The space doesn't need to be large, because within the dome of darkness created, space bends back in on itself, so the area can seem endless. Inside this area, chakra is out of control, and so the use of jutsu and other techniques that consume chakra from opponents can consume amounts many times more than usual. The senses inside this area, are twisted beyond recognition, and sight, touch, smell, and taste are all gone, leaving a slight space for hearing.Sojiro can launch a number of attacks while controlling this jutsu causing areas inside to bend and crush enemies, and have ruin chakra latch on, and turn them inside out if it stays long enough. He can and will destroy the people inside if they don't find a way to them, or somehow overpower the entire jutsu, and the user at the same time. There is one way to break the jutsu completely, and have all senses returned. ~No Rank, Darkness/Ruin~ (Hakyoku Hametsugan Required)

Forbidden Jutsu:
Kyuujou Kichigai Ranmyaku (Spherical Madness Chaos)- Sojiro normally does this attack after a taijutsu assault for maximum shock factor but either way it is surely devastating. Leaping high into the air, an enemy will notice that a bright pink glare covers Sojiro's hand as it grows into a sphere shape that is about the size of the attack in his Spherical Madness Technique. However in the blink of an eye, the orb goes from the size of a softball to a huge wavering orb of pink chakra that can be as big as 200 feet in diameter. Light and other chakra pulses off this ginormous mass of chakra and Sojiro simply moves his two fingers down to drop it. Now its obvious that this attack is full of dangerous levels of chakra and quite powerful, so if it hits the ground directly, its normally all over for everyone nearby as they'd be caught in the ensuing blast of chakra and end up dead, or certainly close to it instantly. Weight not being an issue, one could fend against this attack and still lose, but the blast from the timed detonation of this attack by Sojiro hurtling another purple mass of chakra into it is the noted end of the technique, as it keeps expanding until all shape ios lost at that point and foes are exposed to extreme levels of heat and raw energy slamming by them in a wave format. ~S-rank, ????~

Kurohaji Kire (Dark hold Slice)- One of the most dangerous techniques in Soji's arsenal that involves his Katana Kichigai to cause massive damage to a single enemy, or a group of foes that are slightly apart. By ebbing the chakrtic flow through his blade, he extends it into a huge sword with a shaper edge on it; the chakra and metal fragments being linked together so that chakra and flesh are damaged at once, causing high physical pain. Sojiro throws up his hand and traps enemies, or a single enemy in a hollowed sphere of chakra that on the outside binds enemies to chakra making gravity freeze inside the zone they are caught in, also hampering their notion of time. Before they know it, Sojiro jumps and rips right through the space they inhabit, slicing his weapon through it causing massive damage with an extra chakratic implosion as the blade passes through it. which is hard to avoid as is. ~S-Rank, Pure/Dark~

Kozumikku Dageki (Cosmic Strike)- Probably the most horrible thing you will ever see, and more than likely not see again. Sojiro draws his arm and makes a chakra crest and it goes from a normal looking line to a ridiculously long gleam in the area that more often than not makes everybody go blind as there is no way to calculate the chakratic and meta-physical manifestation of light inside chakra itself. With a single swing of the chakra line, the entire area erupts with the brightest light that can be ever seen and a change in the particles make it visible to those whom are there for that instant. The light chakra is so completely raw that where it is coming from and what it is doing is meant only for destruction and the entire area including the sky is filled with filtering light that slams across everything, incinerating objects and then stopping. All returns to normal and there is a small spec of light in the sky. It drops instantly and causes an ensuing rippling blast of light chakra that ignites the area in a blast shockwave more epic than life as you knew it. ~S-Rank, Light~

Limit Break Jutsu:
Ankokuseiun Kokushi Hakkou Houden no Jutsu (Dark Nebula Envoy: Corona Discharge Technique- A raw influx of cosmic level chakra slams into all enemies within sight as Sojiro starts this technique and such a release of chakratic essence on the body with no restraints is able to cause massive pain and trauma. The sky lights up as spots that seem far away turn orange, but as this happens Sojiro circles his hands in the air and also performing a tatsu seal before and after motioning of the hands, chakra emits from the body and spirals around, forming patterns of webbing that encompass his body as he lifts into the air, directing the web of chakra around enemies, cutting off escape paths. At first it seems that his body is merely just floating around for nothing, but from virtually clear chakra, the webbing turns a bright blood red color, expanding to more than 300 meters across the horizon where the dots of orange get bigger, multiplying in size as they get closer, appearing as burning masses of orange chakra shaped like megaton meteorites. These release chakra streams that lock on to not the chakra signature of enemies but their natural core that makes them exist, meaning that one of the huge orange chakra meteorites will lock on, and follow an opponent, most likely smashing into them, if not the ground near them. If that all weren’t horrible enough, with timing that isn't like the other jutsu of red, the web crashes down into the earth so fast that the only reason it is obvious that the web has moved is because it is no longer in the sky.

The crash creates a chain reaction of chakra and a massive earthquake that can cause fissures and the webbed chakra covers enemies, twisting into them and reversing their chakra flow, bringing it to a halt while chakra pulses through their body, devastating the network of chakra, and damaging organs and while the raining meteorites fall it is apparent that a direct hit from them will ensure a loss due to fatalities. The chakra in them seems to damage only the organic, but death is ensured with a direct un-countered physical hit and the rampant attcks kick up sandy dust so fine and so small, it immediately combusts and causes a devastating yellow explosion inside the area, destroying those inside very easily if they have little defense. To end this massacre of cosmic might that instantaneously leaves Sojiro near empty of all of his chakra, there is another crash of falling essence that can merely devastate anyone hit by such condensed unearthly chakra hitting them randomly.

Bio: Growing up and worrying about when you were going to have your next meal and why really isn't something that a lot of kids want to deal with or be a part of, yet Sojiro was born unto a family in madness and just as much joy at the same time. His father cared for him, but struggled in everyday life as a simple, but very well liked tailor from a small village that was near a large forest shrouded in darkness and he didn't make enough money to do much of any, much less feed his 7 sons, or have time to spend with each of them for them to see that he loved them.

Sojiro understood this being the oldest, and he never quite understood how his father ended up with so many different women, or why, but he did realize that by the time he turned 9, that some things just weren't to be, and so he ran away, not caring to be with any one else and involving himself with those where he relocated, in the village of Kumo, where he met his tow best friends of all time, a hot head by the name of Voltaro and another by the name of Kamin, these youth were lead by a grandiose ninja in every sense; Muri-sensei and as they grew and became genin, Sojiro developed the use of his Hametsugan, something that he didn't learn about until age 11.

Going on and training, Soji became fond of Kamin to the point where he considered him his own family, and he was just as close to Voltaro and Muri because they were really all that he had. Amazing as they were it was no surprise that their team made it to the Chuunin exams at that point which Sojiro had noticed that Kamin always seemed to hold back, and it was then that though he was close to his genin friend, he felt that he had to push him harder to show more of his powers.

Chuunin was a rank that Sojiro loved obtaining, but not long after he found out that Kamin had been asked to take the jounin exam!!! "Wait what?? That is crazy right??" His anger turned to a bit of malice and he challenged him to prove who was better. Voltaro wouldn't have it and broke the fight up before it got far and after that Kamin took the exam and at thirteen was a jounin, leaving his two friends in the dust.

Sojiro was mad, but he didn't let it eat him up until they were on an important mission to the Land of Fire. Inside the woods, he disobeyed Kamin as his jounin and then the inevitable in his eyes happened. Kamin almost got himself killed and Sojiro saved them all with ease. His words like a thick venom dripped from his mouth with a smile, "When you make a mistake, even a tiny one, we all suffer because of it. Ultimately if I weren't here, you'd both be dead. Tch......"

They they saw a ninja in the trees, his hair white, his clothes white, something was wrong, and Sojiro felt terror for the first time was they were swarmed by countless clones, not even being able to keep up as they took out one after another. But still worse was to happen, when out of nowhere, the white clad ninja snagged Voltaro white he charged a chakra blast and ripped open his heart.


Blood was everywhere, spurting and gushing out at a rate so ridiculous that Voltaro himself turned red from his own blood spraying out to cover both himself and the enemy ninja and then like a piece of trash, he was tossed to the ground, he was DEAD.

The funeral was terrible and Sojiro couldn't handle the stress so he went to the training grounds and began destroying everything in sight. Kamin showed up but Sojiro refused to stop and as such a fight ensued, between the two friends. Sojiro let loose with a bend of chakra that caused the forest and sky to obey him, but Kamin ended up doing something so completely inane that Sojiro stood, about to be killed and he would have died, but Kamin spared him and left and never even came back either....

The shock and pain was too much for Sojiro to bear and after a year of waiting for Kamin to come back and he did not, Sojiro ventured into Konoha, seeking out to become a ninja under them and with the transfer simple as such, he became a jounin himself shortly after. As the years passed not much happened other than the development of another kekkei genkai stage and the likeness of Sojiro training genin to become top notch.

But 2 years ago, Kamin showed up in Konoha. Sojiro broke down and didn't know what to do about it, but he got a quick answer as Kamin regarded him lightly and they didn't even speak. Now as genin and fresh out of the academy, Sojiro once again is in charge of Team 17 and has three new and promising students; Kai Kagemukai, Rayman Kunokai, and Raizo Tamotsu. Life is good and training such lovely children will make it even better.

Extra: Sojiro has learned to ebb his kekkei genkai chakra with the ambient nature of chakra that is all over the place and as such by targeting a select spot there, he can pull himself to that location rapidly, normally not taking more than a second to do so. Also using a similar chakra projection when he moves normally, Sojiro has enough chakra control to shift his own body in any direction and can move at particle shifting speeds by releasing chakra in a normal human caloric method, using chakra as the supply of energy for these maneuvers.

Sojiro has an overall immunity to attacks that involve chakra releases of the lightning nature, mainly because he has been exposed to such forces again and again, and his chakra has mutated to allow safe contact with said forces with no harm done to his being. More so on this same notion, Sojiro also is able to absorb lightning based attacks, or draw them to his form when released, acting as a lightning rod to guard allies, or use this force for other endeavors.

Theme Song: Sorrow Long Day - Evil Zone OST
Battle Theme: Digiboss Battle II!!!
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Name: Shiro Ryunami
Nickname(s): Ro, Yellow Dragon, Human Lightning
Age: 11 and 11 months
Gender: Male
Personality: Shiro is a reserved yet gentle child, only to care about things dear to him. Losing so much as a child, he does not open too often to others and by this; his insensitivity at times may be viewed negatively. He never acts rashly or on impulse unless drive to the edge, which is extremely rare. Goals and ambitions are part of him, for he strives passionately for the things he desires.
Appearance: Shiro is 4’5 and he stand with much grace and elegance for a child. His face is stern, stoic, and seems serious mostly at times. His deep blue eyes are endless like the deep ocean, now rippled crimson, and the rest of his facial structures are balanced just right. Even though this small, tanned child may have quite the small frame, he is strong for his age, compared to the other ninjas. Shiro has quite the long brown hair and is tied, the bangs swirling to the right and the sides calmly swaying backwards.

Beneath his attire, Shiro wears a thin short sleeved chainmail-ninja armor infused with hardened chakra that protects him from weak physical blows. Above this, he wears a high collared, long sleeve white shirt that extends in length to his mid-thigh and the sleeves are bit wide, concealing small throwing weapons. He wears black pants and on his waist is a black rope tied as a bow on the back.

Home Village: It’s gone… but was in the Land of Thunder. Now it’s Konoha.
Chakra Element: Lightning, Calm
Clan: Ryunami
Ninja Rank: Genin
Team: 19
Sokushi ~ A wabazaki made out of an unknown alloy before Shiro was born, enhancing both its cutting abilities and resilience. Able to channel chakra into the blade, the chakra triggers the blade to extend and retract at almost the speed of sound without bringing any destruction to things around the blade at travel. Even when damaged, chakra will sustain the blade back into its original form. Sokushi can be split apart into seemingly infinite pieces, all of which can extend and retract exactly and guided through his mind. However, from Shiro, he limited the speed but yet it is still surprisingly quick for the recoil would just shoot him back and he can only split to only less than a 100 pieces for raw shootings.

Storm Shift Kunais ~ A specially designed double-bladed kunai Shiro uses as his own. These kunais only respond to Shiro’s signature chakra and it is able to absorb his lightning chakra through its hypersensitive reaction to him. With higher levels of control and combined with the Lightning Flowing Armor Style Taijutsu, he uses these as location imprints in which he ‘teleports’ as a lightning bolt.


Lightning Flowing Armor Style (A Rank, Lightning)
This style focuses on speed and precision in which the user’s maneuver, speed, flexibility, reaction, and physical prowess are heightened to near maximum by sending electrical stimulation to the nervous system to speed up the reaction of neural synapses; however this can be limited. The user can also be cloaked in lightning, acting as both an element of defense and raw tremendous speed to that of the extremities; particle shifting as lightning. Every delivered hit will send electrical impulses that’ll shut down nerves, chakra flow, and other internal structures for a time, even spreading out to slowly halt surrounding structures. As a defense mechanism, the user can increase the input of lightning chakra into the armor to weaken or negate incoming attacks. In this state, Shiro is too focused and in utmost tranquil and his mind is impervious to genjutsu or other mind breaking/altering techniques, for he is ultimately controlling his own perception.

Lightning Gale Spiral Flux (No Rank, Lightning)
Shiro’s signature technique he has crafted for himself that regards more towards speed than power. Lasting from less than a split second to a whole hour, lightning and wind chakra particles are channeled and manifests upon the palm in a near invisible yellow drill spirally beyond belief. This jutsu is quite fatal for it will instantaneously surge right into the target and explode from within sporadically as if a tornado of lightning just went off. The precision and speed of this jutsu enables it to pierce through most defenses easily.

~ Sub: Lightning Gale Comet (B Rank, Lightning)
A projectile version of the Lightning Gale Series Shiro diverged by channeling chakra to form a perfect sphere of pure lightning within the hand. This sphere consists of different levels of surging, but yet controlled layers of lightning upon one another, simultaneously rotating in different directions. Like the main branch, this jutsu, when projected, will spiral rapidly in which the outer crust will form a trailing tail as it moves. This sphere can drill through defenses and the layers detonating successively.

Dragon’s Blossom Rage (C Rank, Wind)
This jutsu involves the user to inhale oxygen, filling the lungs and the gathering of chakra. When expelling the air, the rapidly swirling chakras will instantaneously combust flames and shape it into a large blazing dragon head. During its course upon release, the jutsu will leave a trail of unstable petals, being able to explode at any given time. The small but spontaneous explosions may in terms augment the jutsu’s speed. When upon the enemy, this jutsu will set off, releasing large explosions as if it were a cluster of bombs.

Lightning Burst Blast (B Rank, Lightning)
Using pure lightning chakra, Shiro will channel the chakra and expel a surging, but thin bolt of lightning from his finger tips; however higher levels of control enables the user to release from any part of the body. With the notion of moving at the speed of natural lightning, this jutsu can rupture any intended target and freeze out nerves of the enemy, ultimately stopping both body and chakra flow. It is noted that Shiro can also compress the bolt into a precise beam, in which the compression can pierce through materials easily, at times; perfect for assassinations.

~ Sub: Reverse Lightning Burst (B Rank, Lightning)
When directed upon by a lightning type jutsu, the user will use a hand to siphon the attack, channel it within the body, and release it out from the other hand. This jutsu is made possible due to Shiro’s bloodline chakra of Calm, tranquilizing the alien technique and manipulating it for his own use. He can also stabilize the outside lightning jutsu to energize and restore his vitality incompletely.

Laser Pulse Blast (C Rank, Lightning)
This exceptionally bright, pink pill-shaped orb can be crafted swiftly and fired directly upon creation, even at rapid successions. It’s really quite simple, this jutsu will explode upon impact or when directed and a blast of lightning will envelope the enemy while sending off piercing pulses, shocking with the potential to paralyze. Looking at a single orb for too long can hurt the eyes or even causes momentarily blindness.

~Sub: Seeking Laser Pulse Blast (C Rank, Lightning)
Similar to the mother jutsu, this technique will hone in on the enemy as it will seek the enemy’s bountiful chakra pool; meaning the body.

Magnetism Pulse Wave (B Rank, Lightning)
Another safe made Jutsu by using chakra to create lightning, Shiro furthers his manipulation by using the magnetism such lightning creates. Exerting this invisible wave of sorts, Shiro can pull, push, ultimately move the electrons or electrical bonds to move objects with such grace using lower magnitudes of the magnetism. By increasing the degree of power and chakra usage, Shiro then is able to crush or rip apart materials, even to the extent of rendering a jutsu completely useless. His control over this jutsu is near completed being able to create variety of attacks in different forms and small fields.

Lightning Infused Shadow Clones (B Rank, Lightning)
Shiro is able to create real clones of himself similar to the Shadow Clone Jutsu. The mechanics are similar for he is able to distribute different amounts of chakra into the clones for durability and chakra usage. The clones are able to perceive everything naturally as if they were the user and every experience is experienced simultaneously, except death; even eye techniques will have trouble distinguishing which from the main user for they are essentially the same. When taking too many hits, the clones will disperse, however since they are infused with lightning, they will explode and bombard the enemy, if close, with arrays of lightning bolts.

Specialty: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Bloodline
Forbidden Jutsu:
Earth Devastation Wave (S Rank, Lightning)
The ultimate version of the Magnetism Pulse Wave requires Shiro to use the greatest control of raw and pure forms of lightning and his own lightning chakra. Channeling and gathering the chakra in an endless gauge and when released, this enormous invisible wave will come crashing down to the earth up to speeds of lightning. The instantaneous force of this wave wills envelope the area in a thick gravitational push, making movement difficult. Everything caught within the wave will crush, bringing oblivion to enemies and mark the earth with a gigantic crater. This jutsu leaves Shiro unable to fully neutralize the straining effects and will leave him exhausted and with little chakra.

Lightning Gale Shuriken (S Rank, Lightning)
Manipulating lightning, of nature and within, down to the molecular, Shiro creates an orb of rapidly spiraling particles of lightning chakra and electrons. Around this sphere will appear a giant fūma shuriken which also spins rapidly. Able to throw or thrust, this jutsu will immediately pull the enemy inwards to the center for maximum effect and attack at the atomic level, splitting apart bonds and atoms to completely vaporize the enemy. However, if the enemy somehow escapes, the raw power of this jutsu will leave the enemy completely impaired as the lightning particles will travel through the body; completely paralyzing and shredding the body, chakra circulatory system, and the nervous system which cannot be repaired. The jutsu can expand and retract its radius on whim, also for the sphere to leave a devastating impact. This technique leaves Shiro fatigued after using it consecutively and limits to only a few a day.

Limit Break Jutsu: Shiro has yet to form one..

Kekkei Genkai: Ryutengoku (Dragon of Heaven)
Senrei (Baptism) ~ A KG that became the sovereign legacy within the Ryunami clan for ages; manifesting forth from the first Ryunamis who bonded their existence with the souls of a particular species of extinct dragons. When awakened, the eyes shift to bloody crimson waves and the user reaches an illumination in ways they transcend using their innate chakra element to the fullest and also expanding their chakra pool vastly; Shiro utilizing both his and natural lightning down to the very miniscule notion. From the heart, another Chakra becomes apparent that is the perfect synchronization to the user. By channeling chakra into his brain he can enhance his neural receptions with electrcity, percieving his surroundings with exceptional clarity as he interprets an ample more of information in a 360 degree angle. He also develops a sense to electricity and can see any traces of lightning within all matter.

Shiro embodies another notion to his blood and chakra, a concept that applies to the Ryunamis but unique to Shiro. Flowing constantly within Shiro, it can tranquil and soothe some of the pain dealt to the body and internal injuries by consuming chakra. This also applies to being able to decrease the magnitude of strains and aftereffects from performing high level jutsus. Also able to cradle any alien materials within his body and expel it from his pores, such as poison.

Through this KG, Shiro can assume an incomplete humanoid shape of the dragon. Even shifting parts of his body, hi body will become coated with chakra behaving like fire and underneath the skin will become covered with a thin crust of hardened chakra of both calm and lightning increasing his defense. Power and speed also increases exponentially though chakra consumption rises constantly. Shiro will grow long, curved, blade-like horns that point upwards, a pair of wings will also sprout from his back, and chakratic dragon bones will form on his back that extend shortly to his arms, legs, and neck. However, Shiro does not readily possess all the abilities of this form except fully utilizing and creating the raw, natural aspects of the storm.

Hiko (Flight) ~ Stage two that has not been awakened.

Kekkai Genkai Jutsu:
Calm Radiant Flames (No Rank, Kekkai Genkai, Calm)
Shiro’s Calm nature that materializes into chakra that manifests as flames, yet it is not considered a Kaiton at all. Able to spawn this fire in any space from focusing or from the body, these flames will not burn, but rather soothe and freeze the flow of particles of anything it touches. With an added force, the flames can lastly disperse the materials it affected. Shiro’s control over this jutsu enables him to choose which to be unaffected by its power. This jutsu requires an immense amount of chakra and hinders his vision.

Gracious Blessing (No Rank, Kekkai Genkai, Calm)
A healing technique that has been bestowed and passed down from generations by utilizing Calmed Chakra and upon touch, this jutsu can heal wounds, sometimes replenish energy, transfer chakra, but from afar the efficiency is less. The charka inserted into the body will act as a catalyst for the cells to regenerate. Aside from healing, this jutsu can instead minimize the pain felt from injuries.

Storm Eye (No Rank, Kekkai Genkai, Supplementary)
Using the eyes as a medium and conductor to storms, Shiro can manipulate storms and all of its aspects. Creating and dispersing clouds, Shiro can create such using his own chakra. Even if others create storms, he can cast his chakra into the clouds to use the weather. His control enables him to create cumulonimbus clouds solely with lightning and no rain, or the reverse. This too, requires a considerable amount of chakra on a cloudless day, but less with clouds.

Dragon Coat Extension (No Rank, Kekkai Genkai, Supplementary)
When assuming the dragon form, Shiro can manipulate his chakra coat in numerous ways. Projectiles can be fired or even used as extensions of the body. The intensity of his chakra can be magnified for it to thicken to deal crushing damage or sharpened to pierce.

Tormenting Current (No Rank, Kekkai Genka, Lightning)
This genjutsu works by delivering a current of lightning directly into the enemy; direct contact is more effective, however. Even from a single shock to the toe will send electrical impulses to the brain. The current from Shiro will trigger the enemy’s electrical impulses to shut down the brain’s perception and then fabricating a false sense to make the brain believe they are sensing when in reality they are not, which then warps the enemy’s interpretation of their surroundings, all unnoticed by the enemy. Depending on the imprints of the delivered lightning, the enemy will experience different corruptions to their senses, whether it is seeing a nightmare or hearing fantasies. The enemy will unconsciously use their own chakra to regulate this genjutsu until chakra is depleted, and even then will the genjutsu still be in effect. If somehow the enemy were to overwrite their neural signals, the enemy will realize they are deprived of their senses for some time.

-Early Childhood
Ever since Shiro was born, his clan has been in great strife with the other branches of the Ryu name. He did not live the happy and naïve childhood other ninjas his age have gone through. The dark history of his past still haunts him today, seeing everything massacred before his very eyes and then left stranded to die alone. However, before the massacre of almost the Ryunami family occurred, he lived a strict but yet loved life under his clan. Ever since he could walk, he learned how to fight and defend himself. Unlocking his Kekkai Genkai at an early age of six, he was revered as a blessed child. His efficiency with the elements grew as age progressed but was still far too weak to impact the fate of his clan.​
-Academy Student background
After the traumatizing event, Shiro wandered across the nations until he was found near death on the side of the rode by a Konohagakure ninja. He was brought into Konoha and was raised under the care of his foster parents. Having a somewhat strong relationship with them, he was trained in the Ninja Academy and was one of the top students in his class.​
Being placed in a team, he still is not open and does not appreciate his teammates as he should. He does not understand why there must be rival teams if they’re all under the same village. Heh, maybe it’s just for growth.​

Extra: He likes spicy dishes and juicy fruits. He hates show offs…
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Team 17?

"This hate can only be filled with the power to use it effectively."

Name: Kai Kagemukai
Age: 13
Kai is a pretty cool, laid back person and is never too quick to answer. He doesn’t talk quite as much as others, though that’s not because he’s quite or shy; he simply likes to think about what he says before he says it. He’s nice and considerate, and is usually very good with the ladies. While Kai won't always be the brightest crayon in the box, he's not stupid, and is very observant and obedient. He uses this to his advantage in battle, always trying to stay at least three steps ahead. He also has a good sense of humor and is artistic. He’s strong, both physically and mentally, and fearless in battle, making him a tough opponent. He loves water, as it is his main element, and knows how to and enjoys to surf. Some people don’t like him because they say he’s “Mr. Perfect”, though if you get to know him below the surface that is definitely not the case.

Kai has pale blue and jet black hair that is layered, with the bottom layer coming to about just below his shoulders. He has pointed ears and kind of large deep blue eyes. He has nicely tanned skin and a pointed nose, and his smile is said by some to be beautiful with pearly white teeth. He stands a solid 5’10 and weighs 146lbs, most of which is muscle on his toned body. As far as clothes go, Kai wears a normal shinobi outfit. On the inside of his vest however are twenty ten-pound bags of water that are already laden with his chakra from being on him all the time. The bags also add extra weight to him, so that if he takes them off or uses the water in them he becomes significantly faster and more agile. When he left Kirigakure, the Mizukage gave him an honorary shinobi head band, which he wears tied around his right arm. His Konoha headband is tied loosely around his neck.

-Previous: Kirigakure (Hidden Mist)
-Current: Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf)

Chakra Element: Water / Wind / Darkness (Dormant)

Clan: Kagemukai

Ninja Rank: Genin

Team: 17
Jounin Leader - Sojiro the Pink Scream
Genin - Raymen Kunokai, Raizo Tamotsu, Kai Kagemukai

Shuriken, Kunai, Exploding Tags, Demon Wind Shuriken.



Deadly Explosive Fist Style - Kai’s way of fighting was developed and mastered by him, and thus he is the only one to use it. It involves charging his hands and feet with chakra, similar to the Gentle Fist Style, except instead of closing off chakra points, his actually leaves a trace of chakra on his opponents body that he can cause to explode on command. He can fight without activating it however, and on most occasions does as it takes a lot of chakra to use it, making all techniques for it automatically A-Rank.

Dance of A Thousand-Exploding Fist {A-Rank} – Using his incredible speed, the user strikes the opponent an uncountable amount of times and then jumps back and causes all of the chakra marks to explode at once.

Deadly Exploding Fists {A-Rank} – Targeting all of the pressure points on a opponents body, Kai hits each one with lighting quickness, making it explode just after impact.

Suiton Suriyuudan no Jutsu (Water Dragon Jutsu) {C-Rank, Water} – A technique that needs previously existing water source to use, the user uses his chakra to form a dragon out of the water to attack an opponent. Those experienced with the jutsu can create multiple water dragons.

Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu (Water Clone Jutsu) {D-Rank, Water} – Utilizing their chakra, the user creates one or multiple clones of himself to be used in battle.

Suirou no Jutsu (Aqua Prison) {C-Rank, Water} – A technique commonly coupled with the Water Clone technique, the user traps their opponent in a circular prison of water. In order to sustain the prison however, one arm must remain inside the sphere.

Hijutsu Sensatsu Sushou (Secret Jutsu, Thousand Flying Water Needles) {B-Rank, Water} – Using a water source, the user utilizes a great amount of their Chakra and fires one thousand water needles at an opponent. Kai has modified this jutsu using his keke genkai, making it the “Thousand flying Ice Needles” technique, and also as created more powerful versions; Two, Three, Four, and Five Thousand Flying Ice Needles techniques.

Oboro Bunshin no Jutsu (Mist Clone Jutsu) {B-Rank, Water} – Similar to the Water Clone jutsu, except it takes a bit more skill to use, the user creates a clone of himself pure mist. Because of their nature, the clones, if destroyed, can simply reform and attack again.

Suiton Suijinheki (Water Wall) {B-Rank, Water} – Allows the user to spit protective walls of water from their mouth to block attacks, though they can use other water sources if available.

Fuukan Renkuudan (Compressed Air Ball) {A-Rank, Wind} – The user uses their chakra to compress air into a ball and fire it at an opponent. Those skilled, and with high levels of chakra, can fire multiple balls in rapid succession.

Kaze no Yaiba (Wind Blade) {C-Rank, Wind} – The user creates a wind current that is able to slice through most substances, like a strong sword.

*Sub Jutsu:
*Wind Dragon Jutsu {C-Rank, Wind} – An altered version of the Water Dragon Jutsu, the user creates dragons of air to attack an opponent, essentially slicing them to ribbons.

*Ice Dragon Jutsu {C-Rank, Water} – Same as the Air Dragon Jutsu, only these dragons can freeze opponents on contact.

*Mist Dragon Jutsu {B-Rank, Water} - This jutsu is a combination of Kai's Wind Dragon Jutsu, his Mangekyo Hyoton mist, and his Deadly Exploding Fist Style. Essentially, if hit by the dragon, not only will it slice you like the normal Wind Dragon Jutsu, it was also explode as a finisher after dealing it's blows. Not to mention the fact that, since it was made up of his mist, Kai can control it with relative ease for multiple attack runs.

*Ice Blade – a subjutsu of the Wind Blade jutsu, this jutsu creates a blade(s) of ice that can be shot at an opponent.

*Compressed Ice Ball – a subjutsu of the Compressed Air Ball jutsu, this jutsu creates balls of ice that can be fired at opponents and freeze them on contact.


Specialty: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Bloodline

Forbidden Jutsu:
Mangekyo Hyoton Style: Explosive Mist – Using a vast amount of his chakra, Kai creates a chakra heavy mist. Then, Kai uses a technique similar to his exploding fist to cause all of the mist to explode in the area; annihilating just about everything in range. The lone flaw in the jutsu is that he himself hasn’t exactly figured out a way to escape the blast, making it a sacrificial jutsu for now. It was deemed forbidden by the Mizukage because of its sacrificial nature, and because of the great harm it could do to both the environment and any innocent bystander that happened to be within blast radius.

Limit Break Jutsu:
Kagemukai-Hyoton Style: Ninja Art: Black Mist Dragon Technique - This is a powerful jutsu only recently discovered by young Kai. Unleashing his Life Force Chakra, and awakening the traits of his Kagemukai bloodline, Kai transforms the chakra heavy mist surrounding him into darknes. His Mangekyo Hyoton eyes turn jet-black, and chakra forms around his fists in the shape of dragon heads. Kai then sends a flurry of incredibly fast punches at his opponent, each one charged with darkness and a fierce wind chakra. As a finisher, a giant dragon appears out of his darkness mist and devours the opponent, the winds dicing them and the darkness engulfing them. The mist dragon then explodes with the opponent still inside.

Kekkei Genkai (bloodline trait):
Hyoton – The hyoton keke genkai allows the user to combine wind and water chakra to create ice. The ice is reinforced by the user’s chakra, making normal methods of melting ice useless. There aren’t any physical representations of this particular keke genkai.

Mangekyo Hyoton – An altered form of the normal hyoton keke genkai, it naturally came along with Kai's normal Hyoton Kekkei Genkai. While the normal hyoton gives you control over specifically ice, this new form also helps give expert control over mist. It also allows the user heightened senses, allowing them to conform to any given situation; just like water. When activated, the user is somewhat constantly shrouded in mist and their eyes lose their pupils and turn a hazy baby blue (due to Kai's Kagemukai bloodline, his eyes turn that shade of blue with concentric black circles). Inside their eye the color seems to be swirling in a counterclockwise motion, this indicates their level of concentration. While it starts off relatively slow, the harder the user concentrates the faster is swirls and the more perceptive and clairvoyant they become; when it reaches its highest level it borders on psychic ability, to the point that they can nearly see an opponent’s move three seconds before they make them. Their eyes also allow them to see clearly at long distance, 150/150 vision to be exact, and makes them less susceptible to genjutsu.

Kekkai Genkai Jutsu:
Mangekyo Hyoton Style: Living Mist – The jutsu is one of the most amazing things any ninja can witness. Using both the extra chakra from the demon turtle and the power of his mangekyo hyoton, Kai can create a mist and literally turn majority of his body into mist. Of course, this is infinitely useful in battle both defensively and offensively, and can even be used as a form of transportation. The dangerous part is that if a wind were to blow past while doing this, it could scatter the parts of his body that are mist to the winds. Also, there is a chance that when he does this he body won’t reform after he’s done and he’ll be stuck that way forever.

-Early Childhood
Kai was born to Jin and Akira Kagemukai in Kirigakure. The two were newly weds and were still very much in love, and shared that love with their newborn son. His father was a renowned ninja in the village, with an unknown power inside him from his clan; Kagemukai. His father was told that the other clan members were killed off prior to his birth, so what exactly the power is and what it does is unknown at this time.

Of course he started learning the shinobi way from a very young age; he showed promise even as a child. When Kai turned six and prepared to enter the academy however, problems began to spring up between his parents. After letting a comrade die on a mission, his father fell into a fit of depression and began drinking heavily. This put a strain on his parent’s relationship, and eventually they separated; his father leaving Kirigakure for Takigakure.

His mother was torn up about the break-up, and fell into a fit of depression. During this time he stayed with a great many different “Uncles” and “Aunts”, making him the most well known child in the village. He was a smart child and viewed his depressed mother as “sick’ and so every time he saw her he did all he could to make her feel good. After awhile his mother recovered and even started dating, and it was then he got sent to the academy.

-Academy Student Background
As a youngster in the academy, Kai was top of his class. He seemed to just excel a everything, from jutsu to his studies. He was smart and popular, and he looks were soon picked up on by the females in the class. His seeming “perfection’’ also brought him much grief from those jealous however, and on numerous occasion he had to defend himself against people trying to jump him; which in the end only made him stronger.

One time in particular three academy students, one of which would become his best friend, Kirei Ninei, jumped him. He was walking home from school, staring into the clouds thinking as usual; when all of a sudden a kunai was throw at him. Snapping out of his dazed state he dodged the kunai by mere inches, it leaving a diagonal mark across his left cheek, which is still there to this very day. All of a sudden, three students popped out of hiding, kunai in hand, ready to attack lone Kai.

“We’re gonna get you Kagemukai,” they said, “then maybe you’ll leave the village just like your deadbeat father!”

Furious at the retort about his father, Kai quickly armed himself and dove into battle with the students. They were nothing more than a flash of kunai and water, and their battle took them all throughout the village. One of the jounin prepared to stop them, but the Mizukage told him to wait and watch to see what would happen. After a awhile they had him backed into a corner, and he had nowhere he could go. Closing his eyes and focusing, the water they had been using floated around him in spikes. Only now it wasn’t water, it was ice. Using the ice he pinned the three boys to the wall by their shirts and pants, and walked silently back to his home.

It was then that he and the Mizukage came to know of his keke genkai. At frst the Mizukage thought that he himself should take in the boy, as he knew that Kai had great potential sleeping within him; he shunned this however, thinking of the one ninja he knew that would be perfect for this, Sojiro the Pink Scream. Doing what he thought was best, the Mizukage had Kai sent to Konohagakure to finish his time in the Academy.

In Konoha life was pretty normal for him, acing classes, practicing water and now ice jutsu, socializing with friends. When the time came for him to graduate he did so with flying colors, best in his class.



Theme Song: Power ~ Kanye West
Battle Theme: Bodies ~ Drowning Pool

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