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Mysteries of Aspen Dark

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Jul 20, 2010
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Mysteries of Aspen Dark
Case No. 1
June 12, 2006

Dr. David Martin and his wife Olivia were both over worked, tired, and stressed. On the evening of June 11, 2006, they decided to pack up and go on vacation to Orlando, Florida from Aspen Dark, Minnesota. This seems harmless...but what came next was far from a leisurely road trip.

The young couple from Aspen Dark, Minnesota were very tired from working long hours at the hospital. David Martin was a neurosurgeon and his wife Olivia was a resident. David spent most of his time in the operating room and Olivia was always called to work when they were understaffed and the number of patients was on the rise. There were few doctors in Aspen Dark, because everyone in that town seemed to drop like flies.

After performing 3 surgeries in one day, and being paged into work 11 plus times on June 11th, David and Olivia finally decided that enough was enough, so they packed 3 suitcases and headed out for Orlando Florida. They could picture it...the warm weather, the pools, and possibly a trip to Walt Disney World. This seemed to seethe "perfect vacation" and they were ready. They set out on the road at 2 a.m. on June 12th and all they could think about was a long three week vacation.

They drove for was seemed an hour, just making outside Aspen Dark, and the area was bare. There were trees as far as they eyes could see. Which wasn't very far given the time of night. About 3:30 a.m. their car started to puff and shake. David checked the gas meter and saw they had over a full tank of gas, having only filled up a day earlier. They pulled off onto the side of the road and David got out to check under the hood. All seemed to be well, so he started the car and they continued on. About 20 minutes later, the car did it again. David got out once more, checked, but nothing seemed to be wrong. Olivia suggested they stop at a hotel and have the car checked in the morning. David agreed out of exhaustion. But then he realized that they were in the middle of nowhere, not a soul alive. They pressed onward for about 10 minutes and they came upon an old, wooden house. They stopped outside the house and walked up to the door, and knocked. A few seconds later, an old woman came to the door. He told her about the car trouble and asked where the nearest repair shop was. The old woman beckoned to her husband who was coming down the rickety old stairs. He told them that it was about 20 miles up the road. David looked at Olivia and they nodded and began to walk down the porch steps. The old woman put her hand out and asked them to come inside for the night, as it was dark and they looked tired. She explained that they could set back out in the morning. The couple walked in and sat down at the kitchen table and ate the leftovers they were offered. The four of them exchanged words for a good hour before the husband showed them to their rooms.

The old woman woke David and Olivia at around 6 a.m. and offered them breakfast. By 7, they were ready to set back out and David pulled out his check book. He asked how much he owed the elderly couple for putting them up. The old man declined a payment and wished them well, and he took his wife back into their bedroom. David was stubborn about always giving back where he could, so he went ahead and left a check for $50 on their table. They got back in their car and headed back up the road, leaving the old house behind.

They reached a repair shop about 15 minutes later. They walked in and explained their car troubles to the mechanic in charge and explained that it had happened last night. The man asked where they stayed the night before and they told of the kind old couple in the old wooden house put them up for the night. The mechanic looked at them strangely and his lip quivered. He sat them down and explained that the house they had supposedly stayed in had burned down over 30 years earlier and they found the bodies of two elderly people. A man and a woman. David and Olivia were puzzled. How could this be? They thought. However, the mechanic fixed the car and they turned around to go back to the house.

When the pulled up in front of the house, all they saw were charred remains of a very old wooden house. They got out of the car and examined the rubble, and much to their surprise...the check they had left that morning was on the table, right where they left it. They looked at eachother and ran back to the car as fast as they could, U-Turned, and headed back on their way.

Over the next few days, they tried very hard not to think of what had happened. It was very odd and in some ways, it scared both of them. They reached their destination and stayed 3 weeks in Florida, NOT thinking about they old couple, the old house, or that strange night.

After their vacation, they started heading home. They came upon the road with the old, burned down house. They agreed not to look at the rubble for fear of being afraid of the house again. As they were driving back down the road, their car started having problems again. David got out and checked under the hood again and there was nothing wrong with the car. They headed back down the road, and suddenly, Olivia screamed. Because there was the old wooden house, standing tall and well put together. And on the front porch was the old couple, sitting in rocking chairs, sipping lemonade. The car stopped dead in front of the house. David got out slowly, and the old man waived at him. Olivia jumped out of the car and they ran down the road, all the way home.

A week later, a letter arrived in the mail from an anonymous sender. Inside was the check and a not that said:

"We told you when you were here...you don't have to pay us a dime"

David took the letter and burned it...hoping never to hear about that elderly couple, or the old wooden house again.
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