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My version of the Xehanort Reports from BBS (Major BBS Spoilers)


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I'm not sure if i'm posting this in the right spot, but I figured since it's my own version of the reports it would go here. If not then you can move it to the right section.

Anyways, I was reading the Xehanort Reports and playing BBS, and found they don't really make things clear enough in the game, so I decided to write my own version that I thought would make more sense plot wise. Now please not I did change some of the stroy elements a little to help make the series as a whole clearer in my view.

One example of this is in Report 13 where Xehanort says his heart will posseses Terra's body when his old body dies, I wrote it like this to get rid of any chance that MX could have created a nobody, by doing this it makes the story less complex. Another example is MX saying he seperate Ven's entire into 2 thus making it clear Vanitas is human in the sense he has a body, heart, and soul.

So please enjoy and whatever:

Xehanort Reports:

Xehanort Report 1

It has been a long time since I left my island home and became an apprentice of the Keyblade. Training alongside Eraqus we showed the mark of mastery. When our master passed away, Eraqus became his successor. We are taught our job as wielders of the Key is to watch over the worlds, in hiding protecting them, for this is the reason the Keyblade exist. But is this truly our only purpose? For me this is not enough, I will seek out answers and record my findings in this writings.

Xehanort Report 2

To protect the worlds we wielder utilize the lanes between for inter world travel, within these passages is darkness, and the armor we don is to protect us from that darkness. Though when I removed my armor, I felt the power of this darkness, I showed no fear and thus gained power over it. The worlds are scattered across the realm of light, like little islands dotting a vast ocean. Separated from one another by invisible barriers. We are to insure they remain that way ignorant of each other. Like people, all worlds have hearts, our duty is to protect those hearts, to protect the order of the realm.

Xehanort Report 3

Besides the hearts of people and of worlds, there exist a great heart, the heart where all other hearts are born “Kindgom Hearts” There exist a true Kingdom Hearts and an artificial one, the second of which is formed when a mass collection of hearts is gathered, as such, this type requires no special means to unlock it‘s door except only that enough hearts be gathered to complete it. By obtaining either of the two, a person will gain unimaginable power and power over the heart. Though only by obtaining the true Kingdom Hearts will a person obtain power over all hearts and therefore over the universe, as well as rise to an existence greater than human. Though to this day no one has reached Kingdom Hearts, and such attempts are considered forbidden.

Xehanort Report 4

There exist 3 types of Keyblades. The ones from the realm of light which we wield, the ones from the realm of darkness, and the ones of heart. As for the first two there is no difference besides the realm from which they originate, but as for the third it is a special key.There are only 2 known methods for opening a door to the true Kingdom Hearts, either by forging a keyblade of heart or by constructing a special Keyhole known as "The Final Keyhole". No matter which one you construct the end result is the same, a door to Kingdom Hearts will be opened. The only known way to construct either one of these is by gathering 7 hearts of pure light - Hearts completely devoid of darkness - such as the 7 princesses of heart.

As well the door that is summoned appears between light and dark and as such it can be closed if locked from both sides with Keyblades from the dark and the light, thus leading some to refer to this door as “The Door to Darkness“. As such it is our duty to protect these princesses should they ever be faced with danger. As said before if one can forge a key blade of heart and obtain Kingdom Hearts they will become in theory all powerful.

Xehanort Report 5

In ancient times the worlds were not separate but one, and the world was filled with light and many Keyblade wielders. Overtime many wielders began to argue over who should control the great light known as Kingdom Hearts, and this argument broke out into a great war. The Keyblade wielders of light and darkness clashed in the hopes their battle would bring about a way to open the door to Kindgom Hearts. In the end they failed and the whole world was cast into darkness, thus the war came to a close. Sometime later the little light that remained in the hearts of the few gave rise to the world we know today: many worlds hidden behind walls so that the Keyblade War would not be repeated.
Xehanort Report 6

In the world of today, there is the realm of light in which we live. As well as the forbidden realm of darkness. And finally a realm between which connects the two realms. Why is the darkness so forbidden by the precepts? Is it simply out of fear of the unknown? Today there exist only 3 masters, Eraqus, Yen Sid, and I, indeed our kind have become few since the Keyblade War long ago, which is why we train apprentices to keep the ways of the Keyblade alive.

Xehanort Report 7

In my research of the Keyblade War, I have questioned as to why the Keyblade Wielders of that time thought they could open the door to Kingdom Hearts simply by 2 sides of light and darkness clashing? It has been known for as long as anyone can remember that only Keyblades of Heart can unlock the door to Kingdom Hearts. Unless they were trying to forge such a Keyblade the entire time?

Perhaps when darkness and light clash another Keyblade of Heart - One different than that forged from 7 hearts of pure light - is forged. If so then why did they fail? Surely with one side having hearts stained in darkness and the other with hearts shining with light the Keyblade they sought should have been forged, should it not?

Xehanort Report 8

I came to the conclusion that the reason the wielders in the war failed, is because the key blade of heart they wished to obtained could only be forged when a heart of pure light and a heart of pure darkness clashed. Since neither side possessed either they failed in their attempts. A Keyblade of Heart forged when a heart of pure light and a heart of pure darkness clash and intersect, the letter “X” represents an intersection, I shall call this Keyblade of Heart spoken of in legend “The X-Blade” Surely the door that is summoned by the X-Blade will have some differences from the one summoned by the princesses, but where the 2 doors lead is the same, Kingdom Hearts.

When I presented the results of my research thus far to Eraqus, he refused to listen, he refused to test such a theory. Our disagreement turned into an argument, one in which I had to use the power of darkness against my old friend. Realizing the divide between us, I left my old home, feeling as though I could never more return.

Xehanort Report 9

Since leaving my second home I have committed myself to testing my theory, and the only way to do so is to forge the X-Blade. To do so I took on an apprentice: A young boy name Ventus. Sensing the strong darkness in Ventus’ heart I knew I had to separate the boy’s entire being - Body, Soul, and Heart - into 2 separate people. In doing so one half remained as Ventus, carrying the light half of his heart, the heart of pure light. The other half of Ventus became a new person who carried the dark half of Ven’s heart, a heart of pure darkness. I named this boy “Vanitas”

Unfortunately Ventus could not handle the division and so I took the boy to my first home to die, but the unexpected happen, the boy’s heart of pure light was quickly healed to the point that he would survive. I suspected someone else had connected to Ven’s heart, healing him, but whatever the case may be, I now have the heart of pure light and the heart of pure darkness I need to forge the X-Blade.
Xehanort Report 10

Though Ventus will survive, he is still weak and he has lost all memories of his past. This unexpected twist has turned out well in my favor though. Ventus, with his heart of pure light must be trained by one who believes light is absolute, therefore I have taken the boy to my friend Eraqus who happily accepted Ven as his apprentice. I had expected our argument in the past to create friction between my old friend and I, but to my surprise he was happy to see me again, not even mentioning our differences.

While there I found Eraqus had already taken on 2 other apprentices. In one of them, a young man named Terra, I sensed a great darkness sleeping within, if that darkness were to be drawn out it would grant the boy power. It was then I realized when Kingdom Hearts is finally opened, if I am to get near it’s great power without being destroyed I must obtain a younger stronger vessel, this Vessel I decided would be Terra.

Xehanort Report 11

Today Vanitas showed me interesting creatures. He says they are his emotions given physical form. According to him because he has a heart of pure darkness he has the power to take his negative emotions and turn them into monsters. Since they are his emotions they are apart of himself, extensions of his own existence. Without Vanitas, these begins would vanish. Monsters who are extensions of another’s existence, therefore they cannot understand existence, because they are not well versed in existence I shall call them the “Unversed”

Xehanort Report 12

Recently I have been thinking about the experiments I performed on Ven to separate him into 2, and give birth to Vanitas. In those experiments I had to amplify the boy’s darkness and I wonder, if had I let the darkness consume his heart completely what would have been the end result? If darkness were to completely consume the heart, would it not separate from the body and give rise to a new creature, one born of heart and darkness? Could the nature of such beings be called heartless?

If a being with a heart of pure light loses their heart, their body and soul remain in a comatose state. But if a person with a normal heart loses their heart, what becomes of their body and soul? The soul can be described as the life energy the body uses to live. When the body dies, either by natural or unnatural means, it fades away and the heart returns to Kingdom Hearts.

But if the heart were to leave the body without the body dying, then surely the body would not die as it is still living off the soul. So wouldn’t the body and soul left behind take on a will of it’s own and become a new being too? Such ideas certainly are interesting but I have no time to test them, the time to carry out my plans with the X-Blade draws near, though once Kingdom Hearts is mine I will have all the time in the world to test all my theories.
Xehanort Report 13

The time has come to put my plans into action. It has been 4 years since I left Ven with Eraqus and I have received a letter inviting me to witness the mark of mastery exam of his other 2 apprentices. At the exam I shall determine if Terra and Ventus are strong enough to complete the roles they have in my plans. If not then we must force them to become stronger. Vanitas will release the unversed into many worlds, Eraqus will send Aqua and Terra out to eliminate them, Vanitas will create worry for Terra in Ven’s heart making the boy to follow Terra. On this journey I will isolate Terra and plant seeds of doubt to make his darkness grow. Ventus will become strong, becoming equal to Vanitas.

In the end Vanitas and Ventus’ hearts will merge forging the X-Blade and summoning a door to Kingdom Hearts. Terra will fall into darkness and bring me to death, as my body dies my heart out of pure will shall possess Terra’s body expelling his heart, perhaps I can trap it within his armor or something to keep him from meddling any further, and his body will be under my complete control. The X-Blade will be mine and with it I shall unlock Kingdom Hearts and at last my dreams will come true.
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That was way more easy to read then the originals. Good job man.


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That made the entire report way more understandable! I felt it explained things far better than the normal reports.