My Thoughts: The Wild Card.



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Feb 6, 2019
Hello and welcome to My Thoughts a series where I come up with fan theories about Kingdom Hearts. This is my theory that Sora was indeed a wild card in the Keyblade War, but I know what you are thinking of how can Sora be a wild card. I have three thoughts on this remark.

1. He can use the powers of both light and darkness. Here me out Kairi is one of the seven maidens of Light pure hearts that can not fall to darkness, but Riku is a Keyblade wielder who most of the time use the power darkness. This would explain why when Sora became a heartless he was in control his he is too imbalanced by both the light and the darkness. It can also say negative themed forms like Anti Form and Rage form use the powers of Darkness.

2. He ignores traditions if you look at all KH titles he dose the one thing no Keyblade wielder has ever done for example he dose meddle in the affairs of other worlds all the time.

3. Sora as larger destiny than even the Master of Masters. This one is my biggest reason why Sora is the wild card where his destiny clashed with the destiny for scene by the Master of Masters to where Sora can surpass what even the Master of Master can do.

Now lets look at his accomplishments.

1. Well for one he is are rare breed of Keyblade Wielder for one he can summon the Keyblade blade with out having the wielder pass down their keyblade to Sora. Before you say well thats not true ventus enter his heart which was. Ok I may give you that one, but Sora was the reason why Ventus could re summon the Keyblade in the first place and he was only Four.

2. Sora secretly has strength that equally and eventually surpass Hercules since he has beaten Ceberus twice, Hades twice, The Nine Headed Hydra, and He had beaten all four titans in one and because from what we are seeing in KH3 we know Sora is going to grow the longer Namura keeps adding him in Kingdom Hearts titles.

3. Sora has been in three wars. So I will admit the Keyblade War is a big deal, but for some reason people forget Sora is apart of two wars during KH2 the first was he was apart of the imperial army in the Land of the Dragons, and in Raident Garden he was apart of the war to take back Radiant Garden which means of the Keyblade Wielders on Sora's Side with the possible exception of Mickey Sora has more experience of fighting in the War.

So maybe not now, but I can say Sora is growing more powerful than he only is, but hay those are My Thoughts tell me yours in the coments do you think Sora was actually a wild card why or why not leave the comments bellow.

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