My Thoughts: Other Dandelions



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Feb 6, 2019
Could there be another set of Dandelions out there in Kingdom Hearts 3 the secret report I believe the Dandelions were sent to the you know for argument sakes we will state the Universe of Kingdom Hearts X will call Universe X, the Universe with KH, Chain of Memories, 2, BBS, 358/2 Days, and 3 will call Universe K, The Universe of Recoded is Universe C, The Universe in DDD is Universe D, and the New Universe KH4 is Universe 4. To know who the Dandelions are I will explain who my candidates are sadly I will not include Universes C, Universe D, and Universe 4, because we don't have too much evidence to the Dandelions.

So the question of the Dandelions leads to two questions how manny Dandelion because there are five main branches of the Dandelions in Universe X to balance that out I am going to pick 5 candidates. Lets fallow the candidate Chronologically.

5. Terra.
4. Aqua.
3. Riku.
2. Roxas.
1. Xion.

Ok so lets talk about the elephant in the room. Let me explain why I didn't pick Sora, Kairi, or Lea. Now with Sora it's something that I feel is a hint at which I will bring up when we get Sora is the Wild Card Theory will get to that in another Thread. Why I didn't include Lea or Kairi is because they don't have enough experience with the Keyblade right now.

Now let me explain why I picked these five and people as Dandelions its mainly, because of the Guardians of Light for most of them when Xion said, "Roxas will fight for you in your stead and I'll fight for Kairi." Although Xion is taking Kairi's spot Roxas is not talking Lea's spot he is taking Ventus's spot and because this universe is parallel to Universe X there is three male Keyblade Wielders and two female Keyblade Wielders. Terra representing Lumaire, Riku Representing Ephemer, and Roxas representing Ventus. Aqua representing Skuld, and Xion representing Strelitzia, but those are my thoughts and I want to hear what are you.

Do you believe there are other dandelions or not if not tell me why you thing and if so who do you thing the five dandelions are in Universe K and tell me why.

Next Time I will be talking about The Wild Card.