My Thoughts on 2.5


Jex Winters

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Sep 26, 2014
The Land of Departure
I loved Kingdom Hearts II. In my opinion, it is the best game of the series so far (when I don't factor in the pure nostalgia I experience when I play Kingdom Hearts 1). Kingdom Hearts 1 was basically a Disney game, despite many Final Fantasy cameos. Despite amazingly designed original levels (Traverse Town, Hollow Bastion, etc.) and the cool looking Heartless, Kingdom Hearts 1 lacked the convoluted plot that I came to love from the series. Kingdom Hearts II introduced Organization XIII, which is my favorite plot piece in the entire series.

The other game in 2.5 is Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. This game, I actually have not played due to my lack of a PSP. I do not have a PSP because of my overall aversion to handheld gaming consoles. BBS is the heart of the series original plot, with more emphasis on the story of the Chi Blade than the actual Disney worlds. I therefore assume I would love this game because of this fact, and is the game I want to play the most in the compilation. I want it much more than the secondary game in KH 1.5. I literally burned my original copy of RE: Chain of Memories. In a bonfire. On purpose.

The tertiary game of 2.5 is the theater version of KH Re: Coded, another game I have not played. I was very disappointed that of any of the new scenes in 1.5's 358/2 Days, none of them were battle scenes. The most action we get is Riku backhanding Xion with either Soul Eater or Way to The Dawn (I forget which one). Nomura has said that he fixed this problem in Re: Coded. Let's hope so.

Thanks for reading my Pre-release Review of Kingdom Hearts 2.5. If you disagree with anything I've said, state you're own opinion below!