My theory on the Nameless Star identity



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Jun 25, 2018
Ok so I have seen several people stating that the nameless star is most likely Strelitzia given the things she says making it seem like she is talking about Marly. It seems that is the overwhelming opinion on the matter, but I believe there is actually a way more likely option here that fits the plot points way better.

So with that said, I believe the nameless star is truly Skuld.
Firstly, this is going along with the obvious theory that Skuld is subject X. Nomura already confirmed we know the character that is subject x meaning it’s not a new girl and he also confirmed it’s not Ava (at least I’m pretty sure he did that in the interview).
When nameless star is speaking to Sora she mentions how there is a guy who’s heart pines for her, or something along the lines of that, and she essentially is waiting for him to find her. She also states that at the current moment his heart is being clouded by the heart of another. A lot of people believe that this someone is Marluxia because we know his human form is currently looking for Strelitzia in UX, but the thing that trips me up is the way she describes him. Usually I would not think of describing my sibling the way she did, saying his heart “pines” for her.
Instead, it makes more sense to me that she is actually talking about Isa.
At that point in time his heart is still under Xehanort’s influence and he even mentions to Lea how “in time I awoke to a new purpose” the old purpose being locating Skuld and the new one being power.
This also makes more sense to me because Normura confirmed that Sora knows the name that the nameless star whispered in his ear, and he is much more likely to know Isa’s name than he is to know Lauriam since literally no one has ever said it in any game that isn’t UX.
SO yeah those are my main reasons for believing this to be true. I definitely feel like the story between Strelitzia and Lauriam is something we shall see unfold in UX so it wouldn’t really make sense to me that her soul or heart or whatever would be in the final world during present day, where as subject X is a whole new plot line that fits this time period a lot better.

Any thoughts on this or any facts I might be contradicting from the story?