My "The World Ends With You" Movie 2014

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Sep 2, 2008
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Hi all, and welcome to my movie I'm going to make with a few of my friends! I've decided to go along with my plan and make a "The World Ends With You Movie". Currently we are setting up the story and plot, and finding characters to play the parts, not only that, but we are also finding some music to fit along with the movie and battle scenes. Now this is a big project for me, something I always wanted to do, and now I feel like I have the power to do, and hopefully everything goes along great. So as of right now, I'm going to be writing the basic plot that we are going to go along with. Please note that this might change as we work on the film. We are hoping to release this movie sometime in 2014, but it might take longer due to all of my friends being busy with school/work so just bare with us.


Roy wakes up in the middle of the street not knowing where he is, or who he is; the only thing he remembers is his name. He soon discovers that he is in quiet suburb area, and sees a girl running away from a strange creature. They forge a pact, and become partners, only to discover that they have 7 days to complete the reapers games. So now it's matter of team work and trust to finish the missions and the games, but he soon discovers there are illegal people in the games; people who forced them selves into the reaper games without permission, and causing trouble for the other players. Can they survive the reapers games and make it back to the Real World? Find out in 2014!

Now here are some of the characters in the movie, and there descriptions.

Roy: A young adult who doesn't remember how he was killed, he forges pacts with different players and tries to make it through the 7 days of the reaper games before the reapers can get to him, and his partners. He's a shy kid, with a upbeat spirit and isn't afraid to speak his mind.

Ashley: Roys partner in the reaper games, she's younger than Roy and loves to listen to upbeat music; only if she gets into trouble, she also isn't afraid to speak her mind. She remembers how she was killed, and will do everything in her power to go back to the real world and tell her mother she is sorry for being a spoiled brat.

Simon: Is another player in the reapers games, he's about the same age as Roy, and hates the world and everyone that lives in it. He only cares about him self and is completely ignorant to others. He shuts everyone out, and only focus's on what makes him happy. He has a mysterious past, and doesn't let anyone know what he did.

Liz: Another player in the reaper games but she doesn't know who she, and how she died. her goal in life is to help her brother get off of drugs, so he can get a brighter future and start a family. She is really smart, and really friendly to everyone, and always brings a positive attitude to everyone.

Hooded Boy/Neku: A illegal player in the games, that is causing trouble to the other players. His motives are unknown.

Hooded Girl/ Rhyme: another Illegal player in the games, that can't speak and is following Neku around in the games.

Beat: A reaper in the games, that has no control of his body and has been killing off players without permission. None is known about why he is in the reapers games, or why he is a reaper as of right now.

Shiki: another illegal player in the games, her motives are unknown at this time. She does meet Roy at one point in the movie.

Sota Koji: The Game Master of the reaper games, and the composer for the Reapers games too. He has been carefully watching the players for the last 30 years of the reaper games, and wants a good story for his book he is writing. He befriends some of the players but only are using them to do the dirty work.

Now due to restrictions and what not, I can't do shopping in the movie, it is a huge let down, and I would of loved to put some of it in here, but this movie is going to be focusing on the story mostly, and action.

Confirmed Music

Calling - The World Ends With You
Hybrid - The World Ends With You
3 Minutes Clapping - The World Ends With You
The One Star - The World Ends With You
I Wanna Go - Britney Spears
Turn Up The Love - Far East Movement
What Do You Want From Me - Cascada
Without You - David Guetta Feat Usher
Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (JUSTINB's Radio Edit) Fright Ranger
One Step At A Time - Jordin Sparks
Polyrhythm - Perfume
Starry HEAVEN - Royz
Deja Vu - The World Ends With You
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I'm not entirely sure if this belongs in the fanfiction section unless you plan on posting a screenplay/script. Other than that, I may just have to move the thread.

Just thought I'd give you the heads up :)
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