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My take on the Master of Masters' Possible Origin Story

Aug 25, 2021
Long ago, many people wanted the power of the Kingdom Hearts for their own selfish needs since it can open the door to all worlds, but in order to achieve this power they need the X-Blade but since the war happened it got shattered into 20 pieces. 7 of light and 13 of darkness. Because of the shattering, the Kingdom Hearts was swallowed by the Darkness never to be seen again. The 7 light pieces have gained access to the people's hearts who are aligned with light (MoM and his friends) The ones who sought to reconcile the balance of light and darkness. While the 13 dark pieces have gained access into the people's hearts who are aligned with darkness (Unnamed Keyblade Wielders). The ones who are motivated by nothing more than lust for power. Creating the 7 Willful Lights and the 13 Willful Darknesses. Since the 13 Darknesses possess a physical form before they reject it, the 7 Lights also possessed a physical form too. Because of this, it created a never-ending war between light and darkness and it happened in an unknown period of time.

After the shattering of the X-blade, the 13 Darknesses wanted to reforge the X-blade so that they can use it for their own selfish needs. However, Since the 7 Lights refused to reforge the X-Blade by fusing with 13 Darknesses (similar to what happened to Ventus and Vanitas), the 13 Darknesses will have no choice but to find other people whose hearts are pure light and those are the 7 Princesses of Heart since the Princesses of Heart can also help them reforge another X-blade. So of course the 7 Lights have to protect these 7 Princess of Heart against the 13 Darknesses from different worlds. The war has been ongoing through different worlds until it reaches where the Master is now an adult and he saw many of his allies die in the war including his friends (the other 6 Lights). We don't know what happened to the other 6 Willful Lights since their hosts are gone. Whether the other 6 Willful Lights are dead alongside their host they possess or escape. Leaving the Master as the sole survivor. The Master then finds another world (Daybreak Town) to raise a new generation of Keyblade Wielders and continue the legacy of his fallen allies.

TLDR Here are the lists to understand the story.
  • If they are 13 Willful Darknesses.
  • Would it make sense if they are also Willful Lights?
  • And there are 7 of them.
  • What if the shattered 20 pieces of the X-Blade somehow gained a willful form?
  • When they gained access to people's hearts and later gained a physical form.
  • 7 light pieces gained access to people who are aligned with light, 13 who are aligned with Darkness
  • Giving them the powers of X-Blade
  • Creating a war between both light and darkness
  • The Young MoM and his friends are the 7 Lights
  • While the 13 Darknesses are the enemies that the Young MoM faced alongside his friends.
  • The 13 Darkness removed their physical forms and become a willful form to defeat Light.
  • Then what do you think happened to the 7 Willful Lights? Do you think they also rejected their physical forms by:
  • Chilling in the Final World to find a worthy host to possess?
  • Or do they die alongside their hosts leaving the Young MoM as the sole survivor?
In conclusion: The Master contains one of the 7 light pieces of the X-Blade inside his heart/body. Making him a vessel of Light.

And that's it, maybe this is how it all started. I decided to write out how I envision this being executed. I apologize for it being lengthy XD. Do you think we might get a game for the Master of Masters in the possible future to find out what happened to the Keyblade War that he participated in? Who knows.