My Sister Fate



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Jun 20, 2015
I've decided to share my memory to you all. Maybe one of you could provide happiness to me

6 years ago, I thought that I was the big brother for 2 little brother of mine. But things went odd when I was introduced to my Big Sister, which I haven't met for 12 years of my life (back then, I was 12 years old). I thought that I was their first son, but instead I have a big sister . Why they never told me I have a big sister? I don't know why. My whole family left me with my big sister, because of my dad work we should split up. My brothers follow my family and I left with my big sister.

She is 6 years older than me, and lived alone. For few months, I still felt very distant with my Sister, even though she cared me like i'm a baby or something. Even when I was stuck in the middle of rain when i'm going home from school, she came for me and gave me her umbrella, even though our home and my school was 30 km apart. She always be there to help me and protect me. She acted like a big sister and guardian angel. I LOVE HER. We spent a lot of happiness together, as a brother and sister..

But things go wrong after 13 months. I had a heart attack and some anomally happened at my heart. I don't know what because they never told me. And I had to have an operation to cure my heart. But, the operation went wrong. I loss so much blood. So much, that the doctor told that I would die in 4 days if I didn't have enough blood transfered to my body.. And my blood type is a rare type they said, not everybody have my kind of blood type. That's when some volunteer decided to transfer their blood to me, but it still wasn't enough... until my sister stepped in and transfered her blood until it met the requierement. The next 7 days, I opened my eyes and realized that I still alive! I could see my dad and mom teary face and they were happy! But one thing is missing. My sister... she died... Because of Anemia...

She died protecting me yesterday on the same day.. 20 November, 6 years ago. I found her dying wish in her abandoned house. My family haven't told me about her dying, they told me that my sister went overseas, until I found her dying wish, which is 5 years ago.. 1 year after her final momebt to live... sorry for my bad English. English is my second language. And i'm sorry if the story is somewhat strange, they never told me what kind of sickness I had. They only told me that I had an anomally in my heart, and my sister died because of Anemia... I have posted this in another forum, I want to see if there is someone out there have the same experience like I have, or what advice you would give to me.. Sorry if this is disturbing you