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Mar 19, 2008
in a world of despair
Anybody else have one? Mine pisses me off to no end at times, and then the situation will suddenly turn around and we're great mates. He's just always one step ahead of me. I'm better than him at a lot of things, but the things he's best at always seem to be more important.

He gets a job.

I get a better job.

He gets a girlfriend.

I get a hotter girlfriend.

But for some reason I'm not satisfied. I have to be better than him. It's great motivation, definitely, but sometimes I think our friendship is compromised as a result.

Meh, you don't have to comment, I just felt a need to write it down.

i dont have any permanent rivals, since alot of people tend to treat me as one.

i usuallly see people as rivals only when theres a big argument over something stupid.

other than that, i dont have any real rivals.

but i bet someone might see me as one.


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Dec 4, 2006
You were my rival for quite some time, my Enemy. However, our rivalry, to me, at least, was an excellent thing. We seemed to get along quite well despite it, and I believe that was the key: Because it was a friendly rivalry, we pushed one another to become better and better, almost imperceptibly.

I've missed that. Since I lost that, I somewhat lost my edge. Oh, I did other things that were just as good as using said edge to try and scrape my way through a titanium wall, but still...

I'm yet to find a good replacement. Rikken, as we all know, isn't exactly adapt at picking things up on his own. Jett... is at the some time like a teacher and a student to me, as doubtless I am to him, in different aspects of one another's lives. Silent Boon has the potential, but lacks the experience.

Maybe I'll put out a personals add here on KHI.

Wanted: Rival
The successful applicant must be both literate and creative, perceptive and witty, and have a wide array of general knowledge and various other minor skills. Must be prepared to engage in constant one-up-man-ship, sexual innuendo, and various other puns and cameos.
It was definitely a great thing. I never would have put pen to paper if you hadn't introduced me to roleplaying. My vocabulary and understanding of art and form in words simply skyrocketed in a manner of months wholly because I wanted to be as good as you.

And don't even get me started on my drawing skeeelz. I needed someone to tell me that my sketches were shit, but you didn't just do that, you actually told me exactly what it was I needed to work on. I was able to progress from that seemingly inescapable period of stagnation, to the extent that eventually, I could teach myself.

What have I gained from this other rivalry? It seems like nothing, but you taught me long ago to actually use my mind, and perceive beyond the surface of things. So I probably won't realise until it ends, like it has with us.

And it's not my fault you lost your edge =P


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Dec 17, 2005
Not exactly sure
I always wanted to know how it is to have a rival or at least someone to compete with me outside of actual competitions, but sadly I never had that experience. It's probably because I lack the motivation.
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