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My Kingdom Hearts figure collection



Active member
Mar 15, 2015
Cleveland, OH
Are those all of the really rare American KH figures ;A;
They run very expensive these days; even the basic Disney characters will run you $25 a pop, so I can't even imagine what the KH ones are worth, granted these are smaller figures. Luckily I got these all or Christmas way back when the prices probably weren't outrageous.

I have more like Darkside and Guard Amor which scale fairly well with these but I can't find them, and all my other Mirage figures are broke. I also have a decapitated Tinker Bell and armless Jane from Tarzan. :biggrin:

... lol, actually upon further research the KH-exclusive characters are the less expensive ones. :redface:

This was a brand by Tomy called Disney Magical Collection; the figures are of extremely high quality, they are a bit shorter than your average 4" action figure and they made many exclusive Kingdom Hearts figures beyond the ones pictured here like multiple KH drive forms for Sora and King Mickey from KHII as well as roughly 150 Disney characters.