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My Kh Idea

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Apr 23, 2006
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I have thought of this one for a while...give some opinions

Prelude to the game:
We start off right after the ending of kh2 Deep Dive. We see that a ton of keyblades lying on the desert ground. This was a battle of the keyblade war. There are many lost in this war.These keyblade warriors had power over Chasers. Chasers waged the war. They caused massive damage to the worlds.Almost leading in ajor Warfare. There were four main powers in the war. Two fought for light (Similiar to Sora and Kairi). The other two fought for Darkness and were ruthless (similiar to Riku and Xeanhort). As time progressed we find that one that faught for evil switched over to the side of good. He started to be forgiven and fought for Dawn. He switched to the light(similiar to riku). Throughout the beggining of the game we see this character switch sides to dawn.
The keyblade war Kept on Waging and the Warrior of Darknes couldnt keep up. He Eventually Surrendered. As the other Warriors of light didnt know what to do with him... They made him sleep a everlasting time. He was Held Sleeping in Disney Castle...and this is where our main story takes off.

The beggining of the game:
~intro music i dont care what it is lol~
We see Donald, Sora and mickey find the Resting spot of the Warrior of Darkness. Not knowing who he was or anything, Mickey went to help him out. As he did...he noticed the Warrior of Darkness didnt realize his memory. After talking with mickey a bit...he got his memory back about the war...about the killing...about fighting for darkeness. He then Sudeenly Left Disney Castle hoping that he would Soon let Darkness reclaim all worlds with His Mighty Chasers. His Chasers are of extreme power...Since they have been resting for a long time.

As the scene sets back to Sora/RIku/Kairi...still worried and anxious about that letter. We didnt know what it was. We notice it is a plea that evil is recopperating...We have another battle afoot. A warrior we ressurected from Evil has soon found his ways and want to bring evil back to the world. He is lost in his thoughts...We need to help him figure the wrongness of our thoughts. kairi did not want sora and riku to go alone..so this time She went with them. They started heading off there islands again...and set sail for disney castle to figure out more .

Well all i can think of now...Basically what i see is that throughout the game we try to fight the warrior of darkness switching world from world looking for him. But after killing him we open up a new form of evil..(can be kh4 from here)...duno lol
And basically this has happend the same day they recieve the letter...ofcourse something that left them worried...has to be done on same day...so there still same age...

So what do you think? :p
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