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Fanfiction ► My first Fan fic!!

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Apr 10, 2006
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Ookay, new chappy comin up! I think I'm on chappy 6 now? What colour are Axel's - nevermind. I'll make it up:D

~Chapter 6 - Prisoner~

"Kairi, I didn't want to do this." The figure said.

Kairi recognized that voice. It was Roxas. She was sure.

"The thing is -"

"Quit the chit-chat, Roxas." Said a guy with reddish, spiky hair and turquoise eyes. "The less talking we do, the less time it will take to get to our destination.

"And that is where?"

"Castle Oblivion headquarters. You remember Naminé? We'll just throw Kairi in with her!"

Kairi didn't know exactly who Naminé was, but she felt like she'd met her before. It was strange, sorta like the feeling she got when she met Roxas. They were coming to a really weird looking castle. Castle Oblivion. Kairi was kinda scared. She hoped Sora would find her.

"Oh FINALLY!" Sighed the guy with red hair.

"Axel, it didn't take long, you're just too impatient." Said Roxas.

Axel just told him to shut up and opened the doors when they'd landed. Roxas jumped out and helped Kairi down. Axel came out after them and shut the doors. They walked down a path leading to the castle's large, oak doors.

Meanwhile, on Destiny Islands...

Sora was pacing up and down. He needed to think, and fast. Kairi's life may be at stake here!!! He would never catch up with them unless he had a Gummi Ship. He needed Donald and Goofy. But he didn't exactly know where they had parked their ship (they were staying on Destiny Islands for the time being). Ten minutes went by.

"Damn it!!" Sora yelled.

He heard a voice telling him to shut up. Weird, that voice sounded exactly like -


Sora ran towards where the voice had come from and found himself in the Secret Place. There, in the middle of the floor lay Donald and Goofy.

"Hey, you two, wake up!" He nudged Donald.

Donald jumped up. "What's the big idea?! Oh - it's you."

"I need your help."

Sora explained what had happened and that they needed to hurry. Donald woke Goofy up and marched off. Goofy and Sora followed. Donald led them to their Gummi Ship.

"Come on, let's go!"
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Apr 10, 2006
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FINALLY finished Chappy 6....hehe....I take a long time. Just about to do chappy 7. Maybe do chappy 8. Okay??

~Chapter 7 - To the Rescue!~

"Can't we go any faster? Here, let me -"

"NO!! Not after what happened last time. You crashed us into a meteorite, remember?"

"Aw, but Donald!"

"No buts!"

Sora argued with Donald all the time, even then, until Donald said,

"You wanna find Kairi don't ya?!"

Then he stopped. Donald was right. He should be thinking about Kairi now, and how to find her. He looked out of the window. He saw something out of the corner of his eye. He thought he was imagining it at first, it was really weird. It looked like a warp hole.

"Can we go through there, Donald?"

Donald considered it, then reluctantly went through it. It was a weird sensation. Time seemed to stop. Then they found themselves in completely different surroundings. There was a castle ahead. Black clouds were floating above it.

"I don't like the looks of this place.." Said Goofy.

"Quit worrying, um, it'll be fine.." Donald paused.

Lightning crashed down above the ship.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" They all ran around screaming.

They calmed down after a while. Donald steered the ship towards the castle. It started to make a clunking sound and slowed down.


The ship started falling, and they all thought they would keep falling into nothingness and die. But they crashed, outside the castle. They all stepped out.

"Oww...my head.." Goofy moaned.

"I think I got more gas in the back," Said Donald.

"Take cover!" Sora grinned but Donald didn't see the funny side.

"Not that kind of gas, stupid."

"I was joking."


Donald turned around and Sora made funny faces at him behind his back. He started walking towards the castle doors. He thought he saw someone in a window, but he knew he must be imagining it. Donald said he would fix the ship later, because right now, they needed to find Kairi. They all went in through the doors. It looked familiar...Just like

"Hollow Bastion..." Sora whispered.

It couldn't be. He thought Maleficant was destroyed, and the castle too. When he killed Maleficant, the castle tumbled to the ground.But back to more important matters now - where was Kairi? She had to be here somewhere, he just knew it.

Well, did you like that one? Hope you did because I think I'll do chappy 8!


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Apr 10, 2006
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Sorry about double posting!! Here's Chap. 8!

~Chapter 8 - My nobody??~

It seemed like they were taking forever to climb up these stairs. Kairi was tired, and she really needed a rest. Axel was leading the way, and Roxas was behind Kairi. Finally, they came to a room where there was an egg-shaped dome in the middle of it. There was a girl with blonde hair sitting in the corner, sketching. She looked up when they came in. She was quite pretty.

"Naminé, this is Kairi, Kairi this is Naminé - your nobody." Said Axel.

"M-my nobody? What's a nobody?"

"I'll explain later. Gotta dash. Roxas, come. We have work to do."

Roxas mouthed something to Kairi.

"I'll get you outta here. I promise."

Kairi explored the room. There wasn't much in it. Just the dome, a chair, a bed, and a table.

"You must be bored. And lonely." Kairi said to Naminé.

Naminé didn't reply. She just kept on drawing. Kairi peered over her shoulder. The person in the drawing had spiky brown hair and blue eyes. It looked like Sora. Then there was a boy next to him. He has short, spiky blonde hair and blue eyes. It was Roxas. They were standing next to each other. Roxas had two keyblades in his hands. Sora just had one.
Kairi went to the window and opened it. A cool breeze swept over her. She thought about Destiny Islands, and how much she missed it. How much she missed Sora. A tear escaped her eye and trickled down her cheek.

"What's wrong?" A voice said.

Kairi turned around. It was Naminé.

"Oh, nothing." Kairi replied.

Naminé shut her sketch book and put it down on the table. She looked out of the window over Kairi's shoulder.

"I saw a boy here a few minutes ago. Brown spiky hair. He was with a duck and some sort of dog. I think his name was....Sora?"

"Sora's here?!" Kairi said in surprise.

She looked down towards her right and saw a crashed Gummi Ship outside the castle. It had the word Kingdom written on it.

"He is here."

Hope you liked that one too! Wow. I'm only on Chapter 8?! I'll do a couple more tomorrow if I can! :) Oh and Kingdom was in KH1 so I'm just putting that in :)
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