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Apr 1, 2005
Hell, or close enough to it
Chapter 1: A Long Awaited Reunion

Ok, this may be a bit long but here it goes...
*sucks in a lot of air*
'Come on Donald! Hurry up with that check up!' Sora was pacing up and down the gummi ship cockpit wildly.
'This gummi ship doesn't check itself so shut yer yap,' said Donald, angrily yelling out of the engine shaft 'I'm goin' as fast as I can!!'
'Wow! Sora sure is giddy today, Donald.' whispered Goofy.
'Wouldn't you be if ya were about to see you're friends that you haven't seen for a year or two. Ya big palooka!'
Donald was fiddling wildly with the engine.
'Come on ya stupid….'
The engine spluttered to life and roared loudly.
'Yeah! Let's get goin'!' Sora jumped into the pilot seat and revved the engine
'HEY!! We're still down here ya idiot!!!!'
'Oops! Sorry Donald! I'm just kinda excited about seeing her again!'
Goofy and Donald hopped into the cockpit and strapped in.
'Hold on you guys!' Sora revved the engine and hovered the gummi ship above the garage. Slowly, the gummi ship gained height and flew from the barren wasteland.
''I just can't wait to see her face again,' thought Sora as he sped the ship through the worlds ' it's been too long now….'

The sun set as another lazy day on Destiny Islands drew to a close. A girl sat on the edge of the pier overlooking the beautiful scene. Kairi sighed, the scenery reminded her of a year ago, her, Riku and Sora had been sitting probably where she sat now.
"Hey, Kairi, ya coming or what" Tidus called.
Kairi jerked back to reality and fell off the pier.
Tidus began laughing, Kairi stood up and slapped him as hard as she could, this time it was Tidus who fell. In an instant Tidus had his sword in his hand and Kairi faced him WHACK! WHACK! Wakka's blitzball smacked them both.
"Grow up man" he said "Now let's go home, the tide'll be coming in"
Kairi walked to her boat
"Er…You guys go ahead I've forgotten something"
She walked to the secret cave and went inside.
As Kairi stared at the pictures of her and Sora, her eyes became tearful
Suddenly a loud crash followed by a small explosion was heard outside
Kairi ran outside to see a familiar looking ship in the calm ocean. She frantically waded over to it. As she came close she heard voices.
'I told ya to slow down ya palooka but no, we had to rush!!'
'Gawrsh! The ship really took some damage from that crash. Guess we need to fix it again'
'I guess I kinda over reacted. Sorry guys!'
'Awhuk! That's ok Sora it won't…….'
The voice was cut short by Kairi running to the ship.
'Sora! SORA! Are you there? Sora...'
'Kairi! Is that you?'
Sora ran out and bumped into Kairi running around the ship.
'Sorry Kairi. Wow! I'm so glad I can see you again. It feels so long now...'
'It has been a year now. Oh Sora…I...I…'
She suddenly withdrew and looks sheepish.
'It's good to see you again I'm sure everyone will be glad to see you too. Let's go now before the tide comes in.'
'Uh, yeah ok. Kairi are you….'
Donald shouted from behind the gummi ship
'Hey Sora! Help us out here!'
'Yeah ok…'
Kairi waited on the pier while Sora, Donald and Goofy dragged the ship onto shore.
Donald yelled the orders
'Heave! Heave! I said HEAVE ya idiot! Goofy pull the ship!'
'Oh, right. I thought I had to push…'
As the ship was ashore, the four took the boats and rowed back to the islands.
Sora felt as though Kairi was shy about sharing her feelings now.
'Maybe it's 'cos I've been away for so long…' thought Sora 'Aw man. I gotta apologise to her. I love her and I should tell her but I'm afraid what she might say.'
The cool night breeze blew into Kairi's hair. She thought she would be happy when Sora returned but she felt different. Her feelings were covered from Sora so he could not tell why she was like this and neither could she strangely enough.
As the boat slowly floated into the pier Sora caught Kairi looking at him. She jumped and quickly occupied herself again.
'Erm… Kairi I…'
She cut him off.
'I'll go and tell everyone that you've returned. I'll see you in the morning. Night.'
*gasps for air*
hope ya....*gasp*....like it.
*gasp*new chapters soon
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i Think Youre Onto Something Here....
Can You Kill Kairi, Pleaz!
(just Kidding)


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Apr 1, 2005
Hell, or close enough to it
I am about halfway through making my next chapter and i may as well give a little hint on what it's about.

Sora gets back home and his mother, who i have named Hannah for no apparent reason, is pleased to see him. A surprise party is arranged for the next day (don't ask me why they are so quick at organising something) and Sora and Kairi actually get a little closer in this chapter, or near the end...if ya kno wat i mean.....

And no i wouldn't kill Kairi off, even though FF series have been infamous for their character killings.Please send me emails(im on MSN so its under avvy somewer) with reviews in and post a little what you think of Fan fic!
And if you're wondering this is set just before KH2, i think.
And what do you mean by I think you're on to something mean?
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Apr 1, 2005
Hell, or close enough to it
Chapter 2: The Unexpected Surprise

Here you go people. Chapter 2 of my fan fic


The night was now thick and it was hard to see well. The three friends kept stumbling around, nearly falling into a big ditch at one point.

Sora was desperately trying to remember where his house was.

“erm…It should be right he…”

SMACK! Sora had walked straight into a wall.

“Why me…?

Goofy pulled him back up. “Gawrsh Sora. Are you ok?”

“I guess but…”


“Ow! Son of a …”

A door had been opened straight into Sora’s face. A familiar voice called out.

“Hello? Is somebody there??”

Sora got up again and slid round the door, grinning at the sight of his mom, wrapped in a towel with wet untamed hair. He laughed as he spoke to her.

“I thought you were a tidy person mom!”

“Sora? Oh god! Sora, I can’t believe it! You’re back!” She quickly grappled Sora to her and hugged him tightly.

“Ow! Mom…hey….ease up. I’ll be gone for good if ya don’t stop choking me!”

“The same old Sora, huh. But you’ve grown though. Oh, my Sora’s growing into a young man! I’m so proud!”

As she started to hug Sora even harder, Donald quickly stepped in and introduced himself.

“Ahem! My name is Donald Duck and I’m…”

Before he finished, Sora’s mom let out a ear-splitting scream, knocking Donald to the ground.

“A TALKING DUCK! Quick, Sora get the broom!!!”

“No mom it’s ok. He’s my friend. So is Goofy.

“Gawrsh! Nice to meet you Sora’s mom! I’m Goofy a Knight of Dis…Ouch!”

Donald had stepped on Goofy’s foot and mouthed the words “World Order”.

“I am Donald Duck. We’ve travelled far with Sora and he’s a good friend to us.”

Sora’s mom was still a bit shaken but introduced herself.

“Well, I’m Hannah. It’s good to see you’ve made new friends Sora. Come on in!”

The three sat themselves on the sofa in the comfy living room.

‘I’m finally back home.It’s bigger than I remember,’ he thought ‘but my mom’s taste hasn’t faltered yet.’

He laughed as he caught sight of the flowery wallpaper.

Hannah came rushing downstairs and told them the two rooms had been cleared a bit from all the mess.

The three thanked her and traipsed upstairs. Donald and Goofy had taken the spare bedroom while Sora threw himself onto his bed.

Sora slept uneasy that night. He tossed and turned, wondering why Kairi had acted that way.

‘Was she upset,’ he thought ‘Do I seem different? Do I look weird? Gah! Girls are so complicated for me…’ With that, he passed to a dreamless slumber.

Sora woke when he heard the phone in his room ring. He groggily got up and answered it.

“Hello…ah hey Kairi I…huh…come to the town centre at when…7 tonight…why…it’s a surprise?…well ok but…I…Kairi?” She had hung up.

‘What was that about,’ he thought ‘maybe it’s a…nah couldn’t be.’

He walked downstairs to find Hannah munching some toast.

“Mornin’ Sora. You’re friends left early today to fix somthin’, I think. Want some fried breakfast? I got some eggs, sausages or whatever else you want.”

“Er… yeah please! I’m starvin’. Hey I’m goin’ out for a bit.”

“Alright but be back in 20 minutes, ya hear.”

Sora walked out of the door and took a stroll along the large island. Nothing had changed much, probably because he couldn’t remember much.

He ran his hand through his spiky hair and sat on the pier. What could possibly be planned for tonight? There was nothing left to do so he started to head home.

He came back just in time for his breakfast.

“This’ll be good. I haven’t had a decent meal in a while now…”

Sora instantly shovelled food into his mouth. Before long the plate was clean.

“Ah man! That’s some good eatin’. I guess I’ll follow Donald and Goofy to work it off a bit. See ya!”

It was now 6:30pm and still Sora was not ready. He was only ready until 5 minutes before anything. He was sat on the chair reading a book, which he took quite an interest to. 6:40pm. Come on, come on just be 7! He couldn’t wait another minute. He rushed into his room and slipped into his more casual wear. Hannah was already out of the house and wouldn’t worry much about him. He started to walk to the town centre when he heard two voices behind him. He quickly hid in the bushes and started to listen. It was a tall woman and a short man.

“Are you sure the boy who wields it is here. In this scruffy place. Shouldn’t it be more majestic for him?”

“Surely that does not matter? Besides, Chronos, we can simply steal it without him knowing. I have a way to reveal it. Be ready and I shall meet you here at…hm? What’s that! In the bushes?” She slowly walked towards the Sora’s hiding place. Sora retreated stealthily so the figure could not see him. It spoke again.

“Someone has been eavesdropping! I’m sure of it! Let’s go now before we are seen!”

The two figures ran out of sight. Who were they? And what did they want?

“Ah hell! It’s quarter past 7. I gotta get there fast.”

Sora hurried to the town centre, arriving out of breath. As Sora was gasping for air, a lot of people jumped from nowhere and shouted “Welcome Back!” right in his ear.

He fell onto the floor, clutching his ear, deafened by the shouting. He got up and saw many familiar faces all around him. Tidus came running over and ruffled Sora’s hair.

“Good to see ya Sora. You’ve changed quite a bit.”

Then came Selphie, being her usual bubbly self.

“I’m glad you’re back, Sora. I missed you so much.”

As she was about to hug Sora, Wakka butted in and punched Sora playfully in the arm.

“You’ve been away for quite a bit now, ya. Can’t wait to start teachin’ ya how to blitz again!”

Before Sora had left, Wakka liked to show him Blitzball but he never really got the hang of it.

Sora could see behind the mass of people, all trying to greet him, Kairi sitting on a bench sipping a drink looking a bit sad.

He tried to break the crowd up and did eventually with the help of Tidus, Wakka and Selphie. He walked over and grabbed a drink, sitting himself down next to Kairi.

“Hi Kairi. Are you okay? You’re kinda outta the way of everyone and you’re not ecstatic to see me. What’s wrong Kai? You can tell me, can’t you?”

Kairi looked to the floor and blushed slightly. She looked at him slowly and threw herself into his arms.

“Oh Sora! I just missed you so much and I…I just wanted to say that…em…I…”

“I know you do Kai, and I do too. We’ve both been so embarrassed to show our true feelings for each other, thinking what we might have said but…now we both know.”

Kairi hugged Sora tightly and started to cry a little. She wasn’t sad, of course not, she was just thankful that Sora was back with her.

“Hey Kai. Dry those eyes. I want to dance with you, sound good?”

Kairi wiped her eyes and got up with Sora. They slowly made their way to where everyone was dancing.

Close to the party were the same two figures as before, standing on the top of a small hill.

“You see Chronos, I told you the boy was here. Now all we have to do is apply the correct leverage and he will break!”

“That is a genius plan LeBlanc. Except what do we do to flush him out?”

“Perhaps that girl is his weakness. Once we do that he will show us the Ancient Keyblades with no hesitation.”

“But what if he has not obtained them?”

“Do you use that puny brain of yours ever Chronos! It’s simple. He helps us find them!”

“Ha! Another genius plan! Nohman shall indeed be pleased with us!”

LeBlanc and Chronos swiftly ran off again.

Well chapter 2 done already.

Sorry about before. I got the chapters mixed up so the relationship with Sora and Kairi has kicked off yet.

Very few ideas have sprung to mind with my next chapter so send a few ideas to the email below!
And send a review for the chapters so far of it to my email: jamesmiller2648@hotmail.co.uk
And don't forgt to vote in the polls!( If they haven't closed)
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Apr 1, 2005
Hell, or close enough to it
Thnx guys but theres 1 slight prob for next chpter!
I AINT GOT ANY IDEAS (except the relationship with Sora and Kairi)!
Im tryin as hard as i can but its hardy any good.
sEND SOME IDEAS 2 MY EMAIL (dont make them so dramatic so early on ok? I plan 2 have about 20 chapters if this hasnt closed down by then)

*a giddy 15 year old! Man i must b good at dis!*


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Apr 1, 2005
Hell, or close enough to it
Chapter 3: A night to remember

"I can't stand up for another minute! Can we sit down Sora?"
Kairi and Sora had been dancing for quite a bit now and had had enough from all the crowds.
"Hey Kai. Wanna go for a small walk? Come on it won't take that long!"
"Ok then. 10 minutes though."
The two teens walked, Kairi's hand in Sora's. Though he had said it, Sora didn't really know where he was going. He was just drawn to Kairi as if some pleasant aura was around her. He didn't want to let go of her again. Not after what happened before.
They found themselves in a small park. It was quite dark, save for 1 dim lamp next to the bench they sat on.
"So Kairi. What's life been like when I was... you know... gone. Was it the same boring stuff?"
"I didn't do much. I always hoped you would come back. I was always mooching around Destiny Island for a while, thinking I was looking at false hope. But when I started to doubt myself, the ship crashed into the sea. And there you were. After all that time you were finally back." Kairi smiled passionatly at Sora. He blushed a bit and looked up at the sky. He urged himselve to say something but nothing sprung to mind, trying to pin some thoughts in his mind.
'You genius,' Sora thought to himself 'you're really lookin' smooth, huh? Why can't you just speak instead of lookin' like an ass!'
"You're a bit quiet tonight Sora. Is there something the matter?"
"Nope. I'm just glad to be back where I belong."
Suddenly a tall woman approached the unsuspecting teens.
"Errgh! You can't be serious boy. You are not fit for this girl!"
"Kairi stay back! Who the hell are you?"
"Er... LeBlanc! Remember that name well loves!"
She was the figure he had seen before. Suddenly, a large figure and a tall figure came from the darkness.LeBlanc spoke in a bossy tone.
"Hmph! Boys, take care of him!"
The fat figure spoke first.
"Yes ma'am!"
"As you wish! After you, Ormi."
"It'll be my pleasure Logos! Feel like taking a spin boy?"
Ormi spun around and whipped out a huge shield. He spun faster until it created a small whirlwind. It threw Sora into the air along with Kairi spinning wildly. The two were almost sick if they hadn't have landed on the ground.
Sora turned to see Kairi was lying on the floor, unable to move.
Logos whipped out a weapon but Sora took the chance and whacked it out of his hand with the Keyblade. It was thrown several feet behind him.
Ormi charged towards Sora but he deftly jumped on his shield, hurled himself into the air and threw the Keyblade down at him. Ormi yelped as it struck him in the back.LeBlanc shrieked at them.
"What? Can't you boys even lose right? You got lucky love! We'll meet again!"
Logos, LeBlanc and Ormi ran through the bushes and out of sight.
Sora thought of running after them but remembered Kairi. He ran over to her and kneeled beside her.
"Ah hell! Kairi, please be alright! Kairi! Wake up! Damn it. I'm gonna have to carry her back."
He slowly trudged through the thick dark night, weary from carrying Kairi and slightly from his battle. He still felt as if he was going to hurl. But he pushed himself to reach his house and get her first-aid if needed. 50 feet away. I can't walk another...step. But I've got to get Kairi to a safe place. 25 feet. Ah man I'm not gonna make it! 10 feet. 5 feet. There! And just in time. He laid Kairi on his sofa and collapsed on the floor. He was too exhausted. He was going to faint but he had to make sure Kairi was alright. But it was too late. He blacked out and didn't know for how long.
Sora woke and found himself lying on his bed with a cold wet towel on his forehead. He looked around and saw Kairi sitting next to him. She smiled and comforted him.
"Glad you're awake Sora. You've been knocked out for quite some time. You did a good job of protecting me 'cos when I woke I saw you lying on the floor looking abosolutely tired. So me and Hannah helped you to your room. You weigh quite a bit you know! Its probably from all those muscles you have! You tired us both out as well." Kairi giggled a bit and prodded him in the chest. He jerked a little and laughed. He looked at Kairi and smiled. She looked so cute when she was shy. He sat up and whispered into her ear.
"Wanna come in with me? I'm a bit cold."
She looked at him and blushed. He got her arms and lifted her next to him. She blushed even more but Sora took no notice of it. He got close to her and kissed her on the neck. Kairi closed her eyes in comfort and was in a world where nothing mattered and it was bliss. He kissed her again but higher up on her cheek. She rolled her head around slowly and felt even more relaxed. Again he kissed her right next to her lips. She smiled passionately at him and hugged him.
'I don't want to let go of Sora. Ever. He's back where he belongs. That should be enough, shouldn't it,' thought Kairi 'I mean he can't always stay away. I want him to stay.'
"Hey Kai. Want to stay over tonight. Besides it is raining heavily. Come on what do ya say?"
"I suppose it won't hurt. It's only one night and..."
Sora kissed Kairi again but this time on the lips. Was this going somewhere? He really did love her and she loved Sora more than anyone. She knew he was the right man, or boy at least. But was it really going somewhere this quick?
"Good thing you have a double bed. I'll just go downstairs and phone home. I'll be back soon."
She left Sora lying on his bed. He was too busy daydreaming about his future life and such. He could hear her going downstairs. Her light feet tapping the floor. Tap, tap, tap.
But another pair of footsteps were heard. In fact another two pairs. Dull thuds and more light taps.
Sora sprung up and walked downstairs cautiously.
He could see Kairi but where were the owners of the other footsteps?
He had probably imagined it.
Suddenly Kairi screamed as she saw the two goons again. Logos and Ormi!
Sora slid down the rail and grasped the air. Instantly the Keyblade appeared in his hands, ready for combat. But it was too late! Kairi was firm in Ormi's grip. Logos held a strange weapon to her head and looked stern.
" Well well well! A boy and a girl left alone here. Some people maybe getting ideas about you two!"
Sora shouted at him.
"That is sick! How dare you even touch her! I'm gonna..."
"Now now Keyblade Master! Another step and your girlfriend..."
Logos pulled a trigger back and thrust it agressivly at Kairi's head. She started to cry a little and wished Sora would do something.
"If you wish to see her in one piece, you have to give in to our demands!"
It was too late to do anything. By the time Sora could have acted, Logos would kill Kairi but he couldn't let that happen. A small plan had hatched in his mind.
"Now then Keyblade Master! To business...."
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Mar 29, 2005
it was cool man keep going this is the best $hit i've ever read it's exactly how i wanted it to be keep going man !!!!!! good job


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Apr 1, 2005
Hell, or close enough to it
Chapter 4

Sora stood still, tense and angry. How dare Ormi and Logos touch Kairi! He felt like pounding the crap out of them both. He spoke through gritted teeth.
"Alright then. What do you want?"
Logos smiled menacingly.
"I thought you would come along. The price is small. Hand over your Ancient Keyblades!!"
"My...Ancient Keyblades? What are...?"
Logos snapped at him.
"Don't play dumb with us boy! If you are lying then you can say goodbye to her! Now, give it here!!"
"I don't know what the hell you're on about!"
"Very well then. Ormi..."
Ormi grinned and started to crush Kairi with his strong grip. She screamed desperately and flailed about, crying for Sora to help her. Her eyes filled with tears and looked on Sora. He was defeated, with nothing to do but stand and follow their orders. She had to do something but how could she? Ormi was too hard to tackle and Logos had her at point-blank range.
"Stop it! Just stop hurting her and I'll do what you want!"
Ormi loosened his grip a little and spoke.
"Maybe we can test his luck first?"
"That's the best idea tonight for your brain Ormi! 1 bullet, 6 shots. Think you can win?"
Logos pulled a single bullet out of a pouch. He started to whirl the weapon around, tossing it in the air and doing all other fancy tricks. He whipped out two more weapons and started to juggle them about, flipping and spinning about. Logos caught 1 and pulled the trigger.
Empty. He continued his tricks and again he pulled a random trigger. Empty again. Sora started to back against the wall and fell to the floor, covering his head with his hands. Logos came closer and pulled a third trigger. Still empty. Two more came with nothing. The final shot.
Before that instant, Goofy and Donald came rushing through the door. Donald shouted Fire! and shot at Logos' last gun. But it was too late. The weapon had been fired and the bullet flew out. Sora closed his eyes, waiting for the bullet to hit. And it did.
Kairi screamed frantically and cried even more. Logos retreated a few steps and Ormi had loosened his grip comepletely and started at the wounded Sora on the floor. He screamed in pain. Everyone was standing there, completely unaware that Logos and Ormi had slipped away. Kairi rushed to his side and examined him.
Fortunately it had just hit the side of his eye and it was closed, running with fresh blood. She cried frantically and rushed away to find a cloth of some sort. He sat up slowly, crying in pain. He couldn't think straight, his sight was blurry through his tears. Goofy and Donald came up to him slowly. They looked solemnly and pitifully at Sora. His eye was now swolen with pain beyond recognition. He gasped for air, struggling to stay awake. If this had meant Kairi was safe then this was the price.
His vision had completely worsened and could only see blurry shapes through blood and tears. Kairi came rushing back in with a soaking towel. The top of her shirt was soaked right through from all of her tears. She laid the towel on Sora's eye and helped him onto a chair, with Donald and Goofy's help. He could not see and his body had given up. He slowly passed away into a coma-like nightmare.
Sora had woken up but could only hear voices. A woman and a girl.
"So you're saying his eye can't be used again?"
"Yes, according to our analysis. He should maybe cover it up."
"...Ok thank you. Can you leave me here for a few minutes?"
"Of course. I know how strongly you feel about him..."
The lady walked out of a door next to Sora's bed. The girl spoke. He could tell it was Kairi.
"Sora? Can you hear me? Please, wake up and tell me you're gonna' be fine! Why? Why couldn't it have been someone else. I would have taken that shot, glad that Sora was safe. I would give my life away, not for honour, but for you. I love you too much to let you go!"
He turned to face Kairi slowly and saw the surprise on her face. He whispered to her as loudly as possible.
"That is what i have done for you, did I not? We love each other too much, as you say," he smiled weakly to her and continued "and I will do what i can to protect you...I..ah..."
He passed out again, still weary.

"I shoulda done something better like throw you into the crossfire ya idiot," Donald was frantically walking up and down the waiting room "then we all would have been happy."
Goofy, being his usual self, replied with an idiotic comment.
"Gawrsh do ya really hate me?"
"No ya big palooka! I hope those two didn't say anything about those Ancient Keyblades otherwise its another annoying adventure to deal with!"
"Uh, what are those...Ancient Keyblades you're on about Donald?"
"Well they are supposed to possess the power of immeasureable strength, each specifying a certain battle emotion. There are 4 in total. Two have been lost in time somewhere, the Pain and the Fear, one already has an owner, the Fury and the fourth has yet to be found, which i assume is the End. The 4 have constanly been searched for by many and only one has succeded and it has been passed down as a family heirloom. If they are discovered by either Sora or our enemy then we must begin a quest, a quest which may claim our lives!"

OK. Chapter 4,being very short as it is, is out of the way and already i have ideas for the 5th(of course). This has probably been the most tense one of the lot so far. I got carried away with the speech at the end but who cares. Enjoy!!!!!:D


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Apr 1, 2005
Hell, or close enough to it
Chapter 5 (apologies about the double post)

Sora lay quietly on the small hospital bed. His wounded eye had been covered with a bandanna around the side of his head. He looked around and saw Kairi and Selphie talking about anything and everything, as girls do. Selphie caught him glancing at them and instantly took her cheery disposition and lifted everyones spirits, as usual. She laughed a bit and spoke in a giggly voice.
"Hey Sora! Are ya fellin' okay today? I was told by Kairi. There I was lookin at my magazines and I heard the phone. The second i picked it up, all i heard was her crying and stuttering and everything. She was so upset," as she said this, Kairi blushed and looked a bit angry with her friend telling all.
"I'm sure she was worried Selphie. I mean we do l... Well what i mean is we are good friends and.."

"Hold it! Are you implying you and Kairi love each other!!! Ha i knew it. I knew it all along."

"Selphie! Will you get everyone a drink while I talk to Sora...alone." Kairi knew where the conversation was going and quickly steered it somewhere else. Selphie left with a grin on her face.

"Hey sleepy head! You've been out for 2 days now. The doctor said.."
"I know. I can't use it again. I guess I'll cover it up with this. It'll look really cool huh?"

"Heh! I'm sure it will. Oh and you're gonna' be let out today too. We've arranged another surprise for ya!"

"Oh no. The last time that happened it ended in a disaster! Ah well. I guess another one won't hurt ..."

Selphie, Sora and Kairi came strolling down a small road. Sora had kept the same bandanna round his eye. They led him to his own house and he wasn't really bothered much about what was going to happen. They stepped through his door and told Sora to get some camping stuff, food and such ready.
"What's happenin'? Why do i need camping stuff?"
The two girls grinned at each other and laughed. Selphie told him.
"Are you dumb in the head? Duh, we're campin out! God you are stupider than you look! We're goin' to Destiny Island with Wakka and Tidus. All of us are stayin' there for tonight. For old times sake."

"I suppose that'll be fun. All of us goin'..." And then it had hit him as hard as he could imagine. Riku! How could he have forgotten! A small evil voice was in the back of his mind.
I thought you were Riku's friend! He was so busy getting back to Kairi he had forgot one of his closest friends. He had to find him but he couldn't, not now, not when he was the closer to Kairi than ever before.

He grabbed a small rucksack and stuffed some food in, a small camping set for making fires and such and other items he would need, though technically he didn't. He ran downstairs and saw the girls had their bags in the living room. Hannah was there with Donald and Goofy talking to them both and Hannah saw Sora with his bandanna.

"Oh Sora. Does it hurt as bad now? I was so worried when i saw you. You looked so pale and almost looked scared as if you were reliving the whole thing all over again!"

"It is okay mom. You don't need to worry."
Donald looked a bit tense and itched to ask Sora if Logos and Ormi had told him about the Ancient Keyblades. He finally approached him and spoke nervously.
"Err... Sora when you encountered Logos and Ormi did they say anything about Ancient Keyblades at all?"

"I can't quite remember but i think," Selphie and Kairi started to drag Sora away "Ah! I guess we'll talk tommorow then. See ya guys. And bye mom!"

The three approached the docks and already Wakka and Tidus were there waiting for them.
"Hey there Sora! I hope you're alright ya?"

"Yo' Sora. Feelin' well 'cos you better be!"

Selphie and Kairi got in one boat, Wakka and Sora in another so Tidus was left to make his own way. He struggled to keep up and the other two boats were constantly stopping to wait for him. They arrived later than they would have hoped since it was already late in the afternoon and the sum was setting in the now pinkish sky. It was mesmerizing to look at and once you did it was too difficult to look away.

They set up small tents right next to the secret place under the tree so they had easy access to it. They each had their separate tents, which would really only be used for sleeping and had little room to do much else.

Already night was creeping on them. Tidus and Wakka were passing the blitzball around in the water, Selphie and Kairi were sitting on the beach watching but Sora was standing on the small islet next to the island. It was right here when it all happened. Where Riku disappeared and Sora obtained the Keyblade. He looked to the beach and saw everyone now around a small campfire, discussing memories about the island. Sora slowly walked to the edge and dived into the water. He gently let himself float to the shore. He had to find Riku but he was trapped. Trapped in Kingdom Hearts with Mickey.

"Hey Sora. Get over here!" Tidus had walked over to the edge of the beach.

"Okay." Sora got up and made his way to the campsite, joining in on the discussions, helping himself to the marshmallows and roasting them on the fire.

"WHAAAT! You failed to carry out my simple task! LeBlanc you could not even keep your grip on that girl!" An angry voice spoke to LeBlanc far away in another world.

"Well... eh.. you see...It was Logos and Ormi, my henchmen. Give us one more chance. We will obtain those Keyblades for you!" LeBlanc was confident this would work but it didn't.

"LeBlanc I have no choice but to reassign you and your company to a more suitable position... Here are the details." The figure handed a small piece of paper to LeBlanc. She read it with disbelief.

"KITCHEN WORKERS! Nohman, you can't do this to us I..."

"LEBLANC! I have control here and I will order whom I will. Do your assigned post or else!"
Nohman slowly withdrew a chain from his belt pouch. As he did a Keyblade appeared. The Fury. One of the Ancient Keyblades. He pointed it violently at her and tilted his head slightly.

"I will not lower myself to that level and I will be damned if I do! I refuse to do this!"

"Then feel the inferno of the Fury!" He jolted a bit and ran toward LeBlanc. She knew that he would so she was prepared. She drew out a fan with spikes on the end and blew a kiss to him.

"This is goodbye love!"

She flicked the fan in his direction and a tornado flew straight towards Nohman. He stopped immediately and covered his face. He couldn't see anything. As it cleared LeBlanc was nowhere in sight. She had made good her escape, for now. He dusted himself off and summoned Chronos.

"Chronos. It is now up to you to find the Ancient Keyblades and if you see LeBlanc, eliminate her! I cannot have her meddling with anyone. She could easily tell anyone about my plot, especially the Keyblade master.
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