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Jan 3, 2015
So for the past say....3 years I've been working on a Kingdom Hearts-retelling known as Adventures of Light. The retelling hasn't gotten so far, but many things you can see in this retelling is the inclusion of more Disney characters, including the inclusion of Minnie Mouse and Reuben (Experiment 625) into the party as well as...many...MANY villains. If you're interested you can read it here. I haven't gotten far, I've reached the end of the Wonderland arc.

Now...that being said...I've made...another Kingdom Hearts story that hasn't been taken far either known as the Wonders of Creation. I've tried to take on stories that exclude Disney with other properties. Such is seen here.

Now....that being said I have a confession to make...and I don't know where to put it, so I'll put it here, because it seems...relevant?

Throughout the 3 years I've been writing on, I've been losing motivation to write, and...I just feel like I shouldn't, and losing motivation isn't an option if you want the writing to go somewhere. That's the mindset that I've been always thinking...but whenever I want to write I just...stop. Stop having the passion to do the one thing I love to do, and it's just breaking me.

Now, onto my embarrassing confession: I have no idea what I'm writing in Wonders of Creation. I have the character all sorted out, and what I want to do with her...but I don't know how the story'll go. Idk what I want to do with this story, or where I'm going with. Wonders of Creation is a story that I never thought through of, and I'm almost at the point of deleting it and scrapping it completely. I don't even know where I want the story to head to. Yet due to the...tiny amount of people who were actually interested in this abyssal fanfic, I just feel like I'm trapped doing it. I don't never had plans on what to do with the story and its subplots included within it. Hell, I'm already thinking of another story I tried to make...and I feel like I've thought much of it out more than Wonders of Creation.

I'm at this thing called 'Writer's block' I guess. I want to write. I love to write, but at the same time I really don't. Not anymore. I just lost that motivation every pathetic 'remake' I made. I sometimes feel like I'm no writer, given in the midst of 3 years and many stories I've only completed one. ONLY one.

I' a distraught here, and I don't know what to do, or who to talk to. I literally have no one. So, I was just hoping that some writer who's dabbled in Kingdom Hearts stories could just give me feedback? Please...because idk what to do anymore. I'm dancing between three stories: One the retelling, Wonders of Creation, a developed character with so little thought about the world around them, and another story with a full-thought-out world, but no motivation to just....make it real anymore. All of these are Kingdom Hearts stories.

I'm at my wit's end and idk if this is even the right place to put this....but please help.

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Jul 13, 2008
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Don’t write them for awhile. Step away, sit down and think about what you want these stories to accomplish. Open a physical notebook and just think of what your motivation for starting those stories were, then try planning them out.

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Apr 9, 2007
Maybe you should cut back on writing and reading your own work. Get out of your stories and maybe just play the actual games? It'll be fun to take your mind off your own work and seeing stuff in the games might spark some excitement in you to write something to expand on it.


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Aug 1, 2017
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Well, I don't want to repeat what my previous posters said, so I'll just talk about another aspect of your post.
I currently study Game Design for my Masters Degree and I just finished my storytelling course - I'm not an expert on this, of course and maybe I'm just telling you the most obvious things ever (sorry in advance), but maybe it helps you a little because you said you had your stuffed planned out but don't know where to go.

First of all, be sure of what your conflict is. Is it a rather internal conflict (e.g. "am I still fit to be a father after my kid died in a car accident caused by me?") or is it an external conflict ("guy wants to take over the city") and structure your story around that. Is your antagonist or antagonistic party something you can basically touch, is it supernatural, is it a structure, is is an institution? Knowing your conflict helps you with two things: Your main character (what is his / her role in this conflict, his / her side, what's the goal to achieve) and the plot itself - depending on what your character is and wants, he / she will act to solve the conflict according to his / her beliefs.

Speaking of a goal, my professor always said: "Start with the end."
Picture the ending. This is one way of work among many, but it helps tremendously. If you know what is your goal, write backwards. Imagine the steps to reach that goal and ultimately, get to the beginning. If you have trouble, look at the hero's journey concept that you don't have to apply, but it can help. Read a lot of different stories and think about what you like about them and what not.

Is your main character supposed to change? My professor called this "going from pole to pole" because you start on one side (e.g. main character being anxious and whiny) and ends up still being a little whiny, but courageous at the right moments or brave in general. Think about the change and what makes it happen - people, events?

For the beginning: You need something called an "inciting incident" that should be located somewhere around the beginning. An inciting incident is some special point where the story starts, it's often a very heavy one - some stories start with the main character being on a funeral (thus having suffered loss), someone getting killed, a threat appearing, meeting some special person or whatever. The story doesn't have to start with this immediately, but there should be something that kicks of your story in the right moment. It's no wonder many JRPGs destroy the hero's hometown or kick him out because that FORCES him to act in some kind of way. It's an inciting incident.

Optional, but very helpful: You should have an opinion about your story. Sounds trivial? Think about it as a statement: What do you want to say or portray with your story? Now you can argue: I don't wanna say anything. I just want to make entertainment. That's absolutely fine but in case there is some underlying morale to find in your story, spell it for yourself. Most great stories have some kind of morale if you think about it and it's completely subjective, in the blandest case it's "crime never pays" or "the good will always triumph".
This theme / morale / whatever you wanna call it will help guide you through your story because it determines what comes out of it. You believe that the light will win over the darkness? Make that the final goal. You also believe that every victory comes with a sacrifice? Think about what / who is sacrificed.
There can be a lot of different morales / themes, some examples:

"No one ever wins war. There's no glory to be found in war."
"Sacrificing one for the good of the many is the right thing to do."
"Rejecting to help others will lead to your demise because they will eventually reject to help you in return."
"Love makes you blind."
"How far would you go to save your country?"

As you can see, these range from being specific over being questions to being rather vague. It helps tremendously to think about this and it will also give your story some depth.

Well ... that's it for now. If you wanna talk, feel free to text me. Please don't throw your work away. Please try to approach it from a different angle and ponder about whether you think there's potential, but you just don't know what to do (yet) or if you should drop it and try something else. Both is totally fine but I feel like you're reluctant to let your hard work go, so there should be a lot of gold to be found there. Take your time and don't stress yourself too much. :)