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My custom Kingdom Hearts characters with new colors


Stevie Goodwin

New member
Aug 31, 2017
Check them out, I made them using https://pixlr.com/editor/
I used a color replacer and they turned out great for me.

Here they are.

Sora Sky Blue & Purple Valor Form:

Green Wisdom Form Sora:

KH1 Kari with Blue Hair (Aqua's Hair):

KH1 Sora with Blue Onesie and Red Shoes:

What do you think of my new colors?
You can give my Green Wisdom and Blue and Purple Valor KH2 Sora a new name if you want you.
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Jan 16, 2012
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I love Pixlr. :D

I can see a few coloring errors here and there (not on Wisdom though), but Valor and Wisdom look totally rad in those colors. Kairi doesn't look as interesting to me with blue hair, but maybe it because it's too matching with her clothes. The red shoes and blue onesie combo hurts my eyes. XD