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Souretsu Gear

Nostalgia Tripping
Jan 15, 2005

The Title Mx0 is a manga that was recently released in Japan. So far, it's a magic highschool story so that means that there will be magic. Though, there are major differences in what we will use for casting magic.



If you climb up Seinagi Mountain on a trail right above a town, you will end up at a now replaced shrine with a school. Seinagi Private High School. It was built on the site of a shrine because it was a magic "hot spot" for magic was thriving there. Students who have applied for this school have to pass an exam and a certain question. If you had magic, what would you do? Of course, theres a different answer for everyone for it is not just an ordinary question. If you answer what you really want to do if you have magic, you will be accepted into the school. If not, well, they might let you in.

In this school, everything you learn is magic. From the basics of transformation, to the synthesis magic. There are regular courses such as science and such. Now, how would a person here cast magic. Depending on the magic level of the person, they will get their own personal plate. That plate can store magic points in which if collected enough, you will be leveled up or Plate changed to a higher level. So far four plates are used in the school. From weakest to Strongest; Red plate, Blue plate, Silver Plate, and finally a Gold plate. Students attend the school for a total of three years. If the student reaches a gold plate, they are allowed one wish at the end of their last year. One wish of anything if you have a gold plate. That is why students train to get enough magic points to pass the exam and the school. But, if you lose your plate or fail the year, you get kicked out and your memory wiped. So, do well and do your best or else.


Y'okay! This RP is like Harry Potter except modern and better! It is a manga. So don't blame me if there are some flaws that don't match the story.

Seinagi Private High Schoo
Magic Plates:
Card Pictures

Red plates - Given to first years of Seinagi Private High school. It is for students that have less magic than others.

Blue plates - Much like the red plate except stronger. Given to those who level up from the red plates.

Silver plates - Stronger than a blue plate. It is for those who need more magic storage. A person levels to this from a blue plate.

Gold plates - The greatest of them all. The gold plate. It is for those who embodies great amounts of magic and is the key to have your wish granted at the end of your last year. You level from a Silver plate to get to the Gold Plate.

Other Plates
MO plates

Pictures Coming soon...

Terms and Keys:
-Magic points- Depending on how much magic points you have on your plate, you can preform magic that you specialize, install, and use. Lets say you have a skill that requires 50 magic points and you have 100. You use that skill and you use up half of the 100. Therefore you end up with 50 more magic points. To earn magic points, you have to be in the Counsel Committe and preform certain tasks or you do certain missions to earn it.

-Magic Plates- Unlike your typical wand, Magical plates have an anti-theft identity and is very valuable. You use it to preform magic of certain kinds like puppet control, size change, inanimate animation, visual change, magnetism and so on. Teachers with gold plates can send images to other plates if wanted to.

-MO Plate- Even though it is a plate lower than a red plate, it is quite powerful. It gives the owner the power to destroy and null magic that is being used. But the disadvantage is that once the ability is used, it gets weaker whenever used more times. The ability activates only in tight spots such as a magic user is about to kill you and then you were told to activate the ability.

Magic Specialty- Not really a term. It is magic that you specialize in. Such as visual magic, gravity magic, plant magic, body control magic, bubblegum magic (you can change your appearance by using bubble gum), and many more magic such as a giant laddle and cartoon hands. All you have to do is install magic in your plate by reading certain incantations and then you have it. Afterwards you insert it inside something (Teddy bear, bubble gum, neck, hand, laddle) and then it becomes what you think. The teddy bear becomes the remote control for a persons body, bubblegum can be used as disguises, you can combine your neck with screws to make an unscrewable neck, place the plate inside your hand to make the Cartoon hand, or place it in a laddle to make the utensil bigger than usual.

More to come...

.No Godmodding. Everyone is Human.
.No Powerplaying. Unless you specialize in Puppet magic.
.No killing off unless permitted
.I don't want anyone to be a gold plate unless your a teacher. I am only accepting three teachers for this RP. I'm going to be a student.
.Put "Mx0" at the top of your template
.Be very literate and have good grammer. If not, just make it simple to understand
.2 paragraphs is the limit. The only time I make exceptions are when someone has a writers block or doesn't have much time. If you frequently do this because you are too lazy and I notice, than you are out of Seinagi Private High School!
.Post daily. If not, Post per three days. If you need to go somewhere and something is holding you from posting, PM me
.PM me if you have any questions. PM me if you want to be a teacher
.Have Fun!

Seinagi Teachers
-(Master Sepiroth)

Seinagi Student Counsel

Appearance: Discription or picture. I will show you the uniforms of the school. You can have hats or other stuff.
Personality: A nice paragraph discription. 4 sentences or more.
Magic Plate: Red, blue, or Silver. Gold is for the teachers.
Year: 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year
Magic Specialty: Making things bigger, visual changes, body control, bubblegum skin, etc.
Occupation: Student, Teacher, Student in Student Counsel.
Bio: 2 paragraphs or more
Extras: such as theme songs, likes, dislikes, family, pet and so on

Will edit later on to add Pictures of plates and if I forgot something
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Souretsu Gear

Nostalgia Tripping
Jan 15, 2005

Name:Akaba, Kiro



Appearance: http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e217/Keyblader_0802/Mx0Kiro.jpg

Personality: Kiro is lighthearted and a bit simpleminded but he has a great memory which. At times, he is relaxed and reserved whenever he is settled in one place. Though he has a silver plate already in his first year, Kiro rarely uses it because he tends to fight melee or he runs away. He is the kind of person you can depend on.

Magic Plate: silver plate

Year: 1st year

Magic Specialty: Energy Magic. & Weaponry magic Ex. Homing energy streams, burst ball shot, energy blade and energy shield. Kunai, giant knife, giant laddle etc.

Occupation: Student

Bio: Kiro is an above average student. At points, he has a phobia of failure and no trust. It is because he hates it when people don't trust him and believe that he can surpass other people. That is why he proves it when he passed the exam for Seinagi Private High School. It showed that he was good enough to get into the school unlike some people he knew. All in all, he was one of the best. What he answered for the final question was "Protect those around me" in which the Examiners immediatly dismissed him without a word.

When Seinagi first contacted him to go to the school to pick up something, he just went there without any second thoughts. Upon going there, they gave him a Silver plate. The principle explained the existance of magic and such like the Magic plates and what their uses were for. Taking this information at hand, he thanks them for accepting him into Seinagi Private High school. And now, Kiro can't wait for the day he enters Seinagi Private High School as a student. Excited, he readies his silver plate at hand.

Kiro also carries around a giant sword and dualguns. Mainly Dualguns, the sword is usually at his house.
Themesong, "REWRITE" by asian kung-fu generation.
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