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[Music] The Common Trade


bond of flames

you've got a soul, use it.
Apr 5, 2006
on the case
my band.
well, me and my friends band, but we replaced him(bassist) because he never did anything at practice

so we got 4 people in it right now

bassist, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, and vocals
workin on gettin another drummer because our old one quit without telling us haha.

heres the myspace

MySpace.com - The Common Trade - Wadsworth, Ohio - Alternative - www.myspace.com/thecommontrade

first song(demo) was written and made by me.sang by our singer.not too good but we're working on it

the other 4 are obvious redo's of other songs.
by our amazing lead guitarist.he played and sang em

so, help us out, tell us what we need to work on and what not

and please dont bash us or anything.we've already heard the demo wasnt that good by a few people.