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    Here's how it will work :

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    Social Media Advertisement Content :​

    Now I know lots of new members (out of the blue suddenly became youtube friendly, you're not slick) be-aware that you cannot use the Creative Media section as a gateway to advertise your media without wanting, giving and receiving criticism from your forum family. The idea behind the Creative Media is to help showcase and help improve everyones work or arts, whether it's digital, traditional, etc. Not to promote then leave, it's not fair to the community.

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The Last Bulbasaur
Feb 5, 2009
The Everlasting Daisy Field
Well, I've decided to post my recent sketches and drawings for all to see. You can, mostly, find them in an album on my profile labeled Recent Drawings.

Here are some of the rules I usually follow:

Color is for wussies- I never have color in my art, mostly because I find coloring a waste of time.

It's the inspiration- I do much better on drawings if it is a picture in front of me, but that doesn't mean that I never do anything original, I just like doing source drawings a bit more.

Well...this is awkward- I DON'T do anything that may be considered mature or sexual. Most of the time, I only do head shots, which is where I excel.

Peanut gallery is open for suggestions- If requested enough, I will do a person or character of YOUR choice, just provide a good source and follow the above rules.

Well, here are some of my newest works.
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