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mugen 1.1 kingdom hearts



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Sep 20, 2019
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Hey so I dint really know where to ask this or see if anyone willing in a thread so I chose the general so I am been looking for KH characters for mugen v1.1 basically it a fighting game stuff but you can add charaters if you can make them and if if you can find others who can make them if any willing to make some I would love to see it or if there any I haven't seen of any KH characters that works with mugen 1.1 or if any knows how to make characters like built well I do have some and if any are willing to make some would be cool I did find a cool sora kh1 made one and a few others I mostly want to find a good kairi one cuz my gf face character on there is Kairi so I wondering if any one can or know of it that I haven't looked yet?