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News ► More Kingdom Hearts merchandise includes Donald & Goofy Plushies, AirPod Pro Case


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Square Enix has revealed even more merchandise for KINGDOM HEARTS slated for release during the holiday season, including Donald and Goofy plushies and an AirPod Pro case with various iconic KINGDOM HEARTS emblems.

Cuddle up with this adorable Donald plushie in his KINGDOM HEARTS outfit for 5,940 Yen. Donald is set to release November 21st, 2020. 


You can't have Donald without Goofy! Pick up this small and cute Goofy plushie in his KINGDOM HEARTS outfit for 5,940 Yen on November 21st, 2020


Looking for a case to store your pair of AirPods Pro in? Think about picking up this sleek and classy case embossed with the different KINGDOM HEARTS emblems and a cute metal charm fashioned after a music note. The case can also wirelessly charge your AirPods. This case is set to release November 7th, 2020 for 3,520 Yen.


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