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Monkey's Rant of the Week. >.<



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Dec 15, 2004
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Gah, whenver I have something to say that's been kept inside and I burst it out, people suddenly get mad for my random behavoir. So, consider this a blog, or a rant thread, but I'll try and post random articles that catch my interest, or some of my own rants. Weather about religion, politics, school, life, or ugly people (yes, I do have a rant about ugly people <.< I'd rather save that one for later) this is just by thread to say it. You may find my comments offensive, so here's my apology. If you want to reply to my random rants, go ahead, but I most likely won't reply back, I just need a thread to blow off some steam, (Hense: Forum Insanity)

This week's rants: False Gods, is there really one? Which of the hundreds of god's out there is the supreme one?

False Gods

"How very interesting, " I thought as I read an article from Reaturs. A group of Hindus protested the appearance of Lord Krishna on Xena, the popular TV show which details the adventures fictional Greek female warrior. It seems they felt the producers mad, one of the Hindu gods, look like a fictional character:

"The episode treats Lord Krishna and Hanuman as fictional characters by putting words in their mouths that they never spoke and having them engage in activities that they never engaged in," according to a joint release of the California-based World Vaishnava Assn. and the American Hindus Against Defamation org.

"Not only does this make the viewing audience think that Lord Krishna, other Hindu deities and the Vedic literature are fictional, it makes Hindus themselves look superstitious and foolish. After all, nobody but a superstitious fool would worship a 'fictional god.'"

I found the last sentence particularly revealing, and very sensible. I consider anyone who worships fictional gods foolish. After all, where's the sense in it? If you worship a false god, your prayers, sacrifices, ceremonies, fasts, &c. &c. &c. would get you nowhere: since your god doesn't exist, it cannot respond to them. It only makes sense to worship a real god, for only a real god can answer prayers, bless its followers, be pleased by sacrifices and worship, and give good rewards for deeds done in its name.

But (and this is a tough question) which god is the correct god? Will the real god please stand up?

All over the globe religions abound. Most have their own version of a Supreme Being. Additionally, most say their belief is exclusive and all other beliefs are false. For example:

  • [*]The Hindus say their gods, Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva, are real. Some Hindus consider them different incarnations of the same being while others think of them as separate entities; however, they are none the less real whether considered one or three. Hindus tolerate other beliefs well, compared to other spiritual organizations.
    [*]Christians, on the other hand, are a bit more religiocentric. They claim anyone not worshipping their three-in-one god will suffer the flames of hell for eternity.
    [*]The Jews worship a previous incarnation of the Christian god. They believe their Messiah has not yet come, and therefore, the Christians are wrong.
    [*]The Muslims insist their version of the Judeo-Christian god is correct, and all infidels (sinners and disbelievers) will suffer thbe tortures of Hell for their lack of faith.
    [*]Most Buddhists worship no god, some retain the Hindu gods, and some even worship the Buddha himself as a man-turned-god, along with various Bodhisattvas.
    [*]Believers of the Shinto Tradition have their ancestral worship, and worship of the sun god Amaterasu Omikami.
    [*]Pagans worship different gods: some many, some few.
    [*]And so on, and so on.

So you see the conundrum we're placed in. Who do we worship? Yahweh/Jehovah? Jesus Christ? Allah? The Hindu gods? The Greek gods? The Buddha? Satan? Ahura Mazda? With so many different sets of god(s) out there to worship, how can one accurately say that their god(s) is/are The True God(s)?

One way out of this mess requires the study of all religions, weighing their pros and cons, reading their scriptures, experiencing their rites and ceremonies, &c. Then, enough knowledge will have been collected to choose the "best" religion. You could go to the library, and study there. Or you can search the internet for pages like these, or go to bookstores for information, or go to various churches, temples, and places of worship for their take on the matter. After collecting all that information, you'd be informed enough to make a completely rational decision, as you'd be able to effectively compare and contrast every religion. You could then choose The Correct Religion.

At least, you'd better hope you're correct in your choice, because if you're wrong . . .



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Dec 31, 2005
Wow..I don't think it was random. Monkeh was just speaking his mind.I do that ALL teh time.


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Jan 8, 2006
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Hmm..... interesting.... but, hey, wouldn't this be in religion and not FI? XD Meh, I don't care. I like what you said. One of those things that make you think....... uh-oh, me thinking= not goodness.


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Feb 14, 2006
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