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Minecraft Thread



Mew Mew Mothertruckers
Apr 6, 2016
On a different planet I wish
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I've seen no thread of this so I shall start one.

Minecraft is a video game that has been widely sold in many countries on several platforms. It is known to be both an survival/adventure game and a creative game for players. The survival mode sets the player to survive against many enemies such as the well known Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Endermen, and much more. You can change the difficulty of the game as you wish and can even change it to peaceful where no enemies spawn in the world and your health regenerates.
Minecraft provides different parts of worlds you can go to like the treacherous Nether and The End. The Nether is full of vicious monsters all around like the giant floating Ghasts. The Nether is a place you must come prepared for to enter. The End is the place where you face the boss Ender Dragon. There at the End, after you defeat the dragon, you can enter into either a portal to return home, or another portal to End City full of Endermen and Shulkers.
Now for creative mode. Creative mode allows the player to either generate a world full of biomes already, or generate a superflat world that you may customize in your liking. Creative mode disables trophies, but in survival you earn trophies. Creative gives the player more options such as having the ability to fly or become invisible. Creative gives the option to choose from a variety of blocks in the game to build creations of what you want, with a lot of space in the world to build in too. The possibilities are endless with what you can build with. If you want to spawn mods such as animals or enemies, you can do so in creative.
The game features online modes to let your friends join the fun in your world or join their world, or go against other players in either battle, tumble or glide mini games with different options in each.
So many countless things to do in the game so you can open up your imagination here.
Are you a lover of Minecraft? Or are you a hater? This thread is to discuss Minecraft, but please keep everything clean and do not dislike one another for different opinions.
If you play Minecraft, show off some creations or achievements you've earned!