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Million Arthur series in Kingdom Hearts 3



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Oct 10, 2015
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This is just a prediction, so don't have any expectation

Million Arthur is one of Square Enix famous Android/iOS game (I think they even ported into PS Vita). Are this title relevant to KH? Will it make appearance? Personally I think it has potential to be and not to be in KH3.

Appearing and reason:

  • Well, it's famous game and it will boost the sells of KH3 (Personally I don't think as it.)

  • This game main story is taking over other Arthur (Xd) glory (Well, they have to many Arthur. Damn that Excalibur)

  • Some of the chars have potential to be new host for Heartless and new Keyblade wielder -KW- or some informant for Kingdom Hearts iteself (This SE original series, so they can add new KW because reasons and at some point in KH, all people will have the information, well this happen though because reasons.)

Not Appearing and reason:

  • FF has Nomura no (sry typo for a while) influence in it (FFIIX, Cloud for example but IDK about Leon though) so this series has nowhere written about him.

  • These gameplay wise, it use card. (Maybe if it has same time as KH:COM, they will enter this world)

  • Because Disney doesn't need it. (It's will overpromoted SE than Disney itself though)

Satisfy? As mention in early text, This is just a prediction, so don't have any expectation. But I do want this series to enter though. Camelot in KH? Maybe it will be great to travel in Britain but Disney has Sword in The Stone to use this setting.
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