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In the beginning, there was nothing. It began with a giant cry in the distance, thus creating the birth of the Gods: Ein, Enki, and Nephilim. As centuries passed, the Gods matured in mind, body and powers. They had created their own world, the Ether Realm; with servants the Gods referred to as Angels, or “Neophites”. Within a small amount of time, the Gods had established a small kingdom for themselves in the heavens, with endless numbers of servants and pleasures any of them could desire, and yet the Gods became tired of their stationary life. They desired to make something larger, a means of entertaining them for eternity.

The Gods began by conjuring a new realm for them to create in, a blank canvas that would allow them to shape a world they saw fit. Together, the Gods shaped the canvas into a sphere, and then created the earth for their inventions to walk on, and water for them to drink. Ein, with his will and strength, shaped the continents and seas, even creating the sun for light to shine on the earth; Nephilim, with her generosity, painted the clouds in the sky and the stars at night, and with her breath created the winds to blow on the earth; Enki, with his creativity, shaped the plants and animals that would live in the Realm the Gods had created for them. Once it was finished, the Gods then made the immortal beings that would watch over the earth as its guardians, the Divines. They then told the Divines to watch over the mortals closely, and to remind them of their creators. The Gods, before putting mortals on their Realm, also made a separate Realm where the spirits of the mortals could rest in peace once when they passed away: the Realm was named Pandemonium. The Gods created two more Divines, a pair to watch over the souls laid to rest. When the Realm was ready, they named it Middias, and placed the mortals they had created on it.

As time passed, the mortals began shaping the earth the Gods had given to them. In a few centuries time, they had progressed quickly: making houses out of stone and wood, weapons out of steel and other metals, even harnessing the magic presence left on Middias by the Gods. Kingdoms and major cities were built, wars were waged, heroes and champions were born, and religions with praise to Gods and Divines spread to all regions of the Realm. Ein and Nephilim were content, sitting on their thrones served by their Angels, watching the mortals, occasionally interfering with their lives. Enki, however, desired to create more powerful creatures, believing the mortals on Middias were smart, but too weak. He began shaping the new mortals that would serve only him, in secret, and slowly released them into the Realm of Middias. He called his new race: Demons. They closely resembled humans or elves, occasionally being shaped more like animals or beasts; the only real distinction between a regular mortal and demon were the demon’s red or yellow eyes. Unlike the other mortals, the demons were also shaped to last much longer, along with being stronger and quicker. The demons also had a sharper temper than the other mortals, which brought attention to themselves over time, thus alerting the other Gods.

When Ein and Nephilim went to confront Enki about the abominations on Middias, he struck at them before retreating to Pandemonium. Releasing the two Divines that were tasked with guarding the spirits laid to rest, Enki made Pandemonium his new kingdom. In a short amount of time, Enki had created more demons, and new creatures known as “Chimeras” out of the souls of dead mortals and the transmuted bodies of Middias inhabitants. He strived to take the Ether Realm and Middias as his, and rule as the only God. With his army of demons and chimeras as his soldiers, he sent them to the Ether Realm and Middias, waging war on the Gods and mortals. When the Gods learned of Enki’s foul and traitorous desires, they too created an army of Neophites, and above all the Angels, there was an Arch Angel that would take the title of “Brave”. The Brave’s purpose was to travel to Middias, stop the Chimera and Demon infestation from destroying the Realm and find a way to bring an end to the war that was being waged in the Ether Realm.

For over a century the war in the Ether Realm had been waging, and it was appearing that the armies of demons were gaining the advantage when the Brave had fallen in battle. Middias, too, was falling to the Chimeras, and the mortals were losing hope in the Gods. Deciding the Realm was in need of Heroes, Lord Ein and Lady Nephilim named a new Brave and told him to travel to Middias to find a them, and aid their struggle by defeating the Chimera threat and stopping Enki.

RP Overview:

In this Medieval/Fantasy themed ORPG, your character will be joining Soul and Slader, in their mission to bring peace to Middias by slaying the demon and chimera army, as well as stopping the invasion on the Ether Realm. The ORPG will also have side quests and little fun stops along the way to the destinations. When creating your character be as creative and descriptive as possible. You may choose any of the available races listed below. All characters must be approved by both Soul and me.

The ORPG also has a leveling system. The leveling system reflects your character’s growth in the story, but it is used more as an example of activity rather than who is the strongest character. If a character joins later in the story, when the other characters have reached higher levels, the joining character’s level will be set to the lowest active character’s level. Reaching higher levels will show how strong your character has become, but it does not unlock a set of moves. Those come through the story. If you join late, you may not be able to have as many moves unlocked as veteran members.

In the ORPG you may choose any of the following races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Troll and a single spot is available to a Demon or Half-Demon. One spot is available for an Angel as well (please pm Soul or myself if you are interested in being a Demon, Half-Demon or Angel). You may make up your own race if it is an original race and approved by both the GMs.


To help you in creating your character, a list of places is available with descriptions to make it easier for you to make your bio. An illustrated map may eventually be put up in time.

Continent of Zephyr: The grassy continent of the West. A country with many plains, forests and meadows. This continent is ruled by a Council established in “Gale: The City of Union”, located in the middle of the continent. Gale is a large city with many sections, and serves as the continents main trading and information source. Zephyr also has many small villages and towns, the most renown is Alphon: a small little trading town located South East of Gale. The continent also includes a shrine to the Wind Spirit and the Lightning Spirit.
Continent of Hailstone: A Frozen land located to the North, the cap of Middias. Close to the very top of the world is a frozen lake that holds the shrine of the Ice Spirit. The only established colony on Hailstone is Tundra. They make most of their money whaling and fishing then trading with passing ships. Small Orc and Troll settlements have been sighted frequently on Hailstone.
Islands of Yin and Yang: The feudal Japan like islands of Yin and Yang located in the North East. The two Empires, Yin and Yang, are currently at war. Boat loads of mercenaries head there or are founded there because of the conflict between the two islands. The Fire Spirit is said to travel between the two islands. Yang’s Island was said to have been scorched recently by the Fire Spirit in his rage.
Continent of Terra: For the most part, a very mountainous region, located in the South East, just below the Yin and Yang Islands. This continent had been hit possibly the hardest by the demon outbreak, losing several villages over the past few years. Many Dwarves live in the Mountains and in Caves, creating kingdoms under the ground; the largest being Kore. In the mountains is said to hold a shrine to the Earth Spirit. There are two major cities above ground that still stand strong: Apollo, with a shrine to the Spirit of Light; and Sable, with the shrine to the Spirit of Darkness.


1. Follow the essential rules of the forums and Role Playing guidelines
2. Respect EVERYBODY
3. Romance is allowed - PG13 only
4. Two paragraph post (8-12 sentences) minimum
5. No God Modding - controlling another character, being invincible with power, etc.
6. Keep it reasonable when fighting mentioned higher level CPUs, I.e.; a level 25 would have a harder time fighting a level 50 than an equal leveled opponent.
7. The more posts and fighting you put in, the more levels you?ll achieve. Length and quality are taken into account.
8. Be aware that smoking, drinking, swearing and possibly mild drug use and some adult situations may occur.
9. If you need to leave or just want to quit, please notify myself or Soul first if you can.
10. Don't take anything too seriously, it's a game and meant to be enjoyed, and have fun


The following are required when making your character. You may add additional
information if you wish. Remember you character will rise up as a hero through the story, so be sure to give them a good bio.

Hair color:
Eye color:
Description: What they look like physically
Persona: How they view themselves, other people, etc.
Weapons and Magic:
History: At least three paragraphs

Entering the story:

Once your character has been approved, the GMs will give you examples on how to enter the story at that specific time. This is to prevent characters walking up during the middle of a fight and introducing themselves while the other characters are being attacked. We won’t force you to enter our specific way, but we will be giving out suggestions once your character is approved.

In conclusion:

Thank you for your interest in the ORPG and we hope you join. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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