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Michael Jackson Memorial/Life/Music/Death

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Should change his username D:<
Jul 2, 2008
‡ƵionΡhnӾ‡;4160630 said:
wow, i didn't flame :/
i specifically pulled out your post because it seemed
to be the only one standing firm on his pedo side. Now
i could just say Atticus is an idiot, but i didn't did I? How
you correlated this between the mention of having a
personal relationship of the celebrities given in my previous
post doesn't make much sense. The idea or the post wasn't
about personally knowing the celebrity.
Standing firm? I merely stated something.

‡ƵionΡhnӾ‡;4160630 said:
contradiction...? to what?!
my post was about focusing from the negative
and looking into the positive. As i said before, his
choices in life where questionable, and he was eccentric,
but it doesn't make him less human. What exactly were
you getting at...?
I was trying to show you that saying 'Yes, he did that, but what of it?' isn't a great argument on your side.

‡ƵionΡhnӾ‡;4160630 said:
another person so adamant on the negative side.....
I think you're the one who seems to make it out as if
you have a more personal relationship with MJ. Care to
give any more reasons as to why he would pay off those
families besides the one you gave...
No, because that's the only viable one.

‡ƵionΡhnӾ‡;4160630 said:
you just said you believed he did it? Isn't that the more
popular belief besides "maybe he did it, or maybe he didn't"
You largely missed the point, and i think it best if you didn't
respond any further :/
just because it is the popular belief, doesnt mean that's the reason i'm following it.

‡ƵionΡhnӾ‡;4160679 said:
same here, the hostility in Iran is so dangerous.
People are killing their own people, and the problem
is only gettiing worse. It is good that the people are
standiing up for themselves, but everything turned
out chaotic. I'd be happy to get the news on the rest
of the world ASAP, because even though MJ's death
is tragic, it happened so suddenly, it just sucks that
it happened around this time, where bigger things are
there. that's the only thing I was trying to pinpoint. thats all.
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