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All's End
Dec 15, 2005
Beyond the Final Destination
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Tumble and drop. It's what you wanted isn't it?
Not to be a coward, anyone's object or property
to feel powerful -- to feel more than what you are
worthy, worth more than all of us put together
so you right stories, many of them
all the master the art of persuasion
for you see you, hah, YOU are a deciever
Thats right, you want to convince not just us
You want to convince yourself of your worth
So you tell us your cute little stories
the pessimist in you looks down at the path
the optimist in you focuses only on the sky

shut up

no one's listening, the circle jerking stops here
wipe your feet before you step in the area
the room temperature drops with every finger stroke
arm your keyboards with your memes and witty little replies
get your twitter fingers ready and broadcast this shitstorm
your anxious, but that just means your vulnerable here
that weakness, oh dear, we'll exploit it the second we see it
so sleep is something you won't be allowed to have
teetering on the edge is what life, this life, is now
so stay inside your walls, your threads, your mediums and lanes
warrior or bystander, know each one of you falls into the line of sight
the sniper scope hovers over your work and doth profess a single round
because thats all any of you needs, is a single bolt fired before you understand
we've never met, but your relationship with fear I'm sure you two are close
it's my bottom bitch that coddles you at your lowest, glad you two know each other
if your religious, not religious, just in case you are
you better pray, and pray hard for wealth, wellness, and all the luck in the world
because even if your world ends you'd wanna leave something for those you leave with it