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Fanfiction ► Memories of Sora

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this is a fic about a boy named Josy and his friend named Xiruk, this is my best fic yet. so enjoi

Sora slashed at the heartless with fury, a lot older than he used to be since he saw Ansem die from his own device. He was starting to grow a goatee. “Commander Sora!!!! We need your assistance!”
Sora looked over at his officers, plunged his keyblade into a heartless behind him and ran over to lend a hand. His feet making great thuds on the ground as he ran. “Sora!” He bared his teeth as his side started to hurt, but he kept on running. Riku was standing there helping out as well, but the heartless were just too many, shadows, knights, and other heartless surrounded them. “SORA!!!!!”
Sora watched as his best friend got slashed in the back by a heartless. “SOOORRRRAAAAA!!!!!!!” Heartless started to pile onto Riku slashing and cutting, more piling onto Riku at every second. Fury in his eyes, he raced to the scene of the fight ignoring any pain he felt, he just ran, keyblade held up, he cut at many heartless on top of his friend. After he had diminished all of them that were on Riku, he fell onto his knees beside him and rolled him onto his back. “Riku…”
Riku answered back, “Sora, don’t stop fighting, don’t.” Sora held his head up in his y hands. Riku felt the energy draining from him, “Sora…” And then he died, right there in Sora’s arms. He felt a tear run down his cheek, dropping on his friends head, he took Riku’s head and held it close on his chest and cried. But nothing is eternal.

~134 years later~

Josy looked out his window in the city of Radiant Garden, thunder rolled making him jump. Rain poured down his window making it hard to see out. He looked around his room. “What a mess, ugh, guess ill clean it up before mom and dad come home.” He jumped off his bed and started picking stuff up. He picked up clothes, toys, game boards, and some other stuff that was lying on the floor. He came upon his toy keyblade, picked it up and looked at it. “Sora… not just a legend or story, he was real, I know he was.” He heard a tap on his window, and another. Pebbles kept hitting his water strewn window. Josy jumped onto his bed and opened the window. The wind blew water on his face like it was spitting. He looked down and saw his friend Xiruk.

“Josy! Come down here!!! I got something to show you!!!” Josy ran to his door, yanked it open, and ran down the stairs. Opened the door and saw Xiruk standing there, soaked, he sneezed. “Wait here, I’ll get you a towel. He went to the kitchen and opened a black cabinet, got a towel, ran back to his friend and gave it to him. “Dry off, and come in.” Josy said. “Thank you, Josy.” They went to the living room and sat down on the floor. “What brings you here in this weather, Xiruk?”
“This.” He held out his hand and Josy took what was inside. It was a picture, of his great grandpa and someone he did not recognize. Someone with brown spiky hair and a goatee, a blue and black jacket, black jeans and orange and black boots that looked too big on him. On the back it said, “The war ends.” Josy turned it over to the picture, and then back to the words, “Who is that?” He pointed to the man at the man with brown spiked up hair. “Well?” He looked over at Xiruk. “I don’t know, I thought you might, that’s why I came. I just found the picture today”

He took the picture back from Josy. Then a knock on the door alerted them. “Josy! We’re back!” Josy, shocked by the fact they were back so soon, made him get up. “Quick! Hide! You’re not supposed to be here when they are gone.” Xiruk got up with his friend and they both ran up the stairs, Xiruk dropped the picture. They ran into Josy’s room and hid Xiruk in the closet. “I’ll be back.” He ran down the stairs as quietly as his legs could make it. “Josy!” His mom called. “Coming mom!” He ran up to the door and opened it. “Hello, we’re back.” His dad said with a smile. “Why are you home so early?” Asked Josy. “Well, we both got off work early, so we thought we could come home.”

They walked into the room and sat on the couch; the dad picked up the remote and turned on the TV. His eyes fell on the picture. “What’s this?” He picked up the picture and looked at it. “This looks like Xiruk’s great grandpa. Xiruk hasn’t been here? Has he?” Josy sat there wide eyed, all the feeling drained out of him, making him feel cold. “Well?”
Josy didn’t say anything. “You’re grounded young man, for not answering me, and for having Xiruk in this house with out permission!” Xiruk sat on a pile of shoes, feeling sorry for Josy, making him get grounded because of him. He walked down the stairs, feeling ashamed for coming, not as wet as before but still wet. “I was the reason for this, I came.” Mom and dad just stared at Xiruk. “Well, I’ll be calling your parents, Xiruk. My family will be the laughing stock of all of Radiant Garden at this rate of disobedience. Go home, Xiruk.” Xiruk opened the door and walked out into the pouring rain, his head laying low. “Son, give this back to hum, tomorrow at school.” His father said through clenched teeth.
Josy took the picture he had gotten from his friend and stormed up to his room. He sat on his bed and looked at the picture for quite some time. Then it came to his mind, “Sora? This man in the picture, could that be Sora?

a note from the author:::
i hope you like this chap of the fic and chapter two will be coming up


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Dec 24, 2004
Basic English tells us that whenever a new character is speaking, you start a new paragraph. I recognized the Xiruk anagram, so I made the correlation of Riku's relation to the kid, I guess. Riku's death in the first paragraph was a bit overdramatic and by saying "Nothing is eternal," it sounds like someone was trying to sound cool.

Well, enough ranting. It's not so bad. If you could clean it up a little here or there and establish a good plot line from where you are now, I might keep reading.

And change your signature. It's too big for the page and it's stretching your posts.


thx ds, i have made chap. 2 and im posting it now

Xiruk lay in his bed that night dreaming, he rocked and turned in his bed:

“Sora! Where are you!?” Yelled a dark figure in the night in a feminine voice.
“I’m over here!” Yelled Sora answering back, he lied on the ground with a great, big, gash in his leg.
His friend came to him and knelt beside him, long, silky hair landed on him, “What happened?”
“I don’t know, I was walking and-“

But Xiruk awoke before Sora could say the last of his sentence. “Ugh, what? Sora, that was Sora? WHAO!

“I’m telling you! That person in the picture was Sora!" Yelled Xiruk standing in the middle of the courtyard in front of the school.
Josy answered back, “It was just a dream, how could this person be Sora?”
“I just know it is! It can’t be anyone else. The goatee, the jacket, the shoes!”
“Come on Xiruk, get real.”
Xiruk stood there his head hanging low.
At that moment Josy heard the bell ring, "Tome to go ro class, see ya later Xiruk!" And they both went seperate directions to their first class.

“Josy!” A girl ran up to him while he was walking down the hall, her black hair flowed in the back as she ran.
“Hi Sherrisa! How are you doing today?” He looked at her and smiled. He knew Sherrisa quite well, Sherrisa was a very good friend of his, but he never knew what was going to happen in the future.
“What’re you doing?” She asked
”Walking to first period, lets see, I have math first, English, philosophy, writing, history, art, science, and astronomy.” Said Josy looking at his schedule reading it off.
“Wow, you are advanced. I don’t have my schedule yet.” She murmured.
“You can go to the consolers’ office to get it. Your teacher will understand, I think.”
“Ok, I’ll go get it from the counselor like you said.” And she started to the counselor’s office.

Josy went to first period and sat down in his chair, while the pointy nose teacher was teaching, he drove off into his own thoughts. "Sora..."
“Josy! Pay attention!” Said the pointy nose teacher. “Now e equals mc square how? Marria?”
“I just don’t get it. How could that person in the picture be Sora? Oh man! I forgot to give him the picture! Oh well, I’ll give it to him later. But… could it have been Sora?” He thought to himself.

“Xiruk!! I think he is really sora!!”
“What? You now think he is Sora? Asked a shocked Xiruk.
“Yes, I do, Xiruk. I now think he is Sora.”
“Ok, now that you know he’s Sora, let’s go to my place and study up on him.

~At Xiruk’s house~
“Now, lets get on the internet and see what we can find on him.” They walked into the den and something caught Josy’s eye.
“Hey, Xiruk, what keyblade that?” He asked.
“That? I don’t know what it is called but it has some carvings in it that says “Way to Dawn”. I’m not sure what that means though. They said I was holding it when they found me.”
“Found you?” Asked Josy speechless.
“Yes, found me, when they did find me, it was a long time ago, I was then put in an orphanage, and when my mom and dad adopted me, they gave them that very blade.”
“I didn’t know that.” They walked up to the computer and got on the internet. “Next we’ll type in the search box “Sora” and then click search.”
The computer answered with historical websites. There was a site that said Keyblade Wars.com. They clicked on the site and got pictures of sora from when he was young, it said:
Keyblade master, Sora. Born on Destiny Islands, a beautiful paradise where he and his friends Riku and Kairi. When he was fourteen years old, he experienced a fiasco one night and was separated from his friends, and ended up in Traverse Town alone.
“Ok, enough of him, we both know he is Sora.” Said Josy and typed up Riku.
The computer answered with a biography of Riku:
Riku, keyblade wielder, wielder of Soul Eater.
Both Xiruk and Josy looked at each other wide eyed. The computer also said:
Riku died in the keyblade wars in Sora’s hands by a heartless, it took his heart, he is now a heartless, and a nobody, although, nobody knows where or who his nobody is. Some say it’s just a legend, but Sora said this, “Riku was my best friend from when we were kids, we would play on our island for days. When he died in my arms, I did not feel a heartbeat before he died, so I know, he is a heartless, and a nobody.” Radiant Garden scientists have been studying up on this and have some names that Riku’s nobody might have, the names are as follows:
• Ruxik
• Urxki
• Xiruk
At the name Xiruk, Josy looked over at his friend. Shocked at this information, Xiruk ran up to his room and pounded his fist on his bedside table, shattering his lamp. “A NOBODY?! I DON’T WANT TO BE A NOBODY!!!!!!! NOBODIES DON’T HAVE HEARTS!!! THEY ARE NOTHING!!!!!” But something came into his head, <But nothing is eternal.>
“What?! Nothing is eternal? What is that supposed to mean?”
<It means, you live forever on as nothing>
“Forever, as… nothing?”
<Yes, forever…>
“Does this mean, if I get hurt, I won’t die?”
<Yes, now come, come to us.>
A black portal of darkness sprang up in front of his face. “Whoa…” And he walked inside, searching for eternal life.
<Hehehehehehehehe… What you will do for us, what you will do… Hahahaha!!>
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Dec 24, 2004
Too much of the chapter is dialogue. Find a way to summarize conversations and start describing situations a lot more. Use scene changes. Don't just say ~In The Classroom~. That's just lazy.


Oct 17, 2006
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the memories of sora are very real, but sanguinary at the same time. sora,....sora ..SORAAAA. the cries of a close friend to this boy a young woman named kairi. being locked in his cacoon of memories the story never actually gave the ..... the story.
Namine the memory witch who gave sora the option to have mamory or forget her. Sora rightfully chose his memories over the friendly anigma. Once sora and his pals Donald, and Goofy were protected in this shell wich makes links with all memories of all emotions and events and the mind of the person makes the right connections and retrieves the correct memories. But while in this chamber Sora experienced memories and events that he had never even experienced not in castle oblivion or in his past journey for king and friend. these memories were morbid and disturbing beyond even the most horrific events in the history of the entire trinity of stars. sora had thoughts of suicide and other twisted corupptions. in this level of danger sora had almost vanished into nothing or maybe to become flowing enternal darkness. Darkness that wielded a sacred weapon ....... a keyblade. you have just read "Birth By Sleep"


thx everyone sorry for the keep back on the chappies. iv been studying for tests, that stinks, here is chapter 3 now

Josy raced up to Xiruk's room as he heard talking from a low voice, smashed open the door. "Xiruk?! Xiruk! Where are you?!!!" But he heard some distant laughing, high, cold laughs, chills went up his spine. "Not good. XIRUK!!! What did you do, where did you go?"

Somewhere in a darkened place Xiruk lay asleep, tossing and turning once again.

"Sora? What happened to your leg?" Said a female voice the same as before.
"I don't know, I was walking and I fell, something attacked my leg and started cutting at it, I slashed at it with my keyblade and it dies over there." Sora pointed to a spot on the ground. A heartless lay in the spot pointed at, its head off, blood pouring everywhere.
"But Sora?" Said the feamale voice
"Yeah, Kairi?"

But once again, Xiruk woke, but in a place he didn't recodnize, a pitch black room. He heard avoice to his left.
"Your finally awake?" Said a low voice.
"It's you, the voice from that, that..." His voice trailed off in wonder of what that black portal was.
"The darkness you walked into?"
"Yes, that dark... portal. Who are you anyway?"
"That is none of your concern... for now that is." The blackened room alluminated with brightness, lights alined the wall. Xiruk covered his eyes the light hurt them so. He turned to his left, a person in a black cloke looking at him, his face not visible. "Now, get out of the bed and put this on." He handed Xiruk a black cloke, the same as his.
"Why?" Asked Xiuk still covering his eyes.
"Because, you ahve to, help us, or die." The man laughed, that same high, cold laugh that Josy heard, it also, sent a chill up Xiruk's spine.

Josy raced to his house on the corner of the road, a sriking pain in his head caused him tofall to the ground, clutching his head.
<Josy, feel the pain of your fathers, your mothers, of Sora...>
"What the heck are you talking about!? Sora's pain? My fathers, and mothers... pain?!" Josy yelled dramatically, Sherrisaheard him nearby and ran over to him.
"Josy?! JOSY! Why are you clutching your head?!" Her eyes widened when he talked, like he was talking to someone not there.
"Go away, get out of my head..." He writhed on the ground ucontrollably.
"JOSY?!!! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!!!" Yelled Sherrisa picking him up by his shoulders and shaking him.
Josy shreaked with unbearable pain, darkness shot from his eyes, his mouth. Thousands of heartless shot out from his mouth.
"JOSY!!!!!" Screached Sherrisa scared out of her mind. "JOOOOOSYYYYYYYYY!!!!!"

dun dun duuuuunnnnn


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Oct 17, 2006
freaky, this is getting better with every chapter :D i can't wait for the next chp Ansem


thx decus. i havnt started writing chapter 4 yet but ill get on it soon


thx ds, iv been studyin up for tests so i havnt been on much
heres a bit of chapter four

"JOSY!! GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!!" Yeled Sherrisa as heartless shot out of Josy's mouth. "This is not good..."
At the time Josy's father was coming home from work but saw the commotion and went to help. When he got there, he jumped out of his car and ran up to Josy and bent down on his knees beside Josy. "What happened?! TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED!!"
Sherrisa was shocked, "Well I really don't know, I saw him Writhing on the ground and i came running."
"Same with me, exept I saw the black stuff coming out of his mouth up in the air." Answerd the father with a worried face. The darkness coming out of Josy's mouth stopped and he stirred.
"Ugh... father?"
Josy's father looked down at his son, "Son, your awake? I was so worried about you."
Josy stood up and hugged his father. "Its okay, the searing pain... is gone! Lets go home. Want to come, Sherrisa?"
Sherrisa answered in an instant, "Sure, I'll come."
Josy looked up to his fathers face, "I got something to tell you at home."
As they were walking home a black creature came out of a dark puddel in the ground. It twitched while it moved, it hissed and lunged at Josy's father and started to slash at his stomach.
Josy was outraged, "DAD!!!!! GET OFF OF HIM CREATURE!!!!" but a voice came into his head.
<Your time has come... Josy.>
Josy stared at the heartless cutting at his father, now cutting at his face. In a burst of light a keyshaped blade appeared in his hand. "HOLY...!!!" He jumed back and dropped the keyblade.
<Use it as a weapon, and protection for your father.>
Josy picked up the keyblade and with it, knocked the heartless off his dad, it flew aways off and landed on the hard metal surface of the car, cracking the window, it rolled off onto the ground. Josy ran up to it, jumped up, came down and slashed at the heartless.

"So, your name is Xiruk, right?" Asked the cloaked man.
Xiruk looked over at his newfound friend, wearing the same cloak as the man was wearing, exept his face was visible. "Yes, that's my name. Although... it used to be... Riku."
"Riku, I know that name..." Said the man trailing into thought, trying to remember the name.

Xemnus hit Riku across the head and into the back. Sora looked over at him git Xemnus causing him to fly up, Sora said Riku, held his hand on Riku's keyblade and a beam of light shot out of the end hitting Xemnus...

"That's where I heard the name." Said the man. You will be some good to us." Then he laughed that cold, high pitched laugh causing Xiruk to cover his ears. Laughing long afterwards.

end of chapter 3
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