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Dec 15, 2005
Beyond the Final Destination
Special Memory: Trust Resolute Eight
Location: Arcadia; Graveyard > Tavern
Time: 2AM > 4AM


Arcadia; Capital City Street
[Memory Fragment: Eidolan]

He could feel it in his legs as he bolted down the way of the alley. Those brats were fast, before he knew it they'd already disappeared into the shadows. These rebel forces were a bunch of misfits, and as Yamato looked over to Jay/Jaz he couldn't help but remember something from his personal history. Forces that seemed to dominate your very way of life, and those that stood up in defiance were merely used as examples for obedience. He could recall memories of power figures being put to death and merely used as examples of defiance.

Yamato and Jay/Jaz were huddled together behind some trash receptacles as the foot steps of soldiers passed them by. There was a steady beating in place, as Jaz laid her head on Yamato's chest. His adrenaline seemed to be accompanied by a building sense of resentment for how haphazardly they engaged in firing line with no visible threat. It irked him, but he ground his teeth in silence as the footsteps moved further and further away.

"Can we really do nothing." unaware the words left his mouth, he spoke out of frustration. "What are we even watching?? It'd be so easy to just-"

"Its not our war, Yamato." Jay said raising his head, "You really wanna get mixed up in this? Master already said the objective was to observe."

He shuffled around and Jay proceeded to pin him down to prevent any further movement. "Like it or not, orders are orders. Trust the master on this." Jay's muscles pulsed staring at the generals there perfectly lined up, he'd need only a few seconds to draw them into the zone and it'd deal them a massive blow.

"What does the master know about their suffering!? It's here and now, we can do something abou-"

"No. Before you get any ideas." Jay slapped his shoulder activating his keyblade armor and spawning his bike as the Lanes between sucked the two of them through the rift and he mounted his bike with Yamato in tow.

Arcadia; Graveyard
Fast forward to now

[Kingdom of Predators (HxH OST)]

It'd been some time since he'd been assigned another role of observation. The master had recently broken down to Yamato as well as his peers that, he would one day vanish from the world. The news settled a bit differently in the team, some of them being a bit more accepting and understanding than others. He found himself back on Arcadia, the night was late and he could feel the light of the moon beating down on his neck. There was a small wind-chill that blew across the grave yard and he heard one less whistle from the wind. There was the sound of a shovel being pitched into the dirt as it drew up more and more and casting it to the side, properly digging a six foot deep and sizeable hole.

A black haired main with red highlights and a clad, on his wrist was the Empire's emblem. He slung the shovel over his shoulder and slowly knelled down to place his hand on a casket. To whom it belonged to, likely anyone would guess a shit soldier to this atrocious army that ruined so many lives.

"Cheeky. Suppose this is your Karma, eh? Ocean." the man spat on the casket and lowered it into the pit. There was a loud banging sound coming from the inside of the casket. "Still alive huh? Just escape like last time, it was easy wasn't it?"

[ @Lumine ]
[ @Kingdomkeylight ]
****you know exactly what this reference is to lol****

The man taunted the poor fool who was locked within the casket and shook his head. Yamato could hear the banging from across the way, and his emotions certainly got the best of him. It took only a moment for him to slowly make his way over as the Empire's dog who was feeding more dirt into the hole. His fist was balled and he went to go for a strong right, his fist came out and slammed into something and bounced off like wall of some kind.

"Huh?" the man turned around slowly and placed both hands on the handle of the shovel, "Little busy here, you get lost in this graveyard? Or are you paying your respec-" he raised his hand and intercepted Yamato's fist and slowly lowered it, already proving he was physically stronger than him.

"Someone's crying for help inside that casket, you're just gonna bury them alive!? What the hell is the matter with you!"

"Oh him? Rebel scum get their just deserts. Besides, its just a job. Following orders, yada yada, you know what I mean?" to this man, his life held little value and he'd keep him there before he bs'd his way out of the casket like he did the castle.

Yamato finally catching a good look at his face, he was the same man from that group as before. "Rebel scum huh...that makes you an authority of the Empire then?"

"Depends on who's asking. I operate off of and ally myself with money for my security." he smirked, swatting his hand away from him and fixing his clad. "Salforge. A mercenary currently working a contract for The Empire. They don't much care much for me or my line of work, an awful client really. Yet results are what I've consistently supplied them with."

He shrugged and Yamato eased off his frustration sum once he started to understand this man named Salforge's dynamic here.

"Whats the matter Ocean. You're awfully quiet for..." the sudden realization hit him and opened the casket to see no one was inside of it. "Fuck. How the fuck does he keep doing that?"

Salforge felt a fist enter his back and he jerked forward ever so slightly. "Give me a minute here. I need to track down that piece of shit." he was already predicting his next couple of moves. "You an Anti-Empire Radical or something? Don't hold your breath on that one chief, your too young to be getting involved in their type of politics. I'm just another set of arms thats on payroll, I don't really care about the politics or the motives. I serve my own interests at the cost of my own ethics."

Salforge turned around and grabbed Yamato by the throat and lifted him up as he carried him out of the grave he dug for Ocean. "You know. I could just drop you in here, but if its one thing I don't do is lie about the quality of my services." Salforge released Yamato and he fell to the dirt. "You done trying to kick my back in when I'm not looking? Dishonorable, but not a bad strategy. I'm not getting paid to do anything to someone that has nothing to do with my assignment, beat it will ya?"

"So thats it? You'll just hurt more people just because it keeps the lights on?? What about their lives, what about their suffering? Their families."

Salforge shrugged, "You talk as if this is your first time ever experiencing war and warfare."

"Kuh!" Yamato jerked, "People don't have to die meaninglessly like dogs in the dirt."

Yet they've died whether I was apart of it or not. Like I said, don't tell me about my job, I know what I signed up for. Maybe your the one that needs to open your eyes to the gravity of what's happening in Arcadia. Hell, all worlds. This isn't some fucking fairy-tale, lives are put on the line and these people know what they signed up for. Run back to whatever tavern you slithered out from and drink yourself into a coma." Salforge shrugged his shoulder and slung the shovel over his left side before he started to talk away.

He was utterly speechless, his rage was starting to billow out of control. Yamato was known for having this extremely sharp and potent moral compass and a sense of compassion for others. He imbued strength from those that rose up in rebellion, and stemmed to aid them in with whatever means of tactical dismantling of this empirical systems that oppressed them. Clutching his fist, a miniature zone formed around and he ruthlessly went in with the intent to maim Salforge.

Salforge sighed, reacting about as quickly as he could using kido to quickly reverse Yamato's arm away towards the sky and pressing the rest of his body down towards the pile of dirt he was standing next to. "Listen to me young man and listen well. I don't kill or attack a target I'm not getting paid to, cease fire, we're not enemies unless you make it so. My advice? Keep it docile and go home."

Yamato wriggled around out of pure frustration, feeling the press of the dirt against his face. It was soft, but a reminder of how easily his youth and over-powering set of morals just couldn't allow him to watch and do nothing. He could feel Sal's grip loosen on him, and he slapped his hand away turning over to yell in irate tone.

"What do you even value other than yourself! HUH!? Your just like this prick I have to live with, paint everyone into boxes. Say that the actions you take is for our own good? WHAT DO EITHER OF YOU KNOW HUH!"

He spit in the direction of Salforge, as the wad of his secretion landed on his face.

"Dude does sound like a dick kinda yeah, but don't really know'em and don't really care to, and it sounds like you feel the same. Listening to you shoot your mouth off about me when i've said little to antagonize you, when you could've just as easily minded your own damn business, it's pathetic. Spit in my face? Well, some self-righteous shit you got going on with that little stunt, but it's fine."

Salforge lifted Yamato and tossed him onto the mound of dirt. "
I stand by what I said, if i'm not getting paid to care about you, you're not worth killing. It's simple, you want my empathy? My price starts at fifty thousand munny and I don't accept checks. Two contracts is my limit anyhow."

"Two..?" Yamato looked at Salforge quizzically, "What do you mean by that?"

"Not that its any of your damn business, but two clients contracted me at the same time. We're expecting a nice little show of force, just creates more opportunities for me to charge these Empire chronies more. Sounds like a win win if you ask me."

Yamato couldn't believe it, this man was a goddamn traitor. "Traitor...No...your con-man! Don't you have any class...like at all??"

"The hell's class? I'm only seeing a payday on my end." Salforge scratched behind his head before he pulled up a riceball and placed it in Yamato's hand. "You look like you haven't eaten in hours."

Placing it in his hand, he rubbed his index finger and thumb together insinuating it would cost him a pretty penny.

"YOUR SERIOUSLY GONNA CHARGE ME FOR THIS!?" the look of exasperation in Yamato's eyes as his stomach howled.

"Keep your voice down, are you trying to alert the guards?" he reached into his coat and pulled out a cigarette and lighter, "Thats a freebie. Do yourself a favor and go home."

The mercenary lit the cigarette, before taking a drag and exhaling the smoke in the graveyard. Yamato shook his head, as he started to eat the food he was given and the sound of his stomach quieted quick fast in a hurry. Salforge sat down on the tombstone without a name he'd originally planned for burying Ocean here. It was an annoyance, yet another set back but thinking about it now how anyone just avoided capture, even when it shouldn't be possible, he was petty enough to just kill him and bring his arms to Clement as the proof.

Yamato started off in the other direction and chose to depart without so much as a word. The mercenary shrugged, "Finally outta here? Good, I need to think."

Yamato sat down at the table, he didn't even really know why he was still here. When the waiter came over to him, he feverishly scanned his pockets for his wallet and realized that it was gone. 'That son of a bitch fleeced me!' scratching his head nervously there was a woman that came and sat down at the other side of the table.

"Put it on my tab." she said promptly taking a seat and showing her ID to the waiter. The woman looked over the table at Yamato and he instantly blushed, breaking eye-contact right away. As she loomed over the table, his gut twisted and his unease had set in.

"It's not often we get strangers in this castle town. Anyone with eyes can tell your an off-worlder, now." The leaned forward pensively and locked eyes, "What exactly brings you to Arcadia."

There was yet another bangle over her sleeve, the mark of the empire.

"You just another military Caliban?" Yamato's unease quietly resonated to mild disgust as he cringed and turned away from the woman. "I'm just here to watch, trying to understand the politics of war."

"There little to understand. Rebels are hopelessly struggling, their uncoordinated, and their information gathering skills are sub-optimal at best." She shrugged and took a swing from the mug before placing it down. "Is that where your empathy leads?"

Yamato took a drink, selfishly at that. "Sometimes survival evolves into a simple desire of wanting to prosper outside of an oppressive regime." he sighed, "It seems that's all these people want."

"They'll have to win. Winners are the ones that control the narrative of history after all." she slow clapped for poor Yamato, however neither exchanged names. "You're definitely curious, off-worlder. Best for you to actually go-"

"What are you doing out so late." a familiar voice came up from behind and tapping him on the shoulder, it was Shiki.

"What are you doing here. Running late errands?" Yamato more more dismissive tonight than normal.

"A search party was sent out for you when you just disappeared in the middle of the day without saying anything."

"I don't see why it even matters where the hell I go, aren't we all adults capable of watching our own asses?"

As the two of them prattled about the woman got up briefly from the table and left a pouch of munny there to pay for the drinks. Like snow, it was as if she drifted out softly and was gone. When Yamato turned around, he realized that she had just vanished mysteriously as she rolled in. Who did she think she was anyway, lecturing him like that. He sucked his teeth and slid out of the chair, disgruntled, walking past Shiki as she urged him to go back to the dorms, it was some time after 4AM currently.

"You're not even my partner, why the hell should I listen to you?" Yamato stormed outside of the Tavern and Shiki wasn't far behind before she grasped his shoulder firmly. "Is that what you do? Chase us down like a good little obedient lapdog. Pathe-"

The struck him across the cheek with a firm slap. "Yamato. Shut up already alright, listen for a second." Shiki sounded way more fluid and amicable than what his impressions were. "If you keep look at the rest of us as labels, single-stories, when are we going to get the agency to show ourselves."

She sighed, "I didn't come here because we aren't partners, or that its my job, I came here because I was worried about you and I happened to be the first one to find you." in her hand she had a note, "Here. It's from the Master. He said, he had a feeling I'd find you first."

Yamato's eyes softened a bit, he extended his hand and graciously accepted the note from Shiki. As he proceeded to open it, his eyes further opened wider. It was almost as if the Master at all times just knew what everyone was both thinking and feeling.

You stormed out of here in a hurry the other day
I know what your thinking, "It can't be true"
It is, I don't have much time remaining
But your anguish doesn't belong to just you
Think of how everyone else is feeling right now
Thats been the goal all along
To bring you all together
Try to loosen up, if the person that gave you this note
Isn't Komaeda, look at them a little less harshly
Smile fondly, you're comrades, protect each other
They will be your support in my absence, so please
Trust them, not for me, but for yourself


His arm fell lip and his head tilted back looking towards the sky. The warm bead of a tear seemed to thread itself down his cheek and he could feel another building within his eyes. Watering, eventually he let go and more started to flow like a river from the resolute.

"Hey...thank you and...err.." he shuffled a bit, a hand with a cloth dotted his eyes and wiped under his lashes, "Don't apologize for saying what you really felt, but consider us, all of us next time before vanishing without a trace."

Yamato nodded, "
Today. We are better." Shiki placed both hands on his shoulders, "Let's go home Yamato."

Shiki created a portal through which the two of them walked and vanished into the light just as the sun was breaking on the horizon of Arcadia.

Just Dari

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Dec 15, 2005
Beyond the Final Destination
Memory Fragment: Solid Gold [Saebyeolbe, Reforge]
Location: Saebyeolbe's Homeworld (????)
Time: 3PM

Something about today was off. Sae had left the dining hall hastily earlier without so much as a word. As his foot steps tread along the barren wasteland of his homeworld he had something of a grim look on his face. The news of the master's eventual departure completely out of his control was something that was difficult to face. Internally there was a conflict that could be felt that hinged on the suppression of how initial feelings of animosity he held and without the master, they festered wildly. He'd returned to a specific spot in particular and he fell to his knees.

A single hand stroked the mound of dirt and ashes. Mumbling a word, "Allison..." his eyes flared up with a sharp tinge of sorrow filled rage. He grasped at the dirt, lacing his fingers through to clump a ball of dirt in his palm.

"I owe the master too much for him to just...vanish from reality. Can we...give the power back if it keeps him here?" He said softly pondering the thought.

His skin bumped, hairs standing on all ends, goosebumps. A quick-turn and he was faced with what looked to be a massive...huh? "What the...that heartless is...white?" Sae stood confused.

Looking again, it was what he'd normally pin as a Darkside, but it was pure white. Emitting no survival instinct to kill or any malice whatsoever, so his hesitation at first seemed to alarm even himself. Tilting his head, he formed two-fingers and and jabbed the air, it dodged immediately by moving it's head slightly to the side.

"It's sentient...Oh for pete's sake, I don't have time for this, let me brood all by my lonesome." Sae had a gut wrenching feeling. "I take it you understand me then? Just leave me alone, this isn't the right place or time for whatever you're trying to do..."

Sae turned his back to in his head he named Lightside and crouched down to place his hand over the small mount of scorched soil. There was a weighted stomp coming from the Lightside and he sighed, issuing another warning. "Lets not come to blows for no reason at all. Something's weighing on my conscious right n-"

He was scooped up by the connection of a fist entering his back and he held the mound of dirt to his chest as he brushed against the gravel in the distance. Sae emerged from the rock, holding the dirt to his chest, with a twisted expression mixed with sorrow, rage, and exasperation. "....when did we stop listening..."

He was already in the spot under the light side returning the dirt to the spot he coveted so closely. His motion was so fast, but the Lightside, spoke??

"Sorry." it said stroking Sae's head, "Now not time to cry. Master have no time left."

"Whoa whoa whoa slow down there. It talks??" Sae stumbled about befuddled falling flat on his rear, "Hey now hold the phone."

"Olby" it said, and instantly it triggered Sae's understanding. "Ref...? That you? You've uh...gained weight."

He shrank down and to his child body and dove straight into Sae's arms swinging around his neck before perching on his shoulder. "Heeeeeeeeeey! Olby!" Reforge snickered as he followed him to this place. "I didn't even know this was a world." His child-state gave him about the proportions of a 4 year old, but he talked more like a grade-school kid.

"What's the matter?" Ref asked poking his face. "That face isn't joyful like usual, I need my joy boy."

Sae casually moved Reforge's finger away from his face. "Do you believe in second chances Reforge?" he said a bit more pensive than usual.

"Hmm? What's with that look?" Reforge couldn't help but be moved, yet he answered him "
Yeah I do. You looking to redeem yourself??"

He looked down, and across at the barren landscape. "This place was wiped out a long time ago. It was a world that proved to be a hub for criminals. As a child a grew up here and one day some vigilante came and purged the entire world in fire." Saebyeolbe sighed bedgrudingly.

"It's been years. Not a soul has reincarnated and returned here. No matter how many heartless I slay that remained here...no one has come back..."

Sae motions over to the spot he was sitting at before. Planting his rear on the scorched earth, he placed his hands together in prayer. Reforge looking over his shoulder trying to make sense of what he was doing. The truth of the matter, this wasn't the perfect place to grow up, but these people regardless of their status, were dear to him. Stories of great exploits, plunders, and fantastic tales of wealth and adventures had. A tear welled in his eye as his lip quivered a tad shirking a remorseful expression.

"Then maybe they haven't come back is because they don't want to." Reforge said blunting hopping off his shoulder. "Would you really want to come back to nothing? It's possible they reincarnated off wor-"

"What..." Sae gripped his face, "No...is it really that simple? How would you even know?"

Because it's already happened to me before. When I came with the master I saw people from my homeworld after a major incident appear outside of it in my travels, with no memory of where they were from originally at all. A fresh start, kingdom hearts is weird like that? I don't know!" Reforge scratched his head. "Whoever you're mourning over, it's possible their here."

He poked at Sae's chest. "This can happen sometimes, they'll seek refuge in the nearest available host."

There was a look of exasperation and despair written all over Sae's face. The durance of his body tensed in reaction to Reforge's claim, as if hearts were reacting to this. "Imprisonment...clawing to obtain freedom, but they can't so long-"

Reforge gripped Sae's wrist, "Noooooo Olby! You can't do what I think your gonna do!" he gave a stern tug and tapped his shoulder. "You gotta vent, its fine, but don't go hurting yourself out of guilt. An easy out isn't the answer, you really gotta work your way through it all."

Reforge gave him a look, "Whats with that look now...I wasn't...I mean, I wasn't going to do anything ridiculous." Sae gripped his fist tightly. "Shiki scolds me enough, I don't need to say anymore. You don't need to worry about me."

Saebyeolbe gathered himself, his eyes had a bit of a dimmer shift than usual. "The master will be departing from us in the foreseeable future...that's why I came here. To...hopefully think about it in solitude, and here you are." he stroked his temple.

"You been hella weird ever since he said it! I think we're all down bad about it, but don't be more distant than usual!" he was tugging at the sides of his cheeks, "Togetherness is how we pull through."

Just Dari

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Dec 15, 2005
Beyond the Final Destination
Memory Fragment: 70.5 [Shiki, Lucrecia, Eth, Iontis]
Location: The Dorms; Shiki's Room Balcony > Lobby
Time: 5PM > 6PM

The Dorms; Shiki's Room Balcony

"How's the scar on your chest been healing?" Shiki gave Lucrecia a show of concern.

"About as good as it gets. You wanted to talk?" Lucrecia sighed.

It was an off-day, neither number 2 no number 4 had been given an assignment today. This seemed to be the master's way of giving them more than enough downtime to really process the words he delivered recently regarding his departure. As Shiki looked just over the balcony, Saebyeolbe had yet to return, Reforge was also missing and likely went after him.

"There's a lot of unrest. The master's running out of time before he vanishes completely...you prepared to take everything on when he's-"

"Shiki." Lucrecia stopped her as she was visibly squeezing the railing over the balcony, "Even if what the master said is true...he wouldn't just...disappear...not without saying a word."

Shiki thumbed through her thoughts, her arms came unfolded as she pressed her hand to Recia's shoulder, "It's best we not be naive about what he means. His prophecy said as much, we should start thinking about what to do once he's-"

"Gone right?" Lucrecia sighed, "Like roles? Specific missions to complete whilst he's in limbo somewhere...that doesn't sound very astute."

Lucrecia was looking out at the sun as she was collecting her thoughts, "I've been thinking about what we're all doing here lately...the master felt it was vital for Luxu to nearly kill me and Jay...It just raises flags for me. Makes me angry."

Naturally Shiki was well aware of Lucrecia's short temper and even shorter stature. She understand there needed to be a certain finesse with which she delivered her intentions. "Recia...will you at least hear me out?" Shiki pleaded.

Lucrecia's eyes opened and she gave her a nod, "You've got a plan I take it?"

"It's about the traitor the master mentioned..." Shiki gave pause and her eyes hovered over her for a moment. "It could be that I'm a little too inquisitive for my own good sometimes, but I've considered there largely isn't a traitor at all."

Lucrecia sighed, "Didn't he say in the very beginning...that a betrayer is the one fit to lead." she unbuttoned her shirt and revealed the "IV" under he left shoulder and the scar line threading just to the right of it. "If this tattoo ever fades, then it means we broke the rules given to us."

Don't talk to me with optimism when everyone already suspects him. Tch.." she turned her back and stared at the sliding door, "Listen Shiki. The Master seems to know all of us very well, for years of our lives. If he says there's going to be a traitor...I have no reason to doubt his words. I trust that man. We're looking at tougher times in his absence, but i'll try to be as supportive as I can."

"Don't casts your doubts just yet Recia." Shiki pleaded, "There's a lot that's yet to happen, just keep an open mind is all I ask."

The Dorms; Lobby

"Eth...surely you've some input on the Master's...less than graceful statements of his imminent death."

You could hear footsteps from the floor above, Lucrecia and Shiki stopped as they looked down. Iontis was sitting across from Eth in the lobby, it appeared as though they were openly sharing their thoughts. Eth leaned forward and gave as neutral an expression as ever before he tapped the shoulder of the chair.

"We stick the roles we were given. It's our duty afterall." cold and calculated words. "The Master's spoke to us in length of the prophecy for as long as we can recall, there's no reason not to acknowledge it's accuracy, the thirteen of us were apart of it after all."

Iontis furrowed his brow, "...and what about the traitor?"

"Is your tattoo still located on your body? I'd say if it remains, you've nothing to concern yourself with." he opened his left eye and the "0" illuminated for a brief instant.

Iontis checked his right forearm and the VII was there. Lucrecia sighed again and rather deeply as she stood at the top of the staircase. "It's already started Shiki...the Master's still here, but the unrest is only going to build up from here on out."

Shiki had a bit of a pensive expression, the two below continued to talk. "Let's keep listening."

"I'm curious Eth. Who do you think the traitor is?" Iontis inquired leaning forward.

"I don't think there's a traitor at all Iontis. I feel like that scenario would be more possible if none of us knew each other, but knew the master. Imagine having the bare the scorn of your comrades you know intimately, it's possible you'll find yourself going against betraying the group. No matter how frustrated one becomes with everything that could potentially happen." Eth curbed his optimism a bit, but it was his honest take on the question.

"You don't even doubt the obvious-"

"I don't look for reasons to pin blame Iontis. You have to understand how dangerous your hubris and emotions can be when someone you don't have the best relationship with garners a lot of suspicion. If you act rashly without seeking to understand, you'll end up regretting the actions you'll take off sheer reaction alone."

Iontis folded his fingers laced as he gripped his palms. He was naturally a lone-wolf type, so he did seek to understand quite often, if not for Midna being his partner...he'd probably fully succumb to this idea to throwing all the blame to one person. His heart softened, and he thought of Midna before he spoke.

"You're right Eth. I wouldn't want to suspect any of you, especially not Midna. She's been a real saving grace for me, I'm sure Shiki and Saebyeolbe can say the same for each other also. We've all got our share of stories, but we're comrades like you said. There's no reason for us to go against each other, not willingly."

Eth raised his hand briefly,

"We can always duel one another to mitigate that growing unrest and suspicion while clearly stating the conditions of the duel beforehand."

Lucrecia was staring fixated, her teeth were clenched and Shiki's eyes noticed this odd set of expressions. "Everything ok?" Shiki inquired placing her hand on Lucrecia's shoulder.

"No...how is he not afraid..?" Recia shuddered a bit, "We're approaching a period without the Master's guidance, a war is already happening off-world, and he's just...so unusually calm, cool, and collected. Why?"

"You two at the top of the stairs." Eth said turning his head to catch a glimpse of Lucrecia and Shiki. "There is no traitor. Tell our peers, if they suspect someone, challenge them to a duel, set the terms, and utter the incantation. Reaching a consensus of understanding is what we will do over just finger wagging."

"Tch. Like I'm just supposed to listen to you big shot. I appreciate your help with healing this wound, but don't go acting like you're in charge around here!"

The instance with Luxu really rattled her cage more than she'd openly admit. As she pressed her hand against the scar, Eth began to speak.

"I'm sorry for what Luxu did to you Lucrecia." For a split second, there was a slight softness in his tone, "I'd rather we recognize each other as comrades with similar goals and interest than to become one another's enemy. At the very least, that is where my concerns rest."

Lucrecia stormed off towards her room, and Shiki followed after her out of concern.

"I see that you're absolutely serious here then." Iontis folded his hands and thought a bit more. "No matter what happens then, if we have those feelings towards each other, we can settle things diplomatically or with a duel. I'll pass that on."

Iontis rises from his chair and promptly excuses himself from the lobby out the main door. He left Eth there alone to ponder in silence, already starting to sense a pattern in everyone's behavior as of late. It should surprise no one to have a morale blow suffered in baring knews of the master's eventual parting.

"First Try, then Yamato, now Saebyeolbe, Iontis, and even Lucrecia's unease. What are you going to do master...when all of this is said and done. What will you do?"

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Dec 15, 2005
Beyond the Final Destination
Memory Fragment: 70.8 [Luxu, Komaeda, Midna]
Location: The Dorms; The Kitchen
Time: 9PM

In a move that surprised a few of them, everyone had drawn their straws. This time the three to wash, rinse, and dry were none other than Luxu, Komaeda, and Midna. For, easily the three that quite honestly haven't engaged with one another on in every combination outside of a large group setting. As Luxu removed his gloves and rolled back part of his coat, he sank his hands into the soapy water and feed the plates into his side of the sink.

"Worried? As if." Luxu snarked as he scrubbed, "This place has felt like a ghost town since the news blew everyone off kilter. Gotta say, it ain't lookin' good right about now."

Komaeda received the plate and ran it under the lukewarm water to feel for any specs. "Your asking me? Dear Luxu, you're making me blush, I didn't know you cared for my input" Nagito's face was beaming as he held his cheek through his sleeve. "The master in so many words gave some of us some important jobs. It'd be a shame if any disappointing results came as a result of this newfound sense of responsibility."

He handed the plate to Midna and smiled. "Nagi. Have some faith!" she swiped some of the foam from luxu's sink and plastered it in Nagito's faith.

"Hahahaha, i like your spirit Mini." Luxu snickered further, "It's Midna not Mini!" she was fully prepared to lather his face with soap and bubbles.

"Is that even your real name?" Nagito was wiping the foam from his face and continued, "Surely you trust us at this point to tell us what you real name is, mmm?"

"Nagi...no one here asks you why you have a first name and surname, it's Midna til I feel I can tell you all my real name."

"Yikes." Luxu said handing Nagito two plates, "May want to dial it down, she looks feistier than usual tonight."

Nagito shrugged, "Its funny how you'll deflect a simple question, compounding that even after all this time you still don't trust us? I can only imagine why that is." he rubbed his shoulder briefly, "Going off that, I'm sure the only one that knows is the Master and well...I doubt even Iontis knows your name."

"Th-that's...erm...." he wasn't wrong in this instance, "
Eventually." she said

Nagito quietly handed her the last let of plates to dry before he turned off the running water in the second sink for rinsing. This was a bit of a departure from his usual form of conduct and banter, but there was no better opportunity than now.

"You gonna ditch us too, Luxu?" he said as he was drying his hands with the cloth. Midna's reaction was sudden as she turned giving him a concerning look at what he just asked. "Nagito! How could you even ask such a thing!"

"He's not obligated to answer me, but I'll never back down from my curiosity." that usual grin formed on his face.

"You'll just have to wait and find out, roles are as good as rules. What line did the old man give you huh? May your heart be your guiding key? As if."

Luxu had no further inquiries, it'd be a slow waltz once things resumed as the master had foreseen them. Long as everyone stuck to the roles they were given, you didn't really have to worry about doubting anyone in this happy little flock. The dishes had all been taken care of, and it was now only Nagito and Midna left standing in the kitchen.

"Midna." He turned a gave a close-eyed smile, "Do you think I'm a traitor?" he asked such a bombshell question with ease.

She trembled a bit at the thought, a natural fit of hesitation overtook her, before she took a deep breath and exhaled. "No....and while you can be odd at times, I don't have a reason to distrust you or even look at you as a traitor."

"I'm glad you see the best in people if nothing else, don't ever change that about yourself."

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Dec 15, 2005
Beyond the Final Destination
Special Memory: Departure [All]
Location: Destiny Islands; Mainland
Time: 7PM

[Uunan And The Stone Storage Room ~ One Piece OST]
Destiny Islands; Mainland

The Master rose his hands with a fit of joy as he stood on the edge of plateau. It was a rare sight for him to be with all of his protege in a place fit for recreation and to relax. The nostalgia had overtaken him, if only brief he started to reflect on his experience from his far and distant past.

"I'm sure you've all got many, many questions for me, so i'll get straight to the point." he turned and placed his hands on his hips leaning with is back arched forward sternly. "My wonderful resolutes. This will be our last meeting together. Here on the Destiny Islands calming winds and soft flowing waters."

Faces were twisting, tight with emotion across a fair amount of them, even Eth's stern and collected looking wavered in his eyes with a reflection of a tear forming on the other side. They had to contain their outbursts from here, as he was far from finished giving them his final parting words.

"Easy now. Things will only get more difficult from here on out, believe you me, I've seen my share of prophecy oh boy!" he ran his gloved hand under his nose from beneath his hood. "One by one over the course of time since I announced the truth to you. I began assigning each of you roles. Truthfully, only the upper six of you were entrusted with a double-edged sword. I didn't make this decision lightly, and I didn't undervalue the remainder of you either."

He released a light sigh as he stretched his arms to the sky to unravel the kinks.

"Support them as your heart guides you in the decisions you make going forward. I'll debrief myself after addressing you all, but I need to say one thing first." he turned his head all the way to the left looking directly at Luxu, "My direct successor, Luxu, will serve as my eyes from beyond the end of time. I understand you will keep watch over them, even if that requires you to be at a distance, you will be near, always."

Luxu gave a stern nod, "Yes Master. As if I'd just let them offtrack."

"Master what do you mean by that! He hasn't even tried to--" Saebyeolbe interjected.

"Trust each other. Understand?" The master stroked Saebyeolbe's head, "It's not an order, it's not a condition, but it's more of a request from a dearly beloved friend."

Despite not being able to see his face, they could all tell the master was smiling as he rested Sae in his arms who clutched extremely tight and started to sob as he was being held. The chain reaction coming from Resolute #1 prompted an ocean of emotions to flow over the group. Shiki fidgeted to attempt to keep her composure standing right next to them as the reverb was starting to rustle the sand from Try who was just to her left, the inside of her helmet fogged with streams of tears trickling down her neck onto her red suit. A burst of sobbing came from Reforge and Yamato, as Midna quietly was holding her hand to her mouth sobbing and Iontis too, cried.

"Hey now, come on, no crying everyone. You're going to be fine, lean on each other just as you've had to lean on your partner, extend that towards each other from here on out."

"It's kinda hard for us not to react this way master." Komaeda spoke, "You've been there for each and everyone of us in some way, many steps of the way for a good part of our lives. How could we ever prepare ourselves to lose you?"

Komaeda may have been speaking calming, but the tears flowed all the same. Even him, the most unorthodox and difficult to read among them had tears billowing out before his face tightened the same as the others. That smile was worn with a strain, as his face quickly wrinkled into a sorrowed expression awry with anguish.

"I promise...I'll come find you at the end of days...no what hell awaits...no matter what it takes!" he was trembling with a well of different emotions, starting to sniffle, "...That alright with you? Master..!!"

It move the Master significantly, he didn't forsee any of these words being spoken by Nagito. A smile formed, as he collected his thoughts while still holding a sobbing Saebyeolbe, and the others were starting to completely break in their composure outside of just a few key resolutes, still having a different time with it. He reached over and placed his messy head beneath his arm and clutched him together with Sae.

"You're more reliable than you've given yourself credit for. A guy who'd throw his own life away to save another, no matter how unhinged in temperament, has proven their trust."

These words unknowingly would be repeated to him in the future. Eth stared sharply as if this was unconsciously being engraved into his heart. The others began to collapse onto the master in droves placing their arms around their dearly beloved master and long-time companion.

"Please don't leave us..!"
"You can't go, what are you thinking old man!"
"Don't go anywhere...please!"

The tears were visible on Shiki's face now. You could see the trails of crystal beads threading from her eyes as she quivered at the sight of everyone. Still beside Eth, before breaking away from him to clutch the master. Eth stood there, processing it all, as the Master started to slowly illuminate, looks like he really was at the end of his rope. Now wasn't the time to have any regrets, but Eth stood there searching for the right and most appropriate words, his composure and commitment to being level-headed throughout would forever remain in their memories.

"What do you want me to say Master...it seemed like an unavoidable fate for you and you entrusted us with...your very life. How is one supposed to feel...knowing this? It's overwhelming." he released a sigh. "As we discussed before hand, I will do as you have dutifully instilled in me. Plan for every contingency. Explore every option. Look out for each other...but most importantly."

Eth raised his head and stared at the master mouthing something inaudible as the others collective sobbing drowned out what he said. The master's brow twitched, almost in a negative response to his departure, what did he learn in the first year that would lead him to say such a thing? At a pivotal moment such as this, the single tear from Eth's left eye fell, and he joined them and clutched the master as well.

"You're all going to do great. I'm sorry I couldn't stay any longer, but I've reached the end of my life." He gave one final clutch across the entire group, "I love each and everyone of you. Thank you, for loving me."

The sobs grew more thoroughly pained and anguished than he was prepared for.

"Lets meet again, at The End of Time. I'll explain everything there, til then...Goodbye my friends."

His light defragmented and scattered into the wind. The group left to stand there, now clutching each other and grieving as a collective. The ripples of emotions swelling out of control here on the islands, with the sounds of the ocean washing away and muffling their sobs. The children that often gathered here were now looking oddly at them trying to make sense of their cries.

"Adults are so weird..." one of them said.

"One of their friends disappeared. Wouldn't you be sad if I disappeared one day?" the other child said.

"Tha-that's no fair!! You know I would be devastated if it was you...maybe it's not weird ok..."

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Dec 15, 2005
Beyond the Final Destination
Memory Fragment: The Melancholy 1 [Try, Saebyeolbe, Iontis, Yamato, Lucrecia, Eth]
Location: The Dorms; Master's Study
Time: 10AM

Five of them had gathered in the Master's Study. Saebyeolbe had been sitting at the desk sprawled forward unconscious in a pool of tears as his lip quivered. Quite literally crying himself to sleep, attempts to wake him had proven futile. The others slowly gathered not long after they discovered him, only coming here to of course search for the master himself. The disbelief that he was gone couldn't be shaken in these five, three possessing a duty to fulfill. Though in the wake of their master's departure into the afterlife it left them with a hollowness that couldn't readily be filled.

Yamato clenched his fist, he stared intensely at Saebyeolbe who was passed out laying on a pool of his own tears. It was sickening, pathetic to see such a prideful warrior be reduced to a moping mess in front of him.

"Is that what you're reducing yourself to Sae?" he whispered to himself, Try loomed over the desk and gripped Saebyeolbe by his collar and lifted him. "Hey. Wake up dude." she gave him a light shake, no response at all.

"He's gone you know. So why are you sleeping in here every night then? He isn't coming back don't you get it?"

There was still no response from Sae.

"Are you hearing me you fool? Must I talk louder?" she raised her tone while speaking, "He's....really gone..."

Sae finally raised his hand and gripped Try's wrist with a firm grip to force her to release him. He fell, plopping back into the chair, coughing as he gasped for air. Once he recuperated, he finally broke the silence.

"Do you know where he went?" The first words that came out, "You heard him...he said we'll meet again, so how do we get the End of Time?"

"Huh..? You're asking me? How should I know where that is or even where to star-"

"Then leave me alone Helmet." Sae cut her off and expressed his vehement disinterest immediately.

"Why you...!" almost instinctively Try raised a balled fist and reeled back, Iontis clutched at her wrist and her head turned.

He shook raised his free hand to plead for forgiveness and shook his head to disengage from what she was thinking of doing. "I don't advise you assault him Try. He's really hurt by everything that's happened."

"You just gonna cry and do nothing then?" Lucrecia's fist was shaking, "Saebyeolbe, this isn't like you at all, have some self-respect!"

"Stop talking...all of you. If you're not gon-"

"Shut up and listen to me!" She clutched both of his shoulder and stared at him dead on, "Everyone is hurting...we all just lost our best friend, not just you!" Lucrecia started to get emotional and Sae's eyes broke to resonate with her feelings.

"The master loved us. He trusted us, and delivered us from whatever hell we had to endure prior to meeting each other. So much of our lives can never be repaid to the master. Don't insult him like this..."

Sae didn't look her in the eye, but instead proposed an excuse. "If I knew that the master giving us our resolves would send him to his eventual demise I'd of never accepted it! Now we have to live with the guilt...that WE KILLED HIM. Dammit..!" Sae clutched his head and balled up into the chair in the fetal position.

"Is that what you think?" A voice came from the door to the study as Eth was standing in the threshold. "You think we killed the master Sae? So you'll dismiss the master's feelings entirely and his own decisions then? You're more naive than I realized."

"Stay out of this Eth, I'll be damned if you of all people scold him about emotions."

"Let go of me Lucrecia..." Sae removed her hands from his shoulders and wiped his tears on his sleeves, "H-hey! I'm not done talking to you Sae!"

Sae brushed past the group and Eth stopped him by placing his hand on his shoulder before he attempted to leave.

"What? Are you here to lecture me too...?" his head hung low and he rolled his eyes.

Eth sighed, "Focus on your role. It's what the master would want you to do, abandon this obsession with finding him...you won't like where that road leads you."

Saebyeolbe pushed through and continued down the hall and towards the stairs heading for the front entrance.

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Dec 15, 2005
Beyond the Final Destination
Special Memory: Trust Resolute One // One-Winged Angel
Location: The Dorms; Lobby > Training Field #1
Time: 11AM > 4PM


It deserves to be stated that the master's goal was for his resolutes to find their own way without his guidance. To follow the suggestions outlined is in truth, what the master did not desire. Trust? What a boring a concept, suspicion and unrest, questioning one's motives and struggles are the very essence of the human heart. To work through these struggles, wouldn't you agree is the more interesting route to go down?

Saebyeolbe was by no means an exception or a hallmark of virtue. His past was always muddied with meddling out of a sense of self-righteous motivation, justly believing that his decisions justified the means he took. In the past Saebyeolbe had completely annihilated an entire empire and fought it's emperor to a stalemate, so what were his motivations? Anger. Retribution. Grief and Sorrow. Cultivated into a spur for power which the master fostered and instilled in him after years of rigorous training. It's easy isn't it, to become consumed in the bravado and revelry of his acts is an easy misconception, but to the more experienced...understanding his layered set of emotions, his disregard, and his awful communication of his pain were for his comrades willing to go the distance to understand him.

The Dorms; Lobby

There were some aggressive footsteps coming down the main hall staircase. It was Sae, undoubtedly in a fit of his own. His emotions were flaring, as if they could actively be felt as a pressure throughout The Dorms. A pattering of footsteps coming from the kitchen, swiftly as they were startled by the pressure.

"Huuuuuh? What's all the commotion about...Sae? Wh-"

He released pressure so intense it immediately knocked Jasmine out.

"Why does no one care about following the master into the after-life...are you really his trusted protege..." Sae was mostly talking to himself, dismissing Jaz as she collapsed right beside the dining room table.

"Saebyeolbe. Thats enough." Eth's voice came from the top of the stairs.

"Can I even trust them...do they even care about the Master...why aren't they trying to find him...?" He was muttering to himself entranced in a delirium. "I'll ask you again...where is the master? Tell me where he is Eth."

The pressure building from his latent emotions he'd been suppressing, much like entropy, was starting to expand as a physical pressure that was weathering the physical objects around the lobby and all rooms connected. Eth stood within a barrier forged in light as he drew a breath to sigh. A counter force billowed out, the slaking of chains producing a neutralizing wave over Saebyeolbe's pressure. She came walking down the side of the lobby from the women's dorms.

"Shiki..." Sae was at a bit of a loss for a split second, "Come with me. Let's go find him! I don't want to continue without his guidance, what are we even doing right now?"

Shiki's eyes narrowed, her brow furrowed and she had some resistance twisting in her face. It was hard to see Saebyeolbe like this, she reflected on their conversation they had on his home world that was left in ruin. What more was he just holding in, to go through an outburst of this magnitude.

"Can we not do this right now Sae?" She looked at him straight on as if trying to hold back an urge to convey her melancholy, "...I miss the master too, but he trusted us with something far more important than securing his whereabouts."

Saebyeolbe took what looked like a stance of aggression, his face was rife with pain. Even Shiki was resisting the concept of finding their beloved master, it was burning him up inside and his hysteria was reaching an all time high. The power welling up inside of him was starting to shake the foundation of The Lobby, pillars were cracking and glasses were smashing onto the floor from the end tables.

"..........." he looked at Eth and asked something. "Eth. Duel me. If I win, you'll take me to the master."

Eth shook his head, "And when you lose, you must agree to my exact conditions which I will announce at that time."

"Lose...? Hah.....hahahahahahahaha! Me? Right...training field #1 in five hours." Sae's overwhelming pressure softened and his heart rate started to dramatically decrease, "Don't bother backing out. This has been a long time coming for you."

"If I must demonstrate the proper discipline and decorum to you're outrageous conduct and disregard to direct orders, then so be it."

Eth's light washed over the lobby and repaired the cracks, and broken objects within a flash. The brilliance lasted but a moment, before he turned to walk past Shiki whom didn't say anything more. She looked to Eth's back and down to Sae who'd turned his back at nearly the same time and headed towards the front door to wait for Eth at the training field. "I'm sorry Sae..." she rushed down the stairs to go tend to Jasmine who'd passed out from Sae's initial burst of pressure.

His ears perked, faintly catching her apology as the doors closed behind him. Sae clutched his heart and he trembled, there was no turning back now, he'd just have to push the sharpness of his double-edged sword down. His love and admiration for the master was paramount, it hurt him gravely to even consider the possibility he's no longer with him. Eth and Shiki deemed this course of action as irrational, self-indulgent, and dismissive of his comrades feelings surrounding the situation. It seemed only appropriate to live within your own woes...as a means to distance yourself from the pain of the rest of the group, it'd be too much of a burden to bare...and this course of action is the exact opposite of the role Saebyeolbe was given and he bordered on a knifes edge of a taboo that'd prove irreversible.

The Dorms; Training Field #1

It came. The soft cracking of thunder.

Sae was standing in wait taking a honing stone to his Alabaster. This was a much different environment from the one he'd been accustomed to, no advisory for his usual recklessness, just to be left to it til he either died or it consumed him. If Saebyeolbe was being brutally honest, he'd mean to test his strength against either Luxu or Eth for the better half of a year and then some. Often asking himself, what did it really mean to be a warrior resolute? Surely there wasn't another among them that thought this way.

"You're here." Sae raised his head and placed the honing stone in a pouch strapped to his thigh. His eyes widened, the entire band of resolutes, Luxu included had come behind Eth, "An audience? What are you playing at here, Zero?"

"You'll have your Duel Saebyeolbe, but for the sake of transparency, our comrades have a right to be informed of conflict between one another of this magnitude." Eth daintily rubbed his temple, while clutching. his umbrella. "Quite frankly, I don't wish to do this to you at all. We've all noticed your rapid change in temperament since the master informed he was nearing the end of his life."

"That's all the more reason to chase after him, if you're just going to validate my concerns, why are you hesitant to help me?!" Sae snapped, gripping Alabaster tight.

"Do you even know everyone's names?" Eth raised a finger and inquired.

"Everyone's...names...? What. What the hell are you talking about, of course i know their names."

"Then What's Resolute 10's name."

Midna was quiet. She couldn't recall ever having a single conversation with Saebyeolbe, but being that he'd been the talk of the group for some time now, knowing of him was a walk in the park. There was a stuttering shutdown that soon hit Saebyeolbe, he couldn't answer Eth's question; he'd look like an utter fool for having absolutely no idea what her name is.

"Silence? About what I expected. You're headstrong, stubborn, extremely selfish, and you make decisions on behalf of others without ever once consorting with them beforehand. In a nutshell, you haven't tried to understand any of us, and that makes you a liability to your comrades."

Eth was cruel, his cold words cut Saebyeolbe to ribbons when he was already in pieces emotionally with grief.

"What do you even know about me you arrogant heartless prick. Getting on your high horse and looking down on everyone like you've always done, who really doesn't know anything about any of us."

Eth held out a crystal ball, "You already forgot then." he took a breath, "I came to Try's aid on the lowest level of the realm of darkness. I mended Lucrecia and Jasmine/Jason's wounds from their lesson with Luxu. I even stopped a bullet from going through Komaeda's head around the time we first met."

He'd put the crystal ball away and purged Ethernal into his grasp. "Now I'm trying to prevent you, from making a fatal mistake from which you can't recover. Why? It's what the master would wish for anyone of us to do, so i'll honor my beloved master the only way I know how."

Was this really Saebyeolbe's true nature? He'd done well to conceal it behind a smile, but there was certainly an overflow of pain there long before even meeting the others. One had to consider that it was extremely likely he'd never really truly recovered from emotional trauma tethered to his past. The problem arose when he made zero efforts to connect and talk about these things, something he was notorious for which unfortunately prompted the others pry and pry more so than they would've liked.

"Lets just get this done. What are the terms?" he sternly asked

"No resolves. We'll duel with only-"

"I refuse. We use our resolves under the clause for training exercises. Don't take pity on me Zero. Thats what you're thinking isn't it?"

"Very well. The result would be the same with or without it, but I'll go along with your request Saebyeolbe."

"What can a specialist do against a brawler in terms of raw power and speed? No matter how you lay everything out, I'm going to overpower you." Sae spoke confidently.

"Then the terms. If you win?"

"If I win, you'll support my aspirations for finding the master immediately. He said to meet him at the end of time, then lets go looking for him!" Sae proclaimed as if were some manner of excited child.

"Alright, but if I win you'll abandon this obsession. You're to return to the dorms and assist myself and your comrades in dealing with the the current state of the worlds and further examine Arcadia's current crisis."

"It's a deal." he hastily extended his hand to shake Eth's, "Faster we get this done, the sooner we can begin our search party."

"I sincerely hope you'll be fine with an outcome where you potentially lose Saebyeolbe..." Eth urged caution as he entered the field.

The remaining resolutes seemed to circle from the sidelines watching with eyes and hearts fixed on their comrades. Saebyeolbe had a firm grip on his Alabaster as he was fully prepared to engage with everything in his kit. To be honest, battles of attrition that were based on endurance where the battles he could win for certain. He'd never actually seen Eth's style of combat, but being that he was specialist alongside Lucrecia and Komaeda, there had to be some manner of unique skill set he possessed. He was only now realizing he didn't really know "what" manner of resolve Eth even had.

Hesitation didn't win battles or wars. Sae's pressure was far from refined, it was enough to knock out Jaz sure, but Eth was unbothered as he had a tempered resolve, his expression was unflinching. It made Sae more nervous than he'd ever been, but he was a specialist, a largely resolve specific combat style that didn't hinge on Casts, Traps, or hand to hand. Surely, it would be a cake walk as Sae had originally assumed, taking to his battle stance.

Eth dismissed Ethernal, purging a sword of light in the respective hand.

"128 Blade Dance." Eth uttered, as he purged one-hundred and twenty seven complimenting blades into existence simultaneously. "Since its you, there's no reason to hold back."

Sae's fear started to bleed into his pressure being released immensely. The single blade that Eth held, in a two handed manner was sheathed, the blades started to merge, light flooding inward to combine with the single blade dramatically amplifying it's lethality.

"Stop." Eth uttered, time slowing to a halt, as he moved and swiped only once, "Resume."

Sae's motor senses finally caught up seeing a white line across his chest, as he could physically feel one-hundred and twenty eight cuts instantaneously. "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

"Reverse-Loop" Eth snapped his finger, creating a time dial under Sae, instantly reversing the injury to then restart the cut over again.

"Again." He snapped his fingers and lit him up a third time. "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

That made for three-hundred and eighty-four slashes in total. Eth merely initiated the attack a single time, reversed the physical damage alone, and reapplied it while time flowed in regular intervals. Naturally he understood everything that was happening as it was happening, but the immense strain being put on Saebyeolbe's psyche was more or less the goal of this session. As Sae finally collapsed and fell forward, without suffering a single injury to speak of, Resolute One lay there unconscious on the field. Steam was resonating, leaving's Sae's mouth, his body was much warmer than usual and he had goosebumps from head to toe. It felt (to Saebyeolbe) that every single one of his cells had been erroneously over stimulated surpassing his immensely large threshold for pain, and he paused out to due to a dramatic increase in his basal body temperature. Once more, no injuries, but Eth under no circumstances could negate the overstimulation that occurred to Sae's body and cells with the application and removal of his attack.

Eth turned to lift Sae's unconscious form up and mounted him on his back.

"What just...happened?" the first question as the others looked on, they could only see Eth move from one spot to another and then Saebyeolbe collapsed. It was as if there were deliberate holes in their memory, appearing as if a time-lapse happened and they skipped to the end without seeing the battle take place. Sae's body was totally fine, but the physical trauma endured from the repeated attacks was something Eth's innate skill had no effect on, needless to say the physical trauma was an entirely different memory that his body would never forget.

"We begin making preparations for resuming our intended roles tomorrow, remember the terms we agreed upon. Saebyeolbe." Eth said speaking to the unconscious Sae as it finally started to rain on Training Field One.