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Fanfiction ► Memories are [NOT] Resolute



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Jul 15, 2018
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Memories of The Scarred
World: The Dorms; Training Field #3

There was some reluctance in coming out here, had to be at the ripe time of somewhere closer to six in the evening. Sae clasped his fist and he gave his head a pivot. A flash of red crossed his peripheral, and the shiny reflection of a helmet was in his line of sight. Try was here, upon request for training nonetheless. Saebyeolbe was something of an old-fashioned kind of over achiever regarding physical fitness, carrying weighted clothing to persist in his insane physical conditioning.

He had to train this hard. When he hit her at the beginning of the original training matches, he could tell he was severely lacking in terms of raw brute force. Kicking a building with a shoe is not the same as hitting it with a wrecking ball, and he wanted the force of a wrecking ball. Granted, it had been at least four months since that time, and Saebyeolbe was feeling a bit more confident.

"You ready for that rematch?" Sae clutched his fist, "We gotta do it right, you remember the chant right?"

"Something about coming a kingdom?"
Try paused, there was a visible "?" projecting on the visor of her helmet.

Sae released a sigh, it was Try...not the brightest at times, but a much different kind of specialist. You'd need only five minutes to figure out just what kind. "Thy Kingdom Come." Saebyeolbe uttered the incantation as his tattoo on his right shoulder illuminated, barring the combat taboo for thirty minutes.

"Thy Kingdom Come...weird." Try rolled to the side, you couldn't see where her tattoo was under the red leather, but there was a audio cue coming from her physical that indicated it worked. "You sure you're prepared for the beating you're about to receive? Last chance." She sighed, with a loose grip on her what appeared to be a glass and metal keyblade.

This was a sensation that was difficult for Sae to describe. You were within the jaws of a dragon with it's teeth placed firmly along the line of your neck and it could snap it in an instant. The treading along the grass as the pair circled, but only one, Try, was armed at the present. It should come as no surprise there was a general understanding of what the other could and couldn't do. They were fairly similar in terms of physical strength, durability, and even mobility if not slightly edging ahead in two out of three of those, she had them over him.

It wasn't something shameful, Sae naturally grows stronger the longer a battle goes on. Taking the natural momentum and using your strongest assertion was often the best strategy against him. His style was attrition, his resolve Induravitque, is in essence a form of absorbtion that absolutely requires him to take damage to do anything. No matter how intelligent Sae is, it's extremely rare that he will actively dodge a direct hit unless his sense of danger tells him it is extremely likely to deprive him of his second wind.

This was one of those times....she only had to bat a lash, and twirl, and broke the sound barrier. His ears picked it up, a sound of tunneling through his ears, as a monstrous wave of air pressure kicked up and ripped through the training field just past him, missing by nary a meter.

"The hell...looks like I missed. The reverb will get you though."

"The...what..." He froze for a second, and his ears flickered. "Shit...!" he turned, digging his heel in and raising a purged Alabaster to his hand. A booming gust of wind from a complete off angle collided with Alabaster and siphoned off around him. This wasn't nearly as strong as the original swing, but it was much easier to avoid on reaction when you could nail the timing of the reverb forming.

"Not even beasts i've wrestled can reset a move they threw out from literally anywhere on the map."

"If thats all you came to throw out-" Before she could finish speaking, he'd already vanished from sight.

The wind picked up and Sae had jumped with purpose, high before entering the free-fall state into a falcon-dive. Try didn't necessarily have to be quick as him, but durability...was an understatement. He landed a powerful vertical swing with his Alabaster connecting, creating a ripple of force in all direction as she dispersed it with her own parry. He wouldn't have believed it, if he didn't witness it first hand, she didn't budge and inch. This kind of overwhelming physical strength and shock absorption was nearly unrivaled.

"Well looks like that hit was no good."

There were two simultaneous hits afterward, "Hmm. Your reactions are definitely sharp, you must've had some extensive training."

"You club a few dudes and ya end up here. Not much else to say really. Jobs a job, but I'd rather not get into the past right now." she was certainly direct. "Seriously though, this can't be all you brought. You were hitting harder when we first squared off, something on your mind?"

She dropped stance, and used her free palm to catch him by the chest, slowly lowering him to the ground. It's difficult to determine someone's state using anything other than their tone of voice when their face is completely covered by a mask. He couldn't make any concrete guesses as he's never seen her face before. Her body language was definitely less of a concern when you got to the heart of it, she thought he was distracted. She guessed right, several thoughts circulated through him in terms of "how can I provide a stronger hit", "what is her pain threshold", and "what does she look like" was really at the top.

"Whatever it is. Stop. Worry only about the training, can't make it simpler." She shrugged, patting him on the back and took a step away to resume a defensive position.

Sae scratched his head, he let out a nervous laugh as the white of his teeth shone through.
"Yeah, your definitely right about that. Simple is best."

There didn't seem to be much that distracted her, it seemed to be raw talent at first glance...but that's kind of ignorant to assume when someone doesn't really talk much about themselves to confirm. Your left only to guess, ignorantly, but beyond that some truth held. Simple was best. Less thought, less distraction, total and complete focus...mostly. He could feel himself entering a different stage of the session as his breathing slowed the pace of his accelerating heart rate to release and increase at will. His resolve wasn't the reason he was a pest to deal with, it was his durability and adaptability the longer encounters persisted, he simply just "gets better" during the mid-fight.

Sae opted to move a bit slower this time as his body released two scars inflicted by the Dark Emperor's keyblade. His stance completely mimicked him and he tucked his arm under and rolled forward to to brandish a two-handed diagonal cut with power from his legs, core, and arms and put his last hit to shame. Try responded by using BOTH of her hands to parry this one and the shockwave wasn't so easily dispersed. The tattering of his red suit started getting ripped to absolute shreds and a billabong brushed in front of him.


"Finally your getting into it." She felt a sudden breeze, "Huh...well that was rude of you, what are gawking at huh!?"

That wasn't the sound of keyblade striking him, but her palm. It felt like a giant raised his hand and brought it down on him, his face didn't feel it, but his entire body in turn vibrated in place. There was a bright red hand print on his face, it was pretty reminiscent of something you'd see in a work of fiction. He rubbed his face, his mouth was bleeding actually from just how hard she hit him and her fist was shaking. If he didn't know any better, her red suit was...repairing itself? Well, so much for that mental image furthered permanence.

Dropping Alabaster he rose his hand and jabbed forward with all finger allocated similar to a chop. Tapping her stomach, he closed his fist, doing a six-inch punch with a ridiculous amount of focus and power behind it that it literally sent her tumbling across the field, tearing through the red suit again, as followed behind to land on top of her in the grass. There was a flickering silver light in his eyes, he'd completely blotted out all other thoughts aside from ones related solely on this training session. Her body was nice, but he had to figure one thing out...the reverb timing. That sound happened...this time directly in front of him, for a split second he release his his light as the pressure was forming at his stomach where he'd just struck her. Tanking the full reverb directly in front of her, she asserted dominance by tackling him into a rough tumble across the grass where they eventually broke away from the other.

The sounds of both of their keyblades were cracking with loud clangs. Both of them entering a different reality of concentration where only raw-instinct thrived, making decisions that'd normally be completely bogged down by rational thought and planning. In sports this state of intense focus was known as "The Zone". Hard to believe this was a rare occurrence for him as he didn't really understand first hand until he and the dark emperor both entered this phase during the final dregs of their drawn out confrontation. He had to give Try the proper credit, she may very well at times be an idiot, but she was nothing short of a combat genius. It wasn't about speed at this point, but the ability to react and swing that surpassed human-cognition was astounding.

The keyblades flew. Leaving their hands, and then came their fists. Sae wasn't a boxer by any stretch of the imagination, but his reaction timing going toe to toe with this feral beast was noteworthy. Try wasn't about to give him any more agency as the reverb started to close in at opposing angles even while she was in close proximity. Would you believe it without seeing it...neither one of them took a single hit from the reverb, while mercilessly pummeling the other with the correct offensive options.

"Tch...getting awfully personal huh?" She said with change in pitch, feeling the swell of dull pains starting to add up.

Sae's bruises were far more noticeable even over some of the disfigurements of his muscles from the overlap of scars. Every time a punch connected on him, his body radiated brighter and brighter. Absorbing blow after blow while connecting with a hit here and there, Try reeled back and contained the reverb along her fist and in the instant he saw it his body automatically turned to not get hit by that.

She gathered enough power to shake both of their eardrums, albeit the vibrations of sounds were reduced by her own helmet. Her leg came sweeping, a strong leg raise directly into his midsection and she virtually sent him into orbit...or so she thought. That light that built up around his body throughout this session was the opposite functionality of his berserker activation.

>>Quick note;
Berserker is a technique in which the Induravitque releases every last scar on Sae's body. Pain threshold, endurance, speed, impact, react-ability, physical strength, senses, spatial-awareness are perfected all while placing Saebyeolbe in "The Zone" as explained in this memory. All physical and sensory traits limits are expanded at minimum 100-fold for a conservative estimate, this could be substantially higher based on further injury elected against himself in future battles, and per the time of THIS memory, we will say 100-fold is the cap, if not expanding 5-times after fighting Try post-battle. However Berserker has a time limit of 180-seconds, or 3-minutes at max. The discharge post-3 minutes is IMMENSE. It can quite literally kill ANYONE because the user will experience EVERY SINGLE SCAR that was released as the recoil, at 100% potency unlike Try's 75% recoil from the reverb/echo. This means its a last-ditch effort to win an encounter that is not achieved by the lower's base perks.

Next, Induravitque's primary function of mitigating the normal pain threshold throughout a battle, and storing all received damage is whats translated as a "slow ramp up" several times it's mentioned that Sae improves as a battle persists. His instincts get sharper, his attacks get sharper, the impact of each blow increases until he is capable of outputting higher damage than the opponent. This is maintained for as long as his stamina as able to carry him, he will always be able to move and retaliate and react. Maintaining this state is directly related to standard "Adrenaline" in which the user enters a state where they are able to physically carry themselves forward well past their physical limits and largely ignore their injuries and pain threshold for such a time, and will collapse immediately upon that adrenaline fading away. Unlike Adrenaline, Induravitque resets every single time a force other than Saebyeolbe himself, strikes him. Meaning, he cannot strike himself to increase the durance of his base resolve's trait, it has to be from a foreign source that is not himself inflicting damage of some kind.

Probably the most important note, Saebyeolbe cannot, and I repeat, he cannot fight indefinitely. His body can largely ignore pain and damage inflicted, but his overall stamina is completely unrelated to any of his resolve's functions. Those limits can be reached depending on how rapidly he burns outs. This is often mitigated by slowing the tempo of his movement (fighting slower), but once he enters "The Zone" or a state of perfect concentration, he can further reduce how much stamina he wastes, when outside of the Zone, that burnout happens quicker than you'd think.

End Note;<<

There was a collision of fists, slowly grasping the other's hands, fingers laced with an immense pressure coming from them pushing the other. Sae's natural reaction was poised, resonating with intense heat from his body as steam was starting to surge from the cracks of light. He hadn't felt like this in such a long time, he finally felt like he was starting to fight on even footing with her, her stuttering from the blows he managed to land were a sign she was actually starting to feel all those dull pains, as his attacks sharpened and the impact damage started to slowly ramp up.

"You're one durable bastard. Rude too, you don't...even have any shame..!" She said pressing her helmet to his head, staring at him aggressively through it.

"Durable is right...and uh, well. Rude is definitely not apart of my normal vocabulary...I've been called a lot worse, trust me..." he had a bit of arrogant smirk on his face, smug wasn't like him normally, but he was just really happy for some reason.

They released hands and pushed away from each other's palms, clapping like a duo. The shimmer of steel keyblades populated their hands and the two of them went to town again, escalating in droves across the grassy training field. It appeared as though red and white streams of light were darting around colliding into each other, followed by thunderous explosions of sounds created by Try's Echoes. He was currently on par with her behemoth like strength where every hit felt even and he was less afraid to take a direct hit without fear of getting knocked the fuck out. The fact that he felt that confident, within itself was terrifying of how powerful she was as an independent competitor.

He slid down the grassy field and stopped and suddenly did two. From his distance, his hearing was pretty good, he could hear her breathing under the helmet. This was clearly becoming a taxing experience on the both of them, but the last one was a draw...it was looking more or less the same here.

"You wanna call it here Try?" Sae said breathing mildly as the air escaped him.

"I have to beat some modesty into you! Like hell are we done yet you indecent...PUT A SHIRT ON!" She pointed her finger at him as if she didn't have underboob exposure not long before.

"If you didn't tear it shreds maybe I would, my clothes don't regenerate like yours!"

The two of them had time like this to yell at the other. This naturally broke the entire flow of their battle once they'd reached this prattle about. Try wobbled from side to side, and Sae's body was starting to decrease in brightness as his Induravitque's baseline was starting to fall dramatically, and the normal stamina consumption mitigated while he was in "The Zone" also started to diminish. With the focus lost, their awareness to their injuries and damage inflicted started to become more apparent. Two keyblade dropped from their hands, de-summoning and the both fell backwards collapsing onto the grass at nearly the same time.

Just Dari

All's End
Dec 15, 2005
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Beyond the Final Destination
Author's Notes:

Nothing in particular. I'm just glad to see my cast actively using the thread to fill in gaps in the 3-year precursor gap leading up the main roleplay. Purg, Lumi, Deimos, thanks guys. Eventually i'll pick up and try to post one a week and add more for Yamato, Reforge, Iontis, Jay, and others that haven't gotten a lot of spot light.

Just Dari

All's End
Dec 15, 2005
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Beyond the Final Destination
Memory Fragment: Ghost Theater [Eth, Midna, Master of Masters]
Location: The Dorms; Amphitheater
Time: 4PM

Eth sat alone in the amphitheater of all places. He'd so much time over the years to learn how to flawlessly play a myriad of different musical instruments. He'd often come here as a way to disconnect and unplug from the daily life here in the dorms. The other resolutes typically didn't even know this part of The Dorms even existed and it went heavily under-utilized. That was fine by him, if anyone wanted to listen to Komaeda go on a fanatical tangent as he often did, even he wasn't musically-inclined to come to a place like this.

One had to really ask, how exactly did the master acquire not only a facility of this size...world really, but it was just populated to the brim with necessities and various other stuff to begin with. He'd rolled his eyes at the thought, his hand stroked the dust off the baby-grande piano that was on the stage as he opened the lid to brandish the keys. They were fine, in nearly immaculate condition, as he created his own light source, orbs of light were scattered about moving as he needed them.

Time dials were just outside of his eyes, playing for him what looked like a shadowscape of the past. A bunch of stiffs congregated on the stage all in one place. The air here even felt elated as sounds were echoing from instruments played, creating its own ambience.


Eth broken from his immersion cut his head around at the flash of light. He didn't even notice someone else was standing on the stage behind him, the dimly light Amphitheater was likely to blame. Sighing as he realized it was the only resolute that didn't want to be identified, giving them a dummy name at introductions, and it's been a staple ever since.

"Could you announce that your here next time? You nearly gave me a heart attack." Eth groaned as he rubbed his frontal lobe, raising his head to make direct eye contact. "You need something in here?"

"Just wanted to see the theater, notice no one ever really comes here for anything. I was looking to practice the violin."

"You can play the violin?" he said pushing one of his floating light orbs in her general direction to get a better look. "Care to practice?"

Eth waved his hand and a time dial spawned under a stool. He pushed the dial across the floor slightly elevated as the stool levitated close to the piano. Typically speaking, unless needed, this was something that happened at extreme rarity if not through some obligation or task to be completed. Eth had sheet music in his hands that he'd pulled from the podium before and he was thumbing through the notes.

"Fore teller's Case..?" He tilted his head and then Midna looked over his shoulder standing on her tippy-toes. "Here...ask next time." he said turning and lowering his hand.

He pushed the bench out and slid under the baby grande piano. Having dealt with the dust from before, Eth started to thumb through the keys doing a quick sound check. The notes were still finely tuned and even he was impressed. With a little time resolve he could make it virtually new, but he'd appreciate it as is for the time being. As he let his hands do the work he started to play the sheet music.


He'd become completely immersed in the strokes and landing the notes in the correct order. It felt like he was going at a pace more akin to this would normally be conducted, granted he'd never actually heard this performed at any point in time. When he reached the overlap of Midna's portion, color him shocked to hear the sound of the violin collaborate with the piano. The semblance of a smirk, thin, but it was there as he absolutely adored the sound of that instrument.

The lights from Eth's resolve started to dim down and act like individual spotlights this time round. One on himself and the other was on Midna. It may have only been two of them, but the Amphitheater was built to allow sound to travel gracefully. As they played and played, there was a feint sound of foot steps coming from the main row. Naturally, who would notice or hear someone clad in all black walking in with their sound muffled by the score being played.

"Looks like you found your calling." The master whispered as he stood unnoticed continuing to muse. "I'll start sending them to you one at a time, maybe you can teach them to play something they favor eh Eth?"

Eth raised his head, he saw what looked to be an image of his mother on his left sitting next to him playing the piano, her umbrella being held in his hands as a child over her to shield from the blinding light of the sun. He came back to reality awfully quick, as Midna had stopped and turned to stare at him.

"Hey. Eth? You ok..? Can you hear me? Eth!"

"Huh...oh. Sorry, had a flash of nostalgia just now." He sighed, realizing she had her hand on his hand. "Hey...Midna right? Thats my hand...do you mind?"

"Oh!" she returned it faster than he'd realized, definitely out of character for sure. "S-sorry. Force of habit, I was concerned...holding someone's hand is a show of concern and meaningful comfort."

Something about the way she said, actually kind of made sense. Seemed a bit of a lost lesson on Eth, he often kept this level of communication extremely limited, he had a core resolve to uphold after all. In that vein, you'd think he and Saebyeolbe were nigh identical...but there was indeed a vast difference there. The closer Sae was to what he had a desire to protect, the stronger it seemed he became, and the further away Eth was from what he had a desire to protect, the magnification of power felt almost otherworldly.

"Your fairly well-versed in the violin. Can you play others in the string family of instruments?" Eth inquired.

"Yes. My mother and father were merchants, so naturally the were really good at acquiring a decent collection of woodwind and string instruments and a few percussion instruments. I prefer to play string instruments, once I know the notes on the strings, I can play it just fine." Midna held the violin and it's bow.

"Your not very subtle by the way." Eth pointed to his head, "You know what I'm talking about right?"

"Not a clue." She smiled virtually sweeping that vague and baseless claim to the wind.

"Fair enough. Well, it's dark and in here...lets fix that." He clapped his hands and the orbs of light grew in size, and revealed the master standing in the path of seats with his arms folded behind his back. "Lurking in the shadows...Really Master, you were there the whole time?"

The master simply shrugged his shoulders and gave them a casual wave as he head back up the stairs. It was certainly a bit unlike him to not offer so much as even a jest or a joke. Eth certainly wouldn't think too much about it, as he was going to follow behind the master and leave, a hand tapped his shoulder.

"You think we could...get more of them to play songs with us?" There was a quiet serenity to how she worded it.

"They'll do that on their own terms, but if you want to take the initiative to tell them, thats fair."

Just Dari

All's End
Dec 15, 2005
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Beyond the Final Destination
Memory Fragment: The Different Styles [ALL]
Location: Cul-De-Sac; Large Lot in Sac
Time: 1PM

Today was a bit off-kilter compared to normal days under the master's tutelage. He'd unceremoniously woken them up earlier than normal, they ate breakfast as usual, and conducted a few chores around the dorms before spiriting them away to the Cul-De-Sac to bring them to a point of discussion around what makes them all unique.

"Putting things into boxes seems like a really harsh way of simplifying things wouldn't you say?" The master raised his finger as he paced in front of them. "Naturally...each of you has a bias for how you fight, speak, use your resolves, yadda yadda."

He purged the ultima keyblade into existence as it fettered with a steel glint as he gripped the handle. The guard was well adorned, and the keychain swung as he held it in his hand. He rested part of the blade in his empty hand as he looks towards the group. The keyblade levitates outside of his palm, and circles him as he releases a sigh before it disappears.

"Styles. Theres a couple of them, and baring witness to you all individually over the years its time to give some light to your styles."

Brawlers. Casters. Specialists. & Trappers. All-Arounders.

Brawlers, no surprise. Fighters usually in close range, put most of their style sourced into landing direct blows within close proximity of a combatant.

Casters, you guessed it, magic users with a heavy preference for traditional spells. Basic combat ability is predicated to rely more on spells as opposed to physical combat out of preference.

Specialists are unique in that their resolves are potent and require minimal need for brawling, trapping, or casting traditional spells. Typically speaking, a specialists lives and dies by their resolve, and what is their greatest strength is also their greatest weakness.

Trappers have a leg up on the others, an eye for cunning. A style that lends itself namely to creating scenarios that debilitate combatants. Spells or Resolves based in suppression and crowd control often reflect a strong indication of this style.

All-Arounders have a balanced mix of at least two or more of the styles mentioned. Balance typically means the resolute isn't unreasonably skilled in a style or craft, so your middle of the pack resolutes land here more often than not. Luxu and I are examples of balanced fighters.

Try, Yamato, Saebyeolbe. Iontis.


Eth, Lucrecia, Komaeda

Shiki, Midna

Jay/Jaz, The Master of Masters, Luxu

"Now that you're aware of each other's styles. The pairings will start to make a little more sense. Eth and Luxu, Saebyeolbe and Shiki. Try and Reforge. Lucrecia and Jay/Jaz, Komaeda and Yamato, and Iontis and Midna. Each has a support that varies greatly in style."

A grimace could be felt, "Komaeda, Lucrecia, Eth...it's not easy to tell you three this, but you may want to place some emphasis on your partners in the future. Overcoming your weakness after a complete and utter shutdown of your resolves will be pivotal in your survival going forward."

"I'll give mine up before that ever happens Master." Eth said as the "0" was illuminating in his left eye.

"Look at that. Priss-boy would piss himself having to fight without Resolve, you really Untouchable? Or just a Zero." Yamato seemed insistent in badgering.

"Sounds about right, you just gonna take that on the chin...partner?" Luxu said folding his arms.

"Say what you will about our resolves, but if you can't hold your own without it, you're not worthy to have it."

"Totally uncalled for Yamato." Shiki gave him a brusque rebuttal and stare.

"Calm your tits queen of revelry, I'm not saying what I'm saying because I dislike him or any other specialists, my partner's one too, but watching his back is part of why I'm not worried about him. Mountaintop over there needs to learn some respect for those of us that break our asses to keep in top form."

"Tch. Don't start talking like you know anything about us. It's a little to early to go around acting like your hot shit."

"Enough." Eth placed his arm to bar Lucrecia from any further animosity that could potentially erupt into a physical altercation, couldn't have that. "Throw me in the realm of darkness and most assured, my chances of defeat at the minimum, double." he sighed. "My partner is an All-Arounder, I'm hardly worried about the scenario I just mentioned if I spend enough time learning from Luxu."

Yamato ground his teeth. Suddenly forgetting why he was mad in the first place. "Wait...what was I saying..?" Yamato looked clueless, he scratched his head looking at the three of them.

"Oh now you want to play dum-!" she was stopped as Nagito intervened.

"Hey man, you were just saying how wonderful and talented your fellow resolutes where. I think everyone here is pretty damn stellar in their own way." Komaeda had a nervous twinge, he could tell Yamato wouldn't buy it based on how vapid his expression got.

Eth shrugged, seems like this conversation was over. Messing with what he remembered in a way was about as subtle as it got. Luxu swung around and placed his hand on Eth's shoulder as the two walked to the other end of the lot chatting amongst themselves.

"Be sure to teach each other well and cover the other's blind spots. Simple as that. Dismissed." The master clasped his hands and ended their group discussion.