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Fanfiction ► Me,Myself and Sora

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Jan 5, 2008
Hello! My name is BlackRose ! :)

This is my story I wrote in fanfiction.net. I hope you enjoy it! for more chapter read it!

BlackRose2009 - FanFiction.Net

Chapter 1:

Halloween-Sora: Hyper, mischievous, loves to trick or treat.

Anti Form: Emo, depressed, hates society

Valor Form: A stuck up, wannabe hero, thinks he’s better than everyone else.

Original Sora: Naïve, innocent.

Wisdom Form: Bookworm, stuck up obnoxious

Master Form: Video gamer, Skateboarder, and Surfer. He’s very competitive

Final Form: Kind of Responsible, very tranquil, meditates.

Steamboat Willie Form: kind of a clown, Pantomimes, cant talk, kind of annoying.

Lion Form: Very cute! . talks mess about the characters in his head, cant talk.

Tron Form: (Sorry to Tron fans and Tron Sora fans!) Gay, kind of fruity. Loves to bug people with gayness. LMAO

Roxas: Very Responsible, kind of quiet, very sweet. Watches for enemies around his surroundings.

Merman Form: Kinda his head in the clouds, but in this case, underwater, he's kinda of a thinker and doesnt know his surroundings so hes kinda stupid, u can say, but hes SEXY! lol j/k


After the Kingdom Hearts 2 incident, Sora and his friends, (Kairi, Riku, Donald, Goofy and King
Mickey.) Went and decided to go to Twilight Town for a long, and deserved vacation. They all hoped on the King’s Gummi ship and flew into space.

They arrived at Twilight Town and went to visit, the twilight gang, (Hayner, Olette, and Pence.) They decide to bunk at Twilight Town Hotel. Sora and Riku argued on who got the bed next to the window. While Donald yelled at the manager about something, but he didn’t understand him, so caused Donald to be mad.

After they got all everything organized, they went with Olette and Pence to the town plaza.

“ Sora, lets go see the clothes!” says Kairi.

Sora looked still a bit shocked of Kairi older, so he is shy around her.

“Um… okay…” he said.

They ran down the streets and went to the shops. Soon they went to the clothes shop and saw Olette and Pence in the shop. Kairi starts talking to her about, who the **** knows what. Sora gets bored and he walks out of the shop. He turns a corner and sees a person he knows.

“ Alexa!” He cries.

A Latina girl, with brown, straight hair with pink highlights, has green eyes, turns and smiles.

“ Hi Sora.” She says.

“ What are you doing here in Twilight Town?” asked Sora.

"A vacation of fighting the Heartless and Nobodies.” She said.

The 2 starting to talk, when Nobodies came out of know where and attacked the 2 teenaged keyblade masters. Sora and Alexa attacked them but there were too many. Alexa starts to pray and a portal comes out.

“ GET IN! THERE’S TOO MANY!” She cries.

Sora was about to protest when she pushes him and she attacks the nobodies.

Sora fell into a colored vortex, which kind of looked like a kaleidoscope. He yelled in pain, for he felt like someone was pulling his hair,skin, muscles and bones. After about 2 minutes of pain, Sora blacks out. And about him hover 10 orbs. The vortex was about to end when a light at the end comes out. Sora falls into the light along side was the orbs…

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Jan 5, 2008
Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Meeting Sora’s counterparts!

“ Is he okay? What happened?” asked a familiar female voice.

“ I don’t know, after I woke up he was on the floor, unconscious.” Said a male voice

"he needs water and ice…” said a familiar voice but the accent was British.

“ Man, he needs some help! I’ll give him CPR!” cried another familiar voice.

“ Oh, I would love to give this hunk CPR.” Said a male voice, but sounded gay. ( sorry! by the way, I am
not homophobic. xD just making fun of an idiot in my school that annoys me and he is gay.)

Sora started to bring the information into his brain. He opened his eyes slowly.

“ He’s waking up!” Cried the first male voice.

“ Are you okay Sora?” asked the female.

Sora’s vision became much clearer and saw it was Alexa.

“ What happened?” he asked.

“ You fell from the Vortex. I’m SO sorry, I didn’t mean this to happen!” She said.

Roxas was standing next to her.

“ Roxas? What are you doing here?”asked Sora.

“ Well, When I threw you in the vortex, for some reason… Your forms came off you…” said Alexa.

Sora was confused. But when he turned around, he thought he was looking at a mirror.

“ OMFG!” he cried.

“ Yeah…” said Roxas.

Sora saw himself but in different colored clothes.

“ Let me introduce you to your forms.” Said Alexa.

Alexa takes Sora to 2 Soras in front of a plasma TV, playing Tekken 5.

“ Sora, meet Valor and Master.” Said Alexa.

Valor was in red and was concentrating on the game. Master was in Yellow and looked as focused as Valor.

“ DAMN!” cried Valor. " I GOT BEAT BY A SURFER BOY!” Master grinned.

“ Dude, you got beat, bra!” he said in a surfer voice.

Alexa takes Sora to a hot tub.

“ Sora, this is Tron-Sora.” Tron-Sora smiled.

“ OMG! HOW ARE YOU! You and me are so going be best friends!” He said as he giggled.

Sora looked scared. “ Yeah… He’s gay… But he's nice!” said Alexa.

She takes his hand and takes him where there was a tank, a meditation booth and a cat bed.

“ Sora, meet Merman, Final and Lion forms.” Said Alexa.

Merman was swimming and waves.

“ Hey!” he said.

He looks down and see Lion.

“ Hi cute kitty!” he said as he reached down.

Lion looked like he was ready to pounce and he jumps in the tank and starts to bite Merman’s tail.

“ Oh, how Cute--AHHHHHHHH, HE GOT MY TAIL!” he cried as he splashed around.

Final was meditating and floating.

“ Ooohhhummmm…. How are you Alexa?” he said in an Indian accent.

Alexa bows.

“ Very well, Gandhi Sora.” She said.

She smiles and takes Original Sora to the back.

They went to a room that looked all gothic looking.

“ Meet Anti Form.” She said. Anti looked at Sora with his big, scary yellow eyes.

"The end of the world is coming and the devil will consume you…” he said.

Alexa and Sora exchanged looks.

“ Um… okay, see you later Anti.” Said Alexa.

She dragged Original Sora to the back of the condo and saw Halloween.

“ Sora, this is Halloween.” Halloween ran in circles.( he talks too fast)

“ HI! I’m Halloween, and I’m very pleased to meet you, breath, do you like Halloween? I love Halloween! I
get hyper every year!” Sora looked at Alexa.

“ Did you catch any of that?” asked Sora.

“ He gets hyper easily,” she says.

She waves good-bye at Halloween, which he’s once again running in circles. She takes Sora to the corner of the living room.

“ Sora, this is Steamboat.” She said as she motions to a black and white Sora.

He smiles funny and runs. He does some motions in the air.

“ He doesn’t talk… He Pantomimes…” said Alexa.

Steamboat waves and does a swing at an imaginary opponent. He signals he’s a big opponent.

“ I think he’s motioning that he loved helping you on the fight against Pete in Timeless River.” Said Alexa.

Sora smiled and nodded.

“ I did too.” Steamboat smiles and walks away.

“So now what?” asked Original Sora.

“ I can’t stay here forever.” Alexa nodded.

“ I’m trying to figure a way to put all your forms in you and bring you home.” Sora sighed.

“ So for the mean time, we have to put up with them and try to keep them entertained, Halloween, Valor and Master cant stay entertained with videogames or running in circles for long.”

Sora smiled.

“Fine.” He said as he walked with Alexa to the couch to think of a plan, along with Roxas to help.


( By the way, i wrote this story when i was 15, I'm still updating... xD I hope you enjoy it! I'll Prob update later if ppl like it!)
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