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Jan 12, 2012
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"Aaron! Go to your room, I'm fed up with you, don't even say a word to me EVER again!" my dad yells at me as I hand him my suspension letter and final grades. Although I know I screwed up, I knew one day, it would sadly lead to this. All my life I was left alone to most people, a nobody in a wayo my family I was left out. But throughout my entire life, I felt like I had a true and important purpose, but I don't have a clue what it is. I always dreamed of being the "hero that saves the day" instead of the kid who keeps to himself. But maybe, being alone makes me strong, I just wish one day, to be better.

So I head to my room and lay down in my gym shorts from the school I transfered from. As I look out my window up to the stars I feel a security in the expansiveness of creation. But being in the darkness makes me feel cold, sad, and trapped, even though that is no different then when I'm in the light. As I lay, I decided to try somelucid dreaming as I always do, controlling my thoughts and actions in my dream rather than the random, normal dream. As I start to feel the tiredness, and I keep my conciousness, entering the lucid dream.

I quickly dream to an awakening out of my tired body. My dream self feels surprisingly more "real" in a way, like it actually exists. Thinking it was nothing, I continue on. I dream walking out my house into the woods past my backyard. Right then, I sit down on the log I always use in my lucid dreams. Then, the thoughts come in. Bryce, Collin, Brittany, and Jessica, the ones who actually spark my emotions and don't make me feel that I am a somebody. Suddenly I hear "Aaron duck down!" from a deep and far off voice.

I turn around, only to see a elbow striking my temple. I didn't see a face, didn't hear a thing. And I quickly knock out on the cold ground.

-----ENTERING 3rd PERSON-----

The body in Aaron's bed, the real Aaron, springs up feeling a force on his temple. But he feels VERY different. He doesn't feel the sadness, the depression he felt before sleeping. He doesn't feel the pain, or the slump he was in, he doesn't really feel any emotion at all. He springs out of bed, muttering to himself "That real..." while getting his black and red high top shoes with black gym shorts and red shirt. With his dad heavily asleep, he walks out the back door to the woods. Suddenly, the same voice heard from the dream is heard, in a tired, and beaten voice with a heavy pant "Sora...Kairi...I' sorry." "Hahaha, you think saving this wretch would have changed anything, he doesn't even know his potential of his keyblade skill. Who is that!?" as the menacing man shrouded in a mesh of red, black, and white body-coat, turns and faces the Real Aaron.

The Real Aaron sees the Dream Aaron on the ground near a teen with long, silver hair with a black eye-mask covering his eyes, kneeling before the menacing man. "Ahh, it is you, I should have known this would happen. No bother, we don't need you YOU, we need this YOU. Be off!" The Real Aaron, confused, replies "Wh- what is happening?" "You don't need to, nor, will you ever find out" as the man picks up Dream Aaron and carries the body through a shadowy, dark portal of sorts.

"AHH!" the teen boy yells, in pain on the ground holding his chest. Real Aaron asks "What is wrong, and who are you?" "I...I've been defeated. And the darkness consuming me is releasing, along with me." Aaron replies "What is going on? What can I do?" "The King...he needs you, but right now, I need a host." Aaron replies"What do you mean a host?" The teen replies "My name is Riku, King Mickey needs your dreamself that was just taken by that anonymous man. That Dream You, is in fact, the Real YOU now. He has your heart. You right now is what we call, a nobody. And I, my heart, it is heavily torn, I need a place to reside. A strong heart, and that is you." Aaron replies "I am a nobody...And what do I do now?"

Riku holdsout his hand to my chest and says "Do that to me, I need a resting place. Just for a little bit." "Fine" Aaron replies, holding his hand to Riku's chest. Riku has a bright light around him, and that light turns into a ball of light, entering Aaron's heart. Before Riku transforms, he holds out his hand, creating another black portal and says "Go. Meet with a kid named Sora. Go. NOW!" Aaron feels a rush of energy flow through his body, and now he feels his emotions again of sadness and loneliness.

He looks around, and enters the portal. He enters a dark cave with a drawing of white chalk of 2 faces and stars going to each ones mouths. For some reason, he says "Kairi..." quietly. He doesn't know where it came from, but proceeds to exit the cave. He sees clear ocean, blue skies, and a sandy beach. "Riku is that you?!" a girl yells out. Aaron says "No...but he sent me here..." She replies "But...WHERE IS HE???" Aaron then points to his chest. The girl then seems cold, and calmly says "You must be Aaron...I'm Kairi. Me, Sora, and the King need your help." Aaron replies "Kairi...Ok Kairi, take me to this Sora, Riku told me to go to him." "Of course" Kairi says leading him a weird tree with star-shaped fruit. He sees a kid his height and Aaron says "Sora..." and again doesn't know where it came from. Sora says "That's me, but who are you? And WHERE'S RIKU???" Aaron then proceeds to tell the whole story and Sora says "Well, the King will be here soon, but for now, get used to the heat. Haha." Aaron smirks a little, but feels like a best friend to him already, again for no reason. "I have to find Brittany...Jessica...Collin...Bryce. There out there somewhere." Aaron says. Sora replies "I know that feeling, I lost Riku and Kairi before for a year and a half." Aaron nods a bit and sits downlooking out to the water."

Now back to Dream Aaron, he awakes in a dark room on a bed in a room with a window. He looks out the window to a broad urban area. He is confused, and in complete confusion. Suddenly, a slender, silver "thing" enter the room striking athim. he punches and kicks at it, but it doesn't do a thing. He holds out his arm for a block, and a flash of light appears, and a giant key is in his hand. He hits the attacker with it, and the "thing" vanishes. He hears clapping and the a deep man's voice "Good, good. So I got the right kid, a weilder of the keyblade." Aaron replies to the room, not able to see where the voice is from "Who are you. What do you want from me. Where are my friends. Where am I?!"

"That is best left unsaid. Right now you only need knowing is this-" A man in a mesh of red, black, and white of a body-coat appears from a dark portal. "You will do my bidding, or I bid you farewell..." Aaron replies "What is needed done?" The man turns to him.

What did you think? Rate it out of 5 PLEASE! I really tried on this and it took me some time, I have a good plot designed for future parts, please reply your thoughts!


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Jan 4, 2012
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3 out of 5 there were a few grammer mistakes, and i don't enterly get whats going on, but i guess that will change in future chapters. i want to see where this goes, so please keep writing.