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Dec 19, 2016
Hello everyone what is going on it's ya boi yu comin at ya live with a gameplay video of me failing against Data Roxas in KINGDOM HEARTS TWO FINAL MIX+ HD For the Sony PlayStation® 3. If you have any feedback to give me regarding defeating this worrisome foe, I would really appreciate it. I do not understand how to defeat this boss; the original Roxas fight was so much simpler but Data ROXAS hits like a truck. Thanks for your time! XD :)


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Nov 24, 2013
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Hmm, you seem to know a good chunk of the fight or at least that`s what I think after seeing that clip. If you have more combo plus abilities I`d suggest putting them on. You only seem to do a 3 hit combo, so increasing you`r combo chain will increase you`r damage output. Speaking about longer combos, I also suggest equipping the caramel keyblade(i don`t remember it`s name at the moment.. uh Decisive Pumpking...?). It has an ability that will increase your combo finisher damage by how long you`r combos are, so the more hits you do the more powerful is the finisher. Also putting on abilities like slapshot, dodge slash and the like will help you increase you`r damage.

When you are at the second phase of the fight(when Roxas uses lasers), don`t use any second finisher attacks since it might trigger Roxas do the air buzzsaw keyblade spin move which is probably his most dangerous attack. I think spells also might trigger him to retaliate with that move, so avoid using them. Reflect is a safe bet thou.

When you have Second Chance and Once More abilities, don´t try to break out of a combo if Roxas is attacking. Let him finish it since you`l live trough thanks to those abilities, and then heal fast when he is done.

Aaand... just keep trying! You got him that so I am sure you can beat him.


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Mar 3, 2015
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^Agree with all of that, except for Dodge Slash! It depends on play style always of course, but I found it hindering more than helping, because at least Sephy can sometimes break out of a combo during Dodge Slash. It's also kinda slow and clumsy and disrupts the flow, I feel.


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Nov 28, 2006
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Just grind on some heartless till you're like lvl 99
-also I suggest have Curaga on X
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Aug 25, 2014
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Dodge roll was my best friend in this fight. It's definitely a tough one, and I actually had to grind out a few levels before I went back and tried it. Aside from the tips everyone else gave you, just be careful not to get too greedy. That goes with most video game bosses, but Roxas will punish you if you stick around too long. Get in, get your few hits, then get out. It may make the fight seem a bit more tedious, especially when his health gets so low, but only take your openings when you know for sure that it'll give you enough time. It isn't so much of a in-depth strategy as it is a general tip to keep in mind throughout the fight.


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Dec 27, 2013
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This was a difficult fight for me as well but got easier as I figured stuff out.

- Have all of Sora's item slots filled by Elixers.

- Equipt the strongest keyblade for physical attacking that you own.

- At the very beginning of the battle and just about any time you manage to attack him in the middle of the platform, you'll be sent into a duel in which your entire command menu will be wiped and a single command called 'The End' will appear in a random slot. If you hit it at the right moment, you'll temporarily steal Roxas's keyblades allowing you to do double damage.

This will climax with a reaction command that from what I've read should finish Roxas off but I was never fast enough. So few times was I even fast enough to pull off 'The End'. :p

- Don't bother with magic other than Curaga and I believe Magnet, Roxas is immune to all other.

- When Roxas creates the light dome is your best moment for using either Curaga or an Elixer and to avoid the light bombs run counterclockwise along the edge of the platform, the exact edge, to the point where you're partially rubbing against the barrier that prevents you from falling off.

- As soon as he finishes throwing light bombs turn and get the drop on him before he starts flailing around hacking away at you with light beams. This will grant you a combo or two.

- Dodge roll will be your best friend.

- Save limit form for his last lifeline if you can and spam sonic blade.