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Sep 25, 2014
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Considering that his body vanished during BBS when he possessed Terra,where could his body have gone?Is there a realm that a body goes?

Since the body is a neutral component of a person's existence it is not connected to light and darkness.That means that it doesn't go to a specific realm as it is a vessell and not a sentient being.But could the body's heart determine its destination?

If its "wearer" is a affiliated with darkness is the body classified as a "dark object" and thus it goes to the realm of darkness?OR is it independant and goes to a different dimension and waits for its heart to return?What is that dimension?

My theory is that the dimesnion the body goes is the twilight realm.If nobodies are created there from the victims body then that means that the body must be there in some sort of form in order for that creation to happen.My guess is that the body sleeps there after it vanishes until its owners heart returns form the realm of light or darkness.

This ties with Xehanorts revival.His human body was banished to the twilght realm.His heart was within ansem and when he faded to the dark realm it was freed and rejoined with his sleeping body.

Also the body is not litterally sleeping but it is in some Energy based form that allows it to exist in the in-between realm.

Also if xehanort planned so much ahead why did he possess terra if he would eventually return as an old man?
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Quite simply, we don't know. When it comes to disappeared bodies this is all we have:

Nomura said:
VIII. When the heartless are defeated, what becomes of the stolen hearts? Also, when members of Organization XIII and other Nobodies are defeated, do they return to their original form?

When heartless are defeated, essentially the owner's hearts are rejoined with their once extinguished body, whichever world it may be on. As for the whereabouts of hearts in KHII that turn up, this time they remarkably went to the Organization (there is a foot note here that says "In Kingdom Hearts II after heartless were defeated, the many hearts were absorbed by the Kingdom Hearts of "people's hearts"). However, in the rare case that the body changed into a Nobody and when there is no container for the heart, it resorts to a state of suspension.

In the case of a Nobody being defeated, it's a little more complicated. If the above mentioned hearts are liberated, they return to their original form. However, if the heart is still stolen by the heartless, the Nobody's body is swallowed by darkness. If somewhere in the world their hearts are taken back, perhaps they might be able to return to their original human form.
All that we know is that when a body and heart are separated for whatever reasons the body will just disappear. Or as Nomura calls be "extinguished".

In the cases of heartless and nobodies, the body has the potential to change into a nobody but this itself is a rare occurrence and one that only happens in the heartless example.

It's really hard to guess where the body goes. Though given the fact that discarded bodies just turn into sparkles and float off I'm willing to bet that wherever they go isn't a physical or set place. (meaning I doubt the lost bodies just appear on some random world and pile up)

As for MX's plans, keep in mind that DDD was just one of his plans. MX never had one plan but many. His first plan was BBS which ended in partial failure.
His second plan was to have Ansem & Xemnas gather the lights and vessels, Sora ended those plans.
Young Xehanort and time travel was his third plan and likely the backup to his Ansem/Xemnas plan. It was Ansem that set the YX plan in motion so that was probably solely contingency should Ansem and Xemnas fail.