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Major Spoilers! KH2's Beginning!

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Sep 1, 2005
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I'm not sure if this was posted

this is the first three hours of KH2

- The game begins immediately after Chain of Memories ends, with an opening FMV. The FMV is a dream about Sora, which BHK is having. (He also apprantly states "I've been having these weird thoughts lately, like is any of this real, or not?", just like Sora.)

- BHK's Dive to Heart (awakening) chapter begins, and the stained glass platforms include one with Sora and the other main characters from KH1. Here you will learn the basic gameplay features, just like in the KH original. We've all seen the shots from the trailers, and know that he fights a giant Nobody (called Flailer?) instead of Darkside.

- After Dive to Heart, BHK's Twilight Town chapter begins. This is basically like Sora's Destiny Islands chapter. Twilight Town is a very large place, and as such, is filled with minigames.

- Some of the minigames, like Mail Delivery, and Poster Placing, involves BHK's part time job, with you riding a skateboard to deliver mail and post fliers throughout the town. These award you with munny, and you get more if you do it quicker. This part of the game will also have the Struggle minigame. It seems that he may also meet Axel.

- Eventually, BHK makes his way into the Order HQ - the run down chapel that was seen in the trailers, as well as CoM. He unlocks the door and inside, finds a photo of he and his friends. The HQ hides a high-tech facility with an interior similair to Castle Oblivion.

- Here, it seems that many of that many of the CO-like scene seen in trailers and screens actually take place (conversations with Naminé, DiZ). Possibly even the scene where Axel blocks BHK's path. This is also likely where Sora and the rest are actually in pods, as in CoM Reverse Rebirth, you were in the Twilight Town floor when you talked to them as Riku.

- A lot of stuff probably goes, down. At some point, BHK says, "I must go on from here, no matter what happens to me." I'm thinking at the end of the chapter.

- Right after completing the BHK Twilight Town chapter, we go into Sora's part of the game, with him awakening from the pod. He is still in his KH1 clothes, which no longer fit him very well.

- Sora doesn't spend much time in Twilight Town, and there is an emphasis on the fact that Sora and BHK aren't ever in the same place at the same time. Though, Sora does meet BHK's friends, who seem to know Kairi (?). Kairi's grandmother may also live here (???). It seems that they show him around and mention shady characters going in and out of the abandoned cathedral.

- Sora leaves on the train to go to Yensid's place, where he will gets new clothes and learns the new dynamics of the combat system, such as Drive (Yensid apparantly taught Mickey how to weild the Keyblade). It seems that the guide ends when he leaves on the train and the title screen appears.



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Sep 9, 2005
Thats still aawesome tho! Man that begining is perfect. Before i heard this i was gonna make a theory but i didnt want to get flamed. and im not veery good at showing my details. hehe.
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